Trump: 'It just all ends with Indiana,' Clinton's 'reservation' remark was derogatory to men

On 'Hannity,' Republican frontrunner discusses party unity, immigration and foreign policy agenda


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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to "Hannity." So voters head to the polls tomorrow in Indiana. Now, the Hoosier state could have a major impact on the 2016 race, and here to explain what's at stake is "Fox & Friends" Heather Nauert -- Heather.

HEATHER NAUERT, "FOX & FRIENDS": Hi, Sean. Tomorrow's showdown in Indiana has the potential to change the direction of the Republican race. The Hoosier state is thought to be Senator Ted Cruz's last chance to stop Donald Trump from getting to 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination, Senator Cruz campaigning hard in this hey state. But a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal Marist poll shows Donald Trump with a 15-point lead heading into tomorrow's contest. The Republican front-runner has 49 percent, Senator Ted Cruz with 34 percent, and Governor John Kasich is third with 13 percent.

Sean, on the Republican side, 57 delegates will be on the line in Indiana, so if that poll holds, Donald Trump could walk away with a large share of those delegates, and a big win tomorrow could go a long way in helping Trump lock up the nomination. Primaries in delegate-rich states, including California and New Jersey, coming up on the calendar soon.

And finally, there's a new Rasmussen head-to-head poll that's out today.  It shows Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton 41 to 39 percent. Those numbers, of course, within the margin of error, but it is still good news for Mr. Trump.

As always, Sean, we'll keep track of all the 2016 developments. Back to you.

HANNITY: And Heather Nauert, thank you.

Joining us now, 2016 Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.  Mr. Trump, good to see you. I've got to imagine...


HANNITY: ... that -- I'm sure you're happy with the polls that I just mentioned, that Heather just mentioned in Indiana, but why do I suspect the Rasmussen poll that has you up against Hillary probably appeals to you more?

TRUMP: Well, actually, the Indiana poll is so important. You know, I've been in Indiana for a long time now and I'm here now, and we're going to some really big rallies tonight. And it's just been like a love fest. And Bobby Knight, as you know, came out and endorsed me and so many other people. So Indiana is very important because I think it just all ends with Indiana and then we start against Hillary.

And on top of this, I heard we just came out with a great poll, Rasmussen has me up on Hillary, and I'm very happy about that.

HANNITY: all right, let's talk about -- you kind of have a little bit of a battle of the endorsements in Indiana, 57 delegates at stake. You have a number of polls that have you up by double digits. You say if you win Indiana, you think this race is over? What about -- the strategy has been, though, for a while of Ted Cruz and John Kasich to prevent you from getting to 1,237. Will you reach out to them if you do win the state? Will you say it's time to unify?

TRUMP: Well, I think, basically, all of the pundits -- not that they're right because, you know, they've been wrong so much, but they're all saying that it's over if you win Indiana.

Now, I have a few to go, but, you know, it looks like I'm going to win California big. Actually, Nebraska is looking very good and other states are looking very good. Oregon, we had a very good poll there. So we're having some great polls come out for, you know, a lot of different states.

Now, if I win just a couple of them, it's over. New Jersey, certainly, we're doing very well there. We had a poll recently and were through the roof in New Jersey, and that's a big state, a lot of -- that's a lot of delegates.

So a lot of the people are saying that if I win in Indiana, that would be - - that's the end for, you know, lyin' Ted Cruz. So we'll see what happens.

HANNITY: All right, what -- how do you unify? You've had -- you started out with 17. You now have two more opponents. You say if you win, it's over. How do you bring Ted Cruz, John Kasich and the other 15 guys that were opponents of yours into your camp? And do you think it's necessary in a battle against the Democrats? Wouldn't it be better to unify in the end?

TRUMP: It's better, but I'm not -- I don't think it's necessary, actually.  But I think it's better. Certainly, if we could have unification -- my whole life has been, believe it or not, people smile, but it's about unification. You look at our country. It's totally divided. We have a president that divides white and black and so many others, income groups.  It's totally a divided country.

I will bring people together. And I think what's going to happen, Sean -- and you know this because I had mentioned this once before, but over the last three weeks, I have received so many calls from people that have said the worst things about me, things that you wouldn't even -- can't imagine.  And they've said it publicly on television that, you know, they were backing somebody else.

And they've been calling me especially over the last week because, you know, we had the big win in New York and the big win in Pennsylvania and Connecticut and all the other places, Maryland. We had these massive wins that were -- you know, I mean, they were landslides. And everybody's now calling me, wanting to get on.

