Reince Priebus: Reality will catch up with Hillary Clinton; Gorka: The DNC has been captured by left-wing radicals

RNC chairman says on 'Hannity' that the Democrats were operating in a fantasyland at their convention


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TUCKER CARLSON, GUEST HOST:  Welcome to the "Hannity" program.  Tonight, with the political conventions over, finally after two weeks, the race for the White House officially begins today.

I'm Tucker Carlson, in for Sean tonight.

While the Democrats are trying to take a victory lap after Hillary's nomination last night, Donald Trump is campaigning hard in the key battleground states.  Earlier today, he reacted to Hillary's DNC speech.  
Here's part of what he said.


DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  I watched last night.  I watched Hillary Clinton.


TRUMP:  What a sad -- what a sad situation.  And I watched last night as the network said, It was all right.  It was good.  They were fine.  And then I watched this morning.  It was unbelievable!  It was so wonderful! It wasn't wonderful, folks, and it was all cliches.

You know, they used a little tweet one on me, about tweet.  And she said something about the campaign.  Donald Trump doesn't now how to campaign, something like that.  I just beat 16 people, and I'm beating her!


TRUMP:  I'll tell you what.  I liked the Republican convention better.  I did.  I liked it better.


TRUMP:  I liked it better.  I've been nice, but after watching that performance last night -- such lies -- I don't have to be so nice anymore. I'm taking the gloves off!  Right?  Yes?


TRUMP:  Take the gloves off!  Take the gloves off!


CARLSON:  He's not kidding around now, says Donald Trump.  Also, Fox has learned -- and this is breaking news -- that the FBI is now investigating an apparent cyberattack on the Clinton campaign.

Well, here to react to it all is the Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus, who joins us live.

Mr. Chairman, it's great to see you tonight.  So first just to the news about the DNC -- rather, the Hillary Clinton campaign being hacked.  What do you know about it, and does it make you nervous that the Trump campaign or the RNC could be hacked?

REINCE PRIEBUS, RNC CHAIRMAN:  Well, I'm pretty much always nervous about a lot of things, Tucker.  It's great to be on your show.

It's unclear whether the one hack on the DNC was on the same platform as the DCCC and the Clinton campaign.  So that's what folks are trying to figure out, whether this is just one big hack that affected everybody, or if these were separate -- separate hack jobs on a similar type of -- similar passcode, similar approach on each of them.

And we don't know that, either, at the RNC, and we're obviously checking our own servers and having various folks come in.  So far, we seem to feel pretty clean right now, but you never know.


PRIEBUS:  I mean, there's so many different ways to get this stuff done that you just don't know, but we're feeling that we're OK.  But it doesn't mean that we don't think it's, you know, pathetic that this is happening to others.  We don't wish this on anyone, by the way.

CARLSON:  No, you don't.  It might be time to revert to communicating by Post-It note.  So nobody's watching the Hillary campaign more closely than you are.  Presumably, you watched all the speeches at the DNC.

Give us your most detached and objective assessment of what Hillary's running on if you can -- because I actually don't know.  If you could summarize her campaign theme in a couple of sentences, what would it be?

PRIEBUS:  That everything's just fine...


PRIEBUS:  ... and that things are great, and we're moving along, and we want to keep moving along just the way we are.  I think you can try to create that fantasy land is what they're trying to do.

But the takeaway that I had last night was, number one, she's forgotten who's been in charge of the country for the past eight years.  They know that, of course.  They're setting up an alternative universe.  And so she forgot about that.  It's Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

She also failed to really talk about ISIS and the threat of terrorism around the world, which falls squarely upon her plate.  And she didn't talk about that because it's a total and utter failure on her part.

And so the other piece that I thought was -- that mainstream media wasn't talking about today -- you all have been -- but that she was interrupted 18 times not with applause in favor of her, but with opposition, jeering, booing, talking about war, talking about Bernie Sanders.  And this was not a unified evening for Hillary Clinton.

So to me, I think that will catch up with them, and the reality of who is in charge and where ISIS is at and her role and her failure in all that will eventually catch up with her, and I think that's why Donald Trump is anywhere from 4 to 7 points ahead today.

CARLSON:  What percentage of Bernie voters do you think he can get, realistically?

PRIEBUS:  You know, it's hard to -- it's hard to tell.  I mean, obviously, not many of the delegates.  But man alive, you'd think from the sound of it, some of them would come to Trump.

But you know, look, if he can get 10 to 15 percent of those people that have had it with Washington and looked at Bernie Sanders as the guy that was just going to shake up the system, that would be a victory for Donald Trump, and I don't think he can lose...

CARLSON:  Right.

