Examining the challenges facing Trump in a general election; What's next for the 'Never Trump' movement?

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MEGYN KELLY, HOST: Breaking tonight, Senator Ted Cruz just ended his campaign for president. And at this moment, we are awaiting remarks from Donald Trump. The presumptive Republican nominee for president.

Welcome to "The Kelly File" everyone. I'm Megyn Kelly on a historic evening for America and for the Republican Party. Remember, it was close to 11 months ago New York businessman Donald Trump descended the Trump Tower escalator to announce his candidacy for the highest office in the land. At the time, critics believed his campaign would soon implode. Instead, he took the political world by storm and broke all the rules in the process.  Fast-forward to Indiana, a state largely viewed as a do or die primary.  For Texas Senator Ted Cruz and the Never Trump Movement at large.

Instead, that firewall collapsed, as the Indiana voters largely sided with Mr. Trump, putting him less than 200 delegates away now from securing the GOP nomination outright. As for the Democrats, we're still waiting to see what happens there. And what of Ohio Governor John Kasich? Earlier tonight, he promised to fight on. It's wait and see if that still stands, given Senator Cruz's decision, which the Texas senator spoke out about just moments ago. Watch.


SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We gave it everything we have got. But the voters chose another path. And so, with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism, for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign.

(CROWD): No!

CRUZ: But hear me now, I am not suspending our fight for liberty.


KELLY: We have a huge show lined up for you tonight. John Roberts have been following the Cruz campaign. But we begin with our Chief Political Correspondent campaign Carl Cameron reporting tonight from New York City.  Carl?

CARL CAMERON, FOX NEWS CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: New York City, the home of the presumptive candidate nominee for the Republican nomination.  Hi, Megyn. The sign on the podium says, victory Indiana but in fact for Donald Trump, it is a victory across the country and across the Republican spectrum. The chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus just moments ago on social media twitted that Donald Trump will be the presumptive nominee. And it's time for the Republican Party to unite around him and prepare for the nominating convention in July at which he'll be unveiling his running-mate if not a few days on sooner.

The campaign staff has been jubilant. Hugging occasionally tears and a tremendous amount of self-satisfied overwhelming joy. This team and this candidate has faced more scrutiny and more skepticism than any successful presidential candidate in the Republican Party in decades. And so tonight they feel of vindication and they also recognize tremendous challenges.  They recognize that they have catching up to do in terms of the types of massive organization needed to run a general election campaign. And it's going to be a long one. He's effectively uncontested now with Cruz suspending no matter what Kasich does.

And that means he has more time to plan to pick his running mate and they actually began some of those meetings this afternoon and they plan to continue them tomorrow. He'll be back on the campaign trail on Wednesday, excuse me, on Thursday in West Virginia. But Donald Trump now is looking national. It's not one state after the next. There are actually nine more remaining before the voting ends on June 7th. But for him now, it's time to start seriously looking at Hillary Clinton and he can put Ted Cruz and the 16 other rivals he's fought for almost a year in his rear view mirror -- Megyn.  

KELLY: Carl, we'll be back to you just as soon as the candidate emerges.  Fox's John Roberts is with the Cruz campaign in Indianapolis, Indiana tonight. John?

JOHN ROBERTS, FOX NEWS NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: And Megyn, it was very emotional here tonight as Ted Cruz suspended his campaign. There were many people who were openly crying, couldn't believe that he was actually up there on stage saying the words. But you know, it really wasn't much of a shock when you consider what happened here tonight, when you start to look at the results coming in across all of the counties, on 92 counties here in Indianapolis and noticing that Donald Trump was winning by substantial margins in all but three or four of them.

It was pretty difficult for Ted Cruz to make a case that he can go on in this race. I mean, take a look at what he did here in Indiana, first of all he had that pack with John Kasich, with Kasich step aside. Then a couple of days later, he took the unprecedented steps of announcing his running-mate three months earlier. Three months before rather the convention. And then a couple of days after that, he got an endorsement, some say it was lit warm from the governor of Indiana. He couldn't have done much more here in Indiana to try to get the votes and ultimately the voters decided that they wanted to go with Donald Trump and not go with Ted Cruz.

His only play and really his only play as of last Tuesday was for a contested convention in July. But when you get handed seven big defeats in a row, the way that Ted Cruz did, starting with New York and then the five primaries on the Acela primaries and then here in Indiana, he just looked forward and said, you know, how do I make the case to the money people in this race, to Americans to say, I've lost all of this, and yet I go forward. What remains to be seen, though, Megyn is, what does he do tomorrow? I don't know if he'll stay here in Indiana or he'll go back to either D.C. or Houston. And then what does he do with his more than 500 delegates that he has collected so far? All questions yet to be answered - - Megyn.

KELLY: John Roberts, thank you, sir. So what's next? Monica Crowley is a Fox News contributor and host of the nationally syndicated radio program "The Monica Crowley Show." Stuart Stevens is a former Mitt Romney campaign strategist and founding partner at Strategic Partners and Media.

Monica, let me start with you. It is a historic moment. It's something the GOP has never seen before. Even the two party system, an outsider, a billionaire, someone who had poked at the sitting president of the United States for months about whether he was in fact born in this country emerges seemingly out of nowhere to capture an incredibly powerful position and now face off with Hillary Clinton one-on-one for the keys to the Oval Office.  

MONICA CROWLEY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: It is such an astonishing turn of events, Megyn, just a year ago. If you would have told anybody that this would have been the outcome of the Republican race, nobody would have believed you. But I think this success of Donald Trump points to a number of things that have been going on in the Republican Party, in the conservative movement for a very long time. In the short recent past we saw the growth of the Tea Party in 2009-2010 where conservatives basically revolted against the Republican establishment.

I think that has since morphed to include a lot of other people who feel betrayed. Betrayed and that's the word you get time and again in this exit polls, betrayed by not just the Republican establishment but the bipartisan ruling class.

KELLY: Uh-hm.

