Donald Trump Jr. reacts to the primary results; Former Miss USA contestant shares her Trump story

Executive Vice President at The Trump Organization reflects on the campaign on 'Hannity'


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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And this a Fox News Alert. We are awaiting results from the Kentucky Democratic primary, and voters in Oregon still have 60 minutes to drop off their ballots. In the Bluegrass State, the race is still too close to call between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. When we get the results, we'll bring them to you live.

But first tonight, we start with John Roberts. He's outside of Trump Tower in New York City -- John.

JOHN ROBERTS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: And Sean, a little bit of breaking news to report to you this evening. The Donald Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee this evening have entered into what's called a JFA, joint fund-raising agreement.

This means that the RNC will raise money for the Trump Victory Fund and the Trump campaign in turn will raise money for the RNC and all the down-ballot races. It creates two committees, Trump Victory and the Trump Make America Great Again committee. Maximum contribution to Trump Victory -- and this will lean heavily on big donors across the country and Trump's network of fund-raisers -- $449,000.

As of this moment -- and this does not include the results of Oregon, which will not come in for about another couple of hours or so, Donald Trump has 1,143 delegates. He needs 94 now to clinch the nomination. You say, Well, doesn't he already have the nomination? Yes, he does. But here's the reason why it's important. Because there are still some people in the Republican Party that want to deny Donald Trump the nomination.

They're working on a plan to try to unbind delegates at the convention so that on that first ballot, Donald Trump doesn't receive the 1,237 necessary to win the nomination. Now, under the party rules, that can't happen. But what they could do, Sean, is convince a number of delegates and their alternates to stay at home from the convention and try to deny Donald Trump 1,237 that way.

But there's an even bigger plot, if you will, that's afoot, and that is that there are some big donors and some party insiders who are talking about a plan to run third party candidates in individual states, just a handful of them, in November. It wouldn't be a nationwide campaign, just maybe six to nine states, to try to deny both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the presidency outright, which would then throw it to the House of Representatives to vote on who would be president for the next term.

Now, the last time that happened was in 1825, when John Quincy Adams was elected president by the House of Representatives. Could that fly? I talked to the chairman of the Republican Lawyers Association, Randy Evans (ph), who says, you know, sounds like a cockamamie idea, but when you look at what's happening in the states, you look at the level of discontent with both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, it's an idea, Sean, that just might work. So Trump has to be on the lookout for that, as well -- Sean.

HANNITY: All right, John Roberts, thank you. So are Kentucky and Oregon - - are they must-win states tonight for Hillary Clinton? Joining us now outside Clinton headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, is our own Mike Emanuel -- Mike.

MIKE EMANUEL, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Sean, good evening. Hillary Clinton kept a low profile today, no public events during the day, no appearances scheduled tonight.

Her campaign felt like Oregon would likely be Bernie Sanders's country, and so she focused a whole lot of her time, money and energy in Kentucky, Hillary Clinton really wanting to stop Bernie Sanders's momentum after his recent win in Indiana and West Virginia, so she made three different trips to Kentucky, including spending two days there right before primary day.

She tried to convince folks in coal country that she had a $30 billion plan to help transition the economy there as America transitions to a 21st century energy.

As for Bernie Sanders, he sounded really confident today when leaving Puerto Rico, a campaign stop there, for California. Sanders regularly says he is not getting out of the race until Democrats in every state have had a chance to vote. Bottom line, we expect Bernie Sanders to make a serious push in California both tonight and in the coming days, California a critical June 7th primary.

Bottom line, if Hillary Clinton is able to pull off a win tonight, there will be a huge sigh of relief at Clinton campaign headquarters behind me.  They did not want to deal with more headlines saying Hillary Clinton had lost to Sanders -- Sean.

HANNITY: All right, thanks, Mike Emanuel.

Joining us now with reaction to tonight and the campaign, Donald Trump, Jr.  Good to see you.


HANNITY: You were just saying -- could you have imagined a few weeks ago this is the situation, your father went up against 16 heavyweights, not lightweights.

TRUMP: A hundred percent. Listen, I think everyone thought that the Republicans would be fighting this thing out until the end of July. The convention was going to be a disaster, all of this, and the Democrats wee going to get their ducks in a row. And exactly the opposite's happened.

So we're just very excited about it. The party's come into line now very well, and you know, we're finally letting the will of the people be heard.

HANNITY: Listen, you got to follow Donald J. Trump's timeline in real time. And he just tweeted out...

TRUMP: Uh-oh.

HANNITY: It looks -- well, not bad.


HANNITY: It's not a retweet. I know the family worries about retweets.  "I look so forward to debating crooked Hillary Clinton. Democratic primaries are rigged. E-mail investigation is rigged. So time to get it on."

He's right about Democratic system being rigged. If I'm Bernie Sanders and I win West Virginia by what, 15, 16 points -- and he got one more delegate than Hillary!

TRUMP: Well, they're both rigged. I mean, I think the Democratic side's actually substantially worse than the Republican.

HANNITY: Oh, so much worse.

TRUMP: We had the same thing in Pennsylvania, right? You could have won every GOP primary voter in Pennsylvania and you get 17 of 72. I mean...


TRUMP: It's a little ridiculous.