PRIEBUS:  ... if he gets 10 percent to 15 percent of those voters.  And so that's what they are.  They're just mad -- like a lot of folks that are supporting Trump, and rightfully so, they're mad at the fact that people have been lying to them for all these years and they've about had it, and they have a vehicle to punch Washington in the nose.  And part of that support has that attitude, and that's on the Bernie Sanders side, too.

CARLSON:  So one thing I noticed sitting through a week of the Democratic convention is, so Hillary faces this threat from the left, Bernie Sanders, and she marshals to her side every famous Democrat you have ever heard of, ever, from a president, obviously her husband, but I mean, every just official and poobah.

Donald Trump abandoned, basically, by the Republican establishment, by John Kasich, by Jeb Bush, the list goes on.  If he loses, do you think that Trump voters will have a right to look at people like Kasich and Jeb Bush and say, Hillary's in the White House in part because you didn't help?

PRIEBUS:  Well, I don't think that's going to last long, Tucker.  Maybe I'm just an eternal optimist.  I think they will be on board.  Lookit, 90 percent of the Republicans are on board.  You have a handful of people that aren't.  They should be on board.  They have agreed to be on board. They're not on board.  They should get on board.

But you know, I actually think that when you look at these two parties right now, you have two huge change movements happening within both parties.  The difference is, is that the Republican Party has chosen the change movement candidate in Donald Trump.  The Democrats chose the status quo entity in their party.

I think it's going to come to roost.  I think they're going to lose support.  And I think that, ultimately, these elections, natural, cultural votes are about movements.  They're not about standing still, and that's why I think Donald Trump will win in November.

CARLSON:  They are dynamic, for sure.  Reince Priebus, the man with the toughest job in the world.  It's great to see you tonight.  Thanks for doing this.


PRIEBUS:  Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON:  Here with more reaction, the creator of the new movie, "Hillary's America," the best-selling author Dinesh D'Souza, and FOX News contributor Herman Cain both joining us.  It's great to see you.

So Dinesh (INAUDIBLE) just came out that the networks, the broadcast networks, devoted vastly more time, 15 to 30 minutes extra per night of prime-time coverage to the DNC over the RNC.  Obviously, they're full-blown for Hillary.  What should the Republican response be?  Ignore it?  Complain about it?  What's the right thing?

DINESH D'SOUZA, "HILLARY'S AMERICA":  Well, I think that the -- this is why we made this movie, "Hillary's America," because we wanted to blow the cover on the whole Democratic narrative.

And the Democratic narrative is that, We are the party for the little guy. We're the party for the ordinary man.  We've always been there for women. We've always been there for minorities, for immigrants.

Now, in reality, the Democratic Party has been the deadly adversary of the common man.  It's been the enslaver, the segregator, the lyncher of minorities.  It has passed the most restrictive immigration laws ever passed in this country's history.  This is the actual story of the Democratic Party.  Now, not one word about any of this from Philadelphia.

And then you have Hillary, and this kind of attempt to mask what the Clintons are really all about.  And what the Clintons are all about, I think different than Obama, is themselves.

Obama is an ideologue.  We may not agree with his ideology, but there it is.  The Clintons have been on the make!  They've been on the make since the Arkansas days.  They were profiting in the White House.  I mean, how do you go from zero to $300 million on a government salary?  Is there even a plausible, legitimate way to do that?  No.  None of this came up in Philadelphia.  It was all smoke and mirrors.

CARLSON:  Interesting.  Boy, that's a pretty brisk acceleration in the salary scale, I would say.

Herman Cain, it's great to see you tonight.  Let me ask you a question (INAUDIBLE) It just has occurred to me -- I've been thinking about it, actually -- how has the Democratic Party been able to convince black voters that mass immigration is good for them when it undercuts their wages and pushes them out of the labor market?  How have they been able to sell that line?

HERMAN CAIN, FOX CONTRIBUTOR:  Keep them in the dark.  They deny them the information.  All the liberal outlets like the ones you talked about who provided 40 percent more coverage of the Democrat convention -- they basically keep information away from black people.

Secondly, they try to intimidate some conservatives into silence.  You can tell that they haven't intimidated me into silence, but they use intimidation and they don't want them to know the facts.

I must applaud Dinesh's movie.  I happened to see it last weekend (INAUDIBLE) had a special viewing with Dinesh, and it is a great movie.  It exposes the lies of the Democrat Party, the Democrats from the beginning of this country on down.

And secondly, what it does is that it not only exposes the lies, but one of the points that it brings out so vividly is how Hillary is stealing America, whereas Donald Trump is trying to save our society.  It is as clear as night and day.

Great movie, Dinesh.  My hat's off to you.

