Kellyanne Conway says voters will see a 'feisty' Mike Pence at VP debate

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to "Hannity." And tonight, Hillary Clinton's campaign once again viciously attacking you, the American people.  Now, yesterday on "Meet the Press," Clinton's campaign manager, Robbie Mook, took aim at Trump supporters once again. Watch this.


ROBBIE MOOK, CLINTON CAMPAIGN MANAGER: I think a lot of the people that stand by Donald Trump are deplorable, and the things that they say are deplorable.


HANNITY: And in a newly released audio from February which was obtained by The Washington Free Beacon, Hillary Clinton slamming person Bernie Sanders supporters. Wow! She's going after everybody.


HILLARY CLINTON, D-PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: It's a deep desire to believe that, you know, we can have free college, free health care, that what we've done hasn't gone far enough and we just need to, you know, go as far as, you know, Scandinavia, whatever that means. Half of the people don't know what it means, but it's something that they deeply feel.

Some are new to politics completely. They're children of the Great Recession, and they are living in their parents' basement. They feel that they got their education, and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves, and they don't see much of a future.

If you're feeling that you're consigned to, you know, being a barista, or you know, some other job that doesn't pay a lot and doesn't have much of a ladder of opportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe, just maybe you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing.


HANNITY: Joining us now with reaction, former racial justice director for Bernie Sanders Tezlyn Figaro with us. From The Washington Times, Charles Hurt, and the host of "Justice," Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Tezlyn, let me -- let me start with you. Look, I never would have voted for Bernie Sanders because he's a socialist, but Bernie seems genuine to me. Bernie seems real. Bernie believes everything that I think he says.

You know, you listen to Hillary behind closed doors, and you know, living in Mommy and Daddy's basement, children of the Great Recession -- now, either she's trashing Bernie Sanders supporters or she's making an admission that Barack Obama's economy has been horrible and he hasn't fixed the economy in eight years as president. So which one do you think it is?

TEZLYN FIGARO, FMR. NATIONAL JUSTICE DIR. FOR BERNIE SANDERS: Well, you know, I never thought I would vote for Senator Sanders, either. I'm an independent fiscal capitalist. I supported him because he was saying at the time that he was against the establishment.

And I have news for Hillary Clinton and everybody who supports her. I did not grow up in Mommy's basement in Oklahoma. The only time I was in the basement was when I was running from an Oklahoma tornado.

I grew up with a shirt (ph) on my back at 18, went to Dallas with no car, no job, became a business owner with 300 paid employees. No one has ever gave me everything. I've never looked for anything for free, never got anything out of this country that I didn't earn while I served my time in the U.S. Air Force.

So for her to say that we grew up in Mommy's basement -- well, what type of basement did Chelsea Clinton grow up because in North Highlands (ph) Oklahoma City, her basement sure as hell was nicer than mine!

HANNITY: Wow. We have the same life story. I was washing dishes at 12, cooked at 13...

FIGARO: That's it.

HANNITY: ... waiting tables, bussing tables, I did it all, and then construction for 10 years. Wow!

You know, what's amazing about that -- we're either deplorable or we live in Mommy and Daddy's basement. Or you know, she talks about implicit bias.  We'll get to that later in the program when speaking (ph) at a black church over the weekend. So everybody's being trashed by her in some way.

JEANINE PIRRO, HOST, "JUSTICE": Yes, she's trashing tens of millions of Americans! And what she's saying is that we're not America because we don't agree with her politics! And in the end, whose politics does she agree with, the refugees that she's bringing in who want to live by a different law, where they stone women to death, where they throw gays out of buildings? And she calls the women that she's at war with, every woman that Bill has come across, bimbos, trailer trash...

HANNITY: Narcissistic looney tunes.

PIRRO: ... looney tunes. I mean, and what she is saying, basically, is, From my perch up here, all of you are deplorable! You're basement dwellers! You're this, you're that.


HANNITY: They doubled down on "deplorable," which is kind of deplorable.


HANNITY: Not to have a play on words. No pun intended there, Charles.

CHARLES HURT, THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Yes, you know, the thing here is that I think that, you know, Hillary Clinton believes in one thing, and that is getting elected. And nothing disturbs her more than people who actually believe in something. And that's what she -- when she goes after the deplorable, when she goes after the basement dwellers, she's going after these people because they actually believed in Bernie Sanders or these people who believe in Donald Trump. They really believe in something!

And it's so interesting to me because, you know -- and we've known this from the beginning. You know, her husband, Bill Clinton, was a master politician. There's -- you know, he's never seen...


HANNITY: Listen, he was warm. He was engaging. Everybody that meets him says he looks you in the eye, and you think you're the only person in the whole world.

