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Donald Trump, Jr.: My father always proves people wrong

Son of Donald Trump goes 'On the Record' on his father officially winning the GOP nomination, 'It's the most surreal experience of my life'


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Donald Trump meets the delegate threshold. Trump just securing the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination. And it was Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., that pushed him over the edge. 

And right now Donald Trump Jr. goes "On The Record" from this unbelievable arena.


VAN SUSTEREN: We're about to hear from Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. And I think about four years ago, he was the VP nominee. What a difference four years makes.

TRUMP JR: Well a lot of changes, you know, a year ago, we weren't even in politics. And look at what happen since then.

VAN SUSTEREN: And a year ago, everyone said that once going to have for Donald Trump

TRUMP JR: Well, a year ago they said it's impossible. But, you know, as you will hear in my speech. An impossible is usually just the basis from where my father starts. When people tell him something impossible, he always proves them wrong.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. I didn't see behind the scenes. There are four adult children. There is Tiffany, Ivanka, Eric and you.


VAN SUSTEREN: How did you manage to elbow the other three out to put your father's name in?

TRUMP JR: Well, I was a delegate for the state of New York. So, being a delegate I got to be a part of that process and a couple of the guys suggested, I didn't realize you could play with the process that way. So they structured it. That is why Pennsylvania deferred so kindly I have a lot of friends in that delegation as well. So they deferred their votes, so that New York could get it and be the one to throw him over the threshold. I worked with the Chairman Edward Cox, it was great, and it was surreal.

VAN SUSTEREN: I mean, it is fun, I mean for a child. You know, depending, you know, whether you are a Democrat or Republican, what a thrill for the kids.

TRUMP JR: Well, you know when they have seen how hard he has working, even we, worked. But, I mean, especially him. I mean this whole process. To be able to be the guy that actually says, and here you are. This is what you have worked so hard for the last 18 months. It's awesome. I mean it is literally the most surreal experience of my life.

VAN SUSTEREN: Who is going two speak to the children? You are speaking tonight.

TRUMP JR: I'm speaking tonight. I think we are all speaking actually, because, you know, my father is incredible guy, a famous guy but he is also a guy that not a lot of people really know. They see what he is talking about. They understand that he cares about America. But, you know, to talk about him as a father, talk about him as a business guy the way we have seen it, whether it was with him following him around on job sites when we were still in diapers or to this day as executives in our organization. We have seen how he has evolved. We have seen how he has grown and I don't think anyone can be a better reference point for him.