HANNITY: Yes, you get 17 of 72, but that was the one area where you guy had the great ground game.

TRUMP: Correct.

HANNITY: And that made a big difference. And then winning Indiana, that was game over.

TRUMP: A hundred percent. And listen, the team's evolved, right? We're new at politics. I joked I've been in politics for three weeks. We figured it out pretty quickly.

What we've done is historic. It's not a campaign, it's a movement. You know, people are getting it. People are buying into it. They understand it. They're passionate about it. And so, you know, that's really shown.  And I think now, again, we're running a great campaign. I think we're going to do phenomenally.

HANNITY: Let me show you the headline. "Crossing the line: How Donald Trump behaved with women in private." I have no interviewed four women.  Carrie Prejean will be on. She's former Miss California. She was in the Miss USA contest.

She was on my radio show today. She was livid that they mischaracterized how she feels about Donald Trump. She's supporting him. She wants an apology from The New York Times. She said this was purposely distorted.  And when they called her, she said, I have nothing bad to say about Trump and they still took it out of context.

TRUMP: I mean, it was such a -- I mean, they're basically the number one surrogate for Hillary Clinton.


TRUMP: I mean, they're no longer media. I mean, it's so biased, it's ridiculous at this point. I mean, they're not reporters. They're just doing whatever they want to perpetuate the left agenda. It's insane. I mean, same with Rowanne Brewer. (INAUDIBLE) wait a second, I said this, but in the context of this, they didn't include it up include it. All of these people -- and by the way, not just random people in the story, right?  (INAUDIBLE) quote, unquote, interviewed 50 people. They quoted four.


TRUMP: And the four that they quoted are now coming out and saying, Wait a minute, this isn't what we said!


HANNITY: It was amazing. And she's, like, I love Donald. He was a gentleman. He was the nicest guy. What they said is false. They didn't print all the good things I said about him.

TRUMP: No, it's insane. I mean, in the end, what I got -- what I got out of it (INAUDIBLE) well, Donald Trump used to -- when he was single, he liked good-looking women. I mean, wow, that's a big shocker, you know, unlike any other male in America.


TRUMP: It's so stupid and so biased that if that's all they have, I'm pretty excited because that's really lightweight stuff.

HANNITY: Well, let me go to this Kentucky race. It's, like -- now it's a 1,700-vote difference. She's not winning!

TRUMP: Right.

HANNITY: She can't close! This -- think about this. A 74-year-old angry, bitter socialist curmudgeon from Vermont! She was supposed to run away with this thing!

TRUMP: Who was an independent, by the way, you know, a year ago.

HANNITY: A socialist, yes, a democratic socialist.

TRUMP: Yes, it's incredible. I mean, I think it shows the real weakness of her campaign. Now, we understand there's a machine there, there's this, there's everyone on the Democratic side backing it. But the people get it.  She's not likable. There's nothing that she's done that makes her likable.  She's not going to get those independent voters. She's not a person that's going to be charismatic enough to get people to motivate, to come out and vote. I think that bodes very well for us. We're excited to run against her.

HANNITY: Yes. You know, it's interesting how big the issue of immigration has become in this campaign. We went back. We got sound of Bill Clinton.  It's the 1996 State of the Union. Tell me if this sounds a little bit like somebody close to you in your life. Let's roll the tape.


BILL CLINTON, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: There are some areas that the federal government should not leave and should address and address strongly. One of these areas is the problem of illegal immigration. This administration has taken a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders. We are increasing border controls by 50 percent. We are increasing inspections to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants.

And tonight I announce I will sign an executive order to deny federal contracts to businesses that hire illegal immigrants. We should honor every legal immigrant here, working hard to be a good citizen, working hard to become a new citizen. But we are also a nation of laws.


HANNITY: Now, here I think is why this resonates so much, because Republicans have said it, Democrats have said it. Democrats want a voting constituency for generations. Republicans historically, they wanted the cheap labor for their big business buddies. Your dad's going to build that wall if he gets elected.

TRUMP: He is. And it's really what -- the irony of all of that whole quote is it just goes to show you the typical hypocrisy in the Democratic Party, right? It's always, Do what I say, not as I actually do, right?  Whatever is convenient at the time to win (INAUDIBLE)

It's -- it's really a shame. And again, as a business guy, I could take, you know, advantage of that cheap labor, but what the cheap labor does, it undercuts hard-working Americans. It undercuts their wages. And you think of African-American youth and the all-time high unemployment that we had after, you know, this president who was supposed to be doing so much for them -- we have all-time high unemployment in those demographics!


TRUMP: Those are the people being hurt!

HANNITY: And your father has said this. You know, we hear unemployment numbers are going down. They're not doing down!



TRUMP: We stopped counting because he's been looking for work for six months, he can't find it, congratulations, you're now no longer looking for work. Wait a minute.


HANNITY: ... count you in the unemployment number.

TRUMP: It's such a fake, artificial -- and that's what everyone does.  That's...


HANNITY: ... millions more in poverty, millions more on food stamps. We have the highest labor -- lower labor participation rate in 40 years.  We've doubled the debt, median income down about $5,000 a family, home ownership at a record low.

