Where will Trump focus his criticism in next debate?

GOP Candidate joins 'The O'Reilly Factor' to discuss Hillary Clinton, strategy and polls


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O'REILLY: Caution. You are about to enter the No Spin Zone. The Factor begins right now.

Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly. Thanks for watching us tonight. No Talking Points Memo this evening so we can get right to Donald Trump. His first extensive post-debate national interview in prime time. There are two daily tracking poll us out today. The "Los Angeles Times" has Trump up by four percentage points. Reuters has Clinton up by four. More after debate scientific polling is due shortly. Internet polling not scientific. More than 80 million people watched the debate in the U.S.A. alone.

And joining us now from Wisconsin is Donald Trump. Well, first of all, is there anything Hillary Clinton said in the debate that you will use, your campaign will use against her in the weeks ahead?

TRUMP: Well, I think possibly so, Bill. But I do think that, you know, I really loved the experience of it. It was amazing. I saw the audience was record-setting. And I just -- I had a great time. And I know you say the polls weren't scientific. Every single poll that was taken I won the debate and some of them by a lot. And Google just came out with the first real poll and it was a big one. And I'm up by two or three points. So, that was pretty good.

O'REILLY: All right. We'll see. You know, they will stream in the scientific posts. But what I was getting at though, is something that Hillary Clinton said during the 90 minutes. That stuck in your mind that something -- you know what? We're going to use that. We're going to come after her on that. Anything like that?

TRUMP: I think there is. And I will tell you what really happened during the debate that was very interesting to me. I saw when she is talking and talking about what she is going to do and how she is going to do it and all of this. I realize she has been doing this for 26 to 30 years. And nothing ever gets done. Even when she went to the United States Senate, representing New York, she said she was going to bring jobs back to New York. And it was a disaster.

Upstate, New York is a total disaster. But as she was talking about the various things and I started to say, wait a minute, Hillary, you have been there for 26 years and you haven't done it, why all of a sudden are you going to do it? You're not going to do it. It's just -- you will going to get votes. And then after the votes, it's going to be, see you later, I will see you in four years or whatever. But that hit me during the debate I think more than any other time whether it's healthcare or child care or any of the things that she talks about. Bill, it's not going to happen. Okay? It's just not going to happen. These people talk, I mean, her in particular. She talks and nothing gets done.

O'REILLY: I got it.

TRUMP: Unless it's for her or her donors.

O'REILLY: When she was senator of New York, you were friendly with her though. She and her husband went to your wedding. We looked back and you weren't real critical of Hillary Clinton at the time. Did you think she was doing a good job back then?

TRUMP: Bill, I was a businessman. I was all over the world. I was doing great. And frankly I got along with all politicians. It was my job to get along with politicians. I didn't go around and criticizing very many of them almost none of them. Because when you are a businessman you have got to get along with the politicians. I got along with everybody.

O'REILLY: But in your secret mind.

TRUMP: I get along with the Republicans --

O'REILLY: In your secret mind, did you go, she is screwing up? She is not doing anything back then when she was senator?

TRUMP: Well, I didn't focus on it like, you know, today I focus on this. I don't even think about my business. I built a great company. A phenomenal company, I don't even think about it. The kids are running it with executives.

O'REILLY: All right.

TRUMP: And, you know, think about it, now I think about it. But I always got along with politicians. It was very important aspect of my business.

O'REILLY: Okay. And those of us in Manhattan know that's true. Now, they are going to come after you, they being the Clinton campaign, on the statement that you made that you were as smart for paying as few taxes as you could possibly pay. You know it's going to be in the next debate, it's going to be on campaign ads. Do you have any defense for that right now?

TRUMP: No. I didn't say that. What she said is maybe you paid no taxes. I said, well, that would make me very smart.

O'REILLY: Right.

TRUMP: And I have to tell you something, tax is a big expense. And I wouldn't mind paying taxes a lot less if our politicians knew how to spend the money but they don't. They waste the money. I mean, they don't know what they are doing with the money. You know, some cases they do and they have bad motives. But they basically don't know what they are doing, Bill, with the money. And whether it goes into the Middle East. I see the other day a report come out $6 trillion, 6 trillion spent on the Middle East. We could have rebuilt our country twice. And $6 trillion whereas spent on the Middle East. And where are we? Go back 15 years if we did nothing, we would be in much better shape than we are now. It's a mess.