CARLSON:  So Dinesh, I'm a little confused by this.  So you have one candidate who, however inartfully, is making a play for representing the middle class.  You have the other candidate who's taking all this money from the finance sector.

The press, meanwhile, which claims to, you know, comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, is foursquare behind the elite candidate, the status quo candidate, the candidate of power.

How did that happen?  When did the press become the handmaiden to the people in power?

D'SOUZA:  The Democratic Party narrative would never work if they didn't have three big megaphones that are rooting for them -- academia...


PRIEBUS:  ... Hollywood and the media.  Those are the three biggest megaphones of our culture, and so...

CARLSON:  Wait.  All three of those groups say, we're on the side of the little guy.

D'SOUZA:  They do.  And yet here you have the Clintons.  And not only have they profited immensely from politics, but as the case of Haiti shows -- we have this discussion of Haiti in the movie where all this aid money is supposed to flow to earthquake relief in Haiti.  The Clintons interposed themselves between the money and the Haitian people.  Very little money gets to the intended recipients, and the coffers of the Clinton Foundation swell.

So this is not Robin Hood.  This is not robbing from the rich.  It's actually robbing from the poor.  And people are outside the Clinton Foundation, Haitians, demanding, Bill, Hillary, where's the Haiti earthquake money?  And the media is nowhere to be seen.

CARLSON:  Do you -- Herman Cain, finally, do you expect that the Clinton Foundation will re-emerge as a campaign issue as we get closer to November?

CAIN:  I believe it will, and I believe that there will be an investigation.  But just like they have done with the whole e-mail scandal regarding Hillary Clinton, the Justice Department is either going to deny going forward, or they're going to drag it out past November.  It's going to re-emerge, but it's going to be drug out by the Justice Department by orders of the Obama administration, even though they claim that they're not involved in it.  They are.

CARLSON:  Herman Cain, Dinesh D'Souza -- Dinesh's book is "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party."  It's what everybody on every plane I've been on this week is reading.  Thank you, both.

CAIN:  Thank you.

PRIEBUS:  Thank you.

CARLSON:  Coming up, Donald Trump slams Hillary Clinton for dodging the press.  Our panel will have reaction to that.

And later, Democrats mentioned Donald Trump's name over 500 times this week.  They barely mentioned ISIS.  Dr. Sebastian Gorka will be weighing in on that coming up.

Plus, liberals praised Black Lives Matter all week in Philadelphia despite disturbing anti-cop chants from that group.  One man who is not impressed is Sheriff David Clarke.  He joins us with reaction.

That and much more straight ahead on "Hannity."




TRUMP:  She hasn't done a news conference in something like 237 days!  And honestly, the reason is, you couldn't do a news conference because they'll ask her about all the different things that she's done.  They'll ask her about the FBI saying she's a liar.  They'll ask her about all of the e-mails that she deleted or erased or got rid of, 33,000 e-mails!


CARLSON:  That was Donald Trump earlier today, slamming Hillary Clinton for refusing to hold press conferences in months.  So how much longer can Clinton hide from the media?

Joining us now, Washington Examiner contributor Lisa Boothe, former national justice director for Bernie Sanders Tezlyn Figaro, and former Clinton pollster and Fox News contributor Doug Schoen.



CARLSON:  ... first to you.  Why not give a press conference once in a while?

SCHOEN:  Basically, because she's got nothing to gain and a lot to lose, as Donald Trump said.  She's not going to hold any press conferences if she doesn't have to, and if I were advising her, which I'm not, I would tell her basically stick to long-form speeches and rallies, as she did last night.

CARLSON:  I know, but I mean, Tezlyn, to you.  I mean, there is another side to this, which is she's the nominee of one of the two major parties. She can't be expected only to do things that are expedient for her. Doesn't she have a moral obligation to explain herself?

TEZLYN FIGARO, FORMER NATIONAL JUSTICE DIRECTOR FOR BERNIE SANDERS:  Well, you know, I thought last night was just another episode, another fantasy football, if you will.  The Democrats did the same thing in 2008 and 2012, and unfortunately focused on the shiny object and not really the strategy on how to win seats, ballot down.

Democrats have lost over 900 seats throughout the country since this administration has been put into office.  So although we enjoy Sheila E. playing the drums, we enjoy Lenny Kravitz, you know, doing his thing, at the end of the day, Democrats have to figure out a strategy on how to actually win.

CARLSON:  That might be nice.  Lisa, what was the theme last night?  What's the Hillary campaign about?  Do you have any idea?

LISA BOOTHE, HIGH NOON STRATEGIES:  I don't know.  And that's the big problem here, Tucker.  At some point, Hillary Clinton's going to have to figure out who she is and what she represents because the problem for Hillary Clinton is she's trying to be everything to everyone.  And in the process, she stands for nothing.  And I think that's the big problem here.

