Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders square off at Democratic debate

Clinton questioned about Benghazi and email scandals at Democratic debate


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Well, Dana just swore. What did you just say?


GUTFELD: What did you just say?

PERINO: I said shoot on a shingle.

GUTFELD: All right. Hello, I'm Greg Gutfeld with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Eric Bolling and she laughs those bugs and then applause, Dana Perino -- "The Five."

Fingernails, meet chalkboard:


HILLARY CLINTON, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: When he was engaging in rhetoric that I found deeply offensive, I said "Basta."


GUTFELD: Basta. It gets worse. At last night's debate, Hillary Clinton refused to say whether she quit the race if indicted over her e-mail mess. She got snippier than a pair of salon scissors:


JORGE RAMOS, UNIVISION DEBATE MODERATOR: If you get indicted, would you drop out?

CLINTON: Oh, for goodness -- that is not going to happen. I'm not even answering that question.



GUTFELD: It's like when Fonzie walks in the "Happy Days." She's the woman equivalent of that test where they blast a puff of air in your eye: painful and unsettling. Even more callus, she claims the Benghazi families lied when telling the media that she told them of video caused the attack that killed their loved ones. Ramos played a video of Sean Smith's mother, Pat Smith, recounting how Hillary told her it was a video, when they knew it wasn't:


RAMOS: On the night of the attacks in Benghazi, you sent an e-mail to your daughter Chelsea, saying that an Al Qaeda-like group was responsible for the killings of the Americans.


RAMOS: However, some of the families claimed that you lied to them.

CLINTON: She's wrong. She's absolutely wrong. I and everybody in the administration, all the people she named, the president, the vice president, Susan Rice, we were scrambling to get information that was changing literally by the hour. And when we had information, we made it public. But then sometimes we had to go back and say we have new information that contradicts it.


GUTFELD: Well, would you look at that? The audience booed a question about Benghazi. And why not, when you're more obsessed with free stuff than the deaths of your own citizens, grace never enters the picture. So why would grieving families make up a story, the story we all heard the day it happened? The answer is they wouldn't. The better question is why would Hillary lie and impugn the character of these families? The answer is: She's Hillary.

So last night, what did we see? In one case, she lied to those families, and the other case about e-mails, she lied to herself which causes her now to lie to all of us. It was nearly four years ago, Clinton and her palls lied about that video to covered their butts and win in election. And now, she lies again about that same video to cover her butt and win in election. It's deja vu, but only if you gave a damn.

All right Eric, the thing that got me is that smirk.


GUTFELD: That smirk when -- because she -- when she heard the audience booing, she was like, ha! they're on my side. I don't care.

BOLLING: Yeah, and if she -- and she answered it. I'm not even going to answer that question.


BOLLING: That's ridiculous. Well that's ridiculous and just say yes, all right?


BOLLING: Yes, if I'm indicted, I will step aside. Because if you truly don't believe that's going to be the case...

PERINO: That's good point.

BOLLING: ... then go for it. Just like if someone said, Bolling, would you quit Fox if you get -- if the Yankees ask you to play third base for the next season, oh yes.

PERINO: Not to think about it.



BOLLING: So there was more -- there was so much that going on. When she starts talking about the e-mails and the non-classified stuffs, and she just let those lies flow out and her playing with the words and the semantics. It reminded me when Bill said, if you, you know --


BOLLING: It depends on what your definition of is, is. You know, play around with words people are smarter than that, but I should say conservatives are smarter.

GUTFELD: Wait. Hold on a second. I have the Yankees on here.



BOLLING: I'm in?


BOLLING: I'm in --


BOLLING: Third base?

GUTFELD: Yes, third base.

PERINO: That was (inaudible)

GUTFELD: Yes, yes. Dana, I have to say, not a fan of Jorge. But now I'm all for he, Jorge.


GUTFELD: He was, I mean --

PERINO: He's in -- you mean because he committed an act of journalism...


PERINO: ... during the debate?



PERINO: I like Jorge.

GUTFELD: Yeah. I mean, now I'll go back to disliking him but --

PERINO: Why do you dislike him?

GUTFELD: I don't know.

PERINO: Yeah, and you don't even remember what to say.

GUTFELD: I don't know why.


PERINO: Watching Hillary Clinton, when she was answering on the question about the e-mails and whether she would be indicted. I was reminded that there is a book called "Creative Visualization." It was by this woman (inaudible), kind of person named Shakti Gawain. And one of the things you're supposed to do is like, if you really want to achieve something, you have to think about it all the time, and then you're supposed to put that vision into a little pink bubble...


PERINO: ... and let the bubble float away. And I feel like that's what Hillary Clinton has done. She has convinced herself that this is never going to happen. And don't mistake what she did last night. It was a signal to the Justice Department officials. Like you're not, you're not going to indict me.

GUTFELD: Yeah, that's true.

PERINO: Right? I mean, that's what I --

GUTFELD: You're not really going to leave me. That's what she's saying.

PERINO: Also on the Benghazi thing, I think it would be more believable if they hadn't actually repeated the same thing that the Benghazi victim's families say that she told them, if they had not repeated that on the record...


