Trump takes heat for mentioning Vince Foster suicide; Sanders campaign: DNC chair needs to unite, not divide

Candidate suggests there was something 'fishy' about death of Clinton White House aide; Reaction on 'The Kelly File'


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MEGYN KELLY, HOST:  Breaking tonight, exclusive new pictures just in to "The Kelly File" from the all-out chaos on the campaign trail.  With less than two weeks to go before the last big primary contests, an ugly display from angry demonstrators directed at Donald Trump and his supporters.  

Welcome to "The Kelly File" everyone, I'm Megyn Kelly.  Earlier today, Mr. Trump took his message to the people of California.  Where he was greeted by about 150 protesters.  While it started out peacefully, a handful of people are tonight in custody after rock throwing and attacks on innocent passersby.  Last night it was even worse.  A terrifying display in Albuquerque, New Mexico where a protests quickly turn dangerous as anti- Trump forces erupted, burning American flags, attacking folks as they went to hear Mr. Trump.  We just got this video shot by a vet who attended last night.   


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  (INAUDIBLE) I'm sorry.  (Bleep).   

I'm sorry.  (Bleep).  (Bleep).   

What are you did --  (Bleep).

Get out of here, you're drunk (Bleep).   



KELLY:  That protester cursing the crowd and Trump.  It's believed he's the same man spotted holding a sign that reads "F Trump free El Chapo" a New Mexican drug lord who reportedly threatened Trump's life.  And the insults did not end there.  Folks walking to the rally greeted by an avalanche of insults even a man in a wheelchair was not off limits.  He was grabbed, had water thrown on him, he was not amused.  


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  These people have no clue what really goes on I guess.  They're even going to lie to themselves about what they just did to a handicap person who has a right to rally to the other side.  


KELLY:  From there, things only got worse.  Protesters rammed the barricades, they jumped on and ran across cop cars, and if that were not enough, they even took their anger out on innocent animals.  Take a look, the crowd's spooking one horse so badly, it  backed up and then it fell to the ground.  Look at this, when it did, the protesters actually cheered.  

They cheered.  We hear the horse is fine, as is the officer on it.  But the mob was not done yet.  They were also spotted shoving dumpsters into horses and police officers.  They also set fire to shirts with the American flag on them.  And hurled rocks at police who finally had about enough of that and called in reinforcements.  Eventually using smoke to disperse the crowds.  

Unbelievable.  Will Carr live in Anaheim, California where Donald Trump spoke just a few hours ago.  Will?

WILL CARR, FOX NEWS NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT:  Good evening, Megyn, the level of violence here in Anaheim, didn't rise to what we saw last night in Albuquerque.  But we did end up with more arrests here.  And what happened was, Donald Trump had a rally here around noon at the Anaheim Convention Center.  A number of protesters were outside.  After the rally, they stuck around.  Now, at first law enforcement let them stay peaceful.  But they show they wanted to stick around, there were a number, there were several dozens that had their faces covered who seemed intent on creating some kind of violent situation.  

So, then members of law enforcement continued to tell them that they had formed an unlawful protest and that, if they did not disperse they would actually be arrested.  That's when a wall of officers, many of whom were mounted on horseback, started to push these protesters down the street behind me.  At the same time, some of the protesters started kicking cars, they were throwing rocks, they were lighting trash cans and clothing on fire.  And then at one point the officers seemed to have enough.  

They picked out individual protesters, they broke through their own line, they would grab the protesters, arrest them and then pulled them back behind the line.  And all eight people were arrested.  And it was a bit surreal Megyn because a lot of this played out, right here a block from Disneyland where a number of families could actually see this on top of roller coasters, they could see all of this playing out, as they were simply trying to enjoy their Thursday afternoon as the arrests played out.  
And it's certainly not an issue, that's just going to -- you're going to see here in Southern California or New Mexico.  This is certainly something that members of law enforcement are going to have to keep in mind, they're going to have to strategize against moving forward possibly all the way up to November -- Megyn.

KELLY:  Will, thank you.  

I want to bring in our panel now, David Wohl is an attorney and a Trump supporter.  Francisco Hernandez is an immigration attorney.  Nomiki Konst, she's founder and executive director of the Accountability Project and a Bernie Sanders supporter.  And Mark Fuhrman is a former LAPD homicide detective and a Fox News contributor.  Good to see you all.  

This is unbelievable, David.  You've been at a Trump rally in the not too distant past where you saw similar behavior.  This is getting out of hand, when you're attacking men in wheelchairs, and cops on horses, it's out of hand.  

DAVID WOHL, TRUMP SUPPORTER:  Yes.  They're not protesters.  They're organized violent extremists, who think that they can threaten, and harass and intimidate Trump supporters.  And they're actually think they're going to affect some change for positive, for their own views, but what they're doing is they're galvanizing and they're energizing Trump supporters more than they can imagine.  And what a contrast Megyn in movements.  Trump's movement is positive high energy changing the lives of ordinary Americans for the better.  And reality is, the anti-Trump movement, the Bernie and Hillary supporters are intransigent, anger, violence, and if he don't like what we have to say, that we're going to destroy property, we're going to injure innocent people.  And we're going to cost total chaos.  