HURT: He does. And she's the opposite!


HURT: People are a problem that need to be solved. And that's -- and that's how she approaches politics, and that's why she's so appealing to not only Republicans and independents but also Democrats.

HANNITY: All right, Tezlyn, let me go back to you. Here's the bottom line for me, is that, OK, let's say she didn't mean to trash Bernie supporters that live in the basement. Well, then, she certainly -- that's an indictment against the last eight years of Obama.

You know, we have 12 million more Americans on food stamps, 8 million more Americans in poverty, the lowest labor participation rate since the '70s, 95 million Americans out of the labor force, the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years, and the worst recovery since the '40s, and we doubled the debt.

OK, so they're in the basement because Obama screwed it up! She's saying she's going to double down on Obama and adopt the same stupid policies.  What's the definition of insanity?

FIGARO: Well, you know, again, who -- who's to say what she's going to do?  Last week, two weeks ago, she said that free college was attainable. This -- and now we're listening to the tape in February that says it wasn't attainable. She talked about Senator Sanders' supporters...

HANNITY: Well, how are we going to pay for...


HANNITY: ... keeping our doctors and keeping our plans and saving $2,500 a year, and rates have gone up for the average family $4,100 since Obama's president when health care -- is that what she means? Because that's all bull. That's another lie!

FIGARO: Right. Well, again, when she says that we're believing in false promises, the only thing false about this election is the fraud policies that she continues to switch every other time. Remember, Bill Clinton said that people who believed in Obama believed in a fantasy.

So this is a typical strategy that they use. Every time it's time to (INAUDIBLE) if you don't believe in what I say, then you believe in Tinkerbell. If you don't believe in what I say, then you're just too dumb to figure it out.

But guess what? This generation has figured it out, and the only unfortunate thing is for her, when election time comes, they'll be staying in the basement and sitting that one out.

PIRRO: You know, what she's trying to do is, right now, she's trying to get Bernie's supporters. Now, right now, Bernie's supporters are on the fence. Most of them are still angry because she and the DNC opted to make sure that Bernie Sanders didn't get the nomination. And now she's criticizing Bernie Sanders. I mean, she's just dug a hole with Sanders supporters!

FIGARO: Well...

PIRRO: But the problem is...


HANNITY: Do you think this is going to impact the election, though? Do you...

PIRRO: Absolutely. If they stay home, it will definitely impact the election.


HANNITY: If Bernie Sanders people stay home, Donald Trump's the president.

HURT: He's going to win.

FIGARO: Well, guess what? They're not on the fence. They decided to go ahead and stay, and move forward toward the promised land. The only person that jumped the fence was Senator Sanders, who folded like a napkin, unfortunately. And so now he's out there having every awkward moment like Governor Johnson awkward moment...


FIGARO: ... to be out there pushing for the same person that he said not to believe in. So we're not on the fence. We're very clear about what we believe in.

PIRRO: She canceled two events in Iowa and Wisconsin with Sanders I think because of the conflict.

HANNITY: I bet. I think so, too. And I don't -- by the way, I don't blame Bernie for being -- Bernie and I years ago had a fight. You know what? He believes this crap. Hillary I think says, Oh, I'll give you the free college. There's no way we could possibly in a million years pay for it. It's going to be exactly like "Obama care." Keep your doctor, wrong.  Keep your plan, wrong. Pay less, save $2,500 a year. No, it's going to cost you $4,100!

Good to see you all. Got to break. Thank you.

FIGARO: Thank you.

HANNITY: And coming up, we have highlights from Donald Trump's rally just earlier in Colorado. Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway will join us.

And tonight, brand-now ground we break in a brand-new book by Ed Klein, number one New York Times best-seller detailing new scandals that could rock Clinton's campaign in the final 36 days. He'll join us along with Doug Schoen and more tonight on "Hannity."



HANNITY: And only 36 days away from the presidential election, and today, Donald Trump -- he was campaigning in the battleground state of Colorado.  Here are some of those highlights.


DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: It's great to be here today in Laramer (ph) County and in the beautiful state which we're going to win of Colorado.


TRUMP: Beautiful. We can't have four more years of Barack Obama. We can't.


TRUMP: And crooked Hillary will be worse. She'll be worse. So get those ballots in.

We can't beat anybody right now. We don't beat ISIS. Can you imagine General George Patton? He's right now spinning in his grave. Can you imagine this? Can you imagine General Douglas MacArthur. We can't beat ISIS. They wouldn't know what you're even talking about.

But I'll tell you one thing they wouldn't do. They wouldn't go on television to announce that very soon, we're going after Mosul. Did you see that? They announced we're going after Mosul. Why do you have to talk? You do it. You do it.


