Political fallout of Trump campaign manager controversy.

How will the charges impact the GOP candidate's chances at the nomination? 'The O'Reilly Factor' investigates


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ERIC BOLLING, FOX NEWS HOST: Hi, I'm Eric Bolling in for Bill O'Reilly, thanks for watching this special edition of The Factor "Election 2016." Let's get straight to our top story, the political fallout now that Donald Trump's campaign manager has been charged with battery.

Florida police charged Corey Lewandowski yesterday after former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields claim he wrapped her up. Trump's opponents are firing everything they got at Trump and Lewandowski. Take a listen to Ben Shapiro who is Fields' former boss at Breitbart who resigned in protest over the website wants handling of the incident.


BEN SHAPIRO, FORMER BREITBART EDITOR-AT-LARGE: The real story here is the Trump campaign's obviously stupid decision not to immediately admit something had gone wrong, apologizing and move on. Instead deciding to go after Michelle personally and lie about the incident. Now have you Donald Trump suggesting that Michelle Fields assaulted him and Corey Lewandowski like the heroes of Normandy stepped in and protected Donald Trump from this 110-pound reporter with a pen that might have been a bomb or just a pen or mainly not a threat.


BOLLING: But in Wisconsin today, Trump is continuing to make it very clear Lewandowski has his full support and will not face any disciplinary action.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: What kind of country are we in? To destroy somebody? And what kind of a country are we in when they go to Kasich, what would you do? I would fire him. They go to Ted Cruz, I would fire him. Folks, as your president, you need somebody that's going to be loyal to the country and to yourselves. You need somebody that's going to fight you. Now, if she really did go down, if she did something like that. He would have been fired before she ever got up. Okay? That I can tell.


BOLLING: Joining us now from Phoenix, Jeff Dewitt, the chairman of the Trump campaign in Arizona. Jeff, let's start off by this video that's circulating and everyone has seen probably 10 or 15 times. The video came from Trump event. A Trump property. Did the Trump group, did they volunteer that video or was that subpoenaed?

JEFF DEWITT, TRUMP CAMPAIGN SURROGATE: It's my understanding that it was volunteered. We wanted that video out there to show that the sequence of events that Miss Fields said happened did not happen that way. So, I know we wanted that video out there because it obviously substantiates what Corey had been saying which is that she was not pulled to the ground in any way.

BOLLING: Uh-hm. At this pressers, now this is a Trump presser. At these pressers, are the media required to wear any sort of identification that shows that they are part of the media so it could be literally either media or a protester or a fan?

DEWITT: You know, I think it goes on a case-by-case basis per the event. There are some events where they are all media and so I don't know if the requirement is the case and there are other events like the rallies where absolutely we want to identify who is media so, I'm not sure this event, if that was required or not.

BOLLING: Okay. So, I watched the video a bunch of times. And, you know, this is just -- I'm looking at the video the same way you are and anyone else who is watching the show saw it. It looks to me like Michelle Fields doesn't actually fall to the ground. I don't see anywhere where she falls. But it also looks to me like Corey did in fact touch her, Lewandowski did in fact touch her at some point. Now, I wasn't there so I don't know for sure. But Cory Lewandowski, the aftermath of that tweeted saying that Michelle was delusional, that he never touched her. He doesn't even know her. That I think both of those accounts from both sides may not be perfectly accurate, where am I missing this?

DEWITT: Yes. It's funny, that video now has been slowed down and gone frame by frame I think more than the Zapruder film over the Kennedy assassination looking with people looking at that. And what Corey was saying that, right after the event when she was coming out and making these claims that she was dragged to the ground. He knew that he had not dragged anybody to the ground. And so, what he was denying was saying look, I have no idea what this woman is talking about. I never dragged anybody to the ground.

So, now that the video is out there, what's hard is, that is normal, almost normal clearing a building kind of sequence of events. When you are trying to get a Secret Service protected individual out of an event, and through an exit way, there is always going to be kind of a scrum and people are getting pushed back to clear a path. And so it's just kind of the normal standard for standing around one of those areas.

BOLLING: And I get all of that. I understand that. But the tweet does say, I did not touch her. Now, he may not -- did he not remember he touched her? Is that possible?

DEWITT: Well, he didn't know her at the same time. So, he didn't know the woman at all. And so when this woman came out and said, you know, if you look at that video closely, too. You will notice, his eyes aren't really on her. He is just trying to get through the crowd.

BOLLING: Where was the Secret Service? Jeff, where was the Secret Service? I mean, I see there is a Secret Service agent to Trump's right. And one maybe leading him in front. Is that enough to protect the candidate, basically, you could say the nominee potential nominee?

DEWITT: You know, again, it kind of goes by the event. We have been at some events where the protection has been very heavy. And other events where it's been somewhat light. It's possible this was a little bit lighter because this was at a Trump golf course and so more of -- it was our home environment. And so, you know, there is one in front and one in back. They do a fabulous job. The Secret Service really does a great job of protecting him. So, you know, she kind of -- you noticed she kind of come darts in right after one passes in front of another. She is between them. And if you hear the recording, you will hear that she is warned to step back too by secret service.

So, everyone knows she is not doing something right and look at the left hand in those pictures that have been posted from a different angle. Here she is darting towards a Secret Service protected presidential candidate and she has something strange object in her left hand, that actually does make contact with Mr. Trump. And so, really, she did everything wrong for somebody that doesn't want to be touched in any way. That's one of the quickest ways to get touched is to dart-in between Secret Service agents and touch a presidential candidate, any candidate.

BOLLING: So, there is a poll that was released today out of Marquette, and it has Ted Cruz now leading Donald Trump prior to that Trump had been leading Ted Cruz. What do you make of this poll? Is this in response to some of this going on? Why the switch? In fact, Ted Cruz was in third place in the prior poll. Donald Trump was first. Kasich was second. Cruz has moved up. What do you attribute that to?

DEWITT: The Cruz campaign is really deploying the vast majority of their remaining resources in Wisconsin. And there has been a big, big push. They have done a ton, actually a ton of negative advertising towards Mr. Trump. So, I think what you are seeing is they know this is their last stand. If Ted Cruz loses Wisconsin, then the delegate count gets really easy for Donald Trump to sew up the nomination. And they have to make the stand here. But it's also kind of their pattern. We've seen the Cruz campaign put all the resources in one state to show they won something and then they go on to lose say the next five to seven. And so whatever happens in Wisconsin, if you look at the map past this, we are going to do very well and Mr. Trump is going to have some big wins coming up right after that but it looks like an attempt for Ted Cruz to try to make a last stand. He is putting everything he has in it. Obviously, Governor Walker of Wisconsin is a Never Trump guy.

BOLLING: Is Trump going to say -- I got to go in a minute. But is Trump - - if he's saying, is Trump going to stay in Wisconsin until Tuesday?

DEWITT: I actually don't know the schedule myself yet. But I know we are there right now and he is working heavy and I wouldn't be surprised if we do. We have a big on-the-ground presence there. And I think we will do quite well. You know, all the negative advertising is trying to get Trump people to stay at home. They are not trying to get them to turn to Ted Cruz. And so, if really, if the Trump support just shows up and votes, we will still have a very, very good day in Wisconsin.

BOLLING: All right. Very good. We will leave it there. Mr. Dewitt, thank you very much.

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