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Bill O'Reilly: Corruption in American journalism

'The O'Reilly Factor': Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points 10/12


The Department of Homeland Security said last week that it is very likely Russian hackers targeted Hillary Clinton's Campaign Manager John Podesta. Mr. Podesta is an almost fanatical party enforcer for the Democrats, he has long been a confidant of Secretary Clinton.

Talking Points believe that if the Intel is correct and Russian hackers working for Putin did indeed intrude on the American election, President Obama must take action. First, he must speak directly to the American people about the evidence and second he must apply sanctions against the Putin government. These cyber-attacks are just that. Attacks. So let's get on it, Mr. President. Now, for the fallout. By hacking into Podesta's e-mail, we know beyond any doubt that the American press is corrupt. At least to some extent.

For example, "New York Times" political reporter Mark Leibovich appears to have given Hillary Clinton's spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri editorial control over a major news story in "The Times." Reporter asked Miss Palmieri if he could use certain quotes that Hillary Clinton gave him in a private off the record meeting. That's against journalistic procedure. You don't write a political article okayed by a campaign. Another example, working for CNN at the time, now Democratic Chairwoman Donna Brazile apparently fed the Clinton campaign a question that CNN was going to ask doing a town hall meeting featuring Mrs. Clinton.

Again, that's corruption and that should never happen. Sample three, John Harwood, he is a Washington correspondent for CNBC and you remember him as a former debate moderator in the Republican primary. According to hacked e-mails, he was e-mailing Podesta suggesting things Hillary Clinton could do to become more successful. That's outrageous. Example four, "The New York Times" reporter Maggie Haberman, then working at Politico was described by the Clinton campaign in an email as quote, "a friendly journalist who teed up stories that never disappointed them.

To be fair, that's hearsay. Miss Haberman did not do what Mr. Leibovich did directly interacting with the Clinton campaign as far as we know. So, the email might be unfair to her and both is troubling. Also, another hearsay situation, report today out of TMZ says that NBC had that "Access Hollywood" tape for months and purposely released it to damage Trump before the debate. Anonymous sources, so impossible to verify.

Finally, the talk show host Steve Harvey provided Hillary Clinton's campaign with the exact questions he was going to ask Secretary Clinton.


STEVE HARVEY, TALK SHOW HOST: She's been breaking ground in her personal and professional life since she was a kid. So let's go back to when you were just a kid.


HARVEY: You wanted to be an astronaut.



O'REILLY: Mrs. Clinton knew exactly that that was coming. Including the use of her picture as a child. Talking Points has long asserted that the American press is essentially an arm of the left. This proves it. There's no doubt. So, let's sum up. Any journalists colluding with the political campaign should resign immediately, before she resigned. Period. And that's "The Memo".