She's really boxed herself in.  She's trying to be one thing to the Bernie Sanders supporters, talking about climate change and free college tuition, and then she's also trying to appeal to more moderate and independent voters and trying to pick up some of those disaffected Republicans, but they're not going to buy it when she's also trying to be this progressive Democrat.

So who is Hillary Clinton?  What does she stand for?

CARLSON:  That's a great question.

BOOTHE:  Nobody knows, and that's the big problem for her.

CARLSON:  You know her.  So let's just be totally honest.  There was so much falseness last night, I thought, on that stage.  You kind of know who Hillary is.  She's a really tough person.  She's been around a long time, taken a lot of heat, and she's withstood it.  And I respect that.

Why not just be that person, instead of being a little cookie baker and bedtime story reader, (INAUDIBLE) say, I'm Hillary.  I don't have a great sense of humor.  I'm tough.  I'll protect this country.  Why (INAUDIBLE) just say that?

SCHOEN:  I'll tell you why.


SCHOEN:  Bernie Sanders had what, about 44, 45 percent of the primary vote. Those people are unrepentant leftists, and Hillary wanted them to stay on the reservation.  Hence she had to moderate, indeed even move far to the left to keep them on board.  And given the energy of the Democratic Party is not where I am, or truth be told, where I believe she really is, she was getting through the convention best way she could.  And if she was all things to all people, for her that's a victory.

CARLSON:  So Tezlyn, did she fool you?  I mean, you're a Bernie person. Did you look at her last night and say, my misgivings before were just silly?  I'm fully on board.  She's convinced me that she's a humane, sensitive left-winger.

FIGARO:  Well, you know, I left in 2014.  I'm an independent fiscal (ph) independent, if you will.  I'm not a socialist.  I'm a capitalist.  I'm a business owner.  So like your other guest was saying that everyone who are Bernie supporters are actually far to the left is not exactly true.  I mean, it is a broad demographic of people who were interested in Bernie Sanders simply because he was an outsider.

And now that Bernie Sanders has become an insider with the ultimate insider, there's a few of us who will be talking about him from the outside.  So that is what this makes this so complex and very hard a challenge for her because you don't exactly know what group you're talking to.

And so that's why one minute, she's for college, free college.  One minute, she's against free college.  One minute, she's for five for 15.  The next minute, she's not five for 15.  It's because she doesn't actually know who she should be because she's not aware of who the Bernie Sanders supporters are and what we believe in and how to pick (ph) those apart, which I love.

CARLSON:  So Lisa, Hillary Clinton has taken over $100 million -- I think it's $129 million from hedge funds, a lot of money.  Trump has taken basically none.  Is someone who takes $100 million from hedge funds really going to appeal to Bernie Sanders voters?  Is that actually going to work? How?

BOOTHE:  Well -- well, and it's also laughable because she talks about wanting to take on Wall Street, but she has no problem taking their money. And therein lies Hillary Clinton's problem.  It's this hypocrisy.  It's this inauthenticity.  People just don't believe what she's saying.

And the problem for her is in the process of trying to be everything to everyone and not standing for anything and not having her own convictions, she just lacks believability.  People don't believe her.  They do not trust her.  This has been a long-standing problem she has, and by trying to play all these different sides, that's her problem.

And to the prior guest's point, with Bernie Sanders's appeal, is the fact, regardless if you believe -- if you believe what he's saying or not, which I certainly don't from an ideological standpoint, he at least stands for something.  Hillary Clinton doesn't stand for anything.  She has no convictions!

CARLSON:  Well, she seems to have kind of competing messages, Doug.  I mean, on the one hand, she's a steady hand...

SCHOEN:  Right.

CARLSON:  ... right, whereas Trump is chaotic and all over the map.  She's rock solid and been around.


CARLSON:  On the other hand, she's a change maker, as her husband said.

SCHOEN:  Correct.  Correct.

CARLSON:  So which is it?  Is she a revolutionary, or is she a preserver of the status quo?

SCHOEN:  She's whatever it is that's necessary to win the election, plus one other thing, Tucker.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  It's dizzying, isn't it!

SCHOEN:  If I can finish?  One other things.  She's going to pivot from this to an evisceration of Donald Trump.  $2 billion are going to be brought to bear on negative ads against Trump because there's very little Hillary can tell people that will persuade them to vote for her.  She's going to think -- and she's right -- her best chance is to run against Trump, make this an election that's a referendum on him.  That's what's going to happen.

CARLSON:  Pretty dishonorable, but maybe effective.

