Former Secret Service officer alleges Hillary was abusive; Gen. Flynn: We must not forget Orlando and San Bernardino

Gary Byrne goes on 'The Kelly File' to defend the allegations he makes against the Clintons in new book 'Crisis of Character'


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MEGYN KELLY, HOST: Breaking tonight, Fox News Channel learning details of a training unit that is specifically preparing Islamic State terrorists to carry out attacks on Western targets around the world, including the United States.

Welcome to "The Kelly File," everyone. I'm Megyn Kelly. Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge learned some remarkable new details from her sources of the terror threat to the United States. She's with us here in moments. Ironically, this new reporting comes on the same day the director of the Central Intelligence Agency went on the record saying, he would not be surprised if we saw an Islamic State terror attack on the homeland just like the one we saw at one of Europe's busiest airports roughly 24 hours ago.

Plus, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency is asking tonight why no one is talking about Orlando any longer. When the worst terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 happened just a couple of weeks ago, already we moved on. He is actually with us here tonight and we will hear from General Michael Flynn in moments.

Plus, Congressman Peter King is here on the warnings from Director Brennan and what might happen before the end of Ramadan next week.

But we begin tonight with reporting from our own Catherine Herridge live in Washington this evening. Catherine?

CATHERINE HERRIDGE, FOX NEWS CHIEF INTELLIGENCE CORRESPONDENT: Megyn, the U.S. government officials briefed on the intelligence says ISIS has as many as six terror cells whose only job is to train and armed terrorists outside Iraq and Syria. Today the CIA director said he would be surprised if ISIS wasn't targeting American airports.


JOHN BRENNAN, CIA DIRECTOR: When individuals are trained to carry out these attacks, these so-called suicide attacks, that kill and maim so many people, they really don't have to worry about an escape route. It makes carrying out an attack so much easier.


HERRIDGE: And tonight we're learning new details about the bombings, the sequence of events and the level of coordination with the first bomb going off outside the entrance to the international arrival's terminal. The second bomber detonates once inside the arrival's hall and the third inside the terminal itself. Once he was shot by security and unable to run.  Based on the 42 dead and more than 200 injured, a counterterrorism contact suggested the suicide vest use weapons grade explosives also pointed to the high number of shrapnel injuries and pock mark damage to the terminal.

We saw a similar damage in the ISIS directed suicide attack in March at the Brussels airport. But the bombs appear to be totally different. In Brussels, they used suitcases packed with TATP which is an explosive made from materials you can buy at the hardware store. But it is highly unstable. This attack is having a clear direct impact on American airports. Visible security patrols today are increasing at the pick-up and drop-off zones and tonight homeland security is considering whether they need to expand the airport perimeter -- Megyn.

KELLY: Catherine Herridge, thank you.

HERRIDGE: You're welcome.

KELLY: Joining me now to react, New York Republican Congressman Peter King, chairman of the subcommittee and counterterrorism and intelligence.  Congressman, good to see you here tonight.

REP. PETER KING, R-N.Y.: Thank you, Megyn.

KELLY: So your information about the airport and CIA's director's admission that he would be surprise if ISIS is not targeting them.

KING: Megyn, I'm not surprised at all. And I really want to give John Brennan credit. Because he seems to be the one voice in the administration that's telling the truth here. We should not at all be surprised that ISIS is planning attacks again the U.S. In fact, over a month ago, they called for attacks in Europe in the U.S. during Ramadan. And Ramadan still has 67 days to go. And listen ISIS fighters are trained. They are very much trained.

And right now Director Comey probably has over 800 investigations going on in this country alone involving ISIS. So, we definitely have to be on our guard. And the fact is, we can move out the perimeter. We can have all of the security at the airport and we should. Don't get me wrong. But the fact is, the only way to stop these attacks is to stop them before they start and that requires intelligence, it requires surveillance, it requires monitoring, it requires having sources, undercovers, all that which the Obama administration didn't want to talk about.

KELLY: We have heard talk of increasing, but we have heard it reported that they increase security at the airports in the New York and the New Jersey areas and now some are talking about changing the structure. Should we change the structure in this airport such as security, that the security lines we all have to go through with the magnetometers, should they be when you first get into the airport? I mean, is this likely to happen and is this just a comfort discussion, you know, as the cancer metastasizes?

KING: Well, I think we have new technology. Looking at new perimeters.  Perhaps more use of guard dogs, and bomb inspection dogs. Also license readers and all that, all of technology and moving out the perimeter if we have to. But again, Megyn, if someone arrives at the airport and they have explosives, so they have AR-15 or an AK-47, odds are they will going to succeed. If they go to a subway station or shopping center, they will going to succeed. The only way that we have a real hope of stopping them is to stop before they start. And that requires a surveillance and the Obama people call it snooping and spying.