TRUMP: Then you have the leaders of ISIS, a lot of them in Mosul. They say, You know, we're getting out of here now because they announced. So we'll go through the whole thing, death and destruction, and it won't be the success it should be. They've got to keep their mouths shut and get it done!


HANNITY: And joining us now with the latest on the Trump campaign and a preview of what we can expect at tomorrow night's vice presidential debate, Donald Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway. Kellyanne, how are you?


HANNITY: Give us preview of -- all right, what are the differences -- this might be entertaining to people -- between how Donald Trump prepares for debates, which has been written about a lot, and say, what Mike Pence is doing, because I've not heard a peep about it?

CONWAY: I worked with Mike Pence for a number of years as his pollster and senior adviser. And he's been doing mock debates with Governor Scott Walker and he's been preparing with his senior staff.

And I think you're going to see tomorrow a feisty Mike Pence take on the record of Hillary Clinton and hold her accountable for the failures of her policies as secretary of state, also as United States senator. Talk about an unremarkable record. And certainly, if she wants to continue forward with the Obama administration policies, hold her to account, Sean, on what she thinks of "Obama care."

Would she bring us to a Bernie Sanders type single payer system, especially after we just found out she insulted all those Bernie Sanders voters, who add those millions of people to the tens of millions she said were deplorable and irredeemable, and you're getting, like, up to a quarter or 30 percent of the country that she just doesn't like.

And think Mike Pence -- I hope he'll take some time to talk about his remarkable record as governor of Indiana. He cut the unemployment rate in half. He gave a 5 percent across-the-board tax cut to both employers and individuals. He has an unbelievable record on manufacturing jobs. He's (INAUDIBLE) school choice and charters. He came up with an inventive free market plan in response to "Obama care"...

HANNITY: He's also a great guy.

CONWAY: ... called the (INAUDIBLE) plan. And he's a great guy. And he's trusted -- he's trusted by people. He's 12 years in Congress, including 10 years on the Foreign Relations Committee. When he was governor -- as governor of Indiana, he's cut the unemployment rate. Tim Kaine, it went up when he was governor of Virginia. Right there, you've got a great talker (ph).

HANNITY: You know, at the end of the day, to me, this election is about big issues. And I know during debates, and Hillary doesn't want to talk about -- she'd rather talk about birtherism and what Donald Trump said 25 years ago.

And you know, to me, it's about, OK, are we going to cut taxes or raise taxes? Are we going to have originalists on the court of activist judges?  Are we going to fire coal miners and put coal companies out of business, or be energy-independent? Are we going to -- you know, can a president that can say "radical Islam" or can't, somebody who'll vet refugees or not vet refugees, build a wall, not build a wall, the role of the U.S. in the world, education, fixing the VA.

There's such -- I can't think of one issue they agree on, meaning Trump and Hillary.

CONWAY: That's right. It is such a contrast. And you're right, Sean. At the fundamental level, this election is about what it's always been about, the past versus the future, change versus status quo, a disruptive outsider versus someone who just screams and reeks of everything Washington.

And by the way, so does her running mate, Tim Kaine, as you'll see on that debate stage tomorrow night. Between Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton, you're talking about decades and decades and decades of being in the government, being on the government payroll, getting really nice health care that most Americans can't access and pensions to boot.

You're also talking about this election being between a successful businessman and a typical politician. You're talking about innovative new policies to bring to Washington, where he owes nobody in Washington anything, versus a woman who's representing failed policies.

The choice cannot be more clear. And Sean, that's why despite all the hand-wringing and the Monday morning quarterbacking that we've experienced in the week since the first presidential debate, you look at the new CNN poll out today, and Hillary Clinton still can't get to 50 percent. They're still within the margins of error. In the CNN poll of polls, Clinton 44, Trump 42.

She's at 53 percent among women! Do you know how hard she has tried to say that Donald Trump takes the wings off of butterflies to women, and she's at 53 percent? She's at 53 percent among women, and yet she's running as the first female president. They have a problem with this woman being president. Something's not working...

HANNITY: Let me ask you one thing...

CONWAY: ... and it's holding people back.

HANNITY: So a week from yesterday, this coming Sunday, they will have their second debate.


HANNITY: And it was interesting going into the first debate because a lot of people wanted to see, is Donald Trump going to hold his fire. Now that Hillary has come out with both barrels and she doesn't want to talk about the economy or protecting the homeland, but all she wants to do is make this election about Donald Trump -- Donald Trump left a lot on the table, the e-mail server, lying about Benghazi, abandoning troops that were out in the field, her supporting Obama's failed economic policies, the $6 billion she lost in the -- as secretary of state, horrible foreign policy problems.