And how do you run as Hillary's running on that record because she has supported Obama on all of those things?

TRUMP: I guess you promise everything, you know, to everyone that you can't possibly deliver, and then you deal with it, you know, in eight years. It's ridiculous.

And that's what we're talking about. We're talking about giving jobs back to Americans, letting Americans prosper again, letting them succeed. You know, my father's doing this not be he has to. He doesn't need this. He can sit back and play golf for the rest of his life.

He's doing this because he wants to give the same opportunities that he's been able to have, as a family, as a business, as an entrepreneur to everyone else in America who...


HANNITY: You know what shaped me in my life, is two decades of my life, one decade in the restaurant business, and one decade in the construction business. And if I didn't do all those jobs -- I knew what it was like when the economy went south and the phone stops ringing as often as you need it to ring to keep the people working for you working.

Who do you like for VP?

TRUMP: I don't know. Listen, I think we want someone who probably has some of that D.C. experience. I mean, I think we're not naive. We don't have the hubris to assume that we know everything. We need someone who can help us navigate those waterways. So that's going to be important.

But you know, there's a list that we have to go through and there's a lot of people on it, and we got to really see what's the right fit for my father.

HANNITY: You're going to give me one clue...


TRUMP: Oh, come on. Come on!



HANNITY: I did. All right, what do you like -- do you like the concept -- and I asked your dad about this when he was on last time -- a team of rivals. In other words, announce your vice president, announce Rudy Giuliani's position, Chris Christie's position, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Jan Brewer. And you have a team...

TRUMP: I think a lot of those people -- maybe not all, but I think a lot of those people could definitely be involved and would be. And listen, I like it conceptually because I think it shows, Hey, this is what we're going to do.

HANNITY: It's serious.

TRUMP: Here are the people's positions. It's real. It's not, you know, pie in the sky. And I think those people and certain of them certainly have track records that you can say, Hey, this is the guy that should be doing that job and he'd do a phenomenal job.

So I certainly like the concept. We got to, obviously, work on what the list is and who we want to go out (ph) with. And some of it -- again, it does have to be on the fly. Just like a business, you can't just plan for something two years in advance. You have to sort of see what the situation is at the time and see who's going to be the right person at the time.

HANNITY: What do you make of Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Bill Kristol and the talk of a third party? I mean, why would they want to hand the election to Hillary Clinton?

TRUMP: I love all these, quote, unquote, "true conservatives" basically saying, We'd rather have Hillary Clinton. I mean, it shows how true their convictions are. Honestly, they sound like spoiled babies. You know, they didn't get what they want. They couldn't close when they had their opportunity. So now we're going to -- you know, we're going to take our toys and go home.

HANNITY: And they're mad at the people because this was a record voting year.

TRUMP: Well, they're mad at the people because they can't believe that the people aren't in line with their thoughts, as opposed to the way it's supposed to be, which is they should be in line with the people.

HANNITY: Sixty-five percent.

TRUMP: They care more about themselves than the people. And that's -- that's what we're trying to change.

TRUMP: Sixty-five percent of Republicans feel betrayed by the Republican Party. You know, last -- I'm going to run through this list because I made a list about the promises your dad has made in interviews. You really believe he can balance the budget?

TRUMP: I do.

HANNITY: Do you -- and he will build that wall.

TRUMP: It's waste, fraud and abuse. The one thing that none of these guys have ever done is run a business. You can't have my father's track record of success, the continued success over 40 years, building jobs (ph) -- you were in construction. You know how difficult that is, right?


TRUMP: People will take advantage of you when they can.

HANNITY: And he hired union labor in New York...


TRUMP: He's able to make those things work, but he's also able to see when there's nonsense, when there's people taking advantage, and he's going to call them out on it. These other guys, they're playing with funny money.  They've never had to do it themselves. So they're just (INAUDIBLE) spend.  What difference does it make if a hammer costs $500?

HANNITY: His agenda is to balance the budget, build a wall, repeal "Obama care," health savings accounts, make America energy independent, destroy ISIS, rebuild the military, help vets, end Common Core -- how do you argue that's not conservative? I understand populist nationalist. But those things are conservative.

TRUMP: It's a very good question, Sean. I have no idea, and that's why I don't understand the mess. But it does actually lead me to understand why those guys were unelectable in their own way, right? They're unelectable because they didn't get that.


TRUMP: They didn't know how to deliver that. They weren't comfortable in their own skin. And you know, that typical conservative victim of, You have to be all 10,000 of these things, or you can't be a true conservative.


TRUMP: That's not the way the average American thinks. You know, there are people in the middle. So why don't we nurture bringing in the people that we've brought into this party? I mean, just for a primary. I mean, look at states like Pennsylvania, 100,000 people switched over from independent or Democrat to vote for my father.

Like, I can't imagine as a business guy or even now as a politician for the last two-and-a-half weeks not nurturing that and welcoming that inflow.  It's incredible!

HANNITY: I'm going to be the first to ask this question. Are you ever going to get into politics?


TRUMP: I got a long way to go. I got some stuff I have to do in my career. Like, you know, maybe. It's fascinating, especially when I look at some of the guys in there, I think I can do a lot better job than most of them (INAUDIBLE)

TRUMP: I've said that many a night here.