KELLY: There is no support for that?

KING: That's what we have to do.

KELLY: There's not support for that. Or for Senator John McCain's push to expand the capability of the Feds to look at people's, suspected people's Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts. Things that wouldn't necessarily be made public?

KING: Yes. And again, we are in time of war. And for instance, I believe that if that has been done with the shooter in Orlando we could have found out a lot more about him beforehand. Right now we are still treating 15 years later too many of these cases as ordinary law enforcement cases. And now you have General Flynn coming on. He is a real advocate to being aggressive. We're going to forward in this. We have to.

This is not like going after a burglar or even going after a bank robber or murder. We are talking about going after an army that wants to kill us and has troops right here in our country and they are being investigated by the FBI. But again, we can't treat it as law enforcement. We have to be preemptive and go out and stop them and get them.

KELLY: Congressman Peter King. Thank you, sir.

KING: Megyn, thank you.

KELLY: Well, our next guest spent more than three decades in the military, including more than ten years doing intelligence work. Eventually becoming the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency which is the sister to the CIA.

General Michael Flynn is tonight asking why is the Obama administration was so quick to move on from Orlando. The worst attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. Less than three weeks after it happened.

General Michael Flynn joins me now. He is also the author of the new book, "The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies."

General, good to see you.


KELLY: Why do you think that is? No one is talking about Orlando anymore.

FLYNN: Yes. I'll tell you. So after the terrorist attack, this most recent terrorist attack in Turkey, you know, I'm paying very close attention to this entire problem that we are facing. And all of a sudden Orlando just drops off the screen. We barely, if anybody is even talking about San Bernardino. I feel bad. I'll bet you those people that lost loved ones, no one is even talking to them anymore. So, I mean, we have a problem as Congressman King just pointed out, we have a problem right here in our homeland.

Turkey is another example of this radical ideology that we are facing and we must discredit this ideology. We can build all sorts of fences and security systems that we want but until we really go after the ideology, which is this radical Islamist ideology, Megyn, until we decide to do that, all the tactics in the world, all of the little things that we do around airports, that's just actually increases the cost and that is to the advantage of our enemy.

KELLY: It just -- it doesn't feel like it doesn't --


KELLY: It doesn't feel like it is doing anything other than the now comfort check.

FLYNN: And actually every time they do one of these things, what it does is it increases the cost for our own security and we just can't afford to do this anymore. We must decide that, you know, internationally we have not really stated what our real strategy is, as America --

KELLY: But wait -- but let me ask you about that. Because the Obama administration has made progress --


KELLY: Yes, in Iraq.


KELLY: We have taken back cities. They no longer control Fallujah.


KELLY: They're on their heels. Now, Mosul is basically what they have --

FLYNN: So, here is how people have to look at this. We have a very, very tactical strategy. Meaning it's very narrow, it's very sort of short term.  And we go after, we do these little attacks in Iraq, in Fallujah, in Raqqa, you know, in Ramadi and all of these little places. ISIS, they actually counterattack in San Bernardino, in Orlando, in Turkey, and actually in many other places.


I don't think in the last month -- Megyn, there's been over a thousand people killed and thousands wounded in just the last month.

KELLY: But how do we stop that? Because you've heard President Obama, I mean, the administration sounds almost defeated when it comes to homegrown terror. Like, it is really hard. It's a needle in a haystack. It's actually a piece of hay that will ultimately become a needle and detecting that is nearly impossible.

FLYNN: Right. Secretary Kerry and I think he did an unbelievable discredit to all of us in the United States. All Americans when he said, hey, you know, these, we can't really stop these things. These are going to continue to happen --

KELLY: They are desperate. He said --


KELLY: ISIS is desperate.

FLYNN: Yes. I mean, come on! Are you kidding me? So we have to put up with this nonsense? No, we do not have to put up with this nonsense. The first thing that we have to do is we have to destroy what I would call the jihadist or the soldiers of this effort and we have to capture and kill their leadership. That can be done and that is done sort of locally in the Middle East and other parts of the Arab world. The Muslim, the radicalized Islamic world. The second thing, and actually, I still believe it's most important is we must discredit this ideology.

Now, we also have to then warn, put out a warning to all of the nations around the world that are supporting these guys. And give them fair warning. You either support them or we're going to come in and get them from you. I mean, this is a very dramatic effort that we are going to have to put up with and I can't -- I'm not going to sit here and tell you that this is not going to be cheap and this is not going to come without violence. It is. But when we start -- when we continue to see the level of fear that's being increased, the level of cost that's being increased by these guys, I mean, the international community cannot stand for this type of behavior on an international stage like we have seen again and again and again.

