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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Hi, I'm Greg Gutfeld with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Eric Bolling and a Pixy Stix is her javelin, Dana Perino, "The Five." So, what an orderly debate.


SEN. TIM KAINE, (D) VICE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: You both have said -- you both have said that Vladimir Putin is a better leader than the president.



ELAINE QUIJANO, DEBATE MODERATOR: Gentlemen, we are going to get to Russia in just a moment. But I do want to get back to the question at hand.

PENCE: But in the midst, in the midst, yeah -- Elaine, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

KAINE: But Elaine --

PENCE: Thank you, Senator, I'll --

KAINE: These guys have praised .


KAINE: . Vladimir Putin as a great leader.

QUIJANO: Yes, and we will get to that Senator --

KAINE: How can they defend that?

PENCE: Yeah.


QUIJANO: We do have that coming up here. But in the meantime, the questions --


PENCE: Well, Senator, I must have hit a --

QUIJANO: . your running mate?

PENCE: Yeah, I must hit a nerve here.

QUIJANO: And why the disconnect with your running mate?

KAINE: But why won't he release his tax returns?

PENCE: Well, we're answering the question about, about the business thing, is he --

KAINE: I do want to come back to that, but --

QUIJANO: Gentlemen, I need to ask you about .

PENCE: He's going to release his tax returns when the audit .

QUIJANO: . social security.

PENCE: . is over --

KAINE: Richard .


KAINE: Richard Nixon released tax returns when he was under audit.

PENCE: They're going to raise your taxes.

QUIJANO: Gentlemen .


QUIJANO: Gentlemen .

KAINE: If you can't meet Nixon's standard --

QUIJANO: Gentlemen, the people at home cannot understand .

KAINE: People have a lot of --

QUIJANO: . either one of you when you speak over each other.

PENCE: The director of FBI, our homeland security said, "We can't know for certain who these people are coming from Syria."

KAINE: Yes, we can.

PENCE: Syria --

KAINE: And we don't let them know. We don't let them in.

PENCE: She had a Clinton Foundation accepting contributions from foreign governments and foreign --

KAINE: You are Donald Trump --

PENCE: Don't --

KAINE: Donald Trump's apprentice. Let me talk about this --

PENCE: Senator, I think, I think I'm still on my time.

KAINE: Well, I think -- isn't this a discussion?


GUTFELD: Ah. So what is up with Tim Kaine, anyway? Is his middle name co? (inaudible) to Howard Dena on that one. Let's share another line.


PENCE: I was in Washington, D.C. on, on 9/11. I saw the clouds of smoke rise from the Pentagon.

KAINE: I was in Virginia where the Pentagon --


PENCE: I know you were. That's small potatoes compared to Hillary Clinton calling .

QUIJANO: Senator Kaine?

PENCE: . half of Donald Trump supporters a basket of deplorables.

KAINE: Hillary Clinton said something on the campaign trail, and the very next day, she said, "You know, I shouldn't have said that."

PENCE: She said she shouldn't have said half --

KAINE: Look, look, look --

QUIJANO: Governor, this is Senator Kaine's two minutes, please.

KAINE: Yeah, that's right. So now we're even.

PENCE: Yeah.


GUTFELD: Yeah. Now we're even. If you want to see who lost the debate, find out who is whining most about it. But last night is different, Pence clearly won despite moderator bias. Elaine Quijano lost control, which happens when you only corral one cat and that one cat is more amped than Pete Townshend's Gibson. The debate turned into an airline counter after the flights are canceled, and if that one guy, Johnny Eyebrows mugging his elastic face to get the attention of the ticket agent. The debate was hard to follow, abrupt right turns, left turns, heavy breaking, it was like watching a squirrel take a driving test. Still, Pence rose above it like a tugboat among churn. He turned into a fifth animatronics head destined for Mount Rushmore, stony but stoic. Pence looked like a president; Kaine look like your band teacher. So oddly enough, the chaos actually helped Pence for his reactions reflected truth lost in the chaos of 2016. Experience doesn't just mean establishment, it can also mean cool confidence. Last, the debate contrasted two belief systems. If a Martian saw those two men last night, how could it not guess which one is conservative? It's the one who conserves, the calm leader gently swaddling away acoustic fly. And you got to admit, Pence has great eyesight, 20/20. Hmm. All right Eric, what did you make of the debate overall in terms of like the moderator and the structure?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: You know, I liked the moderator. I thought she got a lot of topics in.


BOLLING: A lot of substance. A lot of policy questions were asked. I know there was a lot of, you know, there's a lot of analysis on how many times she asked Pence a hard question versus Kaine. But it -- but what I like about it was -- it showed who Tim Kaine was.


BOLLING: I had no idea. First of all, I, I pushback a little bit when Donald Trump picked Mike Pence. And now I look into, wow, what a brilliant pick that was .


BOLLING: . because those two sat there, they went man -- mano a mano, which means hand to hand not man to man, but mano a mano.

GUTFELD: I just learned that now.

BOLLING: And Pence was measured --


BOLLING: He was respectful, intelligent, confident, whereas Kaine, condescending, interrupting course. He was abrasive. And I just thought of the American people, if you are sitting there wondering if the top of the ticket goes down for whatever reason, it is incapacitated. Which one of these two guys do you want? And there's no question, Pence trounced Kaine.

GUTFELD: Kimberly, it was a lot of crosstalk, which never happens on cable news or on panel shows for that matter.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: I don't know what you are talking about, what?

GUTFELD: I don't know either.