SCHOEN:  It's the truth.

CARLSON:  Yes, it is.

SCHOEN:  This is winning and losing.

CARLSON:  Thank you for telling...


CARLSON:  Yes, but (INAUDIBLE) it's America!  I mean, it's not Venezuela. Like, you can be sort of honorable, no?

SCHOEN:  Look, we have a Democratic system still, and they don't have one in Venezuela.  And I wish we intervened in Venezuela to get rid of the socialists.

CARLSON:  (INAUDIBLE) Venezuela.  OK, thank you all.

SCHOEN:  Thank you.


BOOTHE:  ... Tucker.

CARLSON:  Good to see you.

Coming up next, the Democrats mentioned Donald Trump's name 20 times more often than they did ISIS last week in Philadelphia.  Is the left ignoring the growing threat that we face from Islamic terrorism?  That's a rhetorical question, by the way.  Dr. Sebastian Gorka is here next with his reaction.

And then later...


CARLSON:  Black Lives Matter made its presence felt at the DNC with moments like that, and despite causing all kinds of chaos, the group was praised roundly by Democrats, but not by Sheriff David Clarke and he's here in a minute to respond.

That and more as the "Hannity" program rolls forward.


CARLSON:  Welcome back to "Hannity."  In recent weeks, Europe has been rocked by a wave of terror attacks.  The threat posed by ISIS remains very high there and also here.  But Democrats barely mentioned any of this during the Democratic national committee (sic) in Philadelphia.  In fact, by our count, ISIS was only mentioned about 25 times, 26 times over the course of the week.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, was mentioned at least 543 times.  What is going on here?

Joining us now is Dr. Sebastian Gorka.  He is the author of "Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War."  Dr. Gorka, thanks a lot for joining us.


CARLSON:  So I can't decide whether this is a matter of Democrats not understanding the threat of ISIS or being unwilling to acknowledge it. Which do you think it is?

GORKA:  If you look at the last seven-and-a-half years, I think it has to be the latter.  And I want to be careful here, Tucker.  I don't want to lambaste all Democrat voters in America.  The DNC is really a function of the left-wing machine, and it's part of a party that's been captured by the radicals.

Just look at what happened.  The convocation was booed.  The serviceman with a Medal of Honor trying to read the names of his fellow servicemen killed in combat was booed.  The female police officer who asked for a moment of silence for fallen police officers was heckled by the Black Lives Matter.

This is unbelievable.  And clearly, the thing they're most concerned about is not ISIS, it's Donald Trump and global warming.

CARLSON:  No, that's -- and transgender bathrooms.


CARLSON:  No, it's absolutely right that as the Republican Party has changed -- and it has a lot and we've paid a lot of attention to it -- the Democratic Party has transmogrified into something I don't even recognize and it has been hijacked, as you said, by wackos.

So but what is it about ISIS specifically, the Islamic threat more generally, that Democrats don't want to acknowledge?

GORKA:  I think the trouble with ISIS or radical Islam is that its existence, its bare existence countermands the one world kumbaya moral relativism and multi-culturalism that the Democrat party has been ramming down our throats for 30 years.

If all cultures are equal, if everybody has the same value, then how does this thing called jihadism exist, and why do people shout Allah-u Akhbar as they're running out of a church in Normandy having beheaded a Catholic priest in front of the altar?  It's too much of a smoking gun that disproves the whole argument of cultural equivalency and moral relativism.

CARLSON:  I think that's a really smart point.  And not just all cultures equal, but ours is inferior to every other.  And if the most dangerous single group in the world is white male Christians from Idaho, then what the heck is going on in Syria?


CARLSON:  So if it could be shown that ISIS was being organized here in the United States by white male Christians, I mean, the response would be different, wouldn't it?

GORKA:  Oh, my gosh, could you imagine!  Could you imagine if there was a threat of this equivalence?  Imagine if there were white Christians beheading imams in mosques in America.

What would be the reaction then?  Would it be about all cultures being equal and that this person was unemployed and bullied at school or a crypto-homosexual taking out revenge?  None of the narratives we see today that actually make excuses for the perpetrators -- none of those would be permitted if a Caucasian Christian was doing the same kind of horrific acts.

CARLSON:  What I find so baffling and really sincerely baffling is that the people presumably that ISIS and other radical Islamists hate most would be Western liberals.  And aren't their actions and the way they live a direct rebuke and a threat to the values of the left, to the, you know, free exchange of ideas, to personal expression, to gays, to the emancipation of women?

I mean, why wouldn't they be deeply offended by this stuff?