And here we have the President of the United States up in Canada talking about climate change. I mean, God, we just had the largest attack, as you just said, on our own soil in Orlando. Why are we talking about that? Who is talking about that? You know, I mean, Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Boston.  People forget about 9/11. I mean, and this is not about guns. They used planes, they used suicide bombs in Turkey, they used, you know, cylinders in Boston. So, we have a responsibility and we have to rebuild the trust between the American public and our federal government and our federal government has got to get its act together to go after these guys.

KELLY: The normalization of this sort of homegrown domestic terror, if you will, is downright disturbing. General, I got to run. Great to see you as always.

FLYNN: Okay. Great. Thank you.

KELLY: Thank you, sir.

Well, in the wake of yesterday's terror attack, people are starting to compare Donald Trump's response to that of President Obama. We will show you how those two stack up side by side, fair and balanced in a moment, when Chris Stirewalt and Dana Perino join us right after this break.

Also, this Hillary Clinton tell-all from a former secret service officer is already the number two seller on Amazon. So, why is it getting so little media coverage? The author is here live.

Plus, the Attorney General of the United States supposed to be leading a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton. So why did she have a closed- door meeting today with Mrs. Clinton's husband? We, THE KELLY FILE, caught up with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and got to asked her. And she was not happy. Stay tuned for that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don't believe that gives off the appearance of any impropriety while your agency is investigating his wife?


KELLY: Breaking tonight, new fall out from the terror attack that left more than 40 dead and more than 200 injured at folks across the country now start to compare the reaction to these terrorists attack in Istanbul. The reaction from Donald Trump to that of the man he wants to replace, President Barack Obama. Take a look, and you decide.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Beyond killing innocents. They are continually losing ground.

DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: They are spreading like wildfire. ISIS is spreading.  

OBAMA: They are going to be on the run wherever they hide.

TRUMP: They probably think we're weak, we're stupid.

OBAMA: We will not rest until we have dismantled.

TRUMP: So we can't do waterboarding. But they can do chopping off heads.

OBAMA: We intend to do what is necessary to make sure that these kinds of terrible events are not happening.

TRUMP: We have to fight so viciously and violently because we are dealing with violent people. Vicious people.


KELLY: Joining me now Chris Stirewalt, our Fox News digital politics editor and Dana Perino who is a former White House Secretary to George W. Bush and co-host of "The Five." Good to see you both. What a contrast, right? I mean, you take it Stirewalt.

CHRIS STIREWALT, FOX NEWS DIGITAL POLITICS EDITOR: Well, look, you could hardly find a greater study in contrast than the two points. Remember, the President, no drama Obama message is always, everything is fine. And it's normalizing. This is sort of the new normal. Sometimes there are terrorist attacks, sometimes no terrorist attacks, sometimes an ISIS state in Northern Iraq but things are fine. It's okay. Trump is, the world is exploding, everything is falling apart, and I'm going to kill, kill, kill, kill, kill. You couldn't be different. Couldn't be more different.

KELLY: And the thing, the problem Dana for Hillary Clinton is, she will get associated with President Obama --


KELLY: -- whereas the people seem more in tune, at least in term of feelings, with Trump. Eighty four percent now say they are nervous about our nation's ability to prevent a terrorist attack. Eighty four percent.  Back in June 2005 it was just 50 percent.

PERINO: What a troubling statistic. I mean, just forget it even who the president is at the moment but if you have 84 percent of people in America worried about their national safety, which is something they should not have to worry about because the federal government should be able to handle that, that is a problem. I also I feel like President Obama has the same exact language that he uses after all of these attacks. And if he says there is no existential threat against us one more time, it's going to drive me crazy because we just came off of Orlando.

KELLY: Right.


PERINO: That's an existential threat. And I understand that he doesn't want us to worry all the time, he wants us to keep everybody calm. He is also trying to protect the narrative that he has done everything he can to keep us safe. Well, at the same time, Donald Trump is actually -- I don't think he is so much saying that I'm going to kill, kill, kill. It is that, I will be able to fight for you. We have to do something rather than just sitting here saying there is no existential threat.

KELLY: Uh-hm. But the problem, Stirewalt with Trump's message is okay, so he is saying, I'm going to water board, I will do all of these things that we were not really allowed to do, right? The law has been changed such that we can't. And that's about as specific as he got. What we heard mostly from him was generalizations which led to this exchange. Here is Trump and then the exchange ahead with Mark Cuban on the program last night. Watch this.