GUTFELD: What could she have done to improve that? It seemed like a lot -- it went off the rails a little bit --

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, I think she could have controlled it, to be honest with you. I obviously, he had an agenda to interrupt as many times as possible so he gets the gold medal for the most interruptions in, you know, the quick timeframe of the debate. But I think she had to like set those rules straight up from the beginning, "Listen, I'm not going to tell you again, please don't interrupt. Let's respect, you know, I have both sides time to speak." Something to that effect or I saw Megyn Kelly said she will give them the hand for at the first, that's the signal international sign for stop and then try and take control from there. But, you know, I think overall, she did a good job. That was -- that wasn't so great, but it was more to the fault of Tim Kaine, for not being professional and for interrupting all the time. He really just did himself a disservice. I mean if Hillary wins the presidency, people are going to be like praying, lighting candles. Hillary, stay healthy because this guy just seemed to me, to not be presidential. I liked him more before I listened to him in that debate last night. And I don't know if that was the advice that he was getting from a Clinton campaign from, you know, Robby Mook or what, because he seemed so. He won because he interrupted the most and he didn't let, you know, Pence get his words out. Pence, to me, seemed calm. He seemed informed. He was prepared. He was presidential. And he was, well, actually, very good picked by Donald Trump. And Dana, I heard you say something last night, right after the debate, talking about a lot of people were thinking, hmm, is pence going to run? Was he going to be at the top of the ticket? I mean, he really I think proves himself to be a good choice for those that were supporters of his to begin with it. That would have like to see him on the ticket at the top.

PERINO: Yeah, I was saying that they have before there were 17 candidates in 2015 and people mused for a couple years before the announcement of who was going to run, people would -- on the conservative side would say, well, Mike Pence should definitely be in the mix of that. And then when he decided not to run as a presidential candidate, I think there was a lot of disappointment. I thought the debate was so rushed in the first 20 minutes, I was like, whoa! What in the world? And then it calmed down so much after that, that I kept finding myself going, wait, what did they just say about social security? Because there was a lot more that could have been teased out from that. I do think she missed some opportunities for some follow-up questions or they did for each other .


PERINO: . especially on some of the things like -- for example, I think Mike Pence did was an excellent, but one of the things he do was totally dodge some of the questions and the points that Kaine was making a cut on Quijano made about or what about when Donald Trump said X or Y? And he was like, oh, he just blew right passed that. Great style points, but I do think that in some ways that was probably a little bit disconcerting for some people. But for conservatives watching it, Mike Pence was a champion last night.

GUTFELD: Uh -huh. Juan, I thought the problem was that Elaine Quijano .

PERINO: Quijano.

GUTFELD: . kept sticking to a script.


GUTFELD: And when the chaos -- they're like they go in some different argument and then she would like, oh no, we got --

PERINO: Like we have to talk about Syria.

GUTFELD: Yeah, we have to talk about this. And that didn't help. But also I, I think Kaine didn't help her either.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Well, no. I think she was a weak moderator. I mean, I think that's what came through is that she was trying to organize these people and their goal was to talk.


WILLIAMS: So, well, let's go to the big picture here, the day after. The day after what I hear from republicans is, wow, what a relief. You know, after that terrible week with Trump's disastrous debate performance, miss universe, the tax story. Boy, Pence really held his own. We don't have any problem with what Mike Pence did. And we can argue because the polls show it, (inaudible) group, CNN instant poll .


WILLIAMS: . that what you get was Pence being the more likeable candidate. His numbers, his favorability numbers inching up while you saw Kaine's go down. The key, I think Greg is that Pence exceeded expectations in terms of his performance and especially so for republicans who, some of whom say to me today, they even feel like you know, it's buyer's remorse. I think we hear a little bit about around the table like, gee, maybe he should have been the candidate, right?

BOLLING: Oh, no, no.

WILLIAMS: Oh yeah. I hear that.

GUTFELD: Well, I felt -- when I saw Pence there, I said that, that guy, he is, he is presidential.


PERINO: So but a conservative.


WILLIAMS: Yeah, he is more conservative.

GUTFELD: He was a conservative.


BOLLING: Or conservative, possibly maybe even more presidential.

GUTFELD: Way more presidential.

BOLLING: Keep talking to bring out the turnout, the type of crowds He will not bring out, the turnout, the type of crowds and the vote and the enthusiasm .

GUILFOYLE: That Trump does.

BOLLING: . that Donald Trump does. I mean --

GUTFELD: We don't know that.

BOLLING: And, and --


BOLLING: If you started with a Mike Pence in the field of 17 is, do you sure that Mike Pence is the last man standing?


PERINO: And that's --

WILLIAMS: I don't think --

PERINO: And that's the rub.


WILLIAMS: Obviously not.


GUTFELD: . universe.

WILLIAMS: But here is my point that struck me last night. I was watching debate with Ms. Dana Perino, and I, to my break --

PERINO: We had a blast.

WILLIAMS: I was thinking, hey, you know what? This guy -- Pence is throwing Trump under the bus .

GUTFELD: Really?

WILLIAMS: Time and time again. And when, you know, so the prosecutorial mode that Tim Kaine employed, which is, hey, he calls women dogs, he said that Mexicans are rapists, he said that Putin is a great guy and Pence -- Tim Kaine, coming back to this and you never saw Mike Pence .

PERINO: He never owned it.

WILLIAMS: . respond and defend Donald Trump.

GUTFELD: But I think, you know, part of the reason was Kaine had piled them so -- as so many of them, and he was also so irritating.


GUTFELD: He was irritating. And his concept of eye contact -- I actually, I have to defend the moderator. When Pence would talk, Kaine would just look right at the moderator and go like this.

GUILFOYLE: Didn't he wink at her at one time?