CROWLEY: And I think a lot of the calculation, Megyn, is, you know what?  Literally nothing could be worse than this. And we're going to roll the dice and try something completely different.  

KELLY: They've said time and time again in the exit polls they don't care about the polls that say Donald Trump might lose to Hillary Clinton. They don't care. They're angry and they want to send a message. And they don't necessarily accept that Trump cannot win, but they tell the country that, even if he cannot, they're trying to be heard. Stuart, this was not the result you wanted. Your thoughts tonight.  

STUART STEVENS, STRATEGIC PARTNERS AND MEDIA: Well, I think we have to say congratulations to Donald Trump. It's very difficult to win a nomination.  If that is in fact what he's done. He's done something that few people have done. He deserves congratulations. I'm not going to support Donald Trump. I think he represents the worst of politics, not the best. But, listen, a lot of people obviously disagree and have voted for him and have put their trust in him. I think this idea that you don't care, you just want to send a message, I think that's more of an emotion of the moment.  We'll see how that bears out in what will be a very long campaign.  

KELLY: But what will you do now, Stuart? What will you and others like you, you know, honest, committed conservatives and others who had true objections to Trump? Can you get behind him? Can you put those objections to the side? I know you say no, but can you foresee it? Do you think that's just, you know, sort of the anguish of your moment?

STEVENS: Well, you know, I didn't have a strong candidate in this race so I don't feel very anguished. I feel disappointed in the party. Listen, I think this is one of these moments in life where everybody is going to have to make their own decision. And I'm not going to do the Donald Trump thing and attack anyone who disagrees with me or disparages me. I respect differences. I respect choices. I respect that I might be wrong. But I know what my choice will be, which is simply I can't in good conscience back someone I feel is uniquely unqualified to be president of the United States.  

KELLY: Will you back Hillary Clinton?

STEVENS: And that's Donald Trump. I'm not going to go down that road, no.  I don't -- because I'm not backing Donald Trump doesn't mean that I have to back Hillary Clinton. You know, Republicans like to spend a lot of time saying that we helped defeat communism and one of the tenets of communism is you have to do what is best for the party. It would be a richly ironic moment if that was now turned to try force some of us who don't want to support Donald Trump to support Trump. I think it's a very individual choice. Everybody has to make it on their own. And just know that it's something you're going to have to live with for a long time.  

KELLY: Uh-hm.

STEVENS: Monica, we've spent so many months talking about the controversial things that Donald Trump has done. But does any of that matter now that he has won? And I understand the other argument, which is it's still on his record, right? And he's not done. He hasn't won the presidency. So, the question stands.  

CROWLEY: You know, it's interesting, Megyn, because in listening to Stuart, and I know that the Never Trump movement is quite significant, but I think about something that Richard Nixon used to say, which is, when there is a movement to stop "X," bet on "X." And that certainly holds true here in the case of Donald Trump. Look, I think it depends, to answer your question, I think it depends on whether or not Trump changes stylistically.  That kind of bombastic personality, some of the more outrageous things he's said, his supporters love that.

His supporters have taken to it because they think that the country is in dire straits and that this is the man to solve a very grave problems. And they like that stylistically he's a take no prisoners kind of guy. He has said in the past that should he get the nomination he will be, quote, "presidential." He has said that in the past, Megyn, and we've seen that's lasted maybe 24 hours. But in that context, he still had a race to run and he still had two opponents to dispose of. Now that Ted Cruz is out of this race, John Kasich I guess remains, but this is his nomination. And we'll see if he switches gears.  

KELLY: Yes.  

CROWLEY: And realizes he's not just speaking for himself anymore. He's speaking for the party. The movement and essentially the United States.  

KELLY: I want to bring you some breaking news. Fox News is now ready to project that Bernie Sanders has won the state of Indiana this evening, beating Hillary Clinton in a tight race there in a Democratic presidential primary. This is an upset victory against a front-runner that keeps this race alive on the Democratic side down the home stretch. She, Hillary Clinton had led Sanders in pre-election polls but it appears that not enough of her supporters actually turned out to vote for her today. We continue to await Donald Trump. And what a night for him and for his supporters who were told by the political class over and over and over that this would never happen.

And lo and behold it has. Think of how happy they must feel, how relieved they must feel. They fought tooth and nail, and they've gotten there.  Earlier at this point than they may have thought they might, given what we had been hearing from Senator Ted Cruz up to just a few hours ago.

I want to bring in Chris Stirewalt, who is our Fox News digital politics editor along with Tom Bevan, co-founder and publisher of

Guys, thank you both so much for being here. So, Stirewalt, let me start with you on what this means. I mean, the enormity of it.

CHRIS STIREWALT, FOX NEWS DIGITAL POLITICS EDITOR: What it means is we finally have something good to talk about on primary night for a change instead of hashing through these things. Big news. This is a big deal.  And I think your point is overwhelmingly true, which is everybody said -- I remember sitting in this very building on the day that Donald Trump announced, and I said, well, you know, it's a fringe situation, and you know, these people, and it's not going to happen. What happened is he annealed a group of supporters particularly around the issue of immigration.

He gathered them together around himself and they stuck with him. And while other candidates rose and other candidates fell, money comes here, money does that. This, that changes, they stayed with him. And that core group of about a third of the Republican Party proved to be enough, it was enough so that Donald trump could prevail in the end, he could outlast the world.  

KELLY: Tom, as we watch the candidate come into the room, now the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, your thoughts.  

TOM BEVAN, CO-FOUNDER, REALCLEARPOLITICS: I agree with Chris. I mean, this is something -- think about this, Donald Trump did it partly any ground game, he hardly spent any money, he reinvented campaigning in a lot of these states. And so, in the end of Indiana, it was sort of a microcosm of that.  

KELLY: Okay.

BEVAN: You had --

KELLY: Let me stand you by. I apologize but I don't want to miss his remarks. His lovely daughter Ivanka on one side who gave birth to a child, four-and-a-half weeks ago. He looks amazing. And Melania Trump on his other side, two of the closest women to him stands side by side as he makes his remarks on an important, important night for him. Let's listen.

DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, thank you very much, everyone. I want to start by, as always, thanking my family, my wife Melania, my kids. They're not kids anymore, but they're kids as far as I'm concerned. They'll always be my kids. And I want to thank my great parents who are looking down right now and my brother looking down on us.  I want to thank my entire family, including Mary Anne, Elizabeth, Robert.  And it's been some unbelievable day and evening and year. And never have been through anything like this, but it's a beautiful thing to watch and a beautiful thing to behold. And we're going to make America great again.  We're going to make America great again.


So important, so important the people of Indiana have been incredible. I started, as you know, not very long ago, about six weeks ago, and I was told I had a 20-point deficit. And I went there and I worked very hard and I campaigned and I made lots of speeches and met lots of incredible people.  Incredible people. You don't get better. And the crowds got bigger and bigger and toward the end it was like I didn't want to leave. I almost said, maybe I'll just never leave. And it resonated somehow, and we had a tremendous victory tonight. It was a tremendous victory. And I have to thank Bobby Knight. Boy, Bobby Knight was incredible.


I always say about, you know, people like that, there aren't many, but it's called tough, smart, and they know how to win. And that's what a country needs. We have to win again. We have to know how to win, and we haven't won. We've been losing all the time. We lose with our military. We can't beat ISIS. We lose with trade. We lose with borders. We lose with everything. We're not going to lose. We're going to start winning again and we're going to win bigly, believe me.


So when I got back tonight and I started watching all of the different networks, I could see immediately that we were doing very well, and it really looks like a massive victory and looks like we win all 57 delegates.


And I must say in staying in various places in Indiana, we had -- I turned on the television and all I saw was negative ads, negative, one after another after another. And I called my people, and I said, how can we win?  It's just constantly. And it was the same as Florida. You know, there have been 60,000 negative ads. I got it right from you folks. Okay?  Sixty thousand. In fact, two weeks ago it was 55,000. Now it's 60,000 negative ads, most of which are absolutely false and disgusting. And I said, how can anybody endure this? I had one evening two nights ago where literally they had five ads on in between segments of a show that I was watching. And I said, that's just incredible. And the people are so smart. They don't buy it. They get it.


And tremendous amounts of money were spent. Millions and millions of dollars. And they were comparing -- they think it was probably $8 million was spent against me, and we spent $900,000. So, I mean, to me, that's the way it's supposed to be. That's something that makes me feel really really very good. And now we're going to Nebraska where I have -- I just hear we're doing really wonderfully. I look forward to that very much. And West Virginia, and we're going to get those miners back to work, I'll tell you what.


We're going to get those miners back to work. We're not going to be Hillary Clinton. And I watched her three or four weeks ago when she was talking about the miners as if they were just numbers and she was talking about she wants the mines closed and she will never let them work again.  Let me tell you, the miners in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, which was so great to me last week, and Ohio and all over are going to start to work again. Believe me.


You're going to be proud again to be miners. So we'll be going there. I must say this tremendous run that we've had started with New York when we had almost 62 percent. And don't forget that's with three people. So, 62 percent with two people is a massive landslide, but 63 percent almost, just a little over 62, when you have that kind of number with three people, it's actually unheard of. And all throughout it was 17 people, then 15, then 12. And you know, it's tremendous. And we were getting very high numbers.  And some of the numbers in my opinion that I got in the early stages where I'd win a state with 32 percent but there were 14 people.

I think that might be actually more and better than getting 62 percent in New York. But we never got credit for that. But now we don't need the credit because we're going after Hillary Clinton.


She will not be a great president. She will not be a good president. She will be a poor president. She doesn't understand trade. Her husband signed perhaps in the history of the world the single worst trade deal ever done. It's called NAFTA. And I was witness to the carnage over the last six weeks especially. Now, I've known Syracuse and I've known Poughkeepsie and I've known all of the different places that I visited in New York and in Pennsylvania and in Maryland which treated me so great and the people are incredible and all of the different states, Connecticut. And I've witnessed what it's done really firsthand, and it has been indeed carnage.

And we're going to change it around. We're not going to let carrier and all of these companies just think that they can move, go to another country, make their product, sell it back to us and we get only one thing.  We get unemployment. Not going to happen anymore, folks. Not going to happen anymore.


We're going to bring back our jobs and we're going to keep our jobs. We're not going to let companies leave. Now, if they want to go to a different state, good luck. Compete. But when they start going to different countries and in many cases countries that devalue their currency and make it impossible for our companies to compete, that's not going to happen.  Not going to happen. And if they want to do it anyway, there will be consequences and there will be very, very serious consequences.


I have to tell you that I've competed all my life, competitive person. All my life I've been in competitions, different competitions, whether it's sports or business or now for ten months politics. And I have to tell you that I have met some of the most incredible competitors that I have ever competed against right here on the Republican Party. You know, we started off with that 17 number, and just so you understand Ted Cruz, I don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me, but he is one hell of a competitor. He is a tough, smart guy.


And he has got an amazing future. He's got an amazing future. So I want to congratulate Ted. And I know how tough it is. It's tough. It's tough.  I have had some moments where it was not looking so good, and it's not a great feeling. And so, I understand how Ted feels and Heidi and their whole beautiful family. And I want to just say though that one tough competitor. And I can say that for --


I can say that for the others. Chris Christie who endorsed me, incredible guy. Dr. Ben Carson who was right up there, one of the first, he just called me and said, it's a movement you've got going. We've got to do something because I'll tell you what, it's an incredible movement. And Dr. Ben Carson endorsed me. And I want to tell you that is an incredible man.  And we want to keep them totally involved because we're going to win.  We're going to win in November.


