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Trump on France attack: World's crazy now, we're weakly led, busy being politically correct

Presumptive GOP nominee goes 'On the Record' addresses attack in Nice, France, widespread buzz that Gov. Mike Pence is his VP pick, urges Obama to call attacks 'radical Islamic terror' if it is terror


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Just about 30 minutes before ON THE RECORD started, we spoke to Donald Trump and the news had just broken out of Nice about the terrorism. I asked Donald Trump about what we were seeing on the screens, and here is what he had to say to us.


VAN SUSTEREN: Donald, thank you for joining us.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESUMPTIVE GOP NOMINEE (Via Telephone): Thank you, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: Donald, very disturbing news out of Nice, France right now. We are still getting more information. Dozens killed. Someone in a truck drove into a crowd. It's Bastille Day. We're hearing there's total panic. Locals are told to stay indoors. They don't know what's going on. But it looks like it's possible that this is terrorism striking Nice.

Your thoughts?

TRUMP: Well, it sounds like here we go again. It's going to be a whole different world. We're living in a whole different world. That there is no respect for law and order. There is no respect for anything or anybody. And this has to be dealt with very harshly.

And when I come out with my non-politically correct statements that a lot of people love and some people think are so terrible, and then you have attacks like this and so many other attacks, I mean, let's see what happens with this one. It's early to tell.

But I would think that perhaps you are not wrong the way you started this question. We have to get awfully tough and we have to get very, very smart and vigilant. And if we don't, we're just not going to have a society. We're not going to have a world anymore. This is crazy, what's going on.

VAN SUSTEREN: I don't want to jump too far ahead. This is so early in the investigation, but it has all the hallmark of terrorism. We saw that last November 13th in Paris. And we've seen it many other instances. So naturally we all jump to conclusion, it's terrorism.

Assuming this is terrorism and assuming you were president of the United States, what would you be doing right now?

TRUMP: Well, I would be making it very, very hard for people to come into our country for one thing from terrorist areas. I would be so extreme in terms of documentation. We have people that Hillary Clinton wants to allow 550 percent more than Obama. And Obama is allowing a lot of people to come in. We have no idea who they are. If they are from Syria, maybe, but they have no paperwork many times. They don't have documentation proper.

I would make it -- I would not allow people to come in from terrorist nations. I would do extreme vetting. I would call it extreme vetting, too.

And, you know, our country has tremendous problems. We don't need any more of the problems. Right now, we have more investigations of this kind going on than we've ever had in the history of our country. And we're going to allow thousands and tens of thousands of more people coming in.

And then you see a situation like in Nice, France. It's a horrible thing. And we better get awfully tough. And I'm talking about our country. But I'm almost talking about the world because look at what's going on in France. Look at what's going on in other countries. It's bedlam.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. You know, like I keep noting for both of us is that, you know, we don't know. This is just an ongoing investigation. But we have the situation, for instance, in Orlando. That was home-grown terrorism, essentially.

These are not people trying to come into the country. And we don't know if this terrorism in France, whether it's someone who is a French citizen or from some place else. But is there something the president should be doing? Should he -- is there something to convene? Should we be calling President Hollande, new Prime Minister May, Angela Merkel?

Is there some way to sort of step this up? Because we do see a lot of attacks in this world.

TRUMP: Well, you do. And second generation turns out to be very bad for whatever reason, that second generation. And, again, who knows the new one in France? Maybe it's not. But you probably have a pretty good gut instinct.

But you look at what's happening and, yes, I would be calling heads of countries and I'd be saying we have to tie things up. But I can tell you for our country, we have to tighten it up.

Look at San Bernardino. What happen there? The way they came in. She probably radicalized him. 14 people dead. Many, many, many injured. Still horribly injured, permanently injured.

You look at Paris, prior to this. You look at Paris. 130 people dead. Hundreds of people still in the hospital. I mean, what are we doing? We're trying to be so nice. We're trying to be so civil. We're so weak. The world has gotten to straighten up. And we have to be very tight with our borders. It's now a different world, Greta. This isn't 40 years ago and 80 years ago. This is a different world. We're trying to be so politically correct. And we're making such big mistakes.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Well, let me jump into the politically correct. You know, the rumors out there I'm sure. I know you have denied that you have made a decision. You haven't released it.

But Governor Mike Pence, the media is reporting that they think is your vice presidential nominee. He said back in December, "Call to ban Muslims from entering the United States are offensive and unconstitutional."

In light of the remarks, you have made about a temporary ban, how would you reconcile that?

TRUMP: Well, you know, I'm not going to agree with anybody. I mean, I have interviewed many, many people would like to have this position. You see what's happening with the polls. The polls are very strong and getting up and stronger and stronger every day. And a lot of people want this position. A lot of people that you don't know about want this position.

And there is nobody that agrees with me fully on anything. There's always going to be somebody where they disagree on a border or they disagree on a Muslim ban or they disagree on something. So I fully understand that. Probably less with the Mike than most. But I haven't made my final, final decision.

I mean, I've got three people that are fantastic. I think Newt is a fantastic person. I think Chris Christie is a fantastic person. He's been a friend of mine for 15 years. Just a fantastic person.

And there is Mike. And Mike has done a great job as governor of Indiana. You look at the numbers. And it's been a great -- you know, he's done really a fantastic job. So, you know -- but I haven't made a final, final decision.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Well, let me go back to what's going on in Nice and this terrorism.

What do you think that President Obama is going to be doing tonight about this, and contrast to what you would be doing tonight?

TRUMP: Well, the first thing he should do is say it's radical. If it is and it may not be. And so, you know, I want to preface that because -- for both of us, because you are in the same position as I am.

But generally speaking, I don't think the people come out of Sweden, OK? It's probably, possibly but if it is indeed radical Islamic terrorism, it's about time that he would say so, OK? It's about time. Because you are never going to solve this problem unless you are going to define it.

And it would be about time that people would die with relief if he would say it, but he doesn't want to say it. So let's see what happens. I mean, it just happened now. And let's see who did it and what it's all about. But if it is indeed again like in Orlando, like in San Bernardino, like in Paris, like in the World Trade Center, like so many other places, if it's radical Islamic terrorism, he ought to say it.

VAN SUSTEREN: And then what?

TRUMP: And then not let people in -- and then not let people into our country, Greta. We are taking people into our country. We don't know who they are. We can't let people from terrorist state and all of this people pour into our country because, you know, it only takes one or two people to create havoc. And we are allowing thousands of people. We have no idea who they are. We have to be tough.

Look, somebody said it the other day that Trump is the law and order candidate. I'm the border candidate. I'm the great trade candidate. We will make great trade deals. But I am indeed the law and order candidate. And Hillary is weak and ineffective. She created ISIS with her stupid policies.

So, if this turns out to be yet another attack from radical Islam, then we're going to have to take our president is going to have to finally admit and do something about it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Donald, thank you for joining us. This was not exactly what I planned on us talking about tonight, but obviously there is breaking news out of Nice. It takes, you know, front and center of all of our attention.

TRUMP: It is so sad to see, Greta. It's so sad and it's constant. It's constant. We don't do anything about it. We are weak and we are weakly led and ineffective.

Thank you, Greta, very much.