GUTFELD: Yeah, he was like constantly deflecting her so that she had to go to him whenever.

PERINO: She's an exceedingly nice person.


PERINO: And a gentle person.

GUTFELD: Probably.

PERINO: And she's a mom. And so maybe she could have said, "Oye! Stop it."



PERINO: Knock it off.


BOLLING: Going in she said she had nine, nine topics, nine buckets that she wanted to get to, 90 minutes with a two-minute response from each. I'm looking at beyond, that's very, very aggressive to be able get that especially .

GUILFOYLE: She wanted to do what Lester .

BOLLING: . pointed out.

GUILFOYLE: . didn't do.

BOLLING: What Greg points out that Tim Kaine never really answered what he was asked. He was just took a shot and turned it to a Trump dig.

PERINO: Do you think they should have had the buzzer?

BOLLING: Instead of answering the question.

PERINO: Like in the primary debates?

BOLLING: Honestly, I love that debate. I, I thought it was great. They both went at it, she didn't introduce --

GUILFOYLE: I thought it was really good.

BOLLING: She didn't fact check. You know what, and I think for once I thought that was great. Let the candidates --

WILLIAMS: Oh, yes.

BOLLING: Let the candidates duke it out. If someone said something they don't agree with or think is wrong, then, then point it out. I like that format best.

WILLIAMS: So this is what bothered me. So I'm watching it. And I -- you know, because right now, today understand it stylistically, it was a huge win for Mike Pence, that he looked calm. He wasn't interrupting. But as I was watching Eric, what I saw was that when the issue was brought up about Vladimir Putin. Here's Mike Pence, "that guy is a bully, that guy is" -- I'm thinking, but wait a minute, that's not what Donald Trump said.

BOLLING: Right. So what we talked about yesterday, is this debate about defending the boss or is this debate to find out who these two guys are in the event the bosses incapacitated?

WILLIAMS: When Mike Pence --


WILLIAMS: When Tim Kaine says, "Donald Trump says we're going to punish women who have abortions," he says, "Oh, no, no." And I'm thinking, but that's exactly what he said. Or when, in fact, Mike Pence himself said Vladimir Putin is a better leader than Barack Obama. You know what? I believe Mike Pence said, "No, I didn't say that." I'm thinking myself, where is the fact checker? What's going on here?

GUILFOYLE: Well the fact checker, the people sitting at home .


GUILFOYLE: . like all of us that can make a decision and be informed and say, that was stated before, it wasn't. I mean, I think she tried to get through a long list of subjects. One of the criticisms of the presidential debate was that Lester Holt didn't get to enough, like wait, what about barometer (ph)? What about the -- we brought up all these issues. What about choice? All about that that didn't get through.

BOLLING: What about Alicia Machado when she wasn't even a question .

GUTFELD: But you know --

BOLLING: . Lester Holt.

GUTFELD: But also, can I just -- we don't have time -- I just want to get this sound on tape which is, it shows that Quijano asked a number of questions to Pence, but not that many to Kaine.


QUIJANO: Governor, with all due respect, the question was about whether it seems fair to you that Mr. Trump said he brilliantly used the laws to pay as little tax as legally possible.

PENCE: (inaudible) if you remember the issue --

QUIJANO: So Governor, how would these millions of undocumented immigrants leave? Would they be forcibly removed?


QUIJANO: Governor, the question was about homegrown.



PENCE: And so, but you asked the trustworthy question at the very beginning. The reason that the American people .

QUIJANO: Governor, your two minutes are up.

PENCE: . don't trust Hillary Clinton is because they are looking at the pay to play politics that she operated with the Clinton Foundation through a private server .

QUIJANO: Governor, please.

PENCE: . while she's secretary of state.

QUIJANO: Your two minutes are up.

PENCE: Senator, we would know a lot more about if Hillary Clinton would just turn over the 33,000 e-mails that she refused to turn over .

QUIJANO: All right, let's turn back to North Korea.


QUIJANO: Senator Kaine .

PENCE: . in her private server.

QUIJANO: if you had intelligence --

PENCE: . and we'd have a much better picture of what the Clinton Foundation was about.

QUIJANO: Senator Kaine --


GUTFELD: So he brought up some very important topics and -- but she had to get back on to the thing, so she goes hard on Pence, soft on Kaine. That's what I saw.



GUILFOYLE: . that was the general consensus. But you know, she was trying to keep her composure and I have to tell you, I'm so impressed with Mike Pence's ability to stay focus, stayed on message. She was able to -- he didn't get mired in all the specific -- oh, Trump said this, this, this, this and this. Then he would be there all night .

GUTFELD: Yeah, and beat --

GUILFOYLE: . trying to like go through .

GUTFELD: He knew that.

GUILFOYLE: . the laundry list .


GUILFOYLE: . that he was saying. It was more about Kaine putting that heat in, that rapid fire, but he wasn't certainly defending Hillary Clinton. I didn't hear anything about --


WILLIAMS: I think that's exactly what he did and that what those --

GUILFOYLE: He's he -- he hit Trump.

WILLIAMS: No, but I'm saying the instant poll today said that Kaine did a better job with defending Clinton than .

BOLLING: Yeah, because you know why?


WILLIAMS: . of defending Trump.

BOLLING: Because Pence didn't take the attack that I'm going to attack Hillary Clinton. He didn't attack Hillary.

WILLIAMS: No, no. I was talking about defending your candidate.

BOLLING: Yeah, but it so it looks like Kaine did a better job defending the boss because he was never really pressed on some of the stuff that Hillary Clinton has been accused of. It's been -- it was the other way. It was -- it was Kaine taking shots at Donald Trump through, though .