KELLY:  Go ahead, Nomiki.  

WOHL:  And guess what, it's going to probably continue.  

KELLY:  Okay.  

WOHL:  But bravo to Anaheim PD for doing a great job.  

KELLY:  Go ahead, Nomiki.  


KELLY:  This is Nomiki.  And then I'll get to you Francis, sorry, go ahead.  


NOMIKI KONST, THE ACCOUNTABILITY PROJECT:  Thanks.  So, anybody who is working in movement organizing, knows that there's three trains of thought, there's the sharp-list models, there's the Alinsky (ph) and there's the hybrid model.  And all of that has to do with messaging, training, organizing.  And you don't want to do anything that distracts away from the message.  These protesters are not organized by professionals, I don't know who they are.  Nobody condones violence.  You know, it's questionable to see where some of their funding is coming from.  I think that there's been some postings on Craiglist.  

It smells fishy to anybody who is on any side of the organizing efforts, just because it is mob mentality.  There's an old line that violent uprisings give power to dictators.  So, anybody who's worked in this space of movement building knows very well, these people who are being violent
are not part of the effort for peace.   

KELLY:  They're helping Donald Trump.  They don't think exactly of the opposite effect of the one they intend, Francis.  

KONST:  Exactly.

KELLY:  Do you disagree?

HERNANDEZ:  Guys, this is shark tank gone out of control.  I don't put it past Donald Trump to have a bunch of unwitting  protesters.  These protesters were brought there and it's gotten out of control.  Donald Trump

KELLY:  You're saying Trump planted the agitators at his own rally?

HERNANDEZ:  They are talking the bay, hook, line and sinker guys.  This is an entire show that's gotten out of control.  But this does embolden Donald Trump's supporters.  Instead of doing that, let Donald Trump have a microphone and a loud speaker and let him announce all of his hollow statements with substance, he's just as much a politician as Hillary Clinton.  And by the way, I didn't see a single Hillary Clinton sign up there.  This is a complete show, it's shark tank.  

KELLY:  Wait.  But Francisco, are you saying -- let me just clear up.  Are you saying you believe Trump is responsible for the  protesters who are assaulting the man -- the Trump supporter in the wheelchair?   

HERNANDEZ:  I most certainly wouldn't put it past him to have entice those protesters.  It is out of control.  And nobody planned that.  But that certainly is an example that any idiot can come up and exercise their right to free speech.  

KONST:  And to be fair, Roger Stone has a history of this.  Roger Stone has done this in the past.  


KELLY:  Wait.  Nomiki, what are you saying?  

HERNANDEZ:  -- for the Republican debate in the primary.  

KELLY:  Okay.  Francisco, stand by.  

HERNANDEZ:  It's no less civil behavior than they were exercising.  

KELLY:  Stand by, Francisco.  Go ahead, Nomiki.  

HERNANDEZ:  How do we expect --  

KELLY:  Francisco, hold on.  There are three other people here.  Nomiki, go.  

KONST:  Thank you, Megyn.  So, Roger Stone actually did this back in the '60s, when he was 19-years-old, when he was working on the committee to re- elect Nixon, he went out and put a suit on him out there, and started to organize efforts under a pseudonym with protesters, he donated to Nixon's opponent.  


KELLY:  You are with Francisco?  You are with Francisco.  You two are both suggesting that Trump is behind this.  I'm going to go to Mark for a second, David.  But your -- as a Trump defender, your thoughts on whether Trump as these two are suggesting may have been behind this.  

WOHL:  Absolute lunacy.  You know what, every time when you go to a Trump rally, the first thing it happens is you hear a recording that says, if you see somebody trying to make trouble, do not do anything.  Call out Mr.
Trump's name and security will come over and deal with them peacefully.  He is gone out of his way to ensure that rallies are peaceful.  And inside, the one I went to is wonderful inside, no trouble whatsoever.  We go outside.  My daughter and I couldn't leave the parking lot, there were people burning cop cars, stopping some cop cars, destroying property, threatening everybody, those had nothing to do with Donald Trump and those are organized by radical groups.  No question about it.

KELLY:  Mark Fuhrman, are we looking at this, do you think, now through Cleveland in July, now through November?


KELLY:  I'm asking Mark whether he thinks we're stuck with this for the long haul.  


FUHRMAN:  I think we're stuck with this because they see it works.  

HERNANDEZ:  I think that, you know --  

KELLY:  That's for Mark.  

FUHRMAN:  We're stuck with this -   

HERNANDEZ: -- Donald Trump used to dine together.  I still think there's a concrete --  

FUHRMAN:  Excuse me.  Can I finish?

KELLY:  Francisco.  With all due respect.  That was for Mark Fuhrman.  I'm not sure if you're not hearing me or what's going on.  But that one was for Mark Fuhrman.  Go ahead, Mark.  