Are we going to see more of that, do you think, in the next debate?

CONWAY: You will. And remember, this is a town hall format, Sean, where many of those questions will come from the audience. I think it's a great format for Donald Trump, who every single day, as you just showed in your clip, is out there on the stump engaging with the people. That's what he loves. He gets oxygen from the people. It's a great format for him.

Secondly, there are so many issues in Hillary Clinton's "scandalabra," and there are so many issues in Hillary Clinton's failed policies. Just today, her president, I guess again trying to help her on the stump, we're told, was talking about the failings of "Obama care." He went after, in three different statements that I read, where he's really calling into question whether it's effective, whether it's arranged properly, if it's benefiting people it was supposed to.

So I think Donald Trump -- he'll be able to get all that out in a town hall format. The other thing I just wanted to mention is you're absolutely right. Donald Trump got zero credit from the naysayers and his detractors on how gracious...


CONWAY: ... and restrained he was.

HANNITY: ... he wasn't going to do. They all thought he was going to come out guns blazing, firing -- you know, making crazy comments about Hillary, but that didn't happen. So you can't win for losing, I guess, if you're running a campaign. I wouldn't want your job for -- I don't care what you're being paid, it's not enough!

CONWAY: Well, I appreciate that, Sean. I just want to say this about the debates (INAUDIBLE). I think we're also missing the things that Donald Trump did say successfully last week in that first debate. He did get out that she's been there for 30 years, so what the heck has changed. Why would we entrust her as a change maker when 70 percent of Americans say want this country to go in a new and different direction?

What -- what possibly credentials her to make that change? He talked about her failures on trade. He talked about the fact that she and her boss, Obama, President Obama, had created a vacuum in which ISIS arrived. But you're right. To get -- to put onto the table all of the Hillary Clinton problems and put them out there and weave them into his answers -- I think you're going to see a lot of that next Sunday. We're really excited for Mike Pence tomorrow and for Donald Trump next Sunday.

HANNITY: All right, Kellyanne, thanks for being with us. When we come back...

CONWAY: Thank you, Sean.

HANNITY: ... author Ed Klein, number one New York Times best-seller, has a brand-new book about the Clintons. Just how far will they go to cover up their transgressions? He joins us next along with Doug Schoen.

Also, over the weekend, the liberal New York Times released an article about Trump's taxes. But what about the Clintons? We're going to expose the out-of-control liberal hypocrisy. We'll check in with Anthony Scaramucci, Eric Bolling and much more tonight on "Hannity."


HANNITY: And welcome back to "Hannity." A brand-new book is exposing some very disturbing new details about the Clintons. "Guilty as Sin" by Ed Klein is out in book stores tomorrow. Ed joins us now, along with the author of "Putin's Master Plan," former Clinton pollster, Fox News contributor Doug Schoen. By the way, they just released this statement, let's see, about -- "Ed Klein's writings have been shunned by all but the extreme fringes of the internet and anyone who claims to be a legitimate media outlet should be ashamed to report it."

By the way, is this like calling Monica Lewinsky a narcissistic looney tune?


HANNITY: The same thing? Or drag a dollar bill through a trailer park.  It's kind of the same, right?

KLEIN: If they had any real proof that this was wrong, they should bring the people forward and say, No, I didn't tell Klein that. But they never, ever do that. All they do is throw...


HANNITY: But you have background as a real reporter. What -- you were the...

KLEIN: I was the editor-in-chief of the New York Times magazine, the foreign editor of Newsweek.

HANNITY: What happened to you? I mean, you became normal.


HANNITY: You grew out of that liberalism, I guess. All right, so but that's what they always do. So they release a statement. They trash you.  They trash the book, a rambling new screed in line with the rest of his work is discredited fiction.

OK. That's what they do, but that's what they've also done to all these women.

KLEIN: That's right.

HANNITY: And you talk about he's not changed. You're talking about interns at the Clinton library in Arkansas giving him foot massages!

KLEIN: Young 20-some-year-old interns...


KLEIN: ... like Monica was 20-some years old right?


KLEIN: Giving him foot massages in his penthouse apartment in Little Rock.


HANNITY: Does Hillary know about this?


KLEIN: You know, I mean, you can't make this stuff up. And I've interviewed these women who did it.

HANNITY: You did?

KLEIN: Yes. And they're proud of it.

HANNITY: Yes, you did mention that, that they say, Oh, I get to do it to a president.

KLEIN: Touching the president is very thrilling, is what they say.

HANNITY: Well, I -- what is your take on this?

DOUG SCHOEN, FOX CONTRIBUTOR: My take is the more discussion there is of the Clintons' personal life, the better it is for their election campaign.

HANNITY: Why are you -- I know you've said that to me before, but why do you believe that?