And we're going to win big. And it's going to be America first. You know, I made a speech the other day and I talked about how we're the policemen for the world, how we protect other countries and they don't respect us.  And they don't take care of us. And they don't treat us right in many cases. And that's not going to happen. Now, we can keep things going and we're going to keep things going very nicely. But we owe $21 trillion soon, it's 19 now but with the budget that was recently done, soon it will be $21 trillion. And we're just not in the position that we were in 30 years ago, 40 years ago, 50 years ago when a lot of these things took place and began taking place.

So, we're going to have unbelievably good relationships with other countries. But likewise, they have to treat us fairly and they have to understand that what we've been doing over the years has been so wrong and so unfair to the United States and to its people and to its taxpayers. So that will change. And I will tell you they're going to end up liking us better than they do right now. They're going to respect us. In this building right upstairs --


In this building right upstairs, I have the largest bank in the world from China, the relationship is fantastic. We have great relationships with many foreign countries. But they have to respect us, and they have to understand where we're coming from. And you know, it is a two-way street.  And the two-way street means that we're going down one side and they're coming up the other. And we're going to meet and we are going to have something that's going to be really fabulous. Now, if that can't happen, if for some reason they want the system to continue the way it's going now, which is unfair and not good where we're spending trillions and trillions of dollars, probably $4 trillion in the Middle East and we have to rebuild our infrastructure, our roads, we have to rebuild our bridges, our airports, our hospitals in this country, we've become close to a third world country.

You look at some of our airports. It's third world. And then you go to other countries and you see places like you've never seen. So I have to say that we are going to turn it around. We're going to build up our military, bigger, better stronger than ever before. It's the cheapest thing we can do, and we're going to have to take out ISIS and we're going to have to take them out fast. We can't allow that cancer to continue.


We cannot allow it to continue. And, you know, one group that's been so incredible to me are the vets, the veterans. And they've been treated so badly, so badly.


And we're going to get that straightened out. Now, one of the things that just happened which to me is very exciting, just happened now with two or three, but the Rasmussen poll came out yesterday and in that poll, I'm now leading Hillary Clinton. A lot of good things happening. I'm now leading Hillary Clinton by two points.



And that's going to continue because they're not going to be able to do it folks. They're not going to be able to make great trade deals. We have such bad it deals. They're not going to be able to do what we can do with the military. They're not going to be able to do what we're going to do on the border, including the wall. We're going to have unbelievably great relationships with the Hispanics. The Hispanics have been so incredible to me. They want jobs. Everybody wants jobs. The African-Americans want jobs. You look at what's going on, they want jobs.


And we're going to bring back our jobs and we're going to save our jobs and people are going to have great jobs again. And this country which is very, very divided in so many different ways is going to become one beautiful, loving country. And we're going to love each other. We're going to cherish each other. We're going to take care of each other. And we're going to have great economic development. And we're not going to let other countries take it away from us because that's what's been happening for far too many years.


And we're not going to do it anymore. We're not going to do it anymore. I want to thank and congratulate the Republican National Committee and Reince Priebus who I just spoke to. He's doing a tremendous job. It's not an easy job when he had 17 egos and now I guess he's down to one. I don't know. Is there a second? I don't know. Is there a second? I don't know.


Going to have to ask you folks to explain the status of that. But he's done an amazing job. And I think we're going to see something really, really fantastic. I also want to thank my staff, Paul, Corey, Hope. I mean, these people, what we've been doing has been incredible. The work --


The work has been unreal. And Jared married to my daughter Ivanka, I mean, honestly, you know, Jared -- Jared is a very successful real estate person. But I actually think he likes politics more than he likes real estate. I must say to you. And he's very good at politics.

So, again, folks, this has been an amazing evening. I didn't expect this. I didn't expect it. And what Ted did is really a brave thing to do and a great thing to do. Because we want to bring unity to the Republican Party. We have to bring unity. It's so much easier if we have it.


And many, many people are calling that you wouldn't even believe. The media. The press. They wouldn't believe, people who have said the worst things about me I've never had things said about me like this.

You know, in my businesses I've always been very respected. People didn't talk to me this way. But in politics it's easy. The worst things. And they're calling now and they're calling us all, and they're saying, we'd love to get on the train, the Trump train, they call it. But we'd love to get on the team.  (APPLAUSE)

And I actually spoke to one today who was vicious. I mean, this guy was unbelievable. And I said, I love having you, and you know, I think it's terrific. But after what you said about me, how can you possibly join our team? And he said, Mr. Trump, don't even think about it, don't worry about it, there will be no problem. In other words, he's a politician. There's no problem.


I would have had a hard time. But we have a lot of people coming, and lots of congressmen. I have to thank Jeff Sessions, Senator Jeff Sessions, one of the most respected...


... men or people in Congress. And so many others. I mean, Sarah Palin has been from day one incredible.


Jerry Falwell Jr., Liberty University, I mean, he is something. He is really a special person. They've done an incredible job. And everybody goes through Liberty. We all go through Liberty. And somehow he liked to what I was saying and perhaps he liked the way I said it. But he's a special guy, and he really has helped me. And so many pastors and ministers.

And tonight, I see that I won with the Evangelicals, the Evangelical vote was for Trump.


And there's no greater honor, just no greater honor. We're going to work together for many, many years. We're going to make it so good. We're going to be saying Merry Christmas again. We're going to be saying -- now remember when...


... they are going to be saying. And I won with women. I love winning with women.


But I won with women. I won with men. We won with Hispanics. We won with African-Americans. We won every virtually every category. So, it's just been an amazing evening.

So again, I want to congratulate Ted Cruz. He is a tough, smart competitor. I want to thank my wife and my family. It's an incredible family.


I want to thank my staff, both my staff and my thousands and thousands of people that work for the Trump organization.


And perhaps in all fairness, more importantly on this evening and for what we're doing currently, my staff where we're running for the presidency. And remember this, our theme is very simple. It's make America great again. We will make America great again.


We will start winning again. You will be so proud of this country very, very soon. Thank you all. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.


KELLY: Donald Trump, the presumptive republican nominee for president, at Trump tower where it all began about a year ago.