WILLIAMS: Oh, I thought .

BOLLING: . at Mike Pence.

WILLIAMS: I thought you would been a lot -- I thought the reason you liked it was .


WILLIAMS: . because what you saw was Mike Pence went at the e-mail, he went at the deplorables comment, and I think Kaine .

BOLLING: He was --

WILLIAMS: . did a good job of defending.

BOLLING: No, I haven't -- I don't think he -- I think Mike Pence spent most of the time answering the quick question, answering the .


BOLLING: . the Trump attack question and turning --


GUILFOYLE: I really do.

WILLIAMS: Well, that's the final word --

BOLLING: He brilliantly, master -- masterfully debated Tim Kaine .

WILLIAMS: Well, my --

BOLLING: . and beat him.

WILLIAMS: My final word on this is did anybody who is undecided come to a decision? According to the "Wall Street Journal ."

BOLLING: Well, I'm not sure about that.

WILLIAMS: . according to polls, no.

GUILFOYLE: Well, according to CNN that's incorrect.

WILLIAMS: No. According --

GUILFOYLE: Their poll -- no?

WILLIAMS: Both undecided not to wait.



GUILFOYLE: Their pools said that more people that were gravitating .


GUILFOYLE: . towards Trump after that debate and listening to Kaine and Pence.

GUTFELD: I'm over -- I'm talking right over you, just like they did.


GUTFELD: Yes. All right, still to come, Trump and Clinton's thoughts on last night's debate -- that will be fun. Plus, the latest on the (inaudible) came that in the east coast is on high alert, bracing for the massive storm that killed at least 11 in the Caribbean, a live update from the Fox weather center, ahead.


GUILFOYLE: And back now to last night's vice-presidential debate. It started off with a handshake, but quickly got ugly. Here is more from the dramatic Kaine-Pence showdown.


PENCE: The campaign of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine has been an avalanche of insults.

KAINE: Do you want a "you're hired" president in Hillary Clinton or do you want a "you're fired" president in Donald Trump? He loves dictators. He's got kind of a personal Mount Rushmore, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un .

PENCE: Please.

KAINE: . Muammar Gaddafi .

PENCE: Oh come on.

KAINE: . and Saddam Hussein. And last --

PENCE: If your son .

QUIJANO: Two hundred fifty thousand people .

PENCE: . or my son handled classified information the way Hillary Clinton did .

QUIJANO: . one hundred thousand of them children -- Governor .

PENCE: . They'd be court-martialed.

KAINE: That is absolutely false and you know that.

PENCE: Absolutely true.

KAINE: And you know that Governor.

QUIJANO: Governor .

PENCE: It's absolutely true.


KAINE: Some fool or maniac could trigger a catastrophic event. And I think that's who Governor Pence's running mate is, exactly .

PENCE: Oh come on.

KAINE: . President Reagan warned us about.

PENCE: Senator, Senator, there was even beneath you and Hillary Clinton and that, that's pretty low.



GUILFOYLE: How low can you go? So who won last night's face-off? Shockingly, the mainstream media even said Pence.


PENCE: I had a little debate last night.


PENCE: I was humbled and honored to be there. Donald Trump called me late last night from Nevada to congratulate me on the debate.


PENCE: That really meant the world to me. It truly did. Some people think I won.


PENCE: I will leave that to others.


PENCE: You know, what I can tell you is from where I sat, Donald Trump won the debate.


PENCE: Donald Trump's vision to make America great again, won the debate.


CHRIS MATTHEWS, LIBERAL MSNBC HOST: Overall, I think the winner tonight will end up being -- in terms of the debate and what they were trying to accomplish -- Pence, because Pence really was solid. He looked like he had his head screwed on.

JOHN DICKERSON, "FACE THE NATION" MODERATOR: Mike Pence was all the things that Donald Trump was not in his debate. He was clearly -- he clearly studied and he was unflappable pretty much in the face of all those interruptions.

MARK HALPERIN, MSNBC SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: I think -- even honest democrats would say Tim Kaine had some good moments but not his best night. But I think Pence won on the stage.


GUILFOYLE: And there you have it. That was like a bonus round. We gave you two, sound on tapes for price of one. So the first one, Pence having an event today, we understand Kaine hasn't had one yesterday, but will later this evening. And then Dana, the mainstream media right away -- right after the debate, I heard Chris Matthews saying, "Pence won." I was like, oh, is --


PERINO: Well, I think that was -- it was just so obvious.


PERINO: I mean there was really no question about it. I do think that Kaine, probably feels like he hit the objectives that he wanted to do, which is probably did no harm to the Clinton campaign. But Pence probably did some help, not just for the Trump campaign, but I really think that what he did last night was shore up and help some of those republican senate candidates in the tough states where those elections really close or so where you have a battleground state where both Trump and Clinton are either tied or it's, you know, is they are traveling there a lot. And the Senate is such an important thing for republicans to try to hold on to, that I think Pence was extremely helpful for them last night and they should just run with that.

GUILFOYLE: And do you think perhaps, Eric, this is a little bit of a salve for some of the other conservatives to say, you know, this guy -- this was a good pick, Pence is excellent if he's going to be around Trump and the two of them together as a team perhaps, producing good quality decisions and results?