GORKA:  This is the greatest irony of all, Tucker.  If the caliphate expands -- let's have the horror story that ISIS, the Islamic State expands and expands and expands.  There's lack of leadership.  They acquire weapons of mass destruction, and they take over America or they take over the West.

Guess who's going to be lined up against the wall first?  Not you and I, not God-fearing monotheists.  We'll be killed or enslaved later.  The first people to be killed, to be crucified, to be beheaded, will be the liberals, the atheists, the homosexuals.

CARLSON:  Yes.  No, you're absolutely right.

GORKA:  The first people.


CARLSON:  And so when feminism collides with multi-culturalism, it turns out the left takes the side of multi-culturalism, pretty -- pretty...

GORKA:  And...

CARLSON:  Pretty revealing.

GORKA:  And if you're into women's rights, where are the protests in America on female genital mutilation or the laws in Iran that allow you to marry a 10-year-old girl?  I've missed those demonstrations at the DNC. Did you see those demonstrations?  

CARLSON:  I haven't.  Paging Rachel Maddow.  Thanks, doctor.  Good to see you tonight.  

GORKA:  Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON:  Coming up right here on "Hannity."


CROWD:  No justice, no peace -- the police.  No justice, no peace -- the police.  


CARLSON:  Well, Black Lives Matter was out in full force in Philadelphia this week with chants like that one.  But despite that, the group received high praise from the Democrats, from the press, and from just about everyone else in power in this country, but not from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.  He's here next with reaction.  

And then later --


HILLARY CLINTON, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  If fighting for affordable child care and paid family leave is playing the woman card, then deal me in!


CARLSON:  Deal her in.  Hillary Clinton used her moment last night once again to play the woman card, proudly.  Will it work with female voters? Do they care?  We'll have reaction coming up.  


PATRICIA STARK, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT:  Live from America's news headquarters, I'm Patricia Stark.  

A federal judge in Wisconsin upholding the state's voter I.D. law but striking down some parts, including ones that restricted voting for some people.  Meantime in North Carolina, an appeals court ruling against the law requiring photo I.D. to vote.  That judge found the law was enacted with, quote, "discriminatory intent."  

And former Michigan state employees are facing charges for alleged involvement in the Flint water crisis.  The state's attorney general says they each tried to bury or cover up information that conflicted with their story that nothing was wrong.  In the spring of 2014, the state switched Flint's water source to the corrosive Flint river, causing toxic lead exposure to many people including children.  Nine public officials have been charged with the ongoing crisis.  

I'm Patricia Stark, and now back to "Hannity."

CARLSON:  Welcome back to "Hannity." All week during the DNC, the Black Lives Matter movement was making their voice heard, outside yelling. Yesterday during a moment of silence for fallen cops, one supporter of Black Lives Matter interrupted the somber moment.  Take a look at what happened.  


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  -- with a moment of silence.  

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Black lives matter!  Black lives matter!


CARLSON:  Oh, yes.  Another day during the convention, the crowd started chanting "Black Lives Matter." Watch this.  


CROWD:  Black Lives Matter!  Black Lives Matter!


CARLSON:  Finally, Black Lives Matter wasn't confined just to the convention floor.  At one point protesters were caught off camera chanting "f the police." Watch.  


CROWD:  No justice, no peace -- the police.  No justice, no peace -- the police.  


CARLSON:  If you're not shocked, that's because you've seen it before. It's become really common.  Just last night, two San Diego cops were shot. One was killed.  

Joining us now with reaction is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. Sheriff, it's good to see you.  So they're sending a pretty clear statement, the Democrats in the hall, some of them delegates.  They've taken sides with Black Lives Matter against the police.  What's your response to that?  

DAVID CLARKE, MILWAUKEE COUNTY SHERIFF:  Without a doubt they're making a statement.  Look, the Democrat Party has abandoned some more mainstream traditional groups like the middle class, both black and white, in favor of these lunatic fringe groups.  

Look, every time I turn around, this slimy group -- these are slimy, slimy people.  They reinforce my thesis that this is a hateful ideology, a dangerous ideology.  It needs to be opposed wherever it is.  Compare and contrast that to the RNC a week ago in Cleveland where they had a night, make America safe again, where the RNC embraced more mainstream, traditional people in America, law-abiding citizens that have been killed by illegal aliens, cops that have been killed by illegal aliens, and soldiers that have died fighting for their country, fighting for freedom against radical Islamic terror, and then listening to those moms, it just tore your heart out.  

So when I look at this, I'm not surprised.  I've been saying this all along, Tucker.  You know that.  And that's why I said this is a slimy movement.  They spew vile and vitriol in the name of virtue.  

CARLSON:  That's a great way to mobilize voters, isn't it?  When you tell people that the government hates them because of their skin color, you scare them into voting for you, but you also leave a lasting wound that divides the country.  