Joining me now, Fox News political analyst, Brit Hume. Brit, what a moment, covering everything from we're going to say Merry Christmas again, how much he loves winning with women, and saying we're going to become one beautiful, loving country again. Your thoughts?

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, it was an interesting blend there as he reached a moment many thought that he never would reach, where he is clearly the man and clearly is going to be the nominee, of blending the familiar with what maybe the new, which is the generous remarks he made about Ted Cruz.

Lyin' Ted was not mentioned tonight. It was what about -- what a strong and able and smart guy with a great future Ted Cruz is. That was -- that was different from what we had heard. And his generous comments about thanking everybody, which he's done in the past.

But the tone of it was clearly different. Sure the themes were there, we're going to bring back America jobs, we've been losing we're going to be winning again and all the rest of it.

But what we may now, Megyn, be seeing the long awaited -- for the campaign to something new and different. And we'll see whether he's able to succeed in bringing the party that is clearly not fully behind him together.

KELLY: Reince Priebus tweeting out tonight, "Donald Trump will be presumptive GOP nominee. We all need to unite and focus on defeating Hillary." At the same time, James Carville sends out a fund-raising e-mail seeking to raise money off of the Trump presumptive victory.

Hillary herself just sent out a fund-raising tweet saying Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee, chip in now if you agree we can't let him become president.

And so, what is the likely path ahead over the next seven months? I mean, I know it's tough to say with Trump, but what do you anticipate happening here, Brit?

HUME: Well, he'll be under severe attack from Hillary Clinton and her democratic allies. They will point to the vagueness of his promises. They will point to the multitude of things that he has said over the years about women and about others.

We will hear those repeated over and over again. He is, whether he likes it or not, a target-rich environment. And they will take dead-aim at him. And he will respond however he chooses.

But I think, Megyn, the first order of business for him is to try to get to win over the balance of his party. I mean, you know, he's been rolling up majorities in recent races. But overall he is not supported by a majority of the party.

Now, most of the -- many -- much of the republican vote will swing behind him, but he needs all of it. You know, Mitt Romney got 93 percent of the republican vote in 2012, and he won the independents by, what, four or five percentage points and lost the election.

So, you see what Donald Trump has before him. I mean, when you get down to it, there are simply more democrats in the country than there are republicans. And the republicans have to win nearly all of their potential vote, plus, with independents by a good margin and pull over some democrats. That's the total order. He'll need to unite the party to do that.


KELLY: But was Mitt Romney winning democrats in the way that Donald Trump, we presume, might be able to?

HUME: Well, we presume that. I have no doubt that a lot of Reagan democrats, so-called, working class democrats many some of these rust belt states in particular will be for him. But will that offset the deficits he now has with minority groups? That's the question.

Barack Obama running on with a weak economy and I think one that would not normally lead to reelection won by cobbling together these extraordinary majorities among minority groups, African-Americans in particular, and others.

And it is -- I don't think Hillary Clinton will do that as well as he did. Nearly as well. But she still will have the advantage and, you know, because he's so under water with women and all the rest of it.

So, he will need to pull the party behind him and then need to find a way to withstand the attacks, which are going to be severe. Mount some of his own and it will be a come-from-behind victory. I don't think there's not much doubt about that.

He's, you know, you look at the current poll willing now. He's well behind in all but this single poll he mentioned. By the way, that poll that he cited is one where you had to take away from people the opportunity -- the option of not voting at all in order to get to the majority.

So, that poll will need to be confirmed to say the least. But there it is and he's got the chance.


KELLY: Well, that poll, because Stirewalt says that poll doesn't contact cell phones either so it's, you know, problematic.

HUME: Well, we'll see. But there it is. But it is, as I say, it is one of many and all the others say the same thing. They show Hillary leading. So, there you go. Now she's a weak candidate.

KELLY: Right. With a very high unfavorable rating.

HUME: She's not trusted. A very high unfavorable. It's not as high as his but very high. So, you know, she's got work to do as well.

KELLY: I feel like the American people need to put on the steel armor and gird themselves for what's about to come between those two, assuming that, you know, both races work out the way we think they are going to officially. Brit, thanks so much.

HUME: It won't be pretty, Megyn. Thank you.

KELLY: So, Donald Trump did not get to tonight's win without a lot of resistance from some conservative circles. Remember this dramatic moment last February? National Review editors took their stand against the man who now appears to be the shoo-in.

And the never Trump movement is declaring tonight that their fight is far from over. Rich Lowry is National Review editor and a Fox News contributor, Barry Bennett is also with us, he's a Trump campaign senior adviser. Great to see you both.

Barry, congratulations to you on the victory of your team tonight. Rich, let me start with you, however. You, you know, famously came out with that National Review edition joined by so many conservatives, you know, two dozen, saying not Trump, no.

For many different reasons, very well respected conservatives who just could not understand getting behind him as the nominee. How do you feel now?

RICH LOWRY, NATIONAL REVIEW EDITOR: Well, we're disappointed. But look, first of all, I have to tip my hat to what Trump has achieved to be able to win a major party nomination in the modern era basically without having pollsters, without having speechwriters, without having a fund-raising team, with having very little organization and just going out there and doing it on gut instinct and big rallies and media interviews is completely incredible.

But we do think this is a mistake for the party. We do think that Reagan- style conservatism is basically going to be in exile now in the Republican Party at least for some period of time.

KELLY: So, what do you do, what does Rich Lowry and what do the other people in that never Trump edition of National Review do?

LOWRY: Well, some of them are just never Trump and they are not going to vote for him no matter what. We haven't officially said that yet. We want the dust to settle and then, you know, make a very carefully considered statement.

But this is going to be a bizarre election. I don't think people have really gotten their heads around it. Besides the government basically won't be an issue in this election between Trump and Hillary.

Trump will, when it suits its interest, attack her from the left and attack her from the right. We're going to have a republican presidential nominee attacking Hillary Clinton for her Iraq war vote from the left.