TRUMP: You have. You have. I've heard that at a lot from you. You're my number one surrogate as it relates to my potential political career, Sean.

HANNITY: Oh, no, I have a plan for you, but I'm not going to discuss it publicly. All right...

TRUMP: Appreciate it.

HANNITY: ... quick programming note. Tune in tomorrow night 10:00 Eastern right here, Donald Jr.'s dad, Donald Trump, will be our guest. That's tomorrow night at 10:00.

Coming up, we'll have more on tonight's primary. The Kentucky Democratic primary still too close to call at this hour.

But first, The New York Times tried to go after Donald Trump, but should they be investigating themselves? We will expose how that paper has a .long list of their own scandals. Laura Ingraham -- she'll weigh in on that.

And then later, The New York Times used a small passage from Miss California USA 2009, Carrie Prejean's book, to smear Donald Trump. She's not happy about it. She'll explain why tonight.


HANNITY: And welcome back to "Hannity." Now, as I just mentioned with Don, Jr., The New York Times piece did a hit on Donald Trump over the weekend over his alleged treatment of women.

But here's some real news that's, quote, "fit to print." Now, in the past year-and-a-half alone, The Times -- well, they have faced three high- profile lawsuits where their employees alleged workplace discrimination based on age, race and gender. Now, one of those lawsuits alleges that The Times sought to replace older female and African-American employees with staffers who were younger, white, and did not have a family. Wow, pushing out women and minorities.

There's also the 2014 dismissal of the first female executive editor, Jill Abramson, and according to the New Yorker, well, management thought Abramson was, quote, "pushy" after she dared to confront her bosses about unequal pay and benefits. And Abramson has alluded to the fact that she was fired because of her management style.

And the guy who is running the place, Mark Thompson -- well, guess what?  He was successfully sued for age discrimination back in 2011 when he was at the BBC. By the way, you're probably not going to see that in his bio.  And I doubt we're going to see a 20-page expose what appears to be an epidemic of discrimination at The New York Times.

Here with reaction, editor-in-chief, Lifezette.com -- she's laughing -- Fox News contributor -- you know, it didn't take that long to do all the research. I mean, it was pretty simple.

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, Sean. You're just horrible to the poor people at the -- the next thing, Sean, you're going to mention the Jason Blair (ph) witch project.


INGRAHAM: No, the Jason Blair "which story did you fabricate" project?  You're going to mention that next. I mean, you're just -- you're piling on the poor New York Times. They're so -- they're so equitable in how they -- you know, the shovel their -- you know, the condemnation for the treatment of women and I think it -- love the Trump story. It's like a news flash that a single man likes women who...


INGRAHAM: Like, who cares?

HANNITY: I interviewed -- well, the main woman in this piece was on last night, and she is absolutely apoplectic!

INGRAHAM: Yes. She's friends with Trump.

INGRAHAM: She loves Trump. She thinks he's the greatest guy, voting for him. Carrie Prejean was on my radio show. She's going to join us in the next segment.

INGRAHAM: Oh, good.

HANNITY: She's mad because he was one of the few people that stood up for her!

INGRAHAM: I had people texting me saying they were upset they weren't in the story.



INGRAHAM: But Sean, one of the most absurd things about this is that -- that -- that they're -- they're fanning these teams of reporters out. A friend of mine e-mailed me yesterday, then she called me. Donald Trump was in an independent film called "Marmalade" that she had -- she wrote and actually directed. And Trump had a cameo appearance. I'm talking, like, 20 seconds in this film.

They somehow tracked down my friend, Jill, and they were, like, Well -- they wanted to, like, get a comment on the record. She -- and she said, Trump could not have been more magnanimous and more of a gentleman and just a great guy. She said this is ridiculous! They're somehow finding an independent film where he appeared for 30 seconds!

This is -- I think to most people, they see the economy is not working, the government...

HANNITY: All right, but here's a serious point.


INGRAHAM: This is just ridiculous.

HANNITY: Where's the piece interviewing -- now, I interviewed Juanita Broaddrick.

INGRAHAM: I did, too. I did, too.

HANNITY: I interviewed Kathleen Willey. I interviewed Paula Jones. This is not somebody saying, Oh, you look nice in a bathing suit. These are allegations of exposing yourself, groping, grabbing, fondling, touching against your will.

INGRAHAM: And that was on an off day. That was on one of...

HANNITY: Then Juanita Broaddrick...

INGRAHAM: Slow day.

HANNITY: And I found all three women believable and credible.

INGRAHAM: Absolutely. I mean, the original Lisa Myers report, Sean, on "Dateline NBC" -- I mean, everyone should watch it again, from 1999. You interviewed Juanita. I did, too. Absolutely credible. I would love to put her on the stand and give her a lie detector test.

I mean, this is -- the woman obviously was horribly, horribly sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. Other people won't say that. I will because I think it happened. And we have actual networks that were saying, Oh, we don't want to get into that. I mean, we don't want to get into that. I mean, if only...


HANNITY: ... shamed into running that interview. They had to be shamed.  Then I went down and did the second interview at the time.


HANNITY: And I walked away saying...

INGRAHAM: Chilling.