CLARKE:  You know, I think this is going to have an impact on the independent voters.  They're getting tired of this stuff.  They're getting tired of the confrontation.  They're getting tired of the agitation. They're getting tired of the nonsense.  They want this country to come back together.  It's not going to be done under Mrs. Bill Clinton, who is going to continue with this divide and conquer that was started by Barack Obama. Why?  Because he's been successful with it.  It won him two elections to remain as president of the United States, but it's been very destructive for this country.  

The only way this is going to change is if Donald Trump gets elected president of the United States.  He's made it very clear he's going to support the law enforcement officer.  His is a campaign of law and order. That's what we want in the United States.  The cop is on the front line of order and liberty, and that's what Donald Trump has made it very clear he's going to support, on behalf of all Americans, by the way.  

CARLSON:  So the protests in Philadelphia were pretty constrained, mostly because there were thousands of cops, law enforcement officers, mounted officers, dogs, helicopters, and it was lockdown, full police state.  But most towns aren't like that, and if a Black Lives Matter protest gets out of control in the next three months and turns violent, what is the Hillary campaign going to say about it since they've endorsed the movement?  

CLARKE:  Nothing.  They're all in.  

But, you know, she's getting help from the liberal mainstream media, the liberal mainstream media, who is doing a good job of blacking out this stuff.  There was a few skirmishes in Philadelphia that the media chose to ignore, unlike Cleveland.  And I was in Cleveland.  Law enforcement in both Philadelphia and Cleveland did an outstanding job because they had outstanding leadership.  They had a plan, and they had a significant number of officers that sent a clear and convincing message to this slimy movement that if you cross this line it will be met with reasonable force and that they weren't going to put up with any nonsense.  So my hat goes off to law enforcement.  

But Mrs. Bill Clinton is going to have to rely on the media to not cover the slime and the filth coming out of this very destructive, hateful ideology.  

CARLSON:  Well, she can certainly count on the media for that.  They are fully on her side.  Sheriff, it's great to see you tonight.  Thanks a lot for doing this.  

CLARKE:  Thank you, tucker.  

CARLSON:  Coming up here on "Hannity."


CLINTON:  If fighting for affordable child care and paid family leave is playing the woman card, then deal me in!


CARLSON:  Hillary Clinton took full advantage of her moment in history last night.  Will her strategy work with female voters in November?  Do women under 50 really care?  

Plus Donald Trump has a brand-new attack ad out against his Democratic rival.  We'll play for you next and see what you think.  We'll get reaction from Jessica Tarlov, Tammy Bruce, and Noelle Nikpour, that and more as "Hannity" rolls on.   



CLINTON:  If you believe that your working mother, wife, sister, or daughter deserves equal pay, join us.  

We will help you balance family and work.  And you know what, if fighting for affordable child care and paid family leave is playing the woman card, then deal me in!


CARLSON:  "Deal me in."  That was, of course, Hillary Clinton just last night, using her moment to play the woman card, proudly she said.  Earlier today Donald Trump released a new political ad trying to highlight the differences between the campaigns and what will happen should he become president.  


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  You heard the speech, but behind the glitter lies this stark truth.  In Hillary Clinton's America, things get worse.  Under her dishonest plan, taxes keep rising, terrorism spreads, Washington insiders remain in control, Americans losing their jobs, homes, and hope.  

In Donald Trump's America, people are put back to work.  Our families are safe.  The American dream achievable again.  Change that makes America great again.  

TRUMP:  I'm Donald Trump, and I approve this message.  


CARLSON:  Joining us now, three of our favorites, Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce, Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov, and Republican strategist Noelle Nikpour.  She is running for Florida's 18th Congressional seat.

Tammy Bruce, I want to start with you.  The clip we showed had Hillary linking policy suggestions to her gender, which is fine.  But she also spent a lot of week saying the fact that I am female is the central point. I'm the first woman.  You tell me.  I've got three daughters.  Why is watching a rich ivy leaguer, yet another, take the White House going to improve their lives?  

TAMMY BRUCE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR:  Well, I don't think people are buying it.  What we know is there are two issues that are the most important issues to the American people, the economy and terrorism.  That transcends gender.  Women are not going to vote on whether or not someone's a woman or a man.  They're going to vote on who is going to make the economy better and who is going to end terrorism.  

And the convention for the Democrats was about love and embracing.  You're not going to kill the terrorists with a bunch of love, and you're not going to kill the terrorists if you're a woman who also leaves four people to die in Benghazi.    