FUHRMAN:  Okay.  I think it's here for the long haul, because you see in Anaheim, they were prepared with reserve officers, they had had the equipment, they had the mind-set, the tactics to shut it down, many of these cities do not.  And they're going to pick certain cities just like in Albuquerque that are not prepared or now willing to confront these protesters and we're going to see more and more of this.  And I think everybody is mixing ideology with the law.  And it is not.  There is no right to riot in this country.  There is no right to commit violence, to assault police officers, and I think the officers in every city this happens should get more aggressive, not less,  I think they should get assistance from other cities, and I think they should be prepared to actually outnumber the protesters and take it down before it gets to the point of Albuquerque.  

KELLY:  What do you think Mark, because the response from the Albuquerque city counselor was in the face of rock and bottle throwing and the violence all around them, these police officers showed a calmness and professional restraint that reflected well on them, they had literally hundreds of opportunities who engaged the protesters with violence.  But they did not.  
They redirected them.  They seem to be saying, you know, sort of standing down giving the protesters --

FUHRMAN:  I don't believe it.  

KELLY:  Room is the way to go.  

FUHRMAN:  I don't believe that Megyn.  And being a line officer at one time in these situations, I'm going to tell you, that's not  what the line officer thought.  Maybe that's the lieutenant or the captain that's on the scene of the incident.  

KELLY:  City counselor.  

FUHRMAN:  Making that decision.  But --  

HERNANDEZ:  Oh, come on.  

FUHRMAN:  Well, the city counselor is not making the decision.  

HERNANDEZ:  He loves it.  They feed into his propaganda.  Come on, guys,
I'm no Hillary fan.   


KONST:  Let's keep in mind --  

KELLY:  Hold on.  Go ahead, finish that thought, Francisco.  

HERNANDEZ:  Let's keep in mind that this is a distraction.  Tonight, Donald Trump is holding a $100,000, a hundred thousand dollar ticket fund-raiser in Santa Monica.  

KELLY:  I got to leave it at that.  It's like my Brady bunch experiment did not work.  Bobby was answering for Cindy.  It was like all over the board.  
It's great to see you all.  Thank you very much.  We tried.  

Well, there's also new fallout tonight from Donald Trump's effort to link the Clintons to the death of Attorney Vince Foster.  Chris Stirewalt is here with the facts while Bill Bennett ways in on how this may play politically.  

And then a new report from the Obama appointed inspector general says, Hillary Clinton clearly broke federal rules in her email scandal contrary to what he's been telling us for months now.  

And we have got Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver with us tonight to respond.  

Plus, you remember this.  Uh-hm.  Yes.  You know what this is?  Well, Congressman Anthony Weiner tonight the story behind the story in a stunning new documentary.  


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Can I just say multiple people?  Or is it just this one?

ANTHONY WEINER, FORMER NEW YORK CONGRESSMAN:  I think you've got -- there was more than one, so -- I think we have to answer the question.  


KELLY:  Breaking tonight.  New fallout from Donald Trump's latest attack on Hillary Clinton.  He has taken some heat after bringing up the story of Vince Foster in a recent interview with "The Washington Post."  Multiple investigations have found that Foster, who worked in the Clinton White House took his own life critics are saying, Mr. Trump was trying to suggest something else.  When he told the Post, quote, "Whether it's whitewater or whether it's Vince or whether it's Benghazi.  It's always a mess with Hillary."  And he went on from there.  

Chris Stirewalt is our Fox News digital politics editor.  Chris, good to see you.  So, he went on to say I'm not --  it's one of those like, I'm not saying it.  


KELLY:  Other people are saying that Vince Foster was murdered.  I wouldn't say it, but other people are saying that, and that's bad for Hillary.  

STIREWALT:  Very serious he said.  Very serious concern.  Very fishy.  He said and then, he also put the sort of -- you can hear  the raised eyebrow almost coming in, when he says, you know, he knew all of this stuff, he's right in the middle of everything, and then boom, he commits suicide.  Huh?  
And he leaves that hanging.  And it is all the way back to 1993.  This is the same thing that we heard in 1993.  And then as you pointed out, really three or five investigations, two of them by the special counsels, one of them went on for three years.  Park police with oversight check and re- check and suicide was the verdict in each case.  

KELLY:  Including Ken Starr who is behind the investigation in the Bill Clinton.  I mean, it's like this guy is not a Clinton fan.  But juts set the stage, so Vince Foster worked with the Clintons.  He worked for the Clintons.  He helped her become a partner at the Rose Law firm.  So, they were friends.  And then he killed himself, leaving behind a widow and three kids.  And then, I mean, I've heard this rumor before that somehow she's responsible for his death.  Or she had him murdered.  I mean, you know, you go to the craziest portions  of the internet you'll hear anything.  Why do people continue to say this?