HANNITY: I was -- I was stunned.

INGRAHAM: But it was Hillary's treatment of her and that follow-up meeting, where she...

HANNITY: Oh! Very stunning.

INGRAHAM: ... and squeezed her hand and wouldn't let it go and said, We're OK here -- I'm paraphrasing, but something like, We're OK. She said, She wouldn't let my hand go. You know when you get a feeling from someone when they're trying to send you a message, and Hillary was sending a very definite message to Juanita Broaddrick to not make any trouble.

HANNITY: Let me go back to The New York Times because I have more statistics that I think will put a smile on your face.

INGRAHAM: Oh, goody! Great!

HANNITY: Gender bias at The New York Times -- a 2015 survey done by the Women's Media Center, 67.3 percent of their stories are written by men.  And by the way, unequal pay at The New York Times -- according to an analysis from the union that represents 1,100 employees at The New York Times, women earn 7 percent less on average than men. Minorities earn 10 percent less than the typical wage.

And 22 percent of employees of minority -- now, add that to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation paying women 38 percent less! I mean...

INGRAHAM: This is always that way with liberals, right, Sean? They care about women in general, but individual women, not so much. So it's the idea, like, We're for women, or we're for minorities, and we say, Well, wait a second, life for minorities in the economy has been terrible over the last seven-and-a-half years, small businesses and so forth, compared to Reagan or even Bill Clinton. It's terrible.


INGRAHAM: But -- you know, but we care about minorities. OK, well, let's have an economy that actually produces jobs and stop flooding the marketplace with illegal...


HANNITY: ... Obama economy. Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, minorities. One in six young men 18 to 34 are in either jail or out of work and living at home. So it's pretty scary. All right, Laura, thank you...

INGRAHAM: Sean, I have question. Do you have, like, this -- you have all these facts memorized. Do you have, like, one of the set list? You know, the rock bands have a set list on your hand?



INGRAHAM: I mean, you rattle off these statistics, man. I mean, I love it. Live shows are the best.

HANNITY: Well, that's all we do for a living.

INGRAHAM: That's right,

HANNITY: That's what we get paid for. All right, Laura...

INGRAHAM: Great to see you.

HANNITY: ... always good to see you.

INGRAHAM: Take care.

HANNITY: By the way, Hillary's not speaking. Thank God. The show keeps going.

And coming up, The New York Times hit piece against Donald Trump continues to fall apart. Wait until you hear, when we come back, from Miss California USA 2009 Carrie Prejean. She says The Times is lying after they used a small portion of her book to try and smear the presumptive GOP nominee. She'll join us next to explain.

And then later -- the Democratic primary in Kentucky still too close to call. Hillary Clinton cannot seal the deal and beat Bernie Sanders, the 74-year-old curmudgeon. I'll check in with Eric Bolling, Geraldo and Judge Jeanine Pirro all here.

All that and more tonight on "Hannity."


HANNITY: And welcome back to "Hannity." So The New York Times article about Donald Trump's past relationships with women -- it continues to unravel today. Now, yesterday, Trump's ex-girlfriend, Rowanne Brewer Lane, said that her comments were spun in an attempt to make Donald Trump look bad.

And tonight, Miss California USA 2009, Carrie Prejean Boller, is speaking out about how The Times used a small passage from her memoir to further their attack.

Carrie Prejean Boller joins us now. Carrie, good to see you again. How are you?

CARRIE PREJEAN BOLLER, MISS CALIFORNIA USA 2009: Good to see you, Sean.  Thank you.

HANNITY: I spoke to you earlier today. You were pretty mad. I want you to explain, explain how you got in this piece, because you've said to them, I have nothing bad to say about Donald Trump when they called you?

BOLLER: Yes. Back in March when they started this whole campaign against him, several reporters had reached out to me and asked to be -- to interview me. And I said that I really had nothing to say to them. And they weren't going to get anything out of me, you know, negatively about Donald Trump.

And -- and they weren't really happy with that. And so I basically, you know, wouldn't give them a story, and now they came out with their own version of it and took, you know, something out of my book and totally twisted it and made it so negative. And I have nothing but positive things to say about Donald Trump. And that's kind of why I came on your show today was because I was fed up, Sean. I mean, I'm so sick and tired of, you know, like "The New York Times," you know, that's just one example of how they just like to twist things, and they want to put words in people's mouths. And, you know what, I'm not going to put up with it anymore. And it's time that they hear the truth.

HANNITY: They pulled out a section of your book which they tried to attempt to use to make it look bad, and you said to me, why didn't they go two sentences further? What would have happened if they went the two sentences further?

BOLLER: Well, if they actually would have read my entire book they would have overall seen I have nothing but admiration and respect for Donald Trump. I mean, he helped me tremendously. So they really weren't doing their job right. I mean, honestly, they took a little part of what happened at the beauty pageant. I mean, let's put it in context here, Sean. This was a beauty contest. I mean, they're making a big deal that he walked across the stage and was looking at us? Are you kidding me?  Like, that's just ridiculous. I mean, they want to make it seem like he degrades women.