SCHOEN: Here's why I believe it. The issues in this country work to the advantage of Donald Trump. The more that the dialogue is about Hillary or Bill Clinton's peccadilloes, the more Trump doubles down, the more he doesn't talk about the economy, he doesn't talk about the big issue of the day, which is our absolute failure in Syria and the failure of "Obama care"!

HANNITY: These are legitimate issues. One of the big issues you deal with in the book, Ed, has to do with Hillary's health and it's far worse...

KLEIN: That's right.

HANNITY: ... than what we know, in that, for example, you think she -- first of all, you confirm she has arrhythmia.

KLEIN: Arrhythmia.

HANNITY: And a bad valve, heart valve?

KLEIN: She has a heart valve problem that the doctors wanted to replace the heart valve and she didn't do it because she's afraid that...

HANNITY: That could result in death!

KLEIN: And she's got clotting problems.


HANNITY: Well, we know that. She's on lifetime coumadin, an anticoagulant, but that -- but wait a minute. If she has a bad valve...


HANNITY: ... any good doctor is going to say, you've got to replace it.

KLEIN: They did. And she said no because she was worried that if she had, it would leak out that she had a surgery and that would somehow undercut her presidential race.

HANNITY: In the book, you also talk about her going and having privacy within a New York hospital, like, they sneak her in the back, underneath -- I guess underneath the hospital (INAUDIBLE) private area.

KLEIN: They do that for a checkup, yes.


SCHOEN: Here's the thing. When Donald Trump mimics her falling down and trivializes, in a certain sense, the serious issues that are getting raised, all that happens is we lose focus on change, corruption and the need for a new direction, which are his issues and his themes.

HANNITY: You know, look, I do think Ed's work is important because I -- especially because he's reporting and he's giving his sources and I know they -- anyone in the liberal left media is going the hate him and try and discredit him and they'll still -- didn't your last book topple Hillary's number one on The New York Times...

KLEIN: That's right...


HANNITY: ... had to sell twice as much as her.

KLEIN: Knocked her off the top!

SCHOEN: Ed's selling books. Donald Trump's trying to --

HANNITY: Trying to be president.

SCHOEN: Trying to be president, different goals, different responsibilities.

HANNITY: See, I think -- I agree with you. I think it's got to be substance. She'll raise your taxes, I'll cut your taxes. "Obama care" will be repealed, or you keep it.

KLEIN: Right.

HANNITY: You're going to vet refugees or not. You're going to say "radical Islam" or not. You're going to become energy-independent or not.  You'll secure the border or not. Such deep and profound differences!

SCHOEN: Sean, if you just take those lines, transport them to Donald Trump, and he says them for the next 35 days...

HANNITY: Just that.

SCHOEN: ... that's just...

HANNITY: She'll do this, I'll do that.

SCHOEN: Right. That's better than anything Donald Trump has done on the campaign trail in the last 10 days.

HANNITY: I might also tell him to talk about the worst recovery since the '40s...

SCHOEN: Of course.

HANNITY: ... lower than labor participation in the '70s...

SCHOEN: Right.

HANNITY: ... 12 million more Americans on food stamps, 8 million more in poverty.

SCHOEN: Look, if...

HANNITY: Doubling of the debt.

SCHOEN: ... Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway are watching this segment, they should memorize what you've said because it's the most important thing they could bring to bear.

HANNITY: Don't you know nobody listens to me?


HANNITY: You know that, right?

SCHOEN: Sean, a lot of people listen to you.


HANNITY: Do you agree from a political sense Doug's right? Because I actually think he's right.

KLEIN: I think he's right up to a point. But the fact that she is so corrupt...

HANNITY: That's important.

KLEIN: ... and everyone understands that she's corrupt, and that is not a small matter...

SCHOEN: Where is the narrative?

HANNITY: I'll give it to you. All right, for example, she attacks him in the next debate.

SCHOEN: She's attacked him today.

HANNITY: OK, but in the next debate, when they're side by side, and he should turn and say -- let's say she brings up his taxes or tax returns or what he said 20 years ago about a woman. All right. I just turn to her and say, Hillary, I know you want to go down in the gutter and talk about those things because you don't want to remind the American people you left four brave Americans to hang -- hanging out to dry in Benghazi. If I'm president, I wouldn't do that.

SCHOEN: Right, and we heard nothing like that in the first debate.

HANNITY: That's called a pivot.

SCHOEN: Nothing since there, no pivot. Doubles down on Machado, attacks Bill and Hillary.

HANNITY: That was dumb. I agree.

SCHOEN: It's all been a mistake...

HANNITY: That was dumb.

SCHOEN: ... and someone ought to say to Donald Trump, You're blowing the election.