BOLLING: Yeah, Yeah. So the first thing in the morning, I was waiting to see any -- I like to go through all the different channels and see what the spin is. See how the spin starts out. And I'm telling you, at 6 o'clock in the morning, the spin was, yeah, Pence did good on style, but substance, you know he -- he didn't -- as Juan was pointing out, you know he didn't have right answers about what Trump said or he couldn't defend Trump properly. By about the second or third hour in the morning, they abandoned that and said basically, "Yeah, you won, so Pence really won this one." And -- and you are right, and so, so if you are a Trump supporter, if you are a Trump fan you go, well here is his first real decision he has to make. Pick a vice-president. Pick a nominee to run with you. And he picked the right guy. Clearly, I would say he picked the right guy because he, he bounced. Yesterday said, Trump is -- and Hillary Clinton are, are the pizza and the chicken wings. These are the vegetables side -- Pence, brought the vegetables, he brought some broccoli.

GUILFOYLE: OK. Was there any dip with that?

PERINO: Yeah, ranch.


GUILFOYLE: Ranch is very tasty as broccoli, indeed. So Juan, a bunch of my friends, you know being from San Francisco and whatnot, are quite liberal.


GUILFOYLE: And one of my best friends, Ann (ph), you guys better hear, with a huge Bernie Sanders supporter, t-shirt and everything. So now she's going to go ahead and go for Hillary. So we're in a little bit of a dust up over that. But she was writing this, it's like, wow, this guy Pence, you know even though he is very pro life, all of that, she said, he does it in a way that is non-threatening, that's quite likeable. And she said these guys could be a contender if Hillary wins, you know, in 2020, people found him to be very likeable and also, clearly thought that he won the debate.

WILLIAMS: Well, I don't know about clearly. I think he did -- the people think he won the debate and as the day has gone on, as Eric said, I think it has become conventional wisdom. By the way, on the point that -- is her name Ann (ph)?


WILLIAMS: So on the point that Ann (ph) made, I must tell you, the people were saying today that the big winner in this debate may be Mike Pence for 2020 that suddenly he is in the conversation if Trump doesn't win the presidency, right? So --

GUTFELD: I said that on my mono.

WILLIAMS: Is that right?


WILLIAMS: There we go, and if you hear from Greg Gutfeld .

BOLLING: Someone's --

WILLIAMS: . take it to the bank.

BOLLING: The big loser was Ted Cruz.


BOLLING: That's exactly right.

GUILFOYLE: That was her next statement on the --



WILLIAMS: But I want to say that one thing --

GUILFOYLE: Ted Cruz is crying somewhere in the corner .

WILLIAMS: So here --

GUILFOYLE: . after that.

WILLIAMS: But here is the Clinton camp.


WILLIAMS: So the Clinton camp, which is ends, you know, that ends that she's gonna vote Clinton. But here's what the Clinton Camp said is saying today, "We liked, we liked what Tim Kaine did, because they were aiming -- not maybe to Ann (ph) if Ann is really voting for them, but to white republican suburban women. And they want that message about all the nasty things, the dogs, the nasty women trump has said, they want it repeated. They want it out there and they may be making ads.

GUILFOYLE: Uh -huh, yeah, so .

PERINO: Tim Kaine sacrificed himself for 2020.

GUILFOYLE: She's white college educated.

PERINO: On behalf of those --

GUILFOYLE: . with the (inaudible) doctorate, so lawyer. OK, go ahead.

GUTFELD: It's, it's actually amazing. Have you -- as any of you heard from anybody who thought Kaine won? Has anybody --

GUILFOYLE: Yes, Robby Mook.

GUTFELD: That -- you see that he probably insane .

GUILFOYLE: Clinton camp.

GUTFELD: . unbalanced.


GUTFELD: He needs to see somebody right away. Because when you Chris Matthews, there's no one left. I think the important thing to -- when we talk about Pence is that he is stoic and we are living in emotional times, you know, there are a lot of hate and divisiveness and stuff, but it's, it was refreshing to see something calm and reassuring. And he -- I mean, look, he disagrees with Trump on free-trade, on immigration, on --

WILLIAMS: Keep going.

GUTFELD: On a number of things, but, but -- so, will Trump listen to him, A? Will Pence have influence? Will he be like a Dick Cheney, or will he'll be like --

BOLLING: Joe Biden.

GUTFELD: Joe Biden.


GUTFELD: And wear sunglasses in (inaudible) that he has it.

GUILFOYLE: And it makes sense.

GUTFELD: We don't know.

GUILFOYLE: Well, I have to say this, the thriller in vanilla. Sometimes vanilla is just right. What did trump and Clinton think of their running mates performances last night? Their reactions, next. Stay with us.


BOLLING: Hi. Welcome back to "The Five." So what do the presidential rivals think of last night's V.P. smack-down? Here was Trump earlier.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Mike Pence did an incredible job. And I'm getting a lot of credit, because that's really my first so-called choice. That was my first hire, as we would say in Las Vegas. And I will tell you, he's a good one.

He was phenomenal. He was cool. He was smart. He was -- I mean, you just take a look at him. He was meant to be doing what he's doing. And we are very, very proud of Governor Mike Pence. Thank you, Mike Pence.

I'd argue that Mike had the single most decisive victory in the history of vice-presidential debates.


BOLLING: Well, Hillary is off the trail, but she did raise her running mate's performance with two thumbs up while getting on her plane earlier. And she posted on Twitter last night, "Lucky to have a partner like Tim Kaine, who stood up for our shared vision tonight, instead of trying to deny it."

Now Dana, I'm curious if Kaine had done well and Pence didn't do well, would she find an event to take a victory lap?

They might have let it sit and let him have his moment. She's serious about debate prep and understand that's where she is today. I don't think she would give up that time for anything in the world. I'm curious. If Kaine had done very well and Pence didn't do so well, would Hillary be out there? Would she find some event to do to get out there and take a victory lap?

