Home Depot co-founder on Obamacare's impact on the election

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DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Premiums are surging. Companies are leaving. Insurers are fleeing. Doctors are quitting. I’m asking for your vote, so we can repeal and replace ObamaCare and save health care for every family in North Carolina.



NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right. That was in North Carolina.

But Bernie Marcus says make it nationwide, it is not working.

The Home Depot co-founder joins us right now. Bernie Marcus is his name.

Look at Georgia, by the way, from where he originates here. That for a while was a much tighter race. In fact, they had shaded Georgia pink, Bernie, on the notion that it wasn’t such a Republican lock. What do you think right now?

BERNIE MARCUS, CO-FOUNDER, HOME DEPOT: No, no, I think that Georgia is going to go the right way and they’re going to go Republican across the board.

Johnny Isakson, a great senator, is going to be reinvited into the into the Senate. And I think that many members of the House like Tom Price are going to get reelected as well. So, I think Georgia is OK.

CAVUTO: You’re not worried? In other words, you are not worried that there is going to be this whole Clinton wave that takes the White House, takes the Senate, threatens the House? You are not buying that?


Let me tell you, Neil, I sell -- I’m a retailer. I sell hammers. What the hell do I know about the election?


MARCUS: You know, you’re sitting there. You are looking at the charts.

I get all my information from your show. So, whatever you know, I know.  That’s not the issue.

CAVUTO: When you say you sell hammers, are you still actively involved in Home Depot?

MARCUS: No. No, no.

CAVUTO: Because Ken Langone, who co-founded it with you, he says you are not at all handy.

MARCUS: Well, Ken Langone has a big mouth, I want to tell you.


CAVUTO: All right. I just wanted to check.

MARCUS: But he is the greatest guy in the world, and you know it. He is a wonderful guy.

CAVUTO: Well, he is with me tomorrow.

But I do want to talk today about what you make of this whole ObamaCare issue, because my theory on this -- and I could be wrong, Bernie -- is that much of the surge in Donald Trump’s poll numbers had nothing to do with the on-again/off-again e-mail probe, but everything to do with the revelations the premiums for the Affordable Care Act were skyrocketing, and he kept punching with that in every state he visited.

What do you think?

MARCUS: Well, I think you’re 100 percent right, Neil.

And I was at a rally. And yesterday, they -- somebody was passing by and talked about the lines around the building trying to get in, thousands and thousands of people. And I have never seen passion. And I have been to other political rallies before. I have never seen the passion that I have seen with his stuff.

And these people are really, I mean, up in arms. And they want Trump involved. And it is all middle -- they are Middle America, I’m telling you. And they believe in Trump.

CAVUTO: And you think this ObamaCare thing is resonating?

MARCUS: Well, think about this a second. Look, I will give you two examples.

Number one, I had lunch with somebody today who was telling me of a dear friend who has ObamaCare that has a problem with her jaw. She cannot find a doctor to take care of her under ObamaCare, period. There is no doctor, no good doctor that is going to take care of her. So she’s in a real bad bind, OK?

The second thing is this. Two weeks ago, I had a meeting with 150 young businesspeople in Georgia, all small guys running a business where they had between five to 50 people working for them. And when I talked to them about what are the biggest issues, they said regulations are killing them, taxes are killing them, but, universally, it was ObamaCare.

And they have to think about this. Take somebody who is earning, I don’t know, $60,000, $70,000 a year. This is not you and it is not me. When their payments go up, when their payments go up, Neil, 25 percent to 50 percent, and it comes out of their pocket to pay it, this is a burden for them, a real burden for them.

That means that they’re going to give up restaurants, they’re going to give up eating out, they are going to stop going to the movies. All of the things that they do with their money is going to stop coming in, and their life is going to change dramatically.

In addition to that, they have this other issue of being able to find a doctor that is going to take care of them, depending on which plan they have. So, this is making an impact. When the American people hear this number, they hear, well, 15, 25 percent, it is a number.

But to somebody who is a middle-class American, this is a killer, an absolute killer.

CAVUTO: No, when you see it, no, when you see that premium, when it comes in the mail, you remember it.

Let me step back. And one of the things that Donald Trump has been saying is that, the tightness in the polls withstanding, there are a lot more people out there who are hidden Trump voters than we know. I don’t know whether that applies to Georgia, but we all know people who say that they like Donald Trump, but they won’t publicly state that, very much like people who said that about Ronald Reagan back in 1980, that there’s hidden Reagan votes.

Pollsters tell me, Bernie, well, we account for that and all that.

What do you think?   

MARCUS: No, I think it has happened.

I think -- I have people coming up to me and whisper, Bernie, I’m voting for Trump. Don’t tell anybody. My wife has had the same experience.  Women have come up to her and said, Billi, I’m telling you, I’m voting for Trump.

So, yes, it is true. And I don’t think that the polls recognize them. And I think that there are people out there who the polls have ignored. And we’re going to see very shortly what happens.

Look, I don’t know. I do know that, if Hillary is elected, the world will change. This country will change dramatically. I think it has a chance if he -- if Trump is elected.

And I heard some of your -- before, Steve Wynn talking about the Supreme Court justices. I think that is a critical issue. I don’t think it is a not important or it will work out. I think it is very critical, because if you don’t have -- if you don’t have -- if you don’t have Supreme Court justices that believe in the Constitution of the United States, everything we have today, my ability to grow the way I did starting with nothing from parents that had no money that came from Russia to being where I am today...

CAVUTO: You didn’t do too badly for yourself. You didn’t do too badly, and not bad for a guy who is not at all handy.


CAVUTO: So, I have no idea.


CAVUTO: Bernie Marcus, thank you very much, my friend.

MARCUS: All right. Thank you.

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