TRUMP: There is something going on that's really, really bad. All right?  It's bad. And we better get smart and we better get tough.

MARK CUBAN, ENTREPRENEUR: Whether it's Hillary or Donald, you can't just say this is bad, bad, very bad and we need to get tough. You know, at some point, both sides have got to dig in and start at least trying to come up with solutions.


KELLY: You tell me whether he is right.

STIREWALT: Look, in 2008, if Barack Obama had a great opportunity, which comes rarely. You get to run as a challenger against, when a party is trying to keep the White House, this is why it is hard to keep the White House for three terms in a row for her own party, is that Barack Obama in 2008 could say I'm going to heal the earth and everybody will get ice cream cones.

KELLY: But she did. She did say that.

STIREWALT: I got mine. I got my ice cream cone.

KELLY: And I don't remember the cones. But he did say he's going to heal the earth. This is the moment when the -- remember?

STIREWALT: The earth would be healed. And though, ice cream I think would have gone further. But when you're running against an incumbent party in the White House, John McCain had to run as the incumbent and Barack Obama could promise everything. He could talk about George W. Bush's dumb war in Iraq. He could say he would fix it and it would be so smart. And that the real problem is that these dummies don't know how to do it and I'll do it right. That's a privilege and advantage that you get when you're running this way. Hillary Clinton has to run basically as an incumbent. Donald Trump can say anything. She can barely say anything at all.

KELLY: Uh-hm. But the problem for him is that the rhetoric he has used in GOP primaries does not seem to play quite as well in the general election because the polls show that the American public preferred her response to the terror attack in Orlando to Donald Trump's.

PERINO: Yes. And so now we have a situation where I think Mark Cuban is exactly right. Now that you know exactly sort of where they stand, that he says he would be more hawkish than she would be. Even though in her book she said that she wanted to do more in Syria but was overruled by Barack Obama. But Chris is right, she is stuck. Is he's Obama's third term that, you know, 56 percent of Democrats or 80 percent of Democrats think he is doing a great job.

The rest of the country doesn't. So, she is in a box. That is absolutely true. But I think Mark Cuban is right. I would like to ask both the candidates, what specifically would you do differently from a strategic and tactical point of view from in your first 90 days in office? Because you are going to inherit this problem.

KELLY: Right. Right. Task force. Something.

PERINO: Well, and her --

KELLY: And now we have a Congress -- one of home to see the fireworks, so we have been left unprotected. I mean, the President is in Canada and the Congress is watching the fireworks. Okay. What a shock. Eighty four percent think we're vulnerable to another attack. Panel, good to see you.

PERINO: Thank you.


KELLY: Well, imagine how the debate would go if you put the victims of terror attacks and members of the military together with some Muslim activist and scholars. We just did that and it went a little like this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So you can go love them and you stick your head in the sand and then when they come back and they kill your family, I'll be there to back you up.


KELLY: We've got that in moments.

Plus, a former secret service officer stationed inside the Clinton White House is out now with shocking new allegations. He is here tonight to tell us why he thinks the media is largely ignoring his story.


BILL CLINTON, 42ND PRESIDENT: I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Ms. Lewinski.



ANNOUNCER: From the World's Headquarters of Fox News, it's "The Kelly File" with Megyn Kelly.

KELLY: Well, you just heard Lieutenant General Michael Flynn say that if we really want to combat and defeat ISIS, it's going to be violent. Well, some do not see that as an answer. Earlier, we assembled the powerful panel unlike any we have ever had. Among those present, terror attack survivors from Orlando. And from Fort Hood. First responders including the woman who shot Nidal Hasan in Fort Hood. Those on the left and the right and members of the Muslim community. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: After all of the wars that we fought, after all of the Iraqis that had been killed in the name of the United States of America since 1991, all of the blood that's been spilled, no doubt heroically, we are still no safer. So maybe we should start to think of ways of dealing with this that does not directly involve killing more people or having more wars. Crazy liberal ideas, I know.

KELLY: Okay. I have to let a veteran respond to that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Look, the problem is that ISIS sprung up when we stopped going in the area and we stopped killing bad guys in the area. So, you can go love them and you stick your head in the sand and when they come back and kill your family, I'll be there to back you up.