And one in particular called. He said such horrible things, and he said, Donald, I want to endorse you. I want to go with you. I want to change.  I want to go with you. I said, How can you do that after what you said?  He said, I have no problem.

So you know, they're politicians. They can do whatever they want. But it's -- we're going to have a lot. I think you're going to see a very unified party, actually.

HANNITY: Let's go back to Friday night. You were giving a speech. I think you had 31,000 people there. You had all the protesters outside.

One of the things that I noticed a lot were a lot of people had Mexican flags. I didn't see many American flags, if any at all. What does that mean? How do you interpret that in terms of so many people waving the Mexican flag, and it obviously goes to the heart of the battle over immigration?

TRUMP: The reason you didn't see American flags, they were burning the American flag. And they were burning it two days later when they had a rally. They were burning the American flag and they were holding up the Mexican flag.

Now, look, I want to take business back from Mexico. I want to compete. I want to take people that are leaving, like Carrier is leaving. You take a look at Carrier air-conditioners. They're leaving Indiana, Indianapolis.  And they're leaving Indiana and they're going to Mexico, and they're firing 1,400 people rather viciously, by the way. And they're going to open in Mexico. They're going to make-air conditioners. They're going to sell them across our border and they're not going to get -- there's no consequences.

I will stop that 100 percent. I will stop that. I think I'll probably even be able to, if we go fast enough, to stop Carrier from leaving. I don't want our companies to be able to leave. You know, our -- to that extent because if they do leave, they have to pay a consequence. There has to be a consequence, Sean, if they leave. They're leaving 1,400 jobs behind. They're going to make air-conditioners in Mexico. They're going to hire Mexicans. And there's not going to be any -- there's not going to be anything happening. There's no tax, no nothing.

Our country is losing all of its businesses, and we have to stop it. So I will be able to stop it. Politicians don't know how to stop it. I will stop it quickly and easily. That's, like, an easy one for me.

HANNITY: What about H1B visas -- in other words, those people that come from other countries, they overstay their visas. There was -- there was a statistic that came out the other day. I'm not sure if you saw it. You've talked about how phony the unemployment numbers are, but there's 20 percent of American families don't have a single person in the family in the labor force, not one person that has a job!

So what do you do to the Carriers or the...

TRUMP: So we have...

HANNITY: ... Fords or other companies?

TRUMP: Right. I have a whole thing. It's make America great again. But it's also America first, OK? We have to take care of our people. Now, if we need additional labor, we'll take care of that. But we have to take care of our people. You have cases where people are coming in and just replacing American jobs. You have cases where the Americans are training them to take their jobs, and then the Americans are unemployed for the rest of their lives.

It has to be America first, Sean, and that's what we're going to have. It has to be. We have no choice.

HANNITY: You gave...

TRUMP: Or we're not going to have a country anymore.

HANNITY: You kind of broke a little bit of -- I know you love to do your rallies. But you gave a foreign policy speech, a serious speech, and you talked about America first. And you talked about how many foreign policy mistakes we've made over the years, but -- and you talked about building up the military.

How specifically do you prevent -- if you're going to defeat ISIS, how do you prevent putting boots on the ground in the Middle East? I'll agree with you. I think things have gotten much worse, precipitously worse, especially under Obama pulling out early after we had invested so much time, energy, lives, blood, and American treasure. How do you win that battle if you're not going to put people on the ground?

TRUMP: So our military has become very depleted. We give tremendous amounts of -- of munitions and everything. We give everything to people that we think are allies, and one shot's fired in the air, and they drop their equipment and they run, OK? And the enemy ends up picking up our equipment.

But our military is totally depleted and it's exhausted, and it shouldn't be that way. We're going to build up our military. We have to take out ISIS. We'll do it in conjunction with others, but we're going to have to take out ISIS. They're chopping our heads.

And you remember -- look, I've been doing this a long time with you. I was always against the war in Iraq. I said it's going to totally destabilize the Middle East. And that's what it's done. It's a disaster.

But we were there. And Obama, the way that -- as you just said, the way he got us out of that was also -- it was catastrophic, what he did, because he should have left troops back. And I've been saying keep the oil.

HANNITY: Do you think...

TRUMP: If we're going to leave, keep the oil.

HANNITY: Can you get the Saudis to fight?

TRUMP: But we're going to have to take out ISIS. We have no choice.

HANNITY: Can you get the Saudis to fight? Can you get the Jordanians and the Egyptians to put their boots on the ground, considering it's right in their backyard?

TRUMP: They're going to have to.