You're going to have -- one reason, you know, Bernie Sanders pushed Hillary to the left on the trade and social security, and she's not going to come back in the center in a general election because Trump would attack her from the left on those issues as well.

So, this is a completely different republican nominee than we've seen in decades and decades.

KELLY: And, Barry, that's not what he said is not wrong, right? I mean, that's the sort of asymmetrical game that Trump plays which can keep his adversaries so off kilter.

BARRY BENNETT, TRUMP CAMPAIGN SENIOR ADVISER: Yes, I mean, it's politics 2.0 for sure. You know, but it struck a chord with millions and millions of Americans. It's the right bundling of issues and message, and, you know, I mean, Rich, we want your vote. We want all of your votes. We're happy to sit down with you if it's possible.

But, you know, we're going to fight a battle in the fall that unlike any battle we've seen before. But we're going to win because we're up against a 30-year incumbent, and we all believe that Washington needs to be bulldozed and started fresh.

KELLY: What do you say, Barry, because I read it on the air earlier. Former McCain adviser coming out and saying, I don' -- I don't care, I'm not going to be supporting him because I think he would be reckless. And speaking to the temperament issue that we've seen with Trump in the past?


KELLY: The very issue that helped propel him to tonight's victory, but there is, you would concede, a question about whether that same -- whether that temperament could do the same for him when he's trying to appeal to more than just republicans?

BENNETT: You know, when McCain became our nominee I was one of the people who publicly said, I'll never vote for him. But by the time we got to the fall, you know, I wrote him a check and I voted for him because it was important.

And I expect a lot of these people -- I mean, I don't expect it tonight. I don't expect it tomorrow, I don't expect it this month. But as we go through the fall, a lot of these people are going to do everything they can to help us defeat Hillary. And that's all we ask.

KELLY: We're taking a look at Donald Trump Jr. there speaking with a reporter who we cannot see and then a cameraman in an enormous green shirt.

At first I had no idea what we were seeing. Now it's more clear to me. A very happy night for the Trump family, all of whom have worked so hard on behalf of their dad. And that's one thing you cannot say about Donald Trump, that he hasn't raised a great family. He's got great kids and they speak very well of him.

But, Rich, the question is what this means now for republicanism, for the Republican Party and whether this party will ever look the same after tonight.

LOWRY: Well, what Trump has exposed is the current pieties in the Republican Party weren't as strong as we thought. Everyone thought you had to go out there, you had to every day talk about Ronald Reagan, talk about his example, talk about his policies, repeat his rhetorical tropes all the time about a shining city on the hill and all the rest of it.

Trump did none of that, and he went out and sold a nationalism and populism to republican voters, and republican voters were just angry enough with Washington, just sick enough with the status quo and the establishment that it worked.

And you know, one element that became clear over time is that every time he said something outrageous it helped him because it reinforced his brand as something new and different.

But, Megyn, you alluded to, you know, a lot of folks have real concerns about his character and temperament. And, Barry, I would ask you, why on a day when he's going to win the Indiana primary very likely and he's very likely going to wrap up the republican nomination, why is he out there talking about Ted Cruz's dad being in on the Kennedy assassination? That's the kind of thing that sort of makes people's head explode and makes them wonder what this guy is thinking.

KELLY: Go ahead, Barry.

BENNETT: You know, Ted Cruz had a press conference at 11.30 this morning. That was far more vitriolic.

KELLY: Yes. But Trump said that on Fox and Friends, which is before 11 o'clock this morning.

BENNETT: That's what I'm saying. But Ted Cruz was still doing it at 11.30 today and then he withdrew at 8 o'clock tonight. You know, the campaign is over. The primaries are over.

KELLY: You know, but speak to his point because somebody else raised that earlier tonight and Trump hasn't had a defense on that. Why would he do that when he was -- he was polling 10, 15 points ahead in Indiana before we started the day.

You know, it was looking very much in his favor. And a lot of folks said, wait a minute, we've been through three weeks now where Trump was behaving more presidentially. Why, you know, could he be depended on to keep that going?

BENNETT: You know, I don't think he was going to -- he's not going to let up in a 100-yard dash. He's going to run through the tape. And so, that's what he was doing. And Ted Cruz did the same thing. And I admire them both for it. They both knew the handwriting was on the wall and they both played to the end of the game...


LOWRY: But, Barry, I understand -- I understand fighting hard. Obviously there's nothing wrong with that politics is not beanbags. But accusing someone's father of being party in some sense in the Kennedy assassination seems way over the line based on a completely ridiculous report in the National Enquirer.

BENNETT: This is over. This is over. You know what, the reason Ronald Reagan -- I worked on the Reagan campaign and I think you did too.


LOWRY: So, you're trying to take it back or apologize...

KELLY: Hold on, hold on. Barry, make your point. Then, Rich, you can respond.

BENNETT: Rich, I think -- I worked on the Reagan campaign and I think you did, too, rich. But, you know, when Ronald...


LOWRY: No, I never worked on a political campaign.

BENNETT: OK, sorry about that. But Ronald Reagan won because he led people who were hurting. That's exactly what Donald Trump is going to do.


KELLY: Go ahead, Rich.

LOWRY: No, I get that. But wouldn't he if he wants to unite the party, why wouldn't he go back and say, look, there is no evidence Senator Cruz that your father was part of the Kennedy assassination? I should have said that. I apologize.

BENNETT: There's no need to. Now the primary is over.

KELLY: OK. Let's leave it that. And clearly we don't have party unity yet. But, you know, it's the first night and so you never know. Guys, thank you very much.

I want to take a listen here to Donald J. Trump Jr. giving some remarks just a minute ago.


DONALD TRUMP JR., DONALD TRUMP'S SON: I was. I was there with him. It was Vanessa, Ivanka, Jared, Eric, Laura, the whole family was just there. Sitting on his bed watching his TV, you know. Saw some hints maybe on social media, and then, and when it happened I think it was just sort of a collective wow.