KELLY: We shouldn't be giving the impression that because those in this room who are willing to say, radical Islam is at war with the United States, that's condemnation of Islam. You know, that seems to be a false choice that others impose. Why can't you have both ideas in your head?  That Islam is a peace-loving religion. And but that it can be corrupted to a place where it is political and it's radical and it's dangerous. Go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know, when the Tea Party was up and coming, they had no problems throwing out, you know, throwing the Tea Party and calling them racist and go, why can't they call it what it is? How do you fight something that you can't call out? You need to call it out. You need to stop thinking about the kumbaya and your bumper sticker is bleeding all over the place, so spare me.

KELLY: Kimberly, go ahead. Go ahead, Kimberly.

KIMBERLY MUNLEY, FORT HOOD POLICE SERGEANT: I completely agree with you.  Because we toss up the word talk about political correctness. Well, I'm sorry, that's the problem. Because we exclude his pledge to ISIS during the attack. We exclude Hasan being able to go up and his own free will and announce his pledge to, at the time, with the Taliban, and then he switched over to ISIS, whatever is the going factor at the time. And we suppress that information. That information is not put out to the public. Because it is politically sensitive.

KELLY: What do you think of the push on guns, I'm curious?

MUNLEY: The push on guns is a whole different story. They can throw that out there on every serious, you know, terrorist attack out there. That's not the problem. He was on a watch list. He shouldn't have been able to buy a weapon. That is plain and simple. But that's not the solution.  Because they are going to get the weapons. They are going to get the -- whatever the pressure cookers. Whatever they want to get to accomplish the goal.

KELLY: Go ahead. I've got to go, but you go ahead, sir.

ALONZO LUNSFORD, RETIRED STAFF SERGEANT, FORT HOOD SURVIVOR: Where the problem lies is that we look at our future leaders. Just like they say that these kids don't have anything to look to, our administration has failed. Because the economics, because of how they're teaching our kids.  They are spending more time teaching our kids to pass integrated tests than they are teaching about the values that will make this country great.

Then when someone said that the Islamics, when they're going to kill people, they are only looking for Muslim to kill, when we got hit. Major Hasan didn't ask those 14 people that died that day, if you were Muslim, if you were Christian, if you were Jewish, whatever. He just started shooting and said, Allahu Akbar.

And even when we was having the trial, the man said, inshallah, it's God's will. We got to call it what it is because you got grab the stick by the head and you got to kill it and you cannot do it nice. I've never seen anybody win a fight by fighting nice. You've got to change the rules of engagement because as a military personnel here, we've been here and we've done that. It is hard when you see somebody making an IED and you can't take a person out because you have to get permission from higher-ups. That's the snake right there.

As far as guns are concerned, I'm a dad and I'm a school teacher. When I went down, my son -- I'm a single father therefore my son clinging (ph) to my arm (inaudible) dad, from now on if you should fall, I will step up. He knows how to operate everything in my arsenal and that's how it's going to be. Yes, you have to fight fire with fire.


KELLY: Extraordinary. And we have much more from that panel. Tune in to "The Kelly File" special "Terror in America" this Friday at 9:00. And trust me, you do not want it miss this.

Up next, former Secret Service Officer Gary Byrne is here with a first-hand account of the scandals he says he saw play out in the Clinton White House.

Plus, if Attorney General Loretta Lynch is leading a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton, why was she today meeting with Mrs. Clinton's husband? Former DOJ attorney Jay Christian Adams is here on why this does not look so good. Plus, we'll show you what happened when "The Kelly File" cornered Lynch with some hard questions.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don't believe that that gives off the appearance of any impropriety while your agency is investigating his wife?  



KELLY: Developing tonight, the Department of Justice is leading criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's State Department e-mails and possibly the Clinton Foundation but that did not keep Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former president Bill Clinton from having a cozy private meeting on her plane this week.

Ms. Lynch said the meeting was unplanned and the investigations never came up but legal experts say it looks bad. And Fox News producer Dan Gallo cornered Miss Lynch on behalf of "The Kelly File" on that very question this afternoon. Watch.


LORETTA LYNCH, UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL: He did come over and say hello and speak to my husband and myself and talked about his grandchildren and his travels and things like that. So that was the extent of that. And no discussions were held on any cases or anything of that and he didn't raise anything about that either.

DAN GALLO, FOX NEWS FIELD PRODUCER: You don't believe that that gives the appearance of any impropriety while you're agency is investigating his wife?

LYNCH: My agency is involved in a matter of looking at State Department policies and issues. It's being handled by career investigators and career agents who always follow the facts and law and do the same thorough and independent examination in this matter that they've done in all. So that's how that will be handled. Thank you.


KELLY: Joining me now, former DOJ attorney Jay Christian Adams, Chris good to see you tonight. So, was this inappropriate that they had -- their planes were at the airport and he came on over to her plane?

