'Grow up': Home Depot co-founder dismisses Trump tape

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: We have got Bernie Marcus with us right now, the Home Depot co-founder. Remember, he got a special shout-out from Donald Trump not too long ago, I believe at a campaign event in Pueblo, Colorado.

Bernie, you heard what Ari was saying. You have heard what some other Republicans have been saying, that maybe ever since the release of this tape, even though Mr. Trump has apologized for it several times, they're not getting over it, and they want the party to get over him.

What do you think of that?

BERNIE MARCUS, CO-FOUNDER, HOME DEPOT: Well, first of all, I think it's ridiculous.

Number one, when he made those statements -- and, Neil, come on.  Let's grow up. I'm 87 years old. I have heard far worse in my lifetime than that. And for the party to walk away from him is ridiculous. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Think about this. Number one, he was not a member of Congress. He was not a politician. He was in show business when he made those kind of remarks. And what does that got to do with what is happening today?

And for the Republican Party to walk away from him is total, absolute nonsense. They don't have...

CAVUTO: But what do you think is happening here?

One of the things that they're -- you have got to say, something is happening where they're doing this, because it does seem that, at first blush, childish. But he did have a good debate performance last night.  Many have weighed whether it was wise to bring all these Clinton accusers there, but it sort of nullified the situation, so that he could talk about this other stuff.

That's always in the eyes of the beholder, but that they're getting nervous, they're getting nervous about congressional seats, they're getting nervous about Senate seats? What do you think?

MARCUS: Yes, I think they are. I think they are.

But let me put it to you this way. So, we have a Congress that is dominated by the Republicans and the Democrats. What have they been able to accomplish the last couple of years? Very little. Anything that they wanted to pass, Obama was going to veto it.

In most cases, they didn't even try to pass legislation, knowing that Obama was going to veto it. So, what good is the Senate and the House if you don't own the presidency as well?

And it would seem to me that they should understand that, if Hillary is the president of the United States, and they may be the Senate and the House, and they may win, and I hope that they do win, they're going to have Supreme Court judges that are going to be nominated, and they're going to be forced to accept somebody that doesn't believe in the Constitution, that's really like Sotomayor that we have today.

And I can't think of anybody who is worse for the free market or for the free enterprise system in America than Sotomayor. And you're going to have one or two or three more. So, think about this a second.

If you win, you lose. If he doesn't win, you lose. So, it would seem to me that you ought to just fight for him just for those Supreme Court judges. Look, they're going to -- we're going to live for 25 or 30 years with those people in office. And you're going to see the Constitution as a piece of rubble when they finish with it, because social justice is their main issue.

Bowing to the mobs is their main issue. And the Supreme -- and, actually, the rule of law is going to go out. We have seen Obama pass executive orders that don't pass the rule of law. The courts are knocking them out one by one. If you have a Supreme Court that is dominated by the liberals, they won't knock them out, even the rules that we know are...


CAVUTO: That is the concern. No, that is the concern.

But let me ask you a little bit about for the next debate, the rubber match, I guess, if you will, in Las Vegas, and this sense that that's his closing argument to make and to turn some poll numbers around, not all, but some. A national lead has widened for Hillary Clinton. In some battleground states, it's picked up, not demonstrably, but enough, I'm sure, to give folks like you some pause and worry.  What do you think he has to do in that debate to close the deal?

MARCUS: Well, I hope that we're not going to be involved in the minutiae.

But I -- knowing the Democratic Party, over the next two weeks, before this happens, they're going to pull up something else. Maybe -- I don't know. Maybe he soiled this diapers when he was a kid. What the hell.  What do I know? They will find something that is going to be to try to take everybody's mind off the major issues.

And the major issues is what he tried to say last night. And that is, this is country is in very bad shape, both domestically and in foreign policy. And what he is going to have to do is to have more detail on what he is doing.

They're spending so much time talking about nonsense that don't -- that doesn't make any difference in this country, and is basically the gutter that they started this last week.

Hillary and her supporters are the ones that dig this garbage up. And you know what? If it continues next week, the people are not going to hear what they really have to hear. How are you going to create jobs? How are you going to help Middle America? How are you going to keep the small business man from going under?

This year, Neil, I will tell you the numbers. There were more small businesses closed this last year than opened. This is the time in maybe 40 years that that happened that happened. There are about 80 million people working for small business owners around America, and they're getting slammed by regulations.

The regulations are very specific. Dodd-Frank is killing off the community banks. If the community banks are not there, they can't get line of credits. Obamacare is causing them to hire more part-time people -- and think about this, Neil -- more part-time people than full-time people.

And this is happening all over America as we speak. And so you're not building jobs. Hillary is interested in killing the rich, killing the -- what is that going to do to create jobs in America? We have to think about the people. There's 95 million people that are out of the work force.

CAVUTO: I think she said she wants guys like you to pay your fair share. What do you think of that?

MARCUS: Well, you know what? You can take all of my money, frankly, and it's not going to make a drop in the bucket.

Come on, Neil. By the way, you're in that bucket also, along with me.  So, if in fact she takes everything I have...

CAVUTO: Yes, we're at different ends of that bucket, Bernie, but I understand what you're saying.

MARCUS: Hey, hey, listen, Neil, I give away a lot of money. My foundation gives away millions every year. And I'm going to be broke one of these days and I will be right where you are. Hey, not so bad.


MARCUS: At least...


CAVUTO: Bernie, you have done a lot and a lot of good.

I want to thank you very much.

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