HANNITY: And you think you can get them to do it.

TRUMP: They have not proven -- they have not proven to be great fighters.  You know, if you look at some of these people, the Kurds have fought hard, but you look, a lot of the people that we are supporting, they haven't been great with the fighting.

Now, we'll see what happens. And I think -- look, Jordan, he's a terrific person and a wonderful family. And there are a lot of good things that are happening over there if we could ever unify people. I mean, they have to be unified. But they have to do the fighting. We shouldn't be sending our troops. We've lost thousands of troops. We've lost trillions of dollars.  We've spent, if you add it up, probably $4 trillion in the Middle East, and we have to rebuild our country.

I mean, there's a time -- they've spent years, 15 years. There's a time at which we have to say, Let's get the heck out, we have to build our country, we have to rebuild the United States. Our roads are bad. Our airports are third-world airports, our transportation systems. Everything we have in this country is a disaster. We have to get back to rebuilding our country.

HANNITY: There's no doubt...

TRUMP: Sean, if you add it up, it has to be $4 trillion. And most importantly, all of the lives we've lost. Somebody else over there -- I mean, these are the beneficiaries moreso than us. They're going to have to do the fighting. We can help them with air strikes and lots of other things, but we have to get people to do some fighting. But regardless, we have to take out ISIS, have to take it. And also...

HANNITY: There's no doubt, though, the rest of the world has gotten a free ride.

TRUMP: We're going to keep the oil.

HANNITY: The world has gotten a free ride...


TRUMP: It's true.

HANNITY: ... and -- but without American leadership, I'm not so sure we'd have even the level of stability where we have it now, which I don't think is particularly strong. Agree?

TRUMP: Wealthy countries have gotten a free ride. I'm not just talking about countries that need help. You look at NATO, where we're paying such a disproportional cost -- we're protects people. We're protecting these countries. You have 28 countries. We're protecting these countries.

And just take a look at what's happening in NATO, where, you know, they're delinquent and they're not paying what they're supposed to be paying and some aren't paying at all. And we just keep paying. And you know, we're protecting them. And we've got to get -- it's got to be a whole different deal because...

HANNITY: All right, we got to take a break...

TRUMP: ... we owe right now $19 trillion, and we've got to change the whole formula quickly.

HANNITY: And $125 trillion in unfunded liabilities that very few people talk about. But we'll have more with Donald Trump right after the break.

And coming up later tonight...


CHUCK TODD, MODERATOR, "MEET THE PRESS": Are you going to support Donald Trump if he's the nominee?

SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I am going to beat Donald Trump. We are headed to a contested convention. And we're going to win and I'm not willing to concede this country. Listen, this is my kids' future, Chuck. It's not...


CRUZ: It's not simply a game.


HANNITY: So why does Senator Cruz refuse to answer whether or not he will, in fact, support Donald Trump if he does win the nomination? Laura Ingraham is here tonight with reaction. That tonight and more as we continue.




HILLARY CLINTON, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  Remember, I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak. I'm not going to deal with their temper tantrums or their bullying or their efforts to try to provoke me. He can say whatever he wants to say about me. I could really care less.


HANNITY: As we continue with 2016 Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump -- all right, so you tweeted out, "Crooked Hillary said she's used to dealing with men who get off the reservation. Actually, she's done very poorly with such men." And you had made a statement that, "I think the only card she has is the woman's card, and if she were a man, I don't think she'd get 5 percent of the vote."

That has stirred in the media some controversy. I wanted to give you a chance to explain.

TRUMP: Well, they're both true statements. I mean, first of all, her first statement about the reservation was, aside from being put down by, you know, native Americans very strongly -- but forgetting about that, it was a very derogatory statement to men.

It was almost as though she's going to just tell us what to do, tell men what to do. I thought it was a very derogatory statement. It was a real putdown. If I would have made that statement and -- or if somebody else would have made that statement, it would have been like a big headline.  She got away with it. I don't know, maybe she didn't get away with it, but very, very derogatory statement about men and to men. And you know that's the way I feel about it.

And as far as her running for office, she's playing the woman's card like I've never seen anybody play it. I think even women are disgusted by it.  And there's no question about it, if she were a man, I don't think she'd get 5 percent of the vote.

HANNITY: One of the things you said about Governor Romney's campaign, especially in that third debate, you thought he took his foot off the gas.  As -- if you get the nomination, you've talked about, I haven't even begun to go after Hillary Clinton.

Is everything, in your view, fair game about the Clintons, about their past, about Bill? Is everything fair game, or is this something she will determine based on how she runs her campaign if it was against you?