And, you know what, he was owner of the Miss Universe organization for a long time and helped thousands of women. And I happen to be one of them.  And he gives so many women platforms. He gives them careers. He helps women tremendously. And I have nothing but respect for him. And he's done nothing but help me. He helped me write my book. After the pageant was over, he said anything you want, Carrie, I want to help you and your career. And, you know, he really stuck up for me and had my back.

HANNITY: You know what the real question is, and I want to give you a full chance to answer this because this is so devious what they're doing here.  I now interviewed you. We interviewed the woman I just mentioned about moments ago, Rowanne Brewer Lane, and I interviewed another woman who's a project manager for him who became a vice president and sold hundreds of millions of dollars in condos. She was a survivor of the war in Bosnia.  What was it really like with Donald Trump? What was your experience like with him? What would you want to tell women that are being told by "The New York Times" and others that he's one way when, in fact, you say he's not? What is he really like?

BOLLER: He's -- he's -- he genuinely wants to help people. I mean, men, women, everyone. I mean, I just happened to be in the beauty pageant world, and he helped so many women, like I said, with their careers. And he really, you know, he stood up for me at a time where it wasn't really popular to stand up for a woman like me. I mean, I came out and said something pretty controversial, I guess, according to the left. I mean, I don't think it was that controversial saying marriage should be between a man and a woman. And he stuck up for me. And I really admire that about him. He didn't need to do that, and he went out on a limb. And that shows you what kind of man he is.

HANNITY: He stepped up and tried to help you after. How did he try to help you?

BOLLER: Yes. I was sitting in his office after this whole thing happened, and he said, Carrie, whatever you want to do, I'll make happen. He was making phone calls right then and there in his office. And he said, you're a great girl, Carrie, and I just want to help you out. He did not need to -- I'm a very loyal person. And I would not come on here and be talking about him if I did not think highly of him. And so I owe a lot to Donald Trump, actually. I really do.

HANNITY: And I can take from that you're going to be voting for him.

BOLLER: Well, absolutely. Make America great again, right?


HANNITY: I remember that time. There weren't a lot of people that stood up for you. That was a pretty hard time. You very courageously, you know, stood by your values. I thought you were treated very unfairly at the time. OK, so you have a -- I have the same view as you do. And I remember interviewing you at the time, and there were a lot of people really hammering away. And he kind of stood up for your right to stand on your opinion which I think we should have more people willing to do that.

BOLLER: Yes, and that's what I love about Trump. He speaks his mind and he's not afraid of anybody. I really admire that about him.

HANNITY: Carrie, good to see you again. Welcome back. Hopefully we'll see you soon.

BOLLER: Thank you.

HANNITY: And coming up, the Democratic primary in Kentucky still too close to call tonight. So why can't Hillary seal the deal and knock off the 74- year-old angry socialist communist curmudgeon from Vermont? Anyway, Eric Bolling, Geraldo Rivera, Judge Jeanine will be here.

And then later, voting ends in Oregon right at the top of the hour. We'll have more reaction live on HANNITY as we continue.



SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, I-VT., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Our goal in the next five weeks is to win as many delegates as we can and to go into the Democratic convention with a majority of -- with more delegates than does Secretary Clinton.

If you look at every poll, or virtually every poll done in the last six weeks, whether they're national polls or whether they're state polls in battleground states, we do better and often much better against Trump than does Secretary Clinton.  


HANNITY: All right, Bernie Sanders vowing that he'll be at the Democratic convention in July with more delegates than Hillary Clinton. So could the self-proclaimed socialist actually win the nomination at this point? And why can't Hillary put this away?

Right now, the Democratic primary in Kentucky tonight is too close to call.  Voting ends in Oregon at the top of the hour. Joining us now with reaction, the co-host of the hit show "THE FIVE" Eric Bolling, FOX News senior correspondent Geraldo Rivera, and "Justice with Judge Jeanine" the highest rated show on the weekend. Good to see you all.

Here's the amazing thing. So I actually feel sorry for the curmudgeon, I feel sorry for the socialist, because he wins West Virginia --

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST, "THE FIVE": That makes one of you.

HANNITY: He's 51-36. Pay attention. So he's up 18 delegates to 11. Then you add in the super delegates, and then he walks away with 19 and she walks away with 18. If I'm a Bernie supporter, I feel I'm getting ripped off.

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS SENIOR CORRESPONDENT: Well, I think there should be a standardized delegate accumulation primary in both parties. There should be a national primary. Get it over with. Get it done.  Mathematically none of this --

HANNITY: No, no, no, I like to stretch it out for ratings purposes.

RIVERA: You can stretch it out, but just have one rule fits all. I don't like the way this happens.

I will say this. I was caught with a hot mike last week calling him annoying, which I do believe he is annoying. But give him credit. He has ignited a movement. It is real. A lot is based on free stuff. But there is no denying that he has stirred emotions and there is -- the numbers don't lie.


JUDGE JEANINI PIRRO, "JUSTICE WITH JUDGE JEANINE" HOST: Look, the super delegates, all of these -- this is all about the establishment taking care of itself. And that's what we're seeing. That's why we're seeing the outsiders coming in and America saying we hate everybody in Washington, we're fed up with it. We don't care if it's a socialist or a businessman.  This is what we want.