STIREWALT:  So, the way it works, so, he's 48, father of three.  He had been really a big deal.  And considered a white knight, a  good guy in Arkansas.  And he was Hillary Clinton's mentor at the Rose Law firm.  He comes to Washington to help them out.  He's put in his deputy White House Council.  He's doing the stuff there, and he stinks at it, it's going very poorly, he's helping these people get ready for confirmation, their confirmations go down in flames.  The Clinton's fire everybody in the White House, travel office.  He is in charge of the investigation into that.  

And everybody is saying -- saying in the Wall Street Journal editorial page and everywhere else.  This is a cover-up, this is a sham, this is a disaster.  And he sees his reputation that was once so sterling shredded.  
He starts freaking out.  He gets on any depressant from his hometown doctor, but he is coming unwound and everybody says so.  And that's why people think that they say he was covering something up, the Clintons were covering something up, he knew and was going to blow the whistle on it.  
And that's why says the internet, something more happened.  

KELLY:  The internet says one thing and six investigations including one by Ken Starr say something very different which is the man took his own life and murder had nothing to do with it.  Chris, good to see you.  

STIREWALT:  You bet.  

KELLY:  Joining me now with reaction, Bill Bennett, host of the Bill Bennett podcast on and author of "Tried by Fire."  Bill, good to see you.  I mean, this --  


KELLY:  You know, it's like, so Trump brings this up, but it does sort of show you like, oh, here we go again.  You know, should he be going there?

BENNETT:  No.  He shouldn't be going there.  But remember one thing about Donald Trump.  He likes a fight, he'll take a good fight, he'll take a bad

KELLY:  Bill, you have to think the fight with her over.  

BENNETT:  Yes.  Well, exactly.  And things you can tie her to, things that she's obviously tied to, and probably guilty of.  Things that are right there in the news.  You don't need this, he brought this up, and as Chris pointed out.  He then kind of played with it a little bit, and then dropped it.  I think this is evanescent, I think this is gone tomorrow.  Remember, one thing about Trump, he can change the subject that he brought up the next day.  

KELLY:  Uh-hm.  What do you make of the other thing that he's been taking some heat for today.  As he went after, very popular, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez --  

BENNETT:  Right.

KELLY:  Latina.  First Republican Latina governor in the state.  

BENNETT:  Right.  Right.

KELLY:  And here's what he said about her yesterday.   


DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  We have to get your governor to get going.  She's got to do a better job, okay?  Your governor has got to do a better job.  She's not doing the job.  Hey, maybe I'll run for governor of New Mexico, I'll get this place going.  She's not doing the job.  We have to get her moving, come on, let's go, Governor.  

KELLY:  Why?

BENNETT:  Yes, well, again, your unofficial scorer, I, you know, why go after Susana Martinez as the poet says, let me count the ways.  She's a woman, she's a Hispanic, she's a Republican, she's chairman of the Republican Governor's Association.  Sorry to make light of this.  A lot of good reasons, not to and then he accuses her of welcoming in Syrian refugees into New Mexico, which isn't true.  

This again I think, is he'd rather fight than switch.  If he's in New Mexico, he reads something, he realizes she hasn't endorsed him, she doesn't like him, so he picks this fight.  This was not a good decision.  
This was so not well advised.  I mean, who is advising?  Is he's his own adviser.  Let me just say this.  

KELLY:  Yes.

BENNETT:  Somebody who's been around for a while.  But the most dangerous time is when  things are going well for you.  It's when you're going uphill, you have to watch every step to be careful, when things are going well, and things are now going very well, Republicans are falling in behind him.  Conservatives are falling in behind him.  Money starting to come in, this is when he needs to be  careful about a mistake.  

KELLY:  You know the thing is though, Trump has a way of dominating every day's news.  You know?  


KELLY:  I mean, Hillary makes no news.  Except for one when she gets in trouble for her State Department, for the stuff she told us that wasn't true, which is good for Trump.  

BENNETT:  Right.

KELLY:  But he has a way of staying in the headlines good bad or indifferent.  That has helped him to date.  Does it continue to help him in a general election contest?

BENNETT:  Well, I don't know, I mean, I think so.  Because, you know, the rule in Washington as I learned, you're on offense, you're on defense.  You know, you're either one or the other.  And he's constantly on offense.  People say, what she will.  Let's do it.  Well, let's do it, man?

KELLY:  Yes.

BENNETT:  Nothing will do him in.  Because he'll do something the next day, to make you forget what he said the day before.  But as long as he continues to stay on offense, he looks good.  But he needs to be careful.  Because there are lines and there are things that do distress people.  So, he needs to be careful.  I would emphasize the things that people have resonated to, loving the country.  Putting Americans first, reminding Americans that they've been shafted and they deserve better.  Those are the things I think that have to dominate his message.  

KELLY:  Bill Bennett, always great speaking with you, sir.  

BENNETT:  Thank you.  Thanks for not making me part of the first segment, I appreciate that.  


KELLY:  You would have been Greg Brady, the elder states man.   