JAY CHRISTIAN ADAMS, FORMER DOJ ATTORNEY: Loretta Lynch is the individual, Megyn, who's going to decide ultimately whether or not to send to the grand jury a recommendation to indict Hillary Clinton for keeping a private server in Bill Clinton's basement. And so this is extremely bad judgment. Bill Clinton might be a witness. You know, Loretta Lynch said something there as very important.

She said that career people follow the facts and the law. They'll also follow her lead. And her lead is that she's buddies with Bill Clinton. They know that the goal post is that much smaller for them to get a recommendation to go to an indictment. So, this is very bad for her to do this.

KELLY: It was interesting to hear her say what they didn't talk about. First she said we talked a great deal about his grandchildren, primarily about social items in our travels and then she said there was no discussion of any pending matter before the department. No discussion of Benghazi. No discussion of the State Department e-mail.

She did not mention the Clinton Foundation which Bill Clinton has been very involved in. And it raises the question of what exactly she left out in her description and what was his motivation of in going in that plane and talking to her.

ADAMS: Yeah, well his motivation, you can never know. But the problem is that this has the appearance of impropriety. Attorneys general are supposed to be above this sort of nonsense. You didn't see this sort of behavior from Michael McCasey and other attorneys general, both Democrat and Republican. They would never get within arm's length of a target of a criminal investigation and a potential witness or a family member of that target.

That's not what you do. Notice how she also down played the DOJ role like we're looking into State Department policies. That's the same nonsense that the Hillary campaign has been saying and James Comey, the director of the FBI blatantly contradicted.

KELLY: Exactly right. Hillary Clinton came out and said -- how did she put it -- it was just, oh, it's a policy review, it's a policy review. And James Comey came out and said I don't even know what that is. We investigate criminal cases. We're the FBI.

But listen, in her defense and Bill Clinton's defense, isn't it possible that with the former president of the United States, he is not just any husband. He is former president of the United States, that he would meet with dignitaries like this and officials like this just to glad hand.

ADAMS: Absolutely. But people are not trusting Washington institutions. People are not trusting beltway insiders. It's growing in skepticism around the country. And people are wondering, why has this not gone to a grand jury? For what we know about it, a county D.A. could probably get a conviction in this case. She is keeping classified information on a home brew server in her basement. So this has all the wrong messages to an increasingly skeptical America about the institutions in Washington, D.C.

KELLY: That is a question about what was in her head in terms of the intent that they will be looking into as well. Chris, great to see you.

ADAMS: You too, Megyn.

KELLY: So, the Clintons are also the subject of an explosive new tell-all book written by a former Secret Service officer who protected the first family at the White House. That officer, Gary Byrne, said he witnessed signs of physical altercations, alleged drug abuse among staffers and multiple mistresses on the part of then President Bill Clinton.

Now he says a volcanic Mrs. Clinton is unfit, in his view, for the presidency. Joining me now is Gary Byrne, the author of "Crisis of Character." Gary, thank you very much for being here. So, how close did you get to the Clintons when they were in the White House?

GARY BYRNE, FORMER SECRET SERVICE OFFICER: Megyn, when I worked at the White House as a Secret Service uniformed division officer, I was -- one of my posts was the oval office post right outside the oval office. And I was stationed there for approximately three years. And I saw the first family, the president especially, and all the senior staff every day.

KELLY: Now, you talk about she had some salty language and...

BYRNE: Sure.

KELLY: know said things not just to him but to Secret Service agents that you didn't much appreciate.


KELLY: But you know, was that worst of it? Or I mean, was it sort of, you allege some physical abuse. Was it only towards Bill Clinton and was it after his affairs?

BYRNE: Well the physical abuse that we never, I guess we will be talking about is one morning, the president showed up at the oval office with black mark under his eye, a black eye that they were trying to conceal with make- up. And the night before there had been a bad argument upstairs in the private living quarters. And I heard this when I came in that morning -- the next morning. Supposedly when they were having this argument there was a crash.

When it was investigated later on there was a broken vase. Now, this story I know has been reported as a lamp or whatever. I saw the vase. After I was told what happened, I walked down to the curator's office on the ground floor of the White House and inside the curator's office was a small cardboard box with the blue vase, mostly blue and a little bit white. And you know, that told you that there was something happening and it got broke.

KELLY: Well, what about -- one of the allegations is that she was abusive, she was a foul-mouth and abusive to her protective detail. Throwing a bible at one agent and driving many others to alcohol and hookers? Now, come on. She drove the Secret Service to hookers? Come on.