PERINO: I don't know. I think in some ways, they may have just let it -- let it sit and let him have his moment. I think that she's very serious about debate prep, and understand that that's where she is today in Washington, D.C. And I don't think she would give up that time for anything in the world. I think that, if Kaine had done very well, it probably would have -- they probably would have stuck to schedule.

BOLLING: Do you think it's interesting that Donald was out there talking about it?

GUILFOYLE: Yes, well, look, I think that he's going to get out -- one, I like that he's out there saying that, you know, Pence did a great job. That Pence is awesome. He wasn't just saying, you know, "He's awesome." So that was nice. And I thought it was supportive.

I think that they have a nice relationship. And it's -- so far, we haven't heard anything to the contrary. So I think that was very positive for him. Showed that they're a good team. So maybe that was good for people.

In terms of Hillary, I think she's probably thinking, "Yes, told you I was awesome, and I should be the top of the ticket and not Tim Kaine." In her silent thoughts.

BOLLING: So we were -- we reported that Hillary is in D.C. prepping already. This is for Thursday. Can you over-prep for this?

GUTFELD: I don't know. I'm always for preparation. Because the more you prepare, the less you -- the less you screw up, because you always have something in your brain. If you're not thinking of anything, you have something to pluck off that thought tree.

However, I have to talk about her tweet. "Lucky" -- Hillary tweeted, "Lucky to have a partner who stood up for a shared vision instead of denying it." That was such a jab at Bill Clinton, who's totally undermined her all week.

GUILFOYLE: I get it.

BOLLING: Yes, we can -- we're going to talk about that.

GUILFOYLE: There's a couple meanings to that.

BOLLING: Your thoughts on the candidates' handling of their -- the V.P. performance?

WILLIAMS: Well, I think Hillary Clinton hit it on target when she said that Tim Kaine stood up for their vision. And I don't think -- that's why I think -- that's why when I was watching I said, "Hey, why doesn't Pence defend Trump?"

But here's the thing I think might take away, is that Trump can learn from Mike Pence. So we go into Sunday night, and I think the restraint, I think the tenor -- because remember, everybody at the table says stylistically, Mike Pence hit it right. He didn't look agitated. He didn't look temperamental. He looked even-keel, right Eric? So I think that's the big thing.

I think the second thing that I would say is, you know, if you're thinking about tweeting during the debate -- which is what he did -- Trump did, let's get away from that whole milieu, you know, actually, last night he was complimentary of us FOX News. He said he was going to watch FOX News. We give him an even shot.

He then got into a little thing with Megyn Kelly about Kellyanne Conway. He said -- Megan said, "Apparently, Kellyanne Conway is going to be there to keep control of those tweets, And apparently, Kellyanne was in Virginia. Trump was in Nevada. So stay away from that -- that whole way of thinking. And I think he would do better.

BOLLING: You guys think he's going to pivot to a more Pensive debate style?

GUTFELD: I think -- I think it's possible to combine it. Why can't you combine?

Like, OK, Kaine went full Trump. But he couldn't do it. He tried to be the smartass and talk like a tweet. It doesn't work.

What's wrong with just, like, taking two sides, the yin and yang, Pence and Trump, and pushing it together and mushing it into one super Pence-Trump?


BOLLING: Didn't -- didn't Joe Biden kind of pull the same kind of thing that Kaine did but it came over a lot better? Didn't it go over better against Ryan?

PERINO: Well, Biden has a certain style. Right? Some people -- charisma is like you have it or you don't. And it just exists.

GUTFELD: Tell me about it.

PERINO: You know, we started out with the...


PERINO: We are talking about preparation. So Governor Pence prepped a lot. He had Governor Scott Walker as his debating partner, who walked him through -- put him through his paces over and over again. And it really paid off. The other thing...

GUILFOYLE: Yes. By the way, nice metaphor (ph); good job.

PERINO: Thank you. I know my sports sometimes. That is sports, right?


PERINO: The other thing is, so we started off with this -- in your monologue, we showed the montage of all the interrupting...


PERINO: ... from Kaine. And there's -- Kellyanne Conway and others were tweeting this morning, "Kaine interrupted Pence 71 times." Like, OK, but Trump interrupted Clinton 52 times during the presidential debate.

So you can learn from two things. Go ahead and prep, which we understand now Trump going to do some more of that this week. And just hold onto your thoughts for a second. Let her finish, and then go after it. Because as we've shown in both of these debates, manners still matter. Believe it or not. They do.

BOLLING: And we used to interrupt each other on the show all the time. Now it's...

WILLIAMS: Yes. Really? Yes, yes, yes.


GUTFELD: We never do it, not at all.

BOLLING: Greg, you know what I'm talking about?

GUTFELD: I understand exactly what you mean.

BOLLING: Dana never interrupts.

GUTFELD: Yes -- no.

PERINO: Yes, I do.

GUILFOYLE: A nice shout-out to Scott Walker. Because by the way, it's true. There was a little bit of behind the scenes there that that -- he prepared him well, I think. Good job.

BOLLING: All right. Here we go. An update on Hurricane Matthew when we return. It's a very serious, life-threatening storm that's already killed nearly a dozen people in the Caribbean. And it could strike America as soon as tomorrow. So please stay tuned for the latest on its path. That's coming up next.


PERINO: This is a FOX News weather alert.




GUTFELD: Oh, my God.

PERINO: Hurricane Matthew is moving closer to the U.S., leaving behind a deadly path of destruction across the Caribbean. Large-scale evacuations under way in parts of Florida and South Carolina, bracing for the powerful Category 3 storm that could strike as soon as tomorrow. Rick Reichmuth is in the FOX Extreme Weather Center with the latest -- Rick.