BENNETT:  Yes.  The fifth wheel.  Exactly.  Thank you, Megyn.

KELLY:  Great to see you, sir.  

BENNETT:  Thank you.

KELLY:  So, the Clinton campaign got hammered today, after the State Department inspector general issued a report saying, she clearly broke federal rules with her private e-mail server.  

Dana Perino is here with what this means.  And the Democrats are dealing with another crisis as we get breaking news tonight that the chair of the Democratic Party is fighting to keep her job this evening.  Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver is next on that.  

Plus, super star Beyonce alienating some police with a controversial music video.  Now she needs them, and that's posing a big problem.  Brian Kilmeade is here on that.  Don't go away.  


KELLY:  Developing tonight.  A new report just released by the State Department's watchdog finds Hillary Clinton violated State Department rules when using her private email server.  The report from the inspector general have the Clinton campaign doing damage control all day including this moment when Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon spoke to Bret Baier a little earlier.  


BRIAN FALLON, CLINTON SPOKESMAN:  If you look at the regulation that that in place at the time, they did not bar folks at the State Department from using personal e-mail for work purposes.  There was no evidence that this personal server of hers was ever breached successfully.  

BRET BAIER, HOST, "SPECIAL REPORT":  Hold on, about that.  

FALLON:  There were attempted intrusions, but none of them were successful.   

BAIER:  Well, you don't know that.  How do you know that?   

FALLON:  Well, there's been reporting out of the ongoing Justice Department review that they've looked at the logs, the security logs for that server
and found no evidence of that.   


KELLY:  Dana Perino is the former White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush and author of "And The Good News Is."  And this is not good news for Hillary.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST, "THE FIVE":  Not a lot of good news here.  

KELLY:  This is not good news for her.  

PERINO:  No.  

KELLY:  I mean, what he just said there like what his boss has said is not true according to the inspector general.  She did violate procedure.  And the inspector general has basically been saying that the representations she's been making which is everyone  knew I was doing it, I did nothing wrong.  They are not true.  

PERINO:  That is exactly what they were -- that they said today.  The rules -- the State Department says that they should have been more clear in the past.  But they also say that in 2013, when these rules were very clear.  Very specific.  She knew about them, they said that if she had asked, if she could have her own server and not use a classified system for her classified e-mails, they would never have approved it.  

KELLY:  Uh-hm.

PERINO: There's also -- I thought this was the most shocking thing about the report. So, Hillary Clinton would have you believe that they've turned over everything to investigators, that they've been very forthcoming, that they have cooperated.

The inspector general says today that they refused to cooperate, not only Hillary Clinton, but all of the staff as well. So, they stonewalled not the FBI but the inspector general, the government over which she wants to provide

KELLY: But of her own department. She was the Secretary of State and now she's refusing to sit with the State Department inspector general who's investigating her and her staffers too.

PERINO: And still, they try to -- they sort of gently rebuke her in this. But if you read between the lines and Andy McCarthy has a great piece on National Review, dissecting this, I think it's quite devastating for her. I don't know what it necessarily means about the FBI report. It can't be good.

KELLY: Well, they're doing their own independent investigation and not really attached (ph) to this.

PERINO: But everybody's getting the same information, right. Even if they're not cooperating, they're able to get all this information and would have access to it. It also shows that, I think that at least there would be a review of her ability to have a classified clearance because that would happen to any other government employee.

KELLY: You violate...

PERINO: You violated the Federal Records Act. It's very clear.

KELLY: You know she's struggling already with honesty and trustworthiness.
This is Hillary Clinton just a couple of months ago. Listen to her here.


HILLARY CLINTON, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Everything I did was permitted. There was no law, there was no regulation. There was nothing that did not give me the full authority to decide how I was going to communicate.


PERINO: Not true, in fact, the inspector general finds that Hillary Clinton did not comply with the department's policies. Over which she was supposed to be in charge. So, she circumvented it. The other thing that her campaign is trying to say is that previous secretaries of states are the same. It's just not apples to apples.

KELLY: No it's not.


PERINO: She did not have a .gov. She was not in the -- no one had a server in the bathroom like Colin Powell.

KELLY: It's in a bathroom?

PERINO: It is in a bathroom.

KELLY: I haven't heard that.

PERINO: Oh, that's a great little detail.

KELLY: How weird.

PERINO:  Yeah, it was in a bathroom.

KELY: If I were to be the guy who had to go retrieve it. Dana, great to see you.


KELLY: So while the Clinton campaign spent the day getting hammered with these e-mail questions. The Democratic National Committee was the only(inaudible) crisis. Some ugly new reports that Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman- Schultz is fighting to keep her job just weeks before the party's big convention. Joining me now, Senator Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign manager, Jeff Weaver. Jeff, thanks for being here. So, do you think Debbie Wasserman-Schultz should lose her position?

