Bill Richardson: Podesta tempered his comments about me

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST:  Well, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was also the target of a lot of that name-calling, actually worse.  And he told me on FBN it was time for him to move on.  


BILL RICHARDSON, D-FORMER NEW MEXICO GOVERNOR:  Well, you know, I popped up in a very insignificant way.

John Podesta mentioned that Hillary Clinton should call me for an endorsement, and he referred to me as a needy Latino.  And I have said to you and to many of your viewers, most politicians are needy.

But that was -- you know, that's inconsequential.  I think, right now, these are the closing arrangements.  It sounds like the Republicans and Trump, they're bringing all this personal, this negative stuff because they have no vision.  And their ground game is weak.

CAVUTO:  Well, maybe so, maybe so, but he called you a word that rhymes with stick.


CAVUTO:  And whether people agree or disagree with you, Governor, you're a gentleman, you're a patriot, you served your country well.  I think that's mean.  

RICHARDSON:  Well, you're kind to say that.  

But, no, it's somewhat -- he kind of tempered it a bit.

CAVUTO:  No, he didn't.  


RICHARDSON:  He was trying to convince her.

CAVUTO:  He said they should talk to you, they should calm you down, that better I think -- I'm paraphrasing here -- to have you on their side than against.  

RICHARDSON:  Right.  Yes.  

CAVUTO:  You had patched up your differences with the Clintons.  They were mad at you in 2008 for supporting Barack Obama.  


CAVUTO:  But you got over that.  

But I don't know.  I mean, you have done more than enough to help out Hillary Clinton.  

RICHARDSON:  It was a political -- it was a political -- that is a locker room political talk.  


CAVUTO:  Yes, isn't that killer, right?  Isn't that a killer, Governor? They criticize some of the language that Donald Trump sues.

RICHARDSON:  No, no, no.  

CAVUTO:  And they're saying of you a word that rhymes with stick.  


RICHARDSON:  And they got the objective.  She did -- she did call me.  She did call me.

CAVUTO:  And what did she say?

RICHARDSON:  We patched things up.  

She said that: "I'm glad we're coming back together.  And let's work together."

And I have done that.  I have campaigned for her and volunteer.

CAVUTO:  Have you heard since the revelations of these e-mails from anyone in the campaign?

RICHARDSON:  Yes.  Yes.  

CAVUTO:  Governor, we're sorry?

RICHARDSON:  Yes.  Yes.  Yes, they have.  Yes, yes, I have.  I have.  I'm not going to get into that.

CAVUTO:  What have they said?  Has Podesta called you?


RICHARDSON:  But I think -- well, we were in touch, yes, and because we're old friends, Neil.  

CAVUTO:  Really?

RICHARDSON:  He was chief of staff under Bill Clinton.

CAVUTO:  Governor, I have old friends.  

RICHARDSON:  Absolutely.  I have known him for 30 years.  

CAVUTO:  I never refer to my old friends that way.  Well, maybe sometimes.


RICHARDSON:  Well, quietly, privately, I bet you do, but anyway.


CAVUTO:  So, you're not -- bygones are bygones.  You're not going to make a big deal of it, because here's what I get out of these, Governor.  

RICHARDSON:  Of course not.

CAVUTO:  You know all the players far better than I.

But I get a sense of a lot of condescending dismissiveness at the campaign, even Podesta for Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton for a lot of other people.  It just gives me an icky feeling.  It's not a Republican or Democratic feeling.  It's just sort of like bad people feeling.  

What do you think?  

RICHARDSON:  Well, look, Neil, let's compare what Trump says about other people, about other politicians.  


CAVUTO:  No, no, no, see, you're shifting.  And you're not a shifter.  
You're not a shifter.  

RICHARDSON:  No, no, no, look, this is politics.  This is what happens when campaigns -- they're intensely pressurized.  They get very personal.

And I think we should stop focusing on WikiLeaks.  Stop.  Look at the issues.  What are the next three days, the closing arguments?


CAVUTO:  If we didn't have WikiLeaks, we wouldn't know about any of this. I'm not endorsing the way it came to our attention, but it is out there. And I -- when I hear people referring to you in this manner, I don't like it.

RICHARDSON:  You know, we should ask, why is Russia interfering?  They're responsible, with Julian Assange, for these WikiLeaks.  Why don't we talk about that?

CAVUTO:  Oh, well, they're a bunch of sticks.  They are -- don't even get me going.  They're a bunch of sticks.  


CAVUTO:  All right, well, see what a gentleman he is?  And he had been royally sticked.  Stick wasn't the word they used.  All right.  


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