Gov. Greg Abbott: Team America must come first

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST:  All right, I do want to bring you up to date on some of the stuff that is going on now with the president-elect and who he will use to staff his new administration.

We're going to get into the details of that, but no less than George P.
Bush chatting with me earlier on FOX Business to say, I'm moving on.  


CAVUTO:  Are bygones bygones?  The Bush family OK now with Donald Trump, or what?  


Neil, this is -- it's more important than the individual.  This is about the future of the country.  And you're right.  My dad, my uncle, my grandfather have all reached out personally to Donald Trump.  They have congratulated him via Twitter to recommend that he continue to follow the guidance of the people that have spoken loudly and clearly from this election.

And we will see.  We will be supporting him, because, if our country succeeds, it will be because he has succeeded.  


CAVUTO:  All right.  

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott with me right now.  

Governor, now, that doesn't necessarily mean the Bush family feels warm and fuzzy about Donald Trump, but they're over it and they're going on and they're wishing him well.  And he has got a big, weighty responsibilities, and for the good of the country, they hope that things go well.  

Now, George P. Bush, Jeb Bush's son, your Texas commissioner, agriculture commissioner, he was more or less saying, an early backer of Donald Trump, despite all the bad blood, that that's what he saw, that this was a Republican mission, a conservative mission.  Donald Trump won.  Let's all hold hands, get together.  

Are we seeing that certainly in your state and in your party?  


Neil, first, let me say, happy Veterans Day to everyone who is watching.  

CAVUTO:  To you as well.

ABBOTT:  The reason why we are able to even talk about these democratic- based issues is because of the veterans who fought for our freedom, and we need to recognize them and thank them for their service.  

Second, to directly answer your question...

CAVUTO:  And we don't need to see them ripping up the American flag that these poor guys sacrificed their lives and limbs for.  But I guess that's passe.

But go ahead.  I'm sorry.  

ABBOTT:  Well, to your question, and that is, we are seeing Texans galvanize behind this election result, and I think largely Americans.

Remember this, Neil.  And that is, I filed 31 lawsuits against Barack Obama because of the way that he was trampling the Constitution.  What president- elect Trump has articulated in just the first few days after his election is repealing and cutting back on all the ways that Barack Obama has repeatedly been violating the Constitution.  

So the point is that president-elect Trump is talking the language of what Texans have been saying for the past eight years.  

CAVUTO:  So, does any of the ill will or bad blood -- I think the victory makes that go away.  I saw it on Capitol Hill yesterday, did you, between Speaker Ryan and Mitch McConnell and other party luminaries, the Bush family, maybe illustrated by George P. Bush that the party has rallied around and is supporting the incoming president.  

ABBOTT:  It is clear that Americans are galvanizing behind the president- elect.  And there are multiple reasons for that, in part because of those who support the ideas he has already articulated, but also in part because we're all Americans, and we want the United States of America to succeed.  

We live in a mere complicated and hostile world than maybe we have in my entire lifetime.  It's essential that we all come together and realize that team America must come first.  We must come together and we must unite as Americans for the greater good of our country.  

CAVUTO:  All right, Governor Abbott, thank you very, very much.  


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