PERINO: ... several time in those intervening days.


PERINO: That would be more believable.

GUTFELD: Yeah, and she is the least bit believable in that whole argument. Kimberly --


GUTFELD: This is not going to go away. Whoever becomes the nominee, if it's Trump or anyone else this is going to -- this is stuck to the bottom of her shoe like toilet paper.

GUILFOYLE: OK, awkward. Yeah it is and it should be. Because she knew exactly what happened that night. We know that she told her daughter what happened. And then she just kept like shape shifting and changing her stories to suit her political purposes. Well, it's just really true. And --

BOLLING: No, I just like your reference to shape shifting.


BOLLING: It was very good, by the way.

GUILFOYLE: Thank you.

GUTFELD: Kimberly shifts her shape often.


GUILFOYLE: No, just to the left or to the right. Call it an adjustment not a shape shifting. So, but she knows. She knows exactly what she did. And what's really horrible is that she was so strident and rude about this poor woman who is suffering still to this day, was told blatant lies by Hillary Clinton, by the administration. The whole world knows it, the records supports it. And she still had that kind of like venomous tone...


GUILFOYLE: ... about her. There is still not like, you know, one iota of grief, or remorse, or even kind of thoughtful consideration about what these families might be going for. It seems to not like going to not. It doesn't seem to bother her at all.

GUTFELD: Yeah. Juan, here you are. Just her -- I know.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: I'm just loving it.

GUTFELD: You got four against one...

WILLIAMS: I'm loving it.

GUTFELD: ... which rarely happen to this table.

WILLIAMS: No, no. The wicked witch, the wicked witch of the east came and landed there last night.

GUTFELD: But don't you think that's -- I go back -- the smirk.


GUTFELD: The smirk is why she could lose the election.

WILLIAMS: Well, no, no.

GUTFELD: You see that --

WILLIAMS: Let me just say.

GUTFELD: You could put that in an ad.

WILLIAMS: Let me say something --

GUILFOYLE: It's like what difference does it make?


WILLIAMS: The big news to me last night was, after Michigan, and the Sanders victory, she was on defense the whole night.


WILLIAMS: There was one exception when Sanders was asked about his past support for Castro, which I loved to talk about.


WILLIAMS: But for the most part, it was going after Hillary by the Washington Post, Univision and Facebook, right?


WILLIAMS: And so, I was, wow! Hillary under attack by democrats, I think the whole night she was back on her heels. And then --

GUTFELD: Sexist.

WILLIAMS: You know me --


GUTFELD: Back on her heels?

WILLIAMS: Hey, hey, hey.

GUTFELD: Those were sensible flats.

WILLIAMS: Hey, I don't know about you.

GUILFOYLE: No, that's Dana.



WILLIAMS: But now, I must say that all four of you have an ally in the RNC, the dreaded establishment. Because they -- now they filed suit and they want all of her e-mails, right?


WILLIAMS: Not the e-mails, I should say the text, and they want correspondence that might indicate there's some collusion between her campaign and the state department to cover this up. But I think the fact is you'll know an answer in terms of this investigation in the next two months.


WILLIAMS: So the question is how does it stick to her?

GUILFOYLE: Regardless.



WILLIAMS: Shoe, her shoe.


WILLIAMS: Going towards, you know --

GUTFELD: She wears crocs, by the way.

PERINO: But her reckless decision ends -- I mean, this is going to stick to her no matter what --


PERINO: If there is an indictment, well then, there's that. If there's not, it will confirm what everybody who has believed is wrong in Washington. It will be confirmed what they believe that --


PERINO: It is only for the rich or the powerful or the connected, and that if it worked, if they -- if it is a young marine who has sent an e-mail...


PERINO: ... on classified e-mail on a private server and he is dishonorably discharged. Oh, actually, that's a true story. So she thinks she is above the law. And I actually -- I think that no matter what, this story sticks with her through the election.

GUTFELD: She said something really funny last night about what she is. She is like a natural politician. Show that. That's funny.


CLINTON: I am not a natural politician in case you haven't noticed, like my husband or President Obama. So I have a view that I just have to do the best I can, get the result I can, make a difference in people's lives, and hope that people see that I'm fighting for them and that I can improve conditions, economically and other ways that will benefit them and their families.



GUTFELD: She meant likable. Not natural.

PERINO: No, it's like, so she is not a natural...


PERINO: ... politician for that for years, but she is a career politician, which is I think one of the reasons that young people in particular are saying, can't we do something different here, like we are not for her.


PERINO: They might change their minds in the general, but I think that's true.

BOLLING: I agree. I don't think she is a natural politician. I think she's very awkward in the position that the voice continues to change, he -- as you point out, the laugh, the smirks...


BOLLING: I mean it's annoying to a lot of people.


BOLLING: And even he didn't like her where Bill Clinton was on policy, you still liked the guy.


BOLLING: And frankly, President Obama. I can't stand what he's doing with the country, I can't stand what he's doing with expanding, the size of government, the regulations, the EPA --

GUILFOYLE: Obamacare.