JEFF WEAVER, BERNIE SANDERS CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Well let's say this, we need a chairperson at the Democratic National Committee who is going to help bring the party together. We've obviously had a vigorous primary and caucus season and it continues. But at the end of the day we've got to have a person there who can bring the party together, who is a unifier and not divisive character.

KELLY: So, can she? Is she?

WEAVER: And you know, I think there's been a pattern of conduct over the course of this campaign whether it was the early scheduling of debates. Whether there were a limited number of debates scheduled on weekends no one would watch. Whether it was the joint fund-raising agreements with the Clinton campaign, which were meant to funnel money up to the DNC from state parties.

Whether it was cutting off our campaign from its data right before the Iowa caucuses or limiting the number of Sanders backers who were on some of the standing committees at the Democratic National Committee. I think there's been a pattern of behavior and most recently, with strong criticism is sort of incendiary comments made after the Nevada caucuses.

KELLY: So you think she got her thumb on the scale for Hillary?

WEAVER: She certainly has it on the scale against Senator Sanders, there's no doubt about that.

KELLY: What do you make of this Clinton e-mail investigation and the Inspector General report today?

WEAVER: Well, as Senator Sanders has said, there's a process going on. This is part of that process. You know the I.G. is doing its investigation, the State Department doing a separate investigation and the FBI doing its investigation. You know, these investigations will be concluded at some point. They speak for themselves, this is not really an issue that he has made an issue of in the campaign. You may remember his famous -- Americans are sick of hearing about the damn e-mails comment.

KELLY: Is it time now? Is it time now in the wake of this?

WEAVER: What's that?

KELLY: Do you think it's time for him to do so, you know, does this cause him to second guess what he said about this isn't an issue in the wake of an I.G. report like this?

WEAVER: Well, I think where his campaign has focused and continue to focus, he wants to talk about important substantive differences between himself and Secretary Clinton on the minimum wage, or where he supports 15 and she supports 12, on creating healthcare as a right in this country, dealing with climate change, clamping down on Wall Street, dealing with a corrupt campaign finance system.

Those are the issue that are at the heart of his campaign and his candidacy and that's where he has really focused and will continue to focus his attention.

KELLY: I know Senator Sanders says he's in this -- he's in this for the long haul. You know, Donald Trump says he believes that he's not, that Bernie isn't necessarily. But he's saying is that he believes that Sanders supporters should come over to support him. If they're going to stay, if they can't support Bernie Sanders because he doesn't say end, that they should come over to team Trump. You see that ever happening?

WEAVER: Donald Trump's views on issues are so far removed from where Bernie Sanders is. Donald Trump himself is a big (ph) divisive character -- very divisive character, you know, has spoken about how wages in America are too high. Bernie Sanders has been an advocate for raising wages for working people.

Donald Trump may make an accurate critique of trade policy but his prescription for dealing with it putting people like Carl Icon in charge of negotiating American trade policy. The problem we have is that we already too many corporate types who were involved in negotiating U.D. trade policy. We need public servants who are involved in doing...

KELLY: So you're not feeling optimistic?

WEAVER: ...who's interest is preserving American jobs.

KELLY: I got to ask you this question. Hillary Clinton declined to participate in a Fox News debate with Senator Sanders before the California primary. Senator Sanders said he would do it. Why do you think she's not doing it?

WEAVER: Absolutely. Well, I can't speak for them, but look, the problem is that back in February when the Secretary was losing in New Hampshire very badly and ultimately did, they asked us for another debate outside of the schedule -- the limited schedule that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had set up -
- and we agreed to that provided they would agree to three more debates, one in March, one in April and one in May in California.

They agreed to that very publicly. The quotes are out there. John Podesta agreed, other representatives of the campaign -- publicly agreed to do that. So, we granted their request to have another debate in New Hampshire right before the New Hampshire primary. We had two of those debates, and now they seem to be going back on their promise to have this third debate.
So, it's very disappointing.

The people of California deserve to have this debate. It was promised as part of a negotiation earlier and we would hope that the Clinton campaign would keep its word to have this debate.

KELLY: Well, to your credit, you guys said you'd do it and we're still hoping to get the both of them together. Thank you so much for being here tonight. Jeffrey Weaver everybody.

WEAVER: Thanks. We hope it happens.

KELLY: All of us. Also tonight, a brand new behind the scenes look at the scandal that brought down a rising star on the Democratic Party. We'll speak with the filmmakers behind the Anthony Weiner documentary right after this break.


KELLY: Well, back in 2011, former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner became a subject of sensational headlines for sexting lewd photos of himself to multiple women. The scandal led to Weiner's highly publicized resignation from Congress as his wife and longtime Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, chose to stick by her husband.

A couple of years later, Weiner attempted to revive his career with a run for mayor of New York City. But just a couple months in, the campaign was rocked by yet another sexting scandal. And this time, documentary filmmakers were there to capture the political implosion.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why are they filming you?

ANTHONY WEINER, FORMER NEW YORK CONGRESSMAN: I don't know. Most of the time I don't know why they're filming.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you somebody I'm supposed to know.