And truly Hillary Clinton can't close the deal because she is establishment. She is someone who's under investigation. And people might say I don't care about the e-mails. Well, this week the civil case is going forward. And Nevada is --

HANNITY: Isn't it deeper than that. Isn't it that she's unlikable? She doesn't have the warmth of her husband or the oratory skills of -- all right, wrong person to ask. Right, Eric?

BOLLING: She's a flawed candidate. She's not likable. She can say, you know, my husband's going to take care of the economy. She can try and dish it out. She's just not likable. Remember when they said --

HANNITY: He can barely take care of himself.

BOLLING: We have to be nicer, go with more humor, remember, humility and humor. She tried that for a while. She comes back with the barking like a dog. She's just a terrible candidate. And can I just point something out.

HANNITY: I've got to remind you. I didn't know where you were going there. I know what you're talking about.

BOLLING: But the reason why Donald Trump has locked down this nomination this quickly is because in 2012 Mitt Romney pushed all those states to winner take all or winner take most. They pushed him forward so he could get to a candidate sooner. Little did he know it was going to be the candidate that they all hated and didn't want, the non-establishment candidate.

HANNITY: Why don't Republican establishment people embrace the new people that they've been saying for years that they want to attract to the party?  This has been a record year. You got Paul Ryan, oh, he doesn't know where Donald Trump stands on the positions at this point?

PIRRO: That's because the establishment is invested in itself, and they work together, Democrats and Republicans. It's not about us. It's not about the person who has more votes than any other Republican primary candidate in presidential history. It's about the establishment, whether it's Paul Ryan or any of the Democrats saying, you know, we got this nice system, you take care of me, I take care of you, we pass the same budget and we get richer by the day.

HANNITY: You know, Donald Trump, I think, is going to bring over every conservative when he releases the names, the pool of names that he'll select Supreme Court justices from, because as a conservative, Geraldo, that's issue one, two, and three, and the wall is four. And eliminating Obamacare is five. And energy independence is six.

RIVERA: I mentioned that Sanders had given birth to a movement. Clearly Donald Trump gave birth to a movement also. There is a movement. It is more than a political primary campaign. It is a movement.

HANNITY: Are you endorsing him?

RIVERA: You know, you keep asking me. It's too soon for me to tell.

HANNITY: No, it's not.

RIVERA: I have real policy differences with Donald Trump. I love Donald Trump.

HANNITY: You have policy differences with Hillary?

RIVERA: I do. I do.

HANNITY: Could you vote for her over him?

RIVERA: No way. But I could stay home. That's what I could do. But let me --

HANNITY: I'm going to drag you out of your bed and pull you to the voting booth.


RIVERA: The difference between Sanders and Trump is, as Eric suggests, there was a process, Trump won, and now they can do nothing about it because he is under their own rules the presumptive nominee. Hillary now is not yet that, but Sanders sees the writing on the wall. He has to decide --

HANNITY: He wants power and leverage.

RIVERA: -- more about his ego than he does his party and country.

BOLLING: Did you happen to see the poll that came out today? NBC put out a poll today, had Hillary Clinton three points ahead of Donald Trump.  That's within the margin of error. More importantly, though, inside the internals, women broke, three percent broke toward Trump from before. So she went from tightening that. And the most important of all, independents broke for Trump 44 percent to 36 percent Hillary Clinton. If you do that - -

HANNITY: I'm going to buy you a whiteboard. You're getting lost in numbers.

RIVERA: What happens, though, when the Democrats begin to ramp up, amp up the attacks on Donald Trump? You saw them today with the women and mouthing the words of the --

HANNITY: You know who wins the women battle, the gender war, ad war? It's going to be Trump over the Clintons.

RIVERA: How do you figure?

HANNITY: The Clinton Foundation pays women 38 percent less than men.  Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton's record with women is atrocious. She takes money from Saudi Arabia.

BOLLING: Jeffrey Epstein --


RIVERA: Those are good, but I haven't seen any poll that indicates the gender gap is closing.

BOLLING: Today. Today.

PIRRO: Donald hasn't even started yet.

BOLLING: Today they put out a NBC poll today had him closing by three or four percentage points.

HANNITY: His unfavorables go down nine and hers up three. We got to break.

PIRRO: Donald, himself, said I haven't started. Wait until he starts.

HANNITY: Yes. That's going to be -- going to be a hell of a year. All right, don't forget, by the way, Eric is coming up tonight and the rest of our friends at "THE FIVE" at midnight with reaction to tonight's primary.  We may have Oregon in your hour. But we'll watch it.

The Democratic race in Kentucky still too close to call. Hillary's an awful candidate. Voting ends in Oregon at the top of the hour. Up next, Tucker, Doug Schoen, Peter Johnson Jr. straight ahead.


HANNITY: This is a Fox News alert. The Democratic race in Kentucky yet still too close to call. Here we are four hours later. Voting in Oregon ends in just minutes. Joining us now, Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson, former Clinton pollster, Fox News contributor Doug Schoen, and Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Junior. We talked a lot tonight about Hillary.  She can't close the deal. Let's go back to Donald Trump. Peter, who would be a good V.P. for Donald Trump?

PETER JOHNSON, JR., FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: I think a great choice would be Newt Gingrich. He would bring tremendous stability, tremendous gravitas, incredible intellect, judgment experience over many decades in American government.