I don't think there were a lot of words spoken. I think we're just incredibly shocked. I mean, it's been a long and brutal process, one that's been very tough and on that, you know, we weren't familiar with.

I mean, so it's just incredible to see him step into this game as an outsider and do so well and give the people a voice. It's just been awesome.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And do you think he and Ted Cruz will speak at some point, I assume Donald would speak and see him.

TRUMP JR.: I'm sure they will.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And do you think that it's possible for your father to unite this party? It's pretty fractured right now.

TRUMP JR.: You know, I think the answer is 100 percent. I mean, I think people get it. You know, obviously there's been a lot of protecting the system with a lot of the old-school establishment. And you know, I understand that.

But I think a big part of my father's message is letting the people have a voice, giving them that voice again and letting it be heard. And it's spoken loud and clear. And I think, you know, our politicians on both sides have to start actually listening to the people for a change.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And did you ever think your dad (Inaudible).

TRUMP JR.: Listen, I've learned never to second-guess him. I mean, I think we obviously know it was sort of -- you know, it would have to almost be an anomaly. But he's a special guy, and he's an incredible person. He understands these things. He gets it.

I think I want somebody to lead this country who has actually signed in front of a paycheck, who's employed tens of thousands of people, whose livelihoods depend on his success. That's like...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can you handle this for a month at least.

TRUMP JR.: You know, I think we don't have a choice, right? I think we're in it now. So, we're all in.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How will he run the call?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Will you be thinking a bigger role in the campaign going forward?

TRUMP JR.: We'll see. If he wants me to, I'm happy to do it. I think, you know, it's the least I could do. I'd love to do it for the country if it helps.


TRUMP JR.: Work. If there's one thing you'll always see with us we'll work with. We're going to make this happen. We're going to push hard and we'll never going to give up. Thank you, guys.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: From your perspective is this the hardest thing your father has ever accomplished?

TRUMP JR.: I think if you ask him, he thought real estate and business was a brutal process at times and this is worse. It is incredibly tough, it is incredibly brutal. But again, when you have the people behind you they would have to be...


KELLY: And there you heard it, it would have to be. One of the hardest things that he has ever accomplished and work, indeed, they will have to. Because while this republican nomination contest is effectively over tonight and Donald Trump has secured this nomination all but John Kasich remains.

He will have a fight ahead of him. Hillary Clinton will unleash everything she has and is already fundraising off of what we have seen this evening.

Joining me now is Katie Pavlich, she is a news editor and Fox News contributor, and Scott Brown, who's is a former Massachusetts Senator and Donald Trump supporter.

Senator, Katie, great to see you. Senator, congratulations on the victory of your candidate tonight. Let me start with this, which is just come in from John Kasich's chief strategist who says, "Until someone has 1237 bound delegates there is no presumptive nominee. California, here we come." Your thoughts?

SCOTT BROWN, FORMER MASSACHUSETTS SENATOR: Listen, I like John Kasich. I have a lot of respect for him, but if he thinks he is going to be vice president, if he thinks this is going to help, it's not. I don't think that Donald is going to focus on him at all. Is he going to shift gears to not only raise money but also raise awareness and try to unite the party and focus on Hillary Clinton.

You have already seen the barrage from Hillary and her team. You have two people running that have very high negatives. The difference is I think Donald can improve his. I think hers are more in stone.

KELLY: Katie, I'm very curious as to what you think. You have you been never Trump. And, you know, you heard him tonight talking about how he won tonight with women. I love winning with women, which was an interesting comment. Your thoughts on whether he -- could he win with this woman right here in the blue?

KATIE PAVLICH, TOWNHALL.COM NEWS EDITOR: I think that he has a lot of work to do. Not only with women in the electorate but also with women in his own party. That he has decided to do run for president in that party.

There is a lot of people tonight who feel very disappointed. They give credit to Donald Trump for doing something that no one has ever done. However, there is a lot of conservatives who feel they do not share any conservative values with Donald Trump. From everything from healthcare to the way the government functions and what the role of government really is and how our constitutional system works. And so he has a lot of work to do to shore up that conservative vote.

KELLY: You know...

BROWN: Hey, Megyn?

KELLY: Yes. Go ahead, Senator.

BROWN: Megyn, and that's a great point. Listen, Ted ran a great race. And now he has to make a decision whether he wants to help in that effort to bring that conservatism into the Trump fold, to be there as a sounding board to help, you know, push him along in that way.

It's not all of a sudden he is the president and then no one else does anything. Ted has an opportunity and so do all the conservatives to come in and bring those ideas.

KELLY: But what does he do?

PAVLICH: That's a lot to ask.

KELLY: Go ahead. Sorry, Katie, go ahead.

BROWN: Well, listen, so is our losing our country to the four more years of Hillary Clinton with all due respect. Four more years.

KELLY: Hold on, let her make a point. Go ahead, Katie.

PAVLICH: With all due respect, Senator.


PAVLICH: It's a lot to ask when you have a candidate who just this week said that he basically doesn't need the conservative voters who don't -- who didn't cast their vote for him in the primary. It's a lot to ask for conservative voters to vote for someone who is significantly supported nationalized healthcare system. It's a lot to ask for conservatives.


BROWN: Look, Katie, listen.

PAVLICH: Pease don't interrupt me, Senator.

KELLY: Hold on.

PAVLICH: Senator, please don't interrupt me, let me finish. Senator, please don't interrupt me.

KELLY: Hold on.

PAVLICH: Let me make my point.

KELLY: Irritating to viewers, it's irritating to the viewers when you talk over each other. Katie, finish your point and then I'll give you the floor, Senator Brown.

PAVLICH: Please, don't interrupt me.

BROWN: Thank you.

PAVLICH: It's a lot to ask when you have just today...


PAVLICH: ... Donald Trump accusing Ted Cruz's father of essentially being part of the JFK assassination. And then later changing his tune and saying that Ted Cruz is a beautiful family and is he a stand-up guy.