TRUMP: Well, it depends on how they come after me. Let's see how they come after me. No, I would not say everything's fair game unless they come after me in a certain way, in which case it becomes more open. We'll see what happens.

But I will tell you I have been a counterpuncher. You know, I -- we had 17 people in this race, and one by one, they got off -- very capable people, governors, senators. And some of them are incredible people like Ben Carson, Dr. Carson, who endorsed me and Chris Christie who endorsed me and some others that I think others are going to endorse me out (ph) of the race. I mean, you know, they're very capable people.

But one by one, I won, and now I'm here and I'm beating Cruz by a landslide. He should be getting out soon.


TRUMP: And Kasich has only won 1 out of 48 -- I mean, he's won -- I think he's 1 for 48 or 1 for 46, including the islands, including whatever it is.

HANNITY: The territories, yes.

TRUMP: But he's like 1 for something that's massive. And I don't even know, you know, if he -- I don't even know, does he stay or does he not stay? But what's going on? You know, if you look at Kasich, Rubio and Carson and Christie, many people were doing better than him and they decided -- you know, they thought it was maybe for the good of the party or the good of themselves. But certainly, Ben Carson was doing fantastically.  These people got out. And Kasich is...

HANNITY: All right, look, let me ask...

TRUMP: ... the last -- the last number was so astronomical (INAUDIBLE)

HANNITY: These exit polls after every state, they all say the same thing, that 60 percent, fully 60-plus percent of Republicans feel betrayed by the Republican Party.

Now, if you look at two -- the two big eras where conservatism advanced and where I think conservative ideas solved a lot of the country's problems, one was when Reagan was president. The other was Newt Gingrich and the "Contract with America."

Because the distrust level is so high, one, how do you get Congress to go along with your agenda? And two, would you consider putting down on paper the very promises that you're making to the American people and then check off the list one by one?

TRUMP: Well, I think I might do that. I'm doing certain policy positions and certain policy standards, and I'm, you know, getting pretty good marks for it, I think. I did one recently, as you saw. And I'm getting very good marks.

I mean, we have very detailed policy on tax. We're going to lower taxes very substantially, and we're going to get especially on the middle income and especially on business. And we're going to get business back to work because if you look at the real unemployment rate, it's probably 20 percent. It could even be higher than that. People give up looking for jobs. It's a mess.

I mean, that's one of the reasons I have so many people at my rallies. We have 31,000 and 35,000 people recently at rallies. And it's incredible when you see what's going on, and a lot of it's the economy and the fact that they can't get jobs.

HANNITY: How, specifically, for example, if you did win tomorrow and you get the nomination -- it's been pretty contentious between you and Senator Cruz. Would you personally reach out to him? Would you say -- like, for example, I know that you said recently that you're going to actually give a list of names, and it would only be from that list that you would choose a Supreme Court nominee.

Would you'd reach out to Ted Cruz? Would you want him on your team? Would you want to unite the party?

TRUMP: Well, look, the party should be united. Does it have to be? No.  I think I can win without really having a perfectly united party. I mean, there are some people I don't want their endorsements because they were so nasty and they lied and they said a lot of bad things...

HANNITY: I guess Lindsey Graham is on that list, yes.

TRUMP: There are some people, frankly, their endorsement doesn't mean -- well, no, Lindsey Graham -- look, I beat him so badly. I was at 48 and he was at nothing, I mean, practically nothing. The guy got out, and now all he does is go around and badmouth me. And he's wrong on his military policy. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

That's why we've been fighting the war so long. You know, we're listening to these people that don't know what they're doing. That's why we fight ISIS. We can't even beat ISIS because we listen to people like Lindsey Graham.

But he's been so nasty. I don't care if he endorses me or not. It doesn't matter. And it won't have any impact on the election. It won't have any impact.

But I would like to see -- with that, I'd like to see a united party because we would have possibly a little better chance. I don't know.


TRUMP: I would love to see the Republicans unite because we're going to beat -- you just see the poll that just came out a couple of hours ago, where I'm beating Hillary...

HANNITY: Let me ask about...

TRUMP: ... and I haven't even started on Hillary!

HANNITY: Last week...

TRUMP: But I beat all of these people...

HANNITY: Yes. Last week, you...

TRUMP: Yes, go ahead.

HANNITY: The Battleground poll had you tied with Hillary. Rasmussen today has you up. Previously, you were down -- I think the RealClearPolitics average was down minus 7. What has changed in the last couple of weeks from your perspective, where that race in a general election, hypothetical matchup, has closed the way it has?