HANNITY: Curiel, Khan, Machado, done.


HANNITY: Out. Agreed. What do you think?

KLEIN: I think he's right. I think he's right, but I also think she's a very vulnerable candidate, and I think he needs to continue, in addition to what Doug is saying, remind everybody this is corrupt woman because the American public understands...

HANNITY: I they think they know she's corrupt and dishonest and a liar and untruthful. And by the way, her policies are bad. It's basically doubling down on stupid, which is Obama's policies for the last eight years.

KLEIN: That's right. And what will we have if she's in the White House?  More scandals, more corruption...

HANNITY: You're right.

SCHOEN: And you'll have a less good quality of life. That is the key issue...


HANNITY: That's change and corruption.

SCHOEN: Correct!

HANNITY: All right, got it.

All right, coming up, the liberal New York Times trying to smear Donald Trump over his taxes, but we've actually done the media's job. Wait until you hear what the Clintons and the left-wing newspaper The New York Times have done to avoid paying their own taxes. A hint -- boxers or briefs deductions. Anthony Scaramucci, Eric Bolling are next.


CLINTON: We can acknowledge that implicit bias still exists not just in police departments but throughout our country without vilifying police officers.


HANNITY: And over the weekend Hillary Clinton addressed a predominantly African-American church in North Carolina. We're going to show you more of what she said. We'll get reaction from Sheriff David Clarke and Larry Elder. That and more tonight on "Hannity."


HANNITY: And welcome back to "Hannity." So the Trump campaign is pushing back against yet at hit piece from the The New York Times aiming to try and take down the Republican nominee. So over the weekend the liberal paper, which was of course endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, may have violated federal law by publishing what appears to be pages from Trump's 1995 tax returns that show business losses.

Now The Times then took the attack further by speculating without any proof whatsoever that because of these losses, well, Trump may have avoided paying federal income taxes for nearly 18 years. Now in response to The Times, the Trump campaign quickly fired back in a statement, stating, quote, "Mr. Trump is a highly skilled businessman who has a fiduciary responsibility to his business, his, family, and his employees to pay no more tax than is legally required."

That being said, Mr. Trump has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in property taxes, sales, excise taxes, real estate taxes, city taxes, state taxes, employee taxes, and federal taxes, along with very substantial charitable contributions. Mr. Trump knows the tax code far better than anyone who has ever run for president and he is the only one that knows how to fix it.

Now while the The New York Times attack on Trump, that's not surprising, the blatant liberal hypocrisy is at issue here. Whil The Times is trying to paint Trump without any proof as someone who is a tax dodger, they kind of failed to tell you that according to Forbes, that newspaper, they didn't any pay federal taxes in 2014. And predictably Hillary Clinton has gone after Trump over the story while ignoring her own attempts to lower the tax bill using the law. In 2014 "Bloomberg" reported that the Clintons, who support the death tax, well, they took steps to avoid paying what they normally owe under proposals that they champion. And according to the "Washington Post" the Clintons have gone to extremes to save even a few bucks on their taxes, including writing off Bill Clinton's donated used underwear in 1993. The big question is whether or not it was boxers, tighty-whities.

The Clintons were also willing to take a handout from donors to cover massive legal bills from their many lawsuits during their time in the White House. And according to the "Washington Post," Clinton's allies, they raised more than $4.5 million to cover those expenses, including the $850,000 they paid Paula Jones.

Here with reaction, author of "Wake Up, America," co-host of "The Five," our friend Eric Bolling, and Trump campaign national finance member and co- host of Wall Street week on the Fox Business Network Anthony Scaramucci.  The Clintons, they used every tax deduction. In 2015 they claimed a $699,000 loss.

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI, TRUMP'S NATIONAL FINANCE COMMITTEE MEMBER: Again, the real issue is that what used to be called the fourth estate, Sean, is now part of the state. The mainstream media is now an organized member of the state, prosecuting the way "Pravda" used to do for the Soviet Union. It's a coordinated attack.

HANNITY: It's true. It's illegal. They wouldn't publish the global warming papers that came out on global warming gate, Eric, so --

ERIC BOLLING, "WAKE UP AMERICA" AUTHOR: You know why the Clintons are having such a hard time dealing with this, because they've never had a business risk, they've never had a business loss. They've never had to take risk in business to try and make a profit. They just simply have lived off of the taxpayer's money or lived off of the donations of people who are trying to buy influence.