So, he has a lot of work to do. And votes are earned. Donald Trump is not entitle to do the votes of conservatives. So, I look forward to seeing what work he is going to do to bring them into his camp.

KELLY: Go ahead, sir.

BROWN: Great, Katie, great talking points but this is reality. We have a situation right now where it's either going to be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. And the conservatives have an opportunity...


PAVLICH: Who Trump gave money to.

BROWN: Well, let me finish now. And we have an opportunity now to actually bring in the conservatives, unite this party, take back the White House, get the cabinet positions, the judicial positions, the ambassadors, having the vice president come in and actually potentially be that deciding vote.

That's the choice, period. And I'm hopeful that he will pick a vice president that will make your conservative wing of your party very happy. And that we can unite this party and put that genie back into the bottle. That's the choice, Katie. And I have a lot of respect for you as well, but that's the choice. And we have to make sure that we unite the party.


KELLY: Can I ask you, Senator. Let me ask to her point. I want to ask you as a Trump defender to her point how does he do it? If you are going to advice Donald Trump...


BROWN: I'm a Trump supporter. I'm not a Trump...

KELLY: Yes, supporter. But so, if you were going to advise him, OK, now you have got win the women back, right?

BROWN: Yes, sure.

KELLY: You have got to get more women. You cannot win the presidency with 72 percent of women not supporting you. You've got to win some Hispanics back over. You've got to win some young people back into the tent.

BROWN: Sure. Sure.

KELLY: How? What is your advice to him?

BROWN: Well, first of all, Hillary Clinton is the same thing with men. So you have -- it's almost a wash, but I would advise him to get his surrogates. Get his family, get his female employees, the executives, to fill and prop that helped not only women but Hispanics.

Get them out there and have them start advocating as you are starting to see. This process as has said earlier, Rich Lowry has just said. It has been a long and brutal process unlike anything we've ever seen. And you are going to have a lot of hard feelings.

We have a chance to actually get back on track and unite behind our nominee and take back the presidency or we can have four to eight more years of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. That's the choice.


BROWN: So, I know it's an ugly choice for some people, but what's the choice.

KELLY: I'm going to -- thank you very much. I appreciate both of you being here.

PAVLICH: Thanks, Megyn.

BROWN: All right. Thanks, Megyn.

KELLY: Despite the back and forth because Senator Cruz and Donald Trump today, here was how Donald Trump spoke about Ted Cruz just moments ago.


TRUMP: I have to tell you that I've competed all my life, competitive person. All my life I've been in competitions. Different competitions. Whether it's sports or business or now for 10 months, politics.

And I have to tell you that I have met some of the most incredible competitors that I have ever competed against right here on the Republican Party. You know, we started off with that 17 number.

And just so you understand, Ted Cruz, I don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me. But he is he one hell of a competitor. He is a tough, smart guy.


I want to thank and congratulate the Republican National Committee and Reince Priebus who I just spoke to. He is doing a tremendous job. It's not an easy job. I think we are going to see something really, really fantastic.


KELLY: Joining me now, Dana Loesch, host of "Dana" on the Blaze TV and author of "Hands off My Gun." Dana, good to see you.


KELLY: Now we are learning that Senator Cruz will go back to Houston tonight to be at home with his family. This was obviously disappointment to you. You were a Ted Cruz supporter.

You know, put in perspective, Donald Trump had a very different message by the end of the day about Ted Cruz than he did at the beginning, which to some extent to be expected. They are competitors in the morning, they are not now.

Do you think that Ted Cruz needs to push to get those who supported him all those delegates who voted for him and who he corralled through that, you know, effort he put in so many states to get behind Donald Trump?

LOESCH: Well, you know, Megyn, politics, I feel like saying Kanye 2020 right now, by the way, just to get that out of my system. I mean, 2020. No, but politics is a weird game. And it's funny that you bring that up.

Because just this morning he was spinning this yarn that Rafael Cruz was somehow involved in JFK's assassination. And now the Trump camp is kind of suggesting and some of the people at this camp are saying, well, you know, Ted Cruz, now you have to -- you have to bring unity.

It's not Ted Cruz's responsibility to bring unity. It's the republican nominee's responsibility to bring unity. And he needs to really rethink how he is approaching things and so does his supporters.

Because it's kind of hard to unify with people who just call you a conservative and all of that stuff. It just doesn't make you feel liek unifying.

KELLY: That's an interesting point because it's been such a brutal primary season and a lot of sharp elbows were thrown.

LOESCH: Right.

KELLY: Let's be honest, more sharp than we've seen in recent history. And many republicans and conservatives were very much alienated by the tactics Trump successfully used to get himself to this point.

So, what of that? Do you think Trump needs to do something more than just sort of say we've got to unite? It's going to be beautiful. We have got to beat Hillary?

LOESCH: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, my goodness. Yes. I mean, Megyn, this is where I'm coming from. Now I started in all of this getting involved in grassroots back in 2008. And when we were out in the street, protesting the republican establishment, and I have to note he did fund them. And that's not, you know, arguable. It's just what happened.

He's got to get over that hurdle because there are a lot of people out there like me that are scratching their heads thinking the establishment is still there. Mitch McConnell, still there. Lindsey Graham, still there.

And we feel as though, a lot of conservatives feel as though the ones who are doing the grassroots stuff back in '09, feels as though, like all of a sudden now we're being attacked because we preferred somebody else in the primary.

And that belligerent, that belligerent kind of approach...


LOESCH: ... maybe it works against other, you know, candidates in a primary. But it doesn't work with conservative activists, Megyn.

KELLY: Who he definitely needs working on his behalf or at least to certainly be helpful to him.

LOESCH; Right.

KELLY: Dana, it's great to see you.

LOESCH: Thanks, Megyn.

KELLY: Thanks for being here. What a night, folks. Love to get your thoughts on the evening. Go to Follow me on Twitter @megynkelly, tell me what you think. Thanks for watching. I'm Megyn Kelly. Here's Sean.

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