Right now, over the Bahamas, a Category 3, 120-mile-an-hour storm. It's going to impact almost all of the Bahama islands. And unfortunately, they don't have a lot of mountains with it, so it's not going to break the storm up at all as it moves through these islands. An island chain of about 700 islands.

Hurricane warnings everywhere there, as well, now as the Florida coast from just to the north of Miami up towards Daytona Beach. This is likely going to be the area, at least starting tomorrow late afternoon, through Friday afternoon, that takes a raking from the storm, possibly being in the eye wall for a long time right along the coast.

That yellow is tropical storm conditions. That's going to get here by tomorrow midafternoon. Hurricane conditions arrive to the coast somewhere likely right around 6 to 9 p.m. And then we're going to watch that white. That's major hurricane, right there around Melbourne, in towards the space coast.

And the latest projections of this, the latest track, moving it even a little bit farther towards the west. Not good news. You get the general idea. Still some disagreement in exactly the track. But overall, it moves off towards the northwest and then curves, hugging the coastline all along the southeastern shores.

And the latest advisory coming out from the National Weather Service -- or National Hurricane Center, I should say, brings a Category 4 storm right here over Cape Canaveral and towards the space coast. So it is a Category 4, major hurricane. Takes probably around 24 hours to move right here along the coast. But we could be dealing with a storm that we've never seen across areas of Florida. A lot of storm surge, potentially. Obviously, the wind, rain, flooding, the whole story. But you better be ready in Florida and Georgia, because it will be here by tomorrow, late afternoon -- Dana.

PERINO: All right, Rick, thank you so much.

Phil Keating is standing by in Florida, where mandatory evacuations have been ordered along the coast. The state's governor is warning residents to prepare for the worst -- Phil.

PHIL KEATING, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Yes, the governor, Dana, is actually telling residents along Florida's East Coast to simply ignore that cone of uncertainty, because as Rick just alluded to, this storm could shift 20 to 40 miles at last second, and that would completely change which populated communities get impacted.

Here at this gas station is what we are finding up and down Florida's East Coast. Gas pumps, the handles are bagged and the pumps themselves not working, simply out of gas after a day of long lines, of cars and trucks filling up their vehicles just in case they might need to evacuate.

Let's take a look from the International Space Station, fresh imagery just in from NASA. You can see the size and scope of Hurricane Matthew. Currently, that Cat 3, 120 miles an hour, and moving slowly through the central Bahamas, roughly 12 miles an hour. The faster it goes, the better for everybody, because that means less wind, less rain, less flooding. Of course, the slower it goes, obviously, that means the worst for everyone.

Yesterday all day long in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and eastern Cuba, this storm pounded as a Category 4. Up to 40 inches of rain fell in Haiti. About a dozen people are reported dead at this point. And it could go higher, because there are more people still missing and still unaccounted for.

In Florida, which looks to be the very first state impacted by this hurricane, long lines of people for the second straight day have been clogging up not only gas stations but grocery stores, Kmarts, Wal-Mart, Home Depots, as well as Costcos. People stocking up on everything they might need to survive for three to five days without power.

And utility crews have prepositioned all up and down the state with extra cherry-picker trucks, just to respond as fast as possible, because it does look like there will be some power outages -- Dana.

PERINO: All right. Thank you, Phil. We'll keep a close eye on this very dangerous storm and keep you informed.

Ahead, we return to the presidential race. Bill Clinton made another gaffe on the trail yesterday, fresh off the heels of his Obamacare blunder. We will have it next. Nice.


WILLIAMS: Bill Clinton is not doing a whole lot to help his wife's campaign this week. On Monday, he tore apart Obamacare.


BILL CLINTON, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: You've got this crazy system, where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care, and then the people that are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. It's the craziest thing in the world.


WILLIAMS: That left Hillary to attempt to clean it up.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can you clarify what he meant? And do you worry it could undercut your argument that you want to build on and expand the Affordable Care Act?


I think he made it clear what he was saying.


WILLIAMS: Yesterday, Bill went rogue again, forgetting that his wife's former opponent, Bernie Sanders, now on her side.


B. CLINTON: Wait, wait, wait, wait. I agree, if I had sent millions of your people to prison, or she had, that would be good. Hillary didn't vote for the '94 Crime Bill, even though Senator Sanders did.



WILLIAMS: Not exactly the best surrogate for Secretary Clinton right now, I'd say.

The Trump campaign eating it up, saying Bill is their best surrogate.

So Dana, recalling what happened when he met Loretta Lynch on the plane, that was a big dust-up.

GUILFOYLE: Well, it works.

WILLIAMS: The Black Lives Matter, that was -- that was a big dust-up.

GUILFOYLE: It did work. No jail for the wife.

WILLIAMS: Well, so what's going on?

PERINO: Well, when Bill Clinton is out there, it gets headlines. And so we haven't seen this for a long time. I mean, in some ways George W. Bush had to deal with questions of whether he was distancing from his father. This is even, I think, more real in terms of does Hillary Clinton have to distance herself from her husband, because she has different policy positions than he had?

I think that it makes for good headlines. I think it's not great for the Hillary campaign. But I also understand anecdotally from friends in the Democratic Party that Bill Clinton is beloved by the party.

WILLIAMS: I think that's true.

PERINO: They love him. They will show up for him. And he's a -- he actually is probably a better surrogate for her than we'd realize.

WILLIAMS: Well, Eric, I think he still gets big crowds, as Dana said.

BOLLING: Oh, he stepped in it, Juan. He stepped in it.

WILLIAMS: But also, he did a spectacular speech at the convention.