BYRNE: No. So, basically what I'm saying is that the extra pressure that was put on employees there, the Secret Service officers and agents, yes they did make some mistakes for their behave your. I'm not saying it's her fault. I'm saying that when you treat people like that -- now picture yourself, Megyn...

KELLY: They are Secret Service guys. I mean, they're tough. They don't go see a hooker because of the first lady's foul mouth.

BYRNE: So, put yourself in their place. You're a Secret Service who's risking your life to protect them. You're sitting in the limousine and for whatever reason, the first lady has a fit, she takes a bible and hits you in the back of the head with it. That's not normal behavior. Would you accept that behavior where you work now? No, you wouldn't, nobody would.

And these are things that happen -- it didn't happen every day but it happened quite a bit. If you take all the scandals that the Clintons were involved in, Megyn, you couldn't put them all on two pieces of paper single-spaced. It's incredible.

KELLY: You know that -- you know that superiors of yours, the president of the Association of Former Agents at the Secret Service said you were too low ranking to have witnessed everything you claim. They say you could be on the presidential detail for decades and not rack up the number of scenes that you claim that you saw.

BYRNE: So, here's the thing, Megyn. I was never on the presidential protection details. I was part of the uniformed division. The uniformed division works fixed post in the White House. Those fixed posts have been there for over 50 years. They never moved. I was where I said I was and the story that I'm telling you is the story of my life. One of the reasons I'm telling it is because you I want my kids know their father did the right thing when he was supposed to.

KELLY: Well, the last thing Gary and this is-- this isn't me impugning you. I just want to read the allegation in front of me.  

BYRNE: Sure. That's fine.

KELLY: But BuzzFeed is reporting that your story in the book, you claim in the book that you saw lipstick and President Clinton's semen on towels that were brought to you by a steward. You claim in your book you removed the towels from the White House grounds and you disposed of them.

BYRNE: I did. Put them in a grocery bag.

KELLY: But BuzzFeed has reported that under oath you testified during the Ken Starr investigation in the Monica Lewinski case, and there you said the steward just showed you the towels, said something about lipstick and you testified you didn't see any of the stains and that the steward kept them and you don't know what he did with them, that's what you said under oath. And that was the end of it. So, two very different stories. How do you explain the discrepancy?

BYRNE: Well, it's very simple Megyn. There were different incidences. At one time, they were talking tissues and another time they were talking about towels. Now, as you will know as a lawyer, it's not my job to steal (ph) her investigation. If that's what they were locked onto -- you have to put yourself in my position. At that time, we had many roles.

We couldn't just go in and tell them the truth. Anything involving the president, we couldn't talk about and rules change weekly. The truth is, the only reason these uniform division officers like myself were being compelled to testify and -- was because the Secret Service basically pushed us forward to the executives of the Secret Service who knew everything that Judge Starr wanted wouldn't have to testify themselves.

KELLY: I understand.

BYRNE: So, that's the only reason I was ever involved in it. Bill Clinton's bad behavior and then because of the Secret Service pushing us forward. Everything in my book Megyn is true. That's my life.

KELLY: Gary, thank you for being here. I appreciate it.

BYRNE: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

KELLY: Joining me now with a response, Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky. Julie, what did you make of it?

JULIE ROGINSKY, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Well, it is not what I make of it. It's what his former superiors make of it. They say it's complete nonsense, and what I just heard is incredibly startling to me. He is saying under oath he couldn't tell the truth?

KELLY: He is saying I didn't control what they asked me about. They asked me about one issue involving a towel or a tissue and the other thing involved the other item.  

ROGINSKY: Well, but except for the fact that he now is saying he witnessed this and then under oath he essentially said that this is a rumor he heard from Bill Clinton's steward. Look, he was so low ranking he was on the -- according to Secret Service agents who actually were part of the presidential protection unit, he would have been outside the very edge of the perimeter. He was never close enough to the first lady or to the president.

KELLY: But then that same -- that same president of the Association of Former Agents and Secret Service came out and said "well, there could be a circumstance where uniformed officer might be in the proximity. It's not as if it never happens. It is possible."

ROGINSKY: Well, it's possible once. Is it possible for the complete compilation of stories he's developed? I mean, this is somebody who obviously hung out in the map room with Bill Clinton according to him, enough to witness him having multiple fairs over and over again? Once okay, twice okay, three?

KELLY: He said he saw three -- I think he said he saw or four affair partners.

ROGINSKI: According to the Secret Service or the retired (ph) Secret Service Association, he never would not have been allowed to be within approximation of the president enough to witness anything he said. That is not my saying, it's the former -- his former bosses and people who know.

KELLY: Julie, thank you, ma'am.

ROGINSKY: Thanks very much.