TRUMP: The voters are getting to know me. And I'll go a step further. I think a lot of the young people that are with Bernie Sanders are going to come over to my side because they want jobs. They see what's happening.

And Bernie Sanders and I agree on one thing, trade, that we don't know what we're doing on trade. The difference is, I'll make great deals out of it.  He doesn't know what to do. I mean, he's a socialist. He doesn't know what to do. I'll make great deals out of it.

But the people that are with Bernie Sanders, the young people, I really believe they're going to come over and vote for me. I think we're going to have a lot of cross (ph). I think a lot of the people that are with Hillary are going to come out to vote for me. Certainly, the independents and people that have never voted for her, they've already come over and they voted for me. That's why the Republican Party is up millions of votes.

So I'm leading Cruz by millions and millions of votes. I'm leading him by hundreds of delegates. You know, I'm leading by a lot. And I should get to that number very easily and very soon.

HANNITY: All right, Mr. Trump. Thanks for your time, as always.  Appreciate it. Good luck Tuesday.

TRUMP: Thank you. Thank you, Sean.

HANNITY: And coming up next tonight right here on "Hannity"...


TODD: Are you going to support Donald Trump if he's the nominee?

CRUZ: I am going to beat Donald Trump. We are headed to a contested convention. And we're going to win and I'm not willing to concede this country.

TODD: All right.

CRUZ: Listen, this is my kids' future, Chuck!


CRUZ: It's not -- it's not simply a game.


HANNITY: So why is Senator Cruz not saying if he would support Donald Trump if he wins the GOP nomination? Remember the pledge everyone took way back when? Laura Ingraham is here to weigh in on that and the all- important Indiana primary race as "Hannity" continues tonight.


HANNITY: And welcome back to "Hannity." So some are calling Indiana a must-win state for Senator Ted Cruz. And yesterday, during an interview on "Meet the Press," the Texas senator was asked if he would support Donald Trump if, in fact, he becomes the GOP nominee. Let's take a look.


TODD: You've spent this entire interview trying to eviscerate Donald Trump. If he's the nominee, I take it you can't support him anymore, can you.

CRUZ: I believe if the Republican Party nominates Donald Trump, we will lose to Hillary.

TODD: Can you support him? Can you tell your delegates...

CRUZ: Chuck, what I'm going to -- what I'm going to do is beat him.

TODD: Lay down your arm and support Donald Trump?

CRUZ: Chuck...

TODD: Well, you may not. You realize that.

CRUZ: I recognize -- I recognize that many in the media would love for me to surrender to Donald Trump because it means, number one...

TODD: It's not about the media.

CRUZ: ... that Hillary wins...


TODD: Senator, it's about the numbers. Are you going to support Donald Trump if he's the nominee?

CRUZ: I am going to beat Donald Trump. We are headed to a contested convention. We're going to win. And I'm not willing to concede this country.

TODD: All right.

CRUZ: Listen, this is my kids' future, Chuck!


CRUZ: It's not -- it's not simply a game!


HANNITY: All right, joining us now, editor-in-chief of Lifezette.com, nationally syndicated radio host, FOX News contributor Laura Ingraham.  Laura, good to see you.


HANNITY: Is it must-win for Senator Ted Cruz tomorrow?

INGRAHAM: I think so. And I've got to say, after watching that "Meet The press" exchange, I was wondering what was the point of all of that was.  You know, I had Ken Cuccinelli, you know, who's a Trump surrogate, who was on my radio show today. And I asked him the same question and he said, I'll support the Republican nominee. That's all he had to say.

I don't -- I don't get what is gained by that answer by Ted Cruz. Why string that out? And you know, so now there's speculation that Ted Cruz may be planning already for 2020, that he wants to run in 2020. But even if he wants to run in 2020, you don't want to be seen as the spoiler for 2016. So I didn't follow why he really did that. I thought that was an odd exchange.

HANNITY: What do you make of a guy like George Will -- I mean, somebody I grew up watching with David Brinkley...


HANNITY: ... I mean, that's how far back I go in terms of watching him and always respecting him -- but saying and encouraging Republicans to help Trump, if he's the nominee, lose all 50 states. And then you got a guy like Bill Kristol. He's out there suggesting hypothetical names like Senator Cotton of Arkansas, Marco Rubio to run third party, which would guarantee a Hillary win.

What is going on with these establishment types?