So I looked back a little bit, Sean. Henry Ford went bankrupt two times and become a multi, in today's dollars, a multi-multibillionaire. But even more importantly, Warren Buffett is a liberal hero. He is a hero to the Clintons, too. I did a little homework and I found out in 2014 Warren Buffett lost $873 million in a company called Energy Futures Holding Corp.  Now, let me ask you something. Do you think Warren Buffett has said, you know what, I think the country needs this. I'm going to -- I'm going to eat this loss. I'm going to let you keep the rest of that money and I'm not going to declare a tax deduction going forward. Unlikely. More is that he's using the same exact tax code that Donald Trump used --

HANNITY: They made a big assumption here. And by the way, they used the tax code at the The New York Times, but the net loss carried forward would have been in 95 to 2010.

SCARAMUCCI: You don't know. You get three years prior and 15 years forward. That's where the 18 years comes from.

But listen, Judge Learned Hand, Oliver Wendell Holmes, they've all said the same thing, famous, famous cases, saying, Sean, you don't have to pay any more than what's allowable inside the IRS code. That's all Mr. Trump has done.

HANNITY: Otherwise he would be in a jail.

SCARAMUCCI: Of course. It's a free enterprise system and they're trying to thwart that as well.

HANNITY: Hillary has contacts at the Justice Department and the FBI.  Maybe Bill can meet Loretta Lynch on a plane and maybe James Comey can get on the case and they can get off Trump's back in terms of audits.

Here's an interesting thing she said today. She said "How could one guy lose $1 billion?" Trump, he personally guaranteed the loans in question here. Here's what's interesting. There's a "Washington Free Beacon" piece. As secretary of state, the State Department misplaced $6 billion according to an inspector general report, $6 billion, and it said that it created a significant financial risk for the country that they can't manage their money this way, $6 billion. The only difference is it's not her money.

SCARAMUCCI: It's never her money.

BOLLING: Tax code, 74,608 pages long. But honestly, the bottom line in all this is he did nothing illegal. He used the tax code the way anyone, any American would or --

HANNITY: The way the Clintons have. It's also the way the Clintons and the The New York Times has.

BOLLING: And Warren Buffett and anyone else who is in the business. The bottom line, the reason why they can't understand how someone could lose $915 million is because they've never taken risks before. If you've never taken a risk before --

HANNITY: There is some back story to this. I talked to Larry Kudlow today who is a friend of all of ours. And he pointed out that a lot of the losses were created because of government regulation in the tax law where secondary investors, their benefit -- in other words, they changed the law in terms of secondary investors' ability to write off losses, and as a result they all pulled their money out, which caused a lot of what happened in Atlantic City.

SCARAMUCCI: So again, and Mr. Trump has said that consistently, that the regulations at the time hurt the casino business. So that was actually a smart business move by him to remove himself from Atlantic City.  Halloween, I'm going as a tax shamer.


BOLLING: What likely happened in order to lose that kind of money in one year, what likely happened is he was losing money in the years prior. He rolled them forward, which means he showed profits from the years prior and paid tax on the dollars that were profit, which could have been losses taken over a course of time. Finally at some point he says, I'm done. I'm pushing all of my chips in. I have a $916 million loss. This year I'm taking it now, and then you work off your future income.

HANNITY: I got to roll.

BOLLING: Very, very, very basic.

SCARAMUCCI: This impacts the election, Sean?

HANNITY: I don't think so, no.

SCARAMUCCI: You think it impacts the election?

BOLLING: It's five weeks away. No one will be talking about this in five days.

HANNITY: All right, guys, coming up next tonight right here on "Hannity".


CLINTON: We can acknowledge that implicit bias still exists, not just in police departments but throughout our country, without vilifying police officers.


HANNITY: That was Hillary Clinton speaking before a predominantly African- American church in North Carolina over the weekend. Sheriff David Clarke and Larry Elder, they'll weigh in as we continue.


HANNITY: And welcome back to "Hannity." So over the weekend Hillary Clinton spoke to at a predominantly African-American church yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina. Let's watch this.


CLINTON: I'm a grandmother. And like every grandmother I worry about the safety and security of my grandchildren. But my worries are not the same as black grandmothers.

We can acknowledge that implicit bias still exists, not just in police departments but throughout our country, without vilifying police officers.  We can call for reforms to policing while still appreciating the many courageous and admirable officers out there who are doing their jobs with honor and integrity.

They say that all of our problems would be solved simply by more law and order, as if the systemic racism plaguing our country doesn't exist.


HANNITY: Here with reaction Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and Salem National syndicated radio host Larry Elder.

So, first, Larry, it's deplorables, then it's Bernie Sanders' supporters living in mommy's basement, and then it's we all have this implicit bias that exists all throughout the country. So I guess everybody now everybody is officially trashed by Hillary Clinton. Maybe she has implicit bias.  Her mentor was a former Klansman. Bill's mentor was a former segregationist. Robert Byrd and J. William Fulbright, they supported the Confederate flag in Arkansas, so maybe she's just talking about herself and projecting.

