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Gutfeld: Donald Trump has a 'wait' problem

In his rush to respond to Hillary Clinton's trap, the Republican presidential nominee extended a story that should have ended after the debate


It was all over the news: Someone has a weight problem.

Trump. He just can't wait to respond.

After Hillary hit him on comments about a beauty queen, what's he do? First thing in the morning, rather than meet with his advisers to assess his performance, he grabs the phone. Like a jilted ex, he went to air his side of the story, to people who will listen. Except he did it on air; yakking more about the lady's weight.

And so what could have ended Monday night stretches into today. And it proves how vital preparation really is. The lesson: Hillary's camp did their homework and knew what would stick in his mind. They found the beauty queen, lobbed it his way and he swung right at it. Essentially, Hillary dug a hole and said, "Hey Donald, here's a great hole to fall in!"

Now we could list all the stuff we aren't talking about instead of this. It's so easy I could make it rhyme:

Economic crisis,
The war on ISIS.

Decline of jobs,
Roving mobs.

Expanding automation,
Unbridled immigration.

The Russian bear.

But, who's escaping pillory?
Someone named Hillary.

Yes, the more they talk about Donald, the less they talk about Hillary. To her credit, she turned Trump into her own best defender.

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