She's proceeding as though we don't have a history with her.  The opinion about her is baked in.  We know what her history is.  And I think also, when you're looking at the polls, Donald Trump is shockingly getting over 35 percent right now of women, he is beating her with women in ages 30 and up.  This is amazing.  You've even got with her own convention, starting on Monday, she was at 42 percent.  During the convention, her numbers went down according to the USC/"L.A. Times" daily tracking poll.  So American women are looking at an individual, they're excited about it.  I contend, though, that Barack Obama broke that glass ceiling.  Americans now know a woman will be president, but it's not going to necessarily be this one.

CARLSON:  That is it right there.  I don't know anybody under 50 who doubts a woman could be president.  There really was this odor of nostalgia there. People were literally wearing ERA pins.  How patronizing is it for her to say, you're a woman, I'm a woman, you need to vote for me.   

JESSICA TARLOV, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST:  I don't think that is what she's saying at all.  And I've seen polls.  She's on track to have the largest gender gap that we've ever seen.  Right now she's up 24, she has over 85 percent of black women, and critically she's only three points behind Donald Trump --

CARLSON:  Wait, 85 percent of black woman?  Obama won 96 of all black votes.  

TARLOV:  We're still moving here.  There are --

CARLSON:  I mean --

TARLOV:  What?  

CARLSON:  Obama is doing better with black voter than Romney did.  

TARLOV:  That Obama is doing better --  

CARLSON:  Rather Trump is doing better with black voters than Romney did and Trump is supposed to be this scary fascist.   

TARLOV:  I don't think that.  The numbers I found is she's up 87-five with black voters, and then the rest are undecided.  But either way I think the gender gap is going to go in her favor.  I think it's very critical that she's only three points behind Donald Trump with white women who don't have a college degree, which is typically a group that goes to Republicans.  I don't find it patronizing.  I think it's important to talk about policies that benefit women, like she was saying, like paid child care, paid family leave, maternity leave, talk about raising the minimum wage, equal pay, et cetera.  And I think that is what she's trying to do there.  

CARLSON:  Woah.  I can see why your husband fell asleep as she was talking.  

TARLOV:  Her husband or mine?  

CARLSON:  Her husband.  You were recounting her speech.  It was reminding me of last where Bill Clinton actually fell asleep as she was talking.  Why did she give this long laundry list of issues?  Why not pick a theme and run with it?  What is the theme of her campaign?  

NOELLE NIKPOUR, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST:  You know, would have, could have, should have.  Nobody really knows.  But long story short, Nancy Pelosi summed it up best.  She said you shouldn't vote for her just because she's a woman.  Boom.  That is right.  

CARLSON:  I'm sure Nancy Pelosi did not mean that when she said it.  

NIKPOUR:  But that is what we think.  I think women do not think just because she's one of us that she gets our vote automatically.  There are two things that matter, Tucker, and that's jobs and national security.  

Number one, Hillary Clinton to my knowledge has never created jobs.  Number two, she had her chance.  She was secretary of state.  She dropped the ball.  So we can see how she's going to govern on national security.  We've got to sample it.   

TARLOV:  She's actually leading in the polls on national security, not on handling terrorism, but on national security.  

NIKPOUR:  Benghazi under her watch.  This is --

TARLOV:  I mean this seriously, with all due respect, you can't frame the entire election just around Benghazi.  

NIKPOUR:  Really?  

TARLOV:  It is a critical issue --

NIKPOUR:  So then basically --


CARLSON:  Quickly, if you put this in context.  Here is the former secretary of state who has been in public life for 40 years barely leading in national security against a casino owner.  I mean, really.  

BRUCE:  Whether it's Benghazi or the Russian reset or the debacle in Libya or the relationship with the Saudis and the money and the uranium to Russia, Americans are learning these things.  What they're hoping with Trump as I do is that we know with Hillary the debacle will continue.  With Donald Trump, with the kinds of Republicans that will surround him, that it will in fact be better.  And this is what American women care about. You're looking at, frankly, I consider boutique issues when you talk about child care.  You've got to have a job before that becomes an issue.  And when people don't have jobs and the economy is moving into another recession --

CARLSON:  Then you have plenty of time to raise your kids.  

BRUCE:  Exactly.  

CARLSON:  Good point.  Thank you all for joining us.  I appreciate it.  

Coming up, more "Hannity" right after the break.  Stay with us.  


CARLSON:  Welcome back to the "Hannity" program.  Before we go tonight, a quick programming note.  Be sure to tune in to "Fox News Sunday," this week.  Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will be on the program, so check your local listings.  You won't want to miss that.

Sadly, that is all the time we have left tonight.  Thanks a lot for joining us.  I'll be on "Fox & Friends" tomorrow morning, early.  See you again. Sean will be back Monday.  


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