INGRAHAM: Well, I think George has referenced -- he's a friend of mine, as well, but George has referenced the word "vulgarian" many times when he describes Trump. And their argument is Trump's a secret liberal. And this argument -- it doesn't make any sense to me.

As I try to unpack -- he's -- now, let me just get this straight. He has this incredible life. He's a billionaire. He's married to, like, a supermodel. He has all these golf courses, has these great businesses.

But he wants to run as a pretend conservative and get slammed by everyone, Hollywood, all these Latino activists. All these people are slamming him for what? Because he's going to get in the White House and then be the liberal that all the liberals really want?

I mean, the whole argument to me seems ridiculous. And for all the issues that I know George does care about, and I know Bill Kristol cares about, do they really think it's all going to be better under Hillary Clinton?

HANNITY: Well...

INGRAHAM: I mean, do they really think the country's going to move in their direction under Hillary? I don't get it.

HANNITY: Is Hillary going to build a wall? Is Donald Trump going to give the $1 trillion tax increase that Hillary's talking about? Does he care more about balanced budgets, energy independence? Does he believe in fracking? Will he get rid of "Obama care," like he's told me 50 times in interviews that I've had with him? I mean, to compare...

INGRAHAM: The people think so. The people think so. So the people are actually listening to what he says. They've seen this entire campaign, he's clear-cut the entire field. I think we know that if it weren't for Trump, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio would have gotten a lot farther in this and maybe would be looking at Jeb Bush versus Cruz or Rubio right now. I don't know.

HANNITY: Is it that the establishment types are losing grip on power and access, and they would rather Hillary win so they could wave their finger at the people -- in the people's face say, we told you? That they don't like the way people in this country have decided to vote after a very long, over a years-long process of selecting a candidate?

INGRAHAM: I think -- I think that's part of it. I think there are a lot of people in the media who look down their noses at the voters. And the voters are stupid, the voters don't know Rousseau, the voters haven't memorized the Federalist Papers, the voters maybe themselves are vulgarians. I think it's a very strange way to try to save or transform the country back to first principles to say, you know something, it doesn't matter, Hillary and Trump are just the same person. So if they're on the stage together, Sean, and they're debating each other in the fall, we're supposed to believe they're the same person. This argument makes -- literally makes no sense.

You know, people have evolved on issues, frankly, including some of the people who don't like Trump very much, they've evolved on issues. A lot of them are pretty critical of Reagan in the '70s until they came around to that. So, you know, this idea that Trump is doing this as a lark or because he's a narcissist -- I mean, he had a much better life, I'm sure, and more fun life before all of this. I mean, I don't know why he would have put himself through this to do a big switcheroo when he got into the White House. It's ludicrous.

HANNITY: Let me expand further. Let's say either one is now the nominee, hopefully people unite and what I think Kristol and George Will are advocating, let's hope that goes by the wayside. Who would be top vice presidential candidates for you?

INGRAHAM: I know people probably dis agree with it, I'm not going to tell you what I think. I actually think Chris Christie would be a great pick as a vice presidential candidate. I know people are watching going, oh, my God, bridge-gate, and Christie is too much like Trump.

HANNITY: I think he should be in the administration, absolutely not vice president.

INGRAHAM: I thought the same thing. But Sean, I'm thinking of people who he clear-cut Marco Rubio, number one. Number two, he's super smart.  He has really good political instincts, the whole bridge thing notwithstanding. I'm sorry. I think Christie would be great.

HANNITY: Who else would you like?

INGRAHAM: I think Gingrich would be a great vice presidential pick.  I think Newt would be good. I think Christie would be good.


INGRAHAM: Those are probably right now who my --

HANNITY: You know why I like Newt Gingrich, and I don't think anyone is going to think about that, but he actually balanced the budget, he got welfare reform. If we have two defining moments of conservatism and its success, it was Reagan and Newt in the contact. Why not have a new contract?

INGRAHAM: Right. And I'd hate to see Trump pick somebody who would blunt what could be an amazing legacy going forward. You know, Reagan picked H. W. we know what happened in 1992. Now I'm going kind of farther down the road. I think what we saw, again, getting back to Christie, and don't turn your nose up at this, Sean.

HANNITY: I'm turning my nose up. Go ahead.

INGRAHAM: But Christie had a populist pitch in this campaign. He was closest to Trump other than Cruz.

HANNITY: How about this? How about he's the A.G. who prosecutes history?

INGRAHAM: I'd be fine with that, too. I'm thinking unconventional here.

HANNITY: Laura, good to see you. Thank you as always.

INGRAHAM: Thank you.