KELLY: So, several big names came out today with pronouncement that not only will Hillary Clinton win in November but she will sweep with an epic landslide. Others say, not so fast. David Wohl and Stewart Stephens,on the polls and the predictions, next.


KELLY: New reaction tonight through multiple predictions piling up that presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will win this November in a landslide. A brand new Fox poll is out tonight showing Mrs. Clinton with a 6 point lead. Statistician Nate Silver and President Obama's 2008 campaign manager David Plouffe and Frontloading HQ's Josh Putnam to name a few are all pointing to a big Clinton win. They say she'll have a comfortable sweep of the Electoral College.

Joining me now with the response to that, David Wohl, attorney and Trump supporter and Stuart Stevens who's author of the new political thriller out today "The Innocent Have Nothing To Fear." Political thriller with striking similarities to the 2016 race, the innocents have nothing to fear, the guilty too. We'll talk more with Stuart about that some time. Okay. So, it's over David. I mean, I don't know why you're bothering to support Donald Trump because it can take the "L" out of lover because it is over.

DAVID WOHL, TRUMP SUPPORTER: Get the heck out of here. You know, I analyzed that poll, that Fox News poll really closely today, Megyn. And here are some interesting facets about it. Among those interested in the race and I submit to you this year, that's a huge number of people. They are virtually even.

Clinton is up by 2 percentage points within the margin of error. And guess what, those people are going to be categorized as likely voters. Among independents, Donald Trump is up 8 percent. That's huge, Megyn, and that is closely in line with the Quinnipiac poll that also came out today that has trump -- basically they're even, Clinton 42, Trump 40.

And critically important, that poll has Donald Trump polling higher in the economy, terrorism, leadership, and honesty. And in this critical time in our history, Megyn, we're being attacked left and right by this radical Jihadis. I don't know what could be more important. That's huge. I'm not writing him off at all. I think he is going to win.

KELLY: What do you think, Stuart?

STUART STEVENS, ROMNEY CAMPAIGN STRATEGIST: You know, politics is all about probability and what Nate Silver is saying when he says to 80/20 is, that there's a greater probability that Hillary Clinton will win. I think every bit of evidence points to that. It's not to say that Donald Trump can't win. Of course he can win.

KELLY: What statistic backs that up in your mind? Just a poll like the Fox News poll in which she's six points ahead of him?

STEVENS: Well, that she's most likely to win?

KELLY: Yeah.

STEVEN: There is sort of two big warning signs out there I think for Donald Trump. One is that he is yet to coalesce Republicans. You need to get both, whether or not you're a Democrat or Republican, you need to get over 90 percent of support from your own party. Trump hit a high water mark of 82 and now he slipped into the mid 70's.

KELLY: He's 74 now.

STEVEN: Yeah, that's not something you can't fix...

KELLY: Romney had 93 percent.

STEVEN: Yeah, which is pretty standard really, frankly. You have to really get that to be in the game. The other thing that would bother me if I was Donald Trump guy is his seeming inability to get much over 40 percent in any of these polls. It's been a long time since he has been north of 40 in a poll.

And that, I think, is tied to two factors. His high unfavorability, somewhere between 60 and 70 percent of the country has unfavorable view of him, which just makes him hard to recruit new customers. It's like he's getting bad online reviews. And the second thing is the fact that Democrats right now have a generic advantage over Republicans so that's pulling Trump up better than roughing (ph) him up.

KELLY: The thing is, David, you know, everyone knows Hillary. And you tell me whether Trump could change those numbers with some sort of presidential behavior?

WOHL: I think he can change the numbers just from the behavior that he exhibits every day, Megyn, because people like him because is he not a politician. Because he does lead. Because he does understand the greatest threat we face, this existential threat of global Islamic terrorism and people like the way is he dealing with it and honestly, your last guest, Mr. Adams, the attorney analyzing this e-mail situation, there is one thing we are forgetting.

I mean, Loretta Lynch's boss has endorsed Bill Clinton. She needs to step aside so that an independent prosecutor can come in. When that happens, Hillary Clinton will be questioned. I think she'll take the Fifth Amendment. If she does that, that's a catastrophic event for her campaign.

The whole thing could be done with at that point. So, there is so many x factors here we're not really considering, but Donald Trump right now, Megyn, he's making -- he's scoring huge points because of how the way he deals with terrorism.

KELLY: Got to leave it at that. Okay. Got to go. Out of time. Good luck. See you soon. We'll be right back.

WOHL: See you.


KELLY: The innocent have nothing to fear. What do you think? Hillary Clinton? Yes or no. Good night, everybody.

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