Will the GOP unite to defeat Hillary Clinton?

'The O'Reilly Factor' analyzes some Republicans still refusing to support Donald Trump


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BOLLING: In the "Back of the Book" segment tonight, can Donald Trump successfully unite the GOP? Since becoming the presumptive nominee, some of Trump's former adversaries in the party have come around to his candidacy. But others are still refusing to get on board the Trump train.

Joining us now from Los Angeles, Tim Miller, former communications director to the Jeb Bush campaign. Okay, Tim. And after that, I should also mention, you were very instrumental in the Never Trump campaign. By the way, is that dead now, the never Trumpers?

TIM MILLER, SENIOR ADVISOR, OUR PRINCIPLES SUPER PAC: Correct. Well, look, I mean, our PAC doesn't have active advertising right now. But no, it isn't dead in spirits as far as people, conservatives of principles standing up and saying they are not going to vote for Donald Trump. That's still very much alive.

BOLLING: Okay. So now, you, you're with Jeb, didn't work out so well. The Never Trump Cruz, not working well. So, by the way, you need money to continue to take out ads on the Never Trump campaign. Is the money still coming into the Never Trump?

MILLER: No. As I said, we are not doing active advertising. And, you know, look, I'm kind of enjoying the role reversal here, Eric. You know, you have the GOP elites in Politico this morning saying they are getting behind Trump, including the donors. You are in primetime on FOX behind Mr. Trump. So now you get to be part of the establishment, and I get to be the principled outsider.

BOLLING: Well, I'm just record recording here, Tim. I'm not behind anyone. Right? I'm just pointing out that it didn't work out as the establishment candidate. It's not working out as the anti-Trump candidate. When are you guys going to realize that a no vote for Trump equals a vote for Hillary Clinton?

MILLER: Look, it's not just about, you know, winning and losing here.

BOLLING: Why not? Of course it is. That's all it's about.

MILLER: No, it's not.

BOLLING: You either win the White House or lose the White House.

MILLER: Eric, Eric --

BOLLING: You would rather lose the White House than win it with someone you don't like.

MILLER: Yes. Well, no, if Alexander Hamilton said, if we're going to have an enemy in the White House, I'd rather be an enemy I can oppose.

BOLLING: So, Donald Trump is a bigger enemy -- you and your establishment bodies than Hillary Clinton?

MILLER: Well, remember, you are on the establishment side now. Eric, I got to be the outsider but --


BOLLING: I'm not.

MILLER: But look, here's the reason with Hillary. I wrote a book, you can get it for 99 cents, failed choices on Hillary Clinton's failed terrible foreign policy. And look, when it comes to Donald Trump, he's even going to be worse than her. Hillary Clinton did the Russian reset to try to align with Medvedev against Vladimir Putin. Now Donald Trump is saying, no, we should buddy up to Putin even more. You know, look, Donald Trump is not going to be in line with you if you believe in constitutional government, small government, and you believe that America is a powerful role in the world.

BOLLING: Here's what I believe. Here's what I believe, Tim. Here is what I believe. I know one for sure Supreme Court justice has to be placed. There could be two. And maybe even a third. Trump says five, whatever. One to three I believe is the real number. I would rather have Donald Trump, and especially with the list he put out recently of potential Supreme Court nominees that he put up -- I would rather have him than Hillary Clinton any day of the week. You are talking about a lifetime of liberal course.

MILLER: What has Donald Trump done to give you this trust in him, Eric?

BOLLING: I saw the list of federal court appeals judges.

MILLER: Literally a day after he put out the list, he did an interview on your network where they said, so is that it? That's the list? He goes oh, I might add some people. You know, look, Donald Trump has changed his view on anything. He gave his speech to the NRA today.

BOLLING: I tell you what. I tell you what --


MILLER: He's a gun free zone. He was -- he complimented Obama on his Newtown speech. He was for the assault weapons ban. He's completely -- why wouldn't he just change his mind right back as soon as he got in Washington, D.C. And got in the pockets of, you know, of all the anti-gun D.C. crowd? There is no reason. Why do you trust him?

BOLLING: I saw the NRA Association today point to him and say you are our guy. So, he has got the Second Amendment covered, he has the Supreme Court covered as far as I'm concerned. You guys need to get behind. This is so close, Tim. This is how close it is. Mitt Romney got smoked in the last election. All you have to do better than Mitt Romney is, hold on, lock down Ohio and Florida. And then you just need one. You need Pennsylvania or Michigan and you have got the White House.

MILLER: Oh, that's all. But he can't lose Arizona because -- no, he was going to add some else to the table, Eric --

BOLLING: All right.

MILLER: Because he has turned off Hispanic to such a degree, Arizona is gone, Nevada is gone. Colorado is gone. Look, Donald Trump is not a principle conservative. And I think that everybody has a line. You're the line. Every viewer has the line. And you've got -- everyone has to make a choice for themselves.

BOLLING: I've got to go. Timmy, I like you a lot, buddy. But you are young. Think about conservativism.

Tim, thank you.

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