WEINER: If Republicans wrapping their arms around Republicans rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the heroes.

It was a pleasure to see a Democrat not cowering.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Married to one of Hillary Clinton's closest advisers.

WEINER: We never back down from anyone.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A photo of an anonymous man's bulging underwear.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ...was tweeted from Congressman Weiner's account.

WEINER: Today, I'm announcing my resignation from Congress.

The punchline is true about I did the dumb thing, but I did a lot of good things too. Running for mayor was the straightest line to clean up the mess that I had made.

This is Anthony Weiner calling. Yes, I'm that Anthony Weiner, the one running for mayor.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why do you think you deserve a second chance?

WEINER: I'm giving you the answer.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I thought you were thinking about it.

WEINER: No, I'm talking words.  

I'm going to try to talk about is the issues facing New York City.

(Inaudible)Just a quick optics -- you will look happy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don't push him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Show it to me again.


WEINER: I can't believe I gave the press the finger.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How many women were there. Can you remember?

WEINER: I would like to talk about is housing in the Bronx. Any questions about that?

We're going to try to look like we're holding together as a group.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Does the wife's absence say anything?

WEINER: What is wrong with you?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What is he so afraid of?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Your mother said that you father never hugged you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you believe you're suffering from any sort of addiction?

WEINER: Are you a referee over there.

You're a real scum bag.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Takes one to know one jackass.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why wouldn't he just walk out?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think I would be brutally honest, he has no chance to win anymore.

WEINER: It's really apocalyptic right now.

At a certain point you have to say look I don't quit.

This is the worst, doing a documentary on my scandal.


KELLY: Joining me now, the directors of Weiner, Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg. Thank you both so much for being here.


KELLY: So, you worked for Congressman Weiner?


KELLY: And then connected with him on his mayoral race, thinking that you would document his potential rise to that position.


KELLY: And so, you had no idea that the sexting scandal had continued?

KRIEGMAN: That's right. When we started filming, we were just filming at the beginning of his mayoral campaign and we had no idea what was going to happen. You know, and the whole world was watching, unsure what was going to unfold as he was getting back into politics after he resigned from Congress.

And very quickly, you know, he rose to the top of the polls, and as filmmakers, we just thought we were in the middle of a comeback story. And then of course new revelations emerged and things took a different turn.

KELLY: So, what was the first moment you have him on camera after it comes out, that he's been doing it, you know, in an ongoing basis?

STEINBERG: Yeah, I mean, we were there when he finds out, that they were the newest sexting revelations and you know, you see these celebrity meltdowns all the time and scandals, but you rarely get the opportunity to be in the room and we were there when it happened.

One of the things that we wanted to show is the humanity behind the headlines. What it means to be at the center of a media firestorm. And Anthony was reduced to a caricature and a punch line. In our film, you get to see a more new on fleek (ph)at him.

KELLY: And the other thing is his wife, Huma, who stood by him and I think her forgiveness made many Americans forgive him too the first time around.
Which is why I think people were so angry when it happened the second time not just because they felt like they had been misled, but they felt for her, that she had been misled again.

KRIEGMAN: Well, the thing about Huma in the story, and yes she is a part of the story as well. As you know, just as much as Anthony was ridiculed and reduced I many ways turning into a caricature. I think so was she, you know, for standing by him.

And so one of the things you get to see in the film is you get to see her as a more complete person as a wife, and as a mother and as a human being going through this obviously very difficult circumstance.

KELLY: These things are always more complex than we in the media wants people or as like, we just want to ruin people's lives and make a mockery out of them. And they're always more complex especially when it involves affairs of the heart, you know what I mean, with what people do in their private time behind the scenes.

But, obviously this became a national scandal and a national story because he was running for office. He was so well known. When you decided to continue the film making, right, because you had his blessing.


KELLY: Then was it like, okay, it's over? Get out and don't make a movie about this?

STEINBERG: I mean, I think this question about why he allowed us to film and continue to film even after the scandal broke, you know, it's a question that we wondered about ourselves.

KELLY: Because he knew it was ongoing.

STEINBERG: Yeah, when it happened and then what, you know, we wondered about it, and it's a question we pose in the film and we asked Anthony directly. And he said that he wanted to be viewed as a full person that he was instead of a punchline and you know, as we were saying, that was our intention with the film. And it only...

KELLY: But he knew -- he knew that he was still doing it, that's why it seems reckless to have you guys in.

KRIEGMAN: Well, I think he really recognized that there might be some value to having a documentation of what's going on that went beyond what was going to play out in the headlines. You know, he had been, you know, this experience of being reduced so much to a caricature through the course of his scandal and I think he thought, you know, opening up his wife seen on the story.

KELLY: So, how do you work with them having done this film? Do you think he is a good man?

KRIEGMAN: Yeah, you know, I think that he's a lot of things. I've worked for him and I've seen his talents and his strengths and also of course his flaws. I think it's hard to reduce him to one thing.

