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Gingrich: 'Im not seeking' to be Trump's running mate

Former House speaker and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich goes 'On the Record' to size up the latest polls in a Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump showdown in the 2016 general election


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: So with Senator Cruz dropping out last night and Governor Kasich dropping out just over two hours ago, get ready for a general election slug fest.

The GOP race is all or nearly all wrapped up. And now Donald Trump is zeroing in on the likely Trump-Clinton match up.



HILLARY CLINTON, DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I don't know that he has any boundaries at all.

TRUMP: She was going to beat Obama. She was favored to win and she got Trumped. She lost.

CLINTON: Finally a candidate whose hair gets more attention than mine.

TRUMP: She is a liar, wouldn't you say, right? You only have one Lyin' Ted. I don't think we can use the same term for Hillary.

CLINTON: His bigotry, his bluster, his bullying have become his campaign.

TRUMP: I told you she is like a snake with no energy. She doesn't have the strength and she doesn't have the stamina.

CLINTON: This is to me a classic case of a blustering, bullying guy.

TRUMP: Crooked Hillary, right? Crooked. She is crooked as you can be. Crooked Hillary.


VAN SUSTEREN: And to think they were friends.

Now how wild will this election ride get? Should we fasten our seat belts now?

Former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich goes ON THE RECORD.

Good evening, sir.


VAN SUSTEREN: This will be brutal.

GINGRICH: I think it will be one of the wildest elections in American history.

VAN SUSTEREN: Now, most people never -- I shouldn't say most people. The so-called Republican elites and the media are never predicted that Trump would win.

In fact, even you've got "Nate Silver FiveThirtyEight" according to your article, or according to something you wrote, wrote in August are emphatic prediction. Not just regular prediction. Emphatic prediction is simply that Trump will not win the nomination. It's not even clear that he is trying to do so.

GINGRICH: Well, it's fascinating. If you go back over the last year, and that's why I wrote we do a newsletter twice a week at Gingrich Productions.

When you look at it, all these people said Trump was gone. Trump was a joke. Trump would never be there. Now, all the same people are trying to tell you about the general election.

And, you have to start by saying since none of them understood Trump up through winning the nomination, why would you believe they have a clue what the general election is going to be like.

VAN SUSTEREN: How did they get -- how did so many people get it so wrong? Because the American people are really unhappy. And that's why I think why Bernie has surged.

GINGRICH: You know, the turning point for me and Ross Worthington who works for me went back and found that I had said in September that Trump would probably be the nominee.

And the turning point for me was the night of the first "Fox" debate, when Trump had a collision with Megyn Kelly, and Frank Luntz did this focus group and they all said Trump had lost, and everybody in the mainstream media got together and said Trump lost, and then you watched on Facebook and Google and Twitter. And Trump was winning by 65 or 70 percent. And I look to that and I though to myself, there is something happening out here with the American people that none of the folks of the elite get.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, you know what I think part of it is? Is that America -- everything is pretty much just fine for the media. They all have jobs. We all feed off this stuff. But for the American people, if you actually go out and talk to the American people, things aren't so fine.


VAN SUSTEREN: You know, their wages are stagnant. Things aren't great. It's like nobody ever bothered to go out and talk to them.

GINGRICH: Well, and I think when you start talking to people of every background, you find that, in fact, whether you are African-American or Latino or Asian-American, whether you are a millennial or your grandparent, there is this sense of anxiety about what's coming next, what's going to happen.

And I think Trump intuitive of that, really communicated it. And he had been -- if you notice, he has been gaining strength. You know, for a while they said, OK, he has got 35 percent. He will never get 50 percent. Now he's got 60 percent. But he will never be able to beat Hillary.

Well, my question is how could anybody possibly be that certain considering how wrong they were the whole time?

VAN SUSTEREN: And as a side is that Jimmy Carter in 1908 was winning right now and Reagan won by 10 points in November.

But one last quick question. Any interest in being the vice president because Donald Trump says he wants someone who has a background in politics.

GINGRICH: Oh, he had all sorts of nice words to say. Look, I'm not seeking it. I doubt -- I think it's a thousand to one against it. But I think you have to pay attention if a potential president of the United States talks to you.

VAN SUSTEREN: Has he called you?


VAN SUSTEREN: OK. Just checking. Just checking.

He hasn't called me, either.


GINGRICH: I promise you I will let you know if he calls.

VAN SUSTEREN: I will be the first to know, right?

GINGRICH: You will be on the short list.

VAN SUSTEREN: Yes, right. The short list of about 2,000.

Anyway, nice to see you, Mr. Speaker.