HANNITY: He'll get it done.

JOHNSON: No one understands the history of government better the Newt Gingrich. It would be a dynamite ticket in my view, dynamite.

HANNITY: By the way Hillary Clinton right now, this just broke moments ago, is declaring herself the winner of the Democratic primary.

DOUG SCHOEN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: She probably did win it, Sean. This is a narrow victory. And given the pre-election polls she was doing pretty well in Oregon, so this will probably be a relatively good night for her.

HANNITY: Who do you like for V.P.? Do you Elizabeth Warren, the Native American?

SCHOEN: No. I like Sherrod Brown, because he's a leftist, Ohio.

HANNITY: Boring, dull.

SCHOEN: She needs to win Ohio. She needs to placate the left. She can't go with Bernie. She can't go with Elizabeth Warren. That's got to be her play.

HANNITY: You don't think she'd pick Elizabeth or Bernie?

SCHOEN: Only if she has to, Sean.

HANNITY: She doesn't want to.

SCHOEN: She does not. I know her well enough to know that is the last thing she wants to do.

HANNITY: I agree with you on that. Tucker, who do you think on the Republican side, and who do you think Hillary will pick on the Democratic side?

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS HOST: The Republicans, why are people voting for Trump? They are voting for him because they agree with him on a couple of key issues, immigration and trade at the top on the list. Who is a better or more articulate spokesman for those views that Jeff Sessions of Alabama.  He's not the most charismatic but certainly I think is the smartest guy, one of the smartest people in the Senate anyway. That probably would be a solid choice.

And on the Democratic side she'll pick whoever Bernie Sanders tells her to pick. He's totally in control of the process.

HANNITY: Do you think Bernie is going to be able to dictate that?

CARLSON: Are you kidding? He's won 21 states. He's not going to win the nomination. She has it in the bag. She's got 3 million more votes and all the delegates. But he's won the moral victory. He's defined the terms of the debate from day one. The idea that he's going to be satisfied with rewriting the Democratic platform -- who cares? He wants real power and he deserves it. He's going to pick the V.P. for sure.

HANNITY: That's interesting, but I'd think he would want to pick himself, Peter.

JOHNSON: I can see that situation, and Doug and I were talking about this, where he would force himself into that position. In my view that would be the fatal flaw for Hillary Clinton because the notion of a socialist vice president within steps of the presidency would send chills through the hearts of most Americans.

SCHOEN: I think Tucker is on to something. Bernie Sanders outside the process in the Senate is ultimately the most powerful man. He doesn't want to be vice president because he's effectively going to be marginalized if that happens.

HANNITY: Would he push Warren?

SCHOEN: He's going to push whoever he thinks is going to do his bidding.  The problem is Warren hasn't endorsed him. So I've got to believe there's a little enmity there notwithstanding their ideological convergence.

HANNITY: I want to go to the idea that I brought up with Donald junior tonight, Tucker, and that is a team of rivals, not just announcing a V.P., but finding a place for Rick Perry and Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal, maybe Nikki Haley, Scott Walker, and have a dream team and announce it either at the convention or thereafter?

CARLSON: Yes. I think it's possible. Not all those are rivals. A lot of those people are pretty sympathetic to Trump. I think the problem for Trump is can he trust those people? I mean, his circle is very small, as you know. I still believe his daughter Ivanka is his closest advisor. Is he going to have the ability to really trust them? I don't know the answer to that but I think that is the chief stumbling block for sure.

HANNITY: Do you like that idea? I ran through a list of what I thought 10 items on a new contract on Donald Trump's promises to make America great and put it in writing and let Congressman and candidates and senators and Senate candidates run with them.

JOHNSON: I think a contract is something the American people need because that's what's been missing, the compact, the contract, the agreement, the agreement to perform the promise. And so keeping the promise, that consistent with a team of rivals, do what Lincoln did. As you're saying, take his top three rivals, put them in the cabinet, make them part of a government going forward.

HANNITY: Ted Cruz?

JOHNSON: Whoever can do the job. Cruz is a capable man, absolutely.

SCHOEN: He should be a Supreme Court judge. One name you didn't mention who I think is of great importance -- John Bolton.


SCHOEN: We need a secretary of state who is unabashedly tough on --

HANNITY: Do you support him?

SCHOEN: He's a dear friend of mine. This isn't partisanship. Islamic fascism has nothing to do with ideology or party. Vladimir Putin, the Chinese are out to destroy us. We have to fight back. Bolton is --

HANNITY: That's a brilliant idea. All right, guys good to see you.

SCHOEN: Thanks.

HANNITY: Tucker, thank you.

And coming up, voting is about to end. We are four minutes and 38 seconds away from Oregon and the polls closing. Right now the Democratic primary in Kentucky is still too close to call. We'll have more "Hannity" right after the break.


HANNITY: All right, Fox News Alert, voting is about to end in Oregon, and the Democratic primary in Kentucky still too close to call four hours later. Bret Baier is up next. And then don't miss "The Five," that's live at midnight. Donald Trump is our special guest tomorrow, that and much more.

Thanks for being with us. We'll see you back here tomorrow night.

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