KELLY: Cn I tell you something that might surprise the audience because we've had some epic battles on the air, he and I. I spent a little time and with him and with Huma privately, they're lovely people. They seem like they're in love, they could not be nicer. It's like the juxtaposition between sort of what he does on camera both on twitter and in his battles on cable, and what he seems to be in private is pretty stark.

STEINBERG: That's exactly right and you know, I didn't know Anthony prior to working on this film unlike Josh. But one of the striking things that I saw is the difference between the public story and the private story. I mean, you see the jokes against him and his wife and then you get to see them putting their kids to bed at night. And one of the things they wanted to show was that that difference.

KRIEGMAN: Well, I think a lot of people come to this story with certain pre-conceptions and it's surprising what you get to see.

KELLY: Absolutely.  Well, thank you both so much for being here.

KRIEGMAN: Thank you.

STEINBERG: Thank you.

KELLY: Good luck with it. So, we'll have the 6-year-old shaking up the National Spelling Bee. Plus, one of the biggest names in music paying a price for a shot she took at the cops. Brian Kilmeade is here on all of that and I've got some words for him to spell.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: From the world headquarters of Fox News, it's "The Kelly File" with Megyn Kelly.

KELLY: Thank you, voice of God.


KELLY: A frightening glimpse at some future workers of America. I speak, of course of college students. This particular group from Oberlin College delivering a list of demands and grievances to their educators so shocking, we had to bring in Brian Kilmeade to deliver the news.


KELLY: He's the co-host of "Fox & Friends" and author of "Thomas Jefferson and The Tripoli Pirates" who were not wusses (ph) but the students at Oberlin apparently are, why?

KILMEADE: They have a problem. They feel as though -- Oberlin in particular there as a national collegiate epidemic, they feel as though these colleges are not catering to their needs. They don't fully understand what it's like to be a college student. And I give you an example at Oberlin, which a small private school over in Ohio. They have some students who want to speak out.

For example, remember the tragedy of Tamir Rice being killed by a police officer law enforcement. This Megan Batista was having problems because she had to go protest and drive across town and get 40 minutes back, therefore, she couldn't get her homework done and she wanted special consideration for that. That's a little bit of an issue.

KELLY: Yeah, right.

KILMEADE: Then you have Zikaia Aysu (ph). He has a bit of a problem...

KELLY: She wanted them to eliminate any grade lower than C for the semester because of all the driving she had to do. She had no time to study.

KILMEADE: Right. And she wanted to see if that could happen. I mean, you could do things called pass/fail, it's been done before. You also have a student from Chicago who was complaining because they're taking a test on your own wasn't institutionalized and they want to go to a system that was more catering to their needs.

KELLY: They wanted to do a verbal, just sit down with the professor and just chat about what they learn...

KILMEADE: But they did. Some of these professors say that sounds good.
They're just upset the whole college hasn't adopted this philosophy.

KELLY: Then you know what, the college should be forced to deal with only this students in life. When they go out there and actually have to have a job, they should be able to only deal with an Oberlin College student.

All right, Beyonce has upset the police. How?

KILMEADE: Well, when she did her dance at the Super Bowl, you know she wore the X -- remember what she did with dancers court (pg) Formation at which time, if you listen to the words closely -- and I had to have a FBI come in and listen to it backwards and because he said to look at the lyrics...

KELLY: But you said I'll watch the tape. You said I watch, you listen.

KILMEADE: I will do watch the tape and she did dominate and become the story because she brought out some things that were negative towards the cops. Stop shooting us was written on the wall in the video. This formation was talking about really the abuse of law enforcement against the black community.

KELLY: So now what are the cops saying?

KELLY: The cops are upset. Starting in Miami with her Formation Tour, they began to speak out as a Union say, I'm not going to do any overtime and put that overtime in to guard her and provide security at her concerts. They have one in Pittsburgh coming up on the 31st, they don't have enough cops to want to work overtime. They're five short.

And now the Union says you weren't going to allow you to force us to do this. So they're in a standup. Beyonce has come back and says, "I'm an artist. I think the most powerful thing in art is oftentimes misunderstood." She has nothing against cops she says, but she does want them to stop shooting.

KELLY: But do you have anything against spelling? Because the National Spelling Bee begins today, right, or began yesterday. Rounds two and three are today. And I just want to see how good you are at this, okay. This is the winner word in 1986. Ready? Odentalgia. How do you spell it? Odentalgia


KELLY: Very nice. All right, now here's some one thing you may not know about, Prairie.

KILMEADE: Prairie.

KELLY: It's so hard.




KELLY: Village.

KILMEADE: It takes one.

KELLY: Village.

KILMEADE: V-I-L-L-A-G-E. Why?...

KELLY: Harass. Harass. And it's not H-E-R space...


KELLY: O, wrong, wrong.


KELLY: He was cheating. Cheating, I tell you. Dion was in on with him. I have one more word for you, cheater. Go ahead. Go for it. Good-bye. Thanks for watching.

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