BOLLING: He stepped in it. They really need to -- if they want to win, they need to pull him back. Just send him -- send him away somewhere and keep him busy. Who knows how? Whatever. We won't go there.

Steve Schmidt today said something very important. I think he nailed it. He said Bill Clinton has done something that has delivered the message that Republicans haven't been able to deliver.

PERINO: Yes. Absolutely.

BOLLING: And he's 100 percent right. There are small businesses out there busting it for 60 hours a week, and they can't afford their own health care. Meanwhile, people who aren't working, 20 million people, are getting health care on the backs of them. That's important to note.

And if the Republicans are right and Trump's campaign is smart, they'll seize on that, make the ads about that and talk about that a lot come Sunday night.

WILLIAMS: Well, Kimberly, do you think it's fair?

GUILFOYLE: Listen, Bill Clinton is beloved. You know, I've spent a lot of time around him. Nobody works the crowd or the room like Bill does. And he may have stepped in it. But there isn't any mess that Clinton makes that a dry cleaner can't get out.

WILLIAMS: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

GUILFOYLE: The point is, he's Teflon.

WILLIAMS: All right, all right, all right. Greg usually says things like that.

GUTFELD: A lot of great headlines, that's for sure.

PERINO: Oh, my.

GUTFELD: But he's great for Hillary. He is the spicy gumbo, and she's the cold broth. He's the charming one. He may have lost a step, but a slow Bill Clinton is still preferable to a fast Hillary.

WILLIAMS: All right.

GUILFOYLE: A fast Hillary.

WILLIAMS: Got to clean this up. That's right here. "One More Thing" up next.

GUILFOYLE: Aisle seven.


GUTFELD: Time for "One More Thing" -- Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: All right. So this is probably interesting to everyone at the table and those of you at home.

The first trailer has been released for "Patriot Day." Have you heard about this? This is an upcoming movie about the Boston Marathon bombing. So it's getting a little bit of creative license here in Hollywood. It's directed by Peter Berg, who's a very good director. The movie stars Mark Wahlberg as a police officer racing against the clock to hunt down the bombers before they strike again. Take a look at this.

GUTFELD: I can't wait.






GUTFELD: All right.

GUILFOYLE: So it's getting some good buzz about it. And it also stars Kevin Bacon and John Goodman. And Peter Berg and Wahlberg worked together on "Lone Survivor," one of my favorite movies, with our friend, Marcus Luttrell, that I was at a special screening with them.


PERINO: OK, so The Tennessean this morning, a great newspaper, of course, had an article just straight after my own heart.


PERINO: It's called "What the Cuss? 50 Swear Word Alternatives."

GUTFELD: Oh, my.


PERINO: If you go to our Facebook page, you can find things like -- this is like -- you know Shannon Breen?

GUILFOYLE: Shannon Breen, who's the best (ph).

PERINO: She says, "Biscuits."


PERINO: That's one of hers. "Dagnabbit" is one. "Son of a monkey" I'd never heard. "Holy cow," of course, we all know. There's 50 of them. So if you have a problem with swear words or you want to teach your children alternatives -- they even have my favorite, "H-E double hockey sticks."

GUTFELD: Swearing is healthy. Imagine what humans did before swearing. They stabbed each other. Swearing was the -- was the alternative to murder.

Anyway, sorry. Where am I? Eric.

BOLLING: OK, let's do it.

GUILFOYLE: OK, psycho.

BOLLING: Do the white board.

GUILFOYLE: Say some swear words, so you don't go stabbing everyone.

BOLLING: Who is going to control the Senate? It's a quick breakdown of what's going on. These are all Real Clear Politics averages. Forty-seven -- the safe states, 47 Democrat, 46 Republican. And these are seven tossups. They're saying Indiana goes to the Democrats, Evan Bayh.

PERINO: I don't think so.

BOLLING: That or going -- you don't think so?

PERINO: I think Evan Bayh will lose.

BOLLING: That would even be better for the Republicans. Nevada, Joe Heck. New Hampshire, Kelly Ayotte. Roy Blunt in Missouri. And Florida, Marco Rubio. That would put the Republicans at 50. And that will put the Democrats at 48, leaving two, which means in order for the win, Republicans would need one. Democrats would have to win both of those, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, and the presidency to keep the Senate. To get the Senate. To get the Senate back.

PERINO: I think the Republicans will definitely keep North Carolina.

BOLLING: Very strong leaning right. Right.

GUTFELD: All right, kids. We're going to go to this.


GUTFELD: Greg's Medical Tips.


GUTFELD: You know when you see somebody crying, don't automatically think that they're sad. They could be suffering from something called CDE, chronic dry eye.


MEGYN KELLY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Dana Perino, are you feeling emotional this evening? I noticed the tear -- just a single tear rolling down your face.

PERINO: No, I have chronic dry eye. And it's horrible.

(SLOWED DOWN) It's horrible.

It's horrible.


GUTFELD: Thirty-five million people have it.

PERINO: It's a big deal.

GUTFELD: Yes, it is.

PERINO: This eye will sometimes leak. This eye, completely dry. And Kimberly has it, too.

GUILFOYLE: My left eye, too. I've got to get the plug out of it.

GUTFELD: Let's go to Juan.

WILLIAMS: All right. So if you dream about going into space, you know what? It's closer than you think.


WILLIAMS: Today in Texas, space start-up Blue Origin had a successful rocket launch. The rocket took off, landed safely. In a test of its safety escape features. This rocket will carry tourists into space to get a look through its massive windows.

But for now, take a look at this. The images from the Hubble telescope, image of a star like our sun exploding. By the way, don't worry about our sun. It's good for another five billion years.

GUTFELD: Four, three, two, one.

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