HANNITY: Coming up, young anti-Trump protesters caught on camera cursing and giving the finger to Trump supporters. Peter Johnson Jr., Geraldo Rivera, Monica Crowley, are here to weigh in.

Plus we'll also get their reaction to leftwing agitators actually burning the American flag and waving Mexican flags outside a Trump rallies, that and more as we continue.





HANNITY: All right, Trump protesters yesterday, some young people wearing sombreros and, again, waving the Mexican flag just like they did Friday. You might remember this all going down. And the American flag was actually burned at that particular protest.

And joining us now with reaction as we show that video, FOX News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr., FOX News senior correspondent Geraldo Rivera, FOX News contributor, Monica Crowley. You know, I know you've been critical of Trump's position on Hispanics. We can roll that video there.  Look at all this. Really? The Mexican flag and burning the American flag, Geraldo? Sorry, this is the United States of America.

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS SENIOR CORRESPONDENT: I agree with you.  These protests have exactly the opposite to their intended effect. They absolutely ricochet. Once you turn to mayhem and violence, once you start burning the American flag, you drive the middle away. It's the worst possible thing these young people can be doing. It is a lot like Occupy and a lot like Black Lives Matter. When it gets this extreme, this out of control, it really rebounds very badly on --

HANNITY: And the irony, Monica, is if you come from Central America, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and you go to Mexico as an illegal immigrant, they either put you in jail or they send you home immediately and then the Mexico government lectures us.

MONICA CROWLEY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Oh, yes, and it's not just Latin Americans. It's pretty much every other country if you try to pull that in any other country.

One of the smartest things Donald Trump did when he launched this campaign was appropriate a phrase from Richard Nixon, the "great silent majority." Nixon understood that all the countercultural movement against the war in Vietnam and everything else was a small minority. They were vocal and powerful, but they were small minority, and that the great silent majority of Americans would rise up and want to wake their country back.

And so Nixon was elected once and then was reelected. Donald Trump, same thing. He is speaking to Geraldo's point. He is speaking to what remains of the great silent majority in this country.

HANNITY: Listen --

CROWLEY: People who want to take their country back.

RIVERA: I'm not talking substance of the issue. I'm talking about the tactics. I do not believe Donald Trump can win the presidency unless he bridges the gap that now exists between him and the American-Hispanic community. You can do it, though, stay true to your principles about the southern border and so forth without some of the extremists statements, but I think that these protests --

HANNITY: Let me go to Peter.

RIVERA: -- really ricochet.

HANNITY: We got a statistic that came out last week that one in five families, 20 percent of American families don't have a single person in that family in the labor force in America today. So all these illegal immigrants, millions of them, many from Mexico, come in, they compete for American jobs, they drive down wages, and on top of that then we have the added threat of having open borders and ISIS saying they would cross that border. So to me this is a 90-10 issue in the country.

PETER JOHNSON JR., FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: Sure, and that's a huge portion of it. But a lot of it is education. Educating corporate America that encourages that. They want cheap labor. That puts a lot of people out of work in this country.

   But I agree with Geraldo in this sense. Donald Trump has the ability, has the empathy to bridge the gap between the Hispanic American community --

RIVERA: I agree.

JOHNSON: And the position that he's taken. He can articulate in a way --

HANNITY: He's going to build that wall.

JOHNSON: We need the wall, we need real borders, we need real immigration control. But at the same time, say to people in the Democratic Party, you've been deceived. They've been lying to you for 30, 40 years on this particular issue. Your life hasn't improved, the life of other Americans hasn't improved, and so there's common ground, I think, while at the same time Trump can keep his bona fides.

   RIVERA: He says I want the decent people. I want the hardworking people. I want the people who've been here for many years --

CROWLEY: Legally. Legally.

RIVERA: -- no crime -- even those who are here, if you've committed no crime other than your status.

HANNITY: That's not what his position is.

RIVERA: I'm not going to deport you. He's got to back off on that draconian approach to this problem. But I think, if you listen to Peter now, this is the tone this man must assume to become president of the United States.

HANNITY: There's something wrong with my tone or Monica's tone? You don't like our tone?

RIVERA: I think the danger is, Sean, you drive him to a position --

HANNITY: I'm not driving anybody.

RIVERA: -- that is impractical in the sense --

HANNITY: There's also agreement --

   RIVERA: If he paints them all with --

JOHNSON: What really bothers me about that video is that parents are allowing those young kids to be screaming the worst possible things they can --

HANNITY: Good point.