LARRY ELDER, SALEM RADIO NATIONAL SYNDICATED HOST: My objection, Sean, is to this expression she now used, "systemic racism." What the hell does that even mean? Obama has been in charge of the government for eight years. We've had back to back black attorneys general. How come they haven't they fixed it? Police shootings of black people are very, very rare. If by systemic racism she's talking about the large number of inner city black kids that are killed by other black kids, then let's talk about that. And 50 percent of homicides are black on black, most of them young people and most of them in the inner city. And it is because of the policies of the left that have destroyed families that have made young black men not law-abiding. That is what we ought to be talking about.

And I said this before, Sean. Obama said a kid raised without a dad is 20 times more likely to go to jail. Why are we talking about what the leftwing of this country has done to destroy black families in a way that even slavery and Jim Crow couldn't do and didn't do?

HANNITY: I mean, I thought Trump captured it, Sheriff, the other night when he talked at length about Democrats come calling every four years and they want to generate passion in the black community and they want people to get out and vote. But what have we done to help the black community?  And 58 percent increase blacks on food stamps under Obama, 20 percent increase blacks out of the labor force, and then black unemployment higher than the national average, nearly double, black homeownership down, 55 percent of black teenagers can't find a summer job. If I didn't have a summer job, I'd be getting in trouble.

SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE, MILWAUKEE COUNTY: Sean, 50 years of lies are what the black people in America have been told under Democrat rule in the American ghetto. The implicit bias test she's talking about has been challenged by people within the field of social science, in other words their own peers that test is not credible. It's not reliable. Maybe she's a racist. She should speak for herself. I'm not. The only racism that I see on display is that from the Democrat Party that keeps black families shackled to the new plantation. The cotton field has been replaced by the American ghetto where black people cannot find meaningful work, their kids are shackled to failing public schools, they live in neighborhoods that are crime-ridden, violence, murder has been up by under the first black president.

So you can go on and on and on. I have told black people over and over again to free themselves from the Democrat Party. Quit the Democrat Party. Shop your vote around. Donald Trump made an offer -- better schools, more jobs, safer neighborhoods. Make people earn your vote. And if nothing else, if you don't want to vote for Donald J. Trump, I would suggest, just a suggestion, sit this one out, do a Colin Kaepernick, take a knee on the presidential race and vote down ticket, but stay on the presidential race.


HANNITY: Is that what we're calling it now, "taking a Kaepernick"?  Larry, will we see a shift in voting patterns in the black community because of decade after decade of failure? The worst schools often are in black communities. We haven't fixed them.

ELDER: I certainly hope so because, as you pointed out, Obama has not delivered on the primary reason that black people voted for him, which is the economy. We have had two recent studies, one by a Harvard economist named Roland Fryer, another one by some researchers at Washington State that show, and get this, cops are more reluctant, more hesitant to pull the trigger against a black suspect compared to a white suspect.

So the whole premise of Black Lives Matter is flat out not true. Police shootings against blacks are down 75 percent over the 45 years according to the CDC. It is rare for a black person to be killed by a cop, let alone a white cop killing an unarmed black person. What is not rare is for a young black person to be killed by another black person. The number one preventable cause of death for young black people is murder. The number one preventable cause of death for young whites is car accidents. So that is what is going on here.

HANNITY: But every four years, every two years, sheriff, there it is, the same thing. Democrats, they play the race card.

CLARKE: They've been hoodwinking the voters 50 years. Look, Mrs. Bill Clinton cannot point to one thing that has improved in the American ghetto after 50 years of voting monolithically for Democrats. Black people just need to open their eyes, take a look around, inadequate housing, high infant mortality rate, gang and drug involvement, failing schools, no jobs, on and on and on. It is high time in America for black people to make this political class earn their vote and stop just giving it away.

HANNITY: Guys, good to see you both, appreciate it.

And coming up, we need your help, a very important "Question of the Day" is straight ahead.  


HANNITY: All right, time for our "Question of the Day." Does Hillary Clinton owe Bernie Sanders supporters an apology? Why about the "deplorable" comment? What about living in your mommy's basement? Why didn't Obama fix it? Is anyone in the media going to ask her that? She's going to follow up on those policies.

Anyway, we want to hear from you. Go to Facebook.com/SeanHannity, @SeanHannity on Twitter, let us know what you think.

Quick programming note, right after the VP debate we will be live at midnight in Virginia tomorrow with analysis and reaction. That is all the time we have left this evening. As of tomorrow, only 35 days, big election. Your choice, you deserve the government you will get. I hope you'll vote. We'll see you back here tomorrow night.

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