O'REILLY: All right. I'm Hillary Clinton in the next debate. And I say to you what she said yesterday in North Carolina. Hey, if is he not going to pay any taxes and he thinks that's smart, what does that make us? We pay taxes. Are we stupid? How are you going to answer that?

TRUMP: Well, first of all -- first of all, I never said I didn't pay taxes. She said maybe you didn't pay taxes and I said well, that would make me smart because tax is a big payment. But I think a lot of people say that's the kind of thinking that I want running this nation.


TRUMP: Because you look at the way our country is running with. We lose $800 billion a year on trade deals with the world. Eight hundred billion a year, Bill. Who makes these deals? So I think a lot of people -- actually, you know, I had two groups. Some people love that statement. And other people didn't. But the fact is that I think people are looking at it like maybe that's the kind of person we need. Hey, look. I built a great company.

O'REILLY: A shrewd businessman.

TRUMP: I have a tremendous, you know, I have a tremendous record.

O'REILLY: I got some more questions.

TRUMP: And to be honest with you -- yes. But I think that's the kind of thinking we need in our country.

O'REILLY: Okay. Now, the other avenue they are going to come after you is the women card. All right? And they are going to say that you are a mean guy and you don't respect women. Do you have anything further to say on this Miss Universe thing?

TRUMP: No, not much. I mean, look, I hardly know this person. This was a person 20 years ago. She wasn't a successful, you know, I sold the Miss Universe contest at a, you know, for tremendous price about, you know, six months ago. Worked out great. So I don't have anything to do with it anymore. But I really enjoyed it when I had it. But this is a person, Bill, that that was the first one under my ownership. She did not do well. She had a lot of difficulties. And, you know, they wanted to fire her.

The company itself wanted to fire her. I saved her job. I will bet you if you put up and added up all the time I spoke to her is probably less than five minutes. I mean, I wasn't -- I had nothing to do with this person, but they wanted to fire her. I saved her job because I said that's going to be ruin. I've done that with a number of young ladies to save their jobs. But the staff itself. And you know what happened? Look what I get out of it? I get nothing. So, a lot of things are coming out about her. I'm not going to say anything. I couldn't care less.

But it's somebody I don't know. Don't know certainly very well. I saved her job because they wanted to fire her for putting on so much weight and it is a beauty contest. You know, say what you want, Bill. I mean they know what they're getting into it. It's a beauty contest. And I said, don't do that. Let her try and lose the weight. Can you imagine? I end up in a position like this. So that's the way it is. I really just don't know her.

O'REILLY: Do you think that was a cheap shot by Secretary Clinton to bring that up?

TRUMP: Well, I think it was. And now, a lot of things are coming out that I wasn't aware of. Like, they say that she threatened the life of a judge and they got involved in all sorts of problems and some reports just came out 20 minutes ago about her. And you know, I mean, if that turns out to be true. A lot of the things that are turning out to be, perhaps, true, I think it's going to make Hillary look extremely bad. But, again, I helped somebody and this is what you get for helping somebody. But I just don't know her.

O'REILLY: Okay. Do you believe that you have to do better among women, American women to win the election or do you believe you have enough support now?

TRUMP: Well, I think I'm doing well and I have been doing well with especially with married women. You saw the numbers. I mean, they went way up. The Google just came out. And, you know, it has -- it was the first big post-debate poll and we're doing very well and I think we're doing very well with married women. Now, don't forget, Hillary has spent over $200 million on ads against me. Many of those ads are false. They are vicious and they're false. And they are vicious. Believe me. And with all of that. I guess I'm leading. Would you say I'm leading or?

O'REILLY: I don't know. I will know better on Friday if you are ahead or not. So, I mean, we are just, you know, we're data people here. Now, I am going to hold you over.

TRUMP: But Bill, you have to understand --

O'REILLY: Hey, Bill.

TRUMP: Two hundred million and more has been spent on me.

O'REILLY: I understand. They are coming after you.

TRUMP: We are going to spend some good money. But I mean, you know, and, by the way, those ads are largely false. There are so many inaccuracies in those ads. It's really, really a terrible thing.

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