JOHNSON: -- and raising their middle fingers. That is not the American way to engage in the First Amendment. Although flag burning is protected, it's the wrong way to do it.

HANNITY: I think Monica's right, that's going to backfire. Geraldo is right, that's going to backfire. All right, we have more with our great panel coming up right after this break, including, is George Will supporting Hillary? Straight ahead.  


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity" as we continue with our panel.  Monica, let me turn to you. So you have George Will. I mean, I remember him with David Brinkley and Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts. I guess that ages me, Geraldo, but not quite up to your age but I'm getting there.


HANNITY: But if Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House. They would be best served by helping him lose 50 states.  Bill Kristol is out there putting out the names of hypothetical third-party candidates which would guarantee a Hillary victory. Now, as a conservative, haven't we had to suck it up a lot of years with Bob Dole and John McCain?

CROWLEY: A lot, Sean, a lot. More times than I can count I've had to hold my nose. Look, they are -- they're very intelligent people. They are like the intellectual leaders of the never-Trump movement, OK? I happen to think that's extremely destructive. I understand a lot of conservatives have a lot of concerns about Donald Trump and how he would govern because he's essentially an unknown quantity. But are you really going to argue that we should be slitting all of our throats and go for somebody like Hillary Clinton rather than support the guy winning in the primary process?  He could very well win the nomination. I think we owe not just the conservative movement but the country, Sean -- wait a minute, the responsibility to back whoever gets this nomination, including Donald Trump.

HANNITY: You know, Peter, I want to go to you. I have been saying for a long time that the establishment, I think if it's Trump or Cruz, either one of them, that they have such disdain for the voters of this country that there's nothing that would make them happier at this point than be able to say, wagging their fingers in everyone's face, see, we told you so, you should have done with our nominee.

JOHNSON: Unfortunately. And that air of superiority, whether it's intellectual or whether it's faux intellectual, I think that's done. And I think that to create a climate of fear with regard to voting for Donald Trump, that's not who we are as a people. And that's what's being done by some columnists in this country. They say, well, you'll be held to account if you voted for Donald Trump. And it affects polling. Look at the last five or six states. Donald Trump outperformed all the polls. These folks are making people afraid. I can't say I'm for Trump. But they're voting for Trump because that's their choice.

CROWLEY: And every time the establishment piles on Trump, his numbers go up. There's a very interesting psychological thing happening. Any time the establishment, the media, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, they go after Trump, it's like his supporters grow because they're actually developing something of a protective shield around this guy because they believe in him.

HANNITY: Here's a guy, Geraldo, that is probably on a path to break the all-time GOP record in the 162 year history of the grand old party. He will get more primary nomination votes than anybody ever. And, you know, they're trying to sabotage his campaign and help Hillary.

RIVERA: You have never had a more profound chasm between the intellectual elite of the party and the people who actually vote, vote as Republicans in the primary process. There is a movement. Trump has initiated a movement. This is a populist movement that is unstoppable.  And I submit it is undemocratic of them to wish away the Trump phenomenon.  He will be the nominee.

And I think the message should be that this is an office that is so humbling that this will moderate as it moderated everyone behind the Oval Office. This process will drive Trump as it has driven everyone to the center.


RIVERA: He won't govern --

HANNITY: -- said for years, they want to bring new people in. So all these blue collar Reagan Democrats who have been gone for a long time are coming in.

CROWLEY: Yes. They were full of it. They didn't actually mean that.  And every time George Will writes a column like that, guess what? Trump wins by ever greater margins.

HANNITY: Why would they do that, Peter? It seems suicidal.

CROWLEY: It's elitist. It's snobbery.

JOHNSON: It's the old order.

RIVERA: Remember, Trump lost Manhattan.

JOHNSON: That's true.

RIVERA: The one county.

HANNITY: He won 62 percent in the state, Geraldo.

JOHNSON: It's holding on to the old politics. It's holding on to the establishment values. It's being part of the discussion even if you're on the other side of it, it's having your call taken by the establishment.

HANNITY: They're out of power.

JOHNSON: So Trump comes in. That all changes on day one. And they hate it.

RIVERA: My point is, here is Barack Obama, junior senator, no real life experience, gets into the office. And he, you know, you can dispute this.

HANNITY: Horrible president, horrible, atrocious.

RIVERA: I don't think he's been horrible. He's had some misses and hits. But my point is he has not brought the country to disaster. Nor will Trump.

HANNITY: Excuse me, yes, he has. But I don't have time to explain it to you.

When we come back, we need your help. Our "Question of the Day" is straight ahead.          


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