BOLLING: Top to bottom, Obamacare.

GUILFOYLE: The fact is.

GUILFOYLE: But his -- I like to hear to guy. The answer is I can listen to the guy talk.


BOLLING: He is a natural.

GUTFELD: Yeah, that is true.

WILLIAMS: That I think that she is not natural politician. I don't think she is very good. In other way, she walks in the room here to join us at the "The Five," we would not be like, wow! But she's very likeable. I interviewed her one-on-one, very like, very nice person, socially...

PERINO: Right.

WILLIAMS: Very nice person. But she doesn't fill the room and she doesn't overpower. Bill Clinton comes in, everybody is just like, start -- I mean its wow. Barack Obama comes in. People are like, ask the president.

PERINO: Do you know who else has that?


PERINO: Sarah Palin has charisma.


PERINO: Like a full deck of cards in terms of charisma. Like every single card is like, people walk in the room. She could be behind you and there is something about it. You turn around. I've watched it happen here. And there's --

GUTFELD: Oh, she's hot.

PERINO: George group.


WILLIAMS: That's a fact.

PERINO: I don't think that's the only thing.


GUTFELD: Joking.

GUILFOYLE: Now you said that.

WILLIAMS: That was no joke.

PERINO: People who work with Hillary Clinton say that she is very likable. And that she's witty, and she's funny, and she's thoughtful.

GUTFELD: All right, well then let Kimberly, this is an interesting thing because, are we arguing that it's good to have a politician who isn't very good at being a politician, because they have to work harder at convincing you where somebody who is charismatic gets away with more stuffs.

GUILFOYLE: No. I just prefer somebody who is good at things.


GUILFOYLE: Yeah. That's natural...

GUTFELD: Who would -- but I mean, Nixon was not charismatic.

GUILFOYLE: That is a good public speaker...


GUILFOYLE: ... that inspires confidence...


GUILFOYLE: ... that has integrity and credibility, there's a whole host of things. Not a natural politician is the least of her concerns, right?


PERINO: The other thing is that natural politician versus entertaining and good on television are two very different things.


PERINO: So Nixon didn't really have to be...


PERINO: ... that great on television or charisma...

GUTFELD: Back then.

PERINO: I mean that is an additional skill of trait that you need to have.

WILLIAMS: Don't underestimate her by the way. In that message, she is really saying, you know, I'm like you.


WILLIAMS: I have to work really hard. And I'm working for you.


WILLIAMS: And therefore, you should identify with me. I mean, there's a little flick to that.


GUTFELD: I'm an unpleasant person.

GUILFOYLE: There's 100 percent like to it.


GUILFOYLE: Do think it's charming and like disarming to people to say that...


GUILFOYLE: ... and somehow make her more likable or natural.

WILLIAMS: There you have it.

GUTFELD: Well, you know, it worked on me.

GUILFOYLE: I can tell.


GUTFELD: No, it didn't. All right, coming up, next week Super Tuesday primaries are shaping into a home state battle royale for the GOP rivals. My contacts are bad. Who is winning and who is losing on their home turf? More on when we return.


GUILFOYLE: Next Tuesday, primaries are critical for the candidates, still hoping to take out Trump. And it is turning into a home states showdown. According to brand new Fox News polls, in Florida, front-runner Donald Trump tops Marco Rubio on his own turf, 43 to 20 percent among GOP voters. And in Ohio, John Kasich takes the lead over Trump, 34 to 29 percent among Buckeye republican. On a special edition of "Hannity" in North Carolina, Trump pushed back against the so-called never Trump effort to derail him.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I heard 59 planes flew in from all over the world. These are people that are taking advantage of our country. These are people that I know many of them. I can even look at their planes and say who own this one, who owns that one, I know them. And they're all flying in because, you know, they don't want to have strong borders. They want stuff flowing across the borders. They don't want to have taxation when countries treat us unfairly, because they benefit from that, and we have to. Otherwise, we'll going to continue to lose our businesses.


GUILFOYLE: OK, so a tremendous opposition. There's money being spent. They're saying in Florida, there are quite a few ads there that are anti- Trump. Like anybody but Trump, stop Trump, et cetera.

BOLLING: Yeah. That's Super PAC, our principle's Pac, which by the way is, was started by Katie Packer who was a senior adviser to Mitt Romney, and then funded, I guess by a lot of the people who want to see Trump stop, which is the D.C. insiders -- fine, whatever. The interesting thing that's developed over the last 24 hours is that two things, Senator Mike Lee has now jumped on the Cruz bandwagon, which is one of the knocks against Ted Cruz as he could not get any support from the Senate. Well he, now he has a friend in Senator Lee that will help him a little bit. But there was an e- mail sent out and it fact check me, I could be wrong about this, but Marco Rubio just started hitting Florida hard in within the last 10 days or so. And the point was that Donald Trump has set-up -- had a set-up in Florida since November. So Marco has really put all his eggs in the Florida basket, based on those interviews last night, as well, but a few end on the other networks. And he hadn't really taken it too seriously, too late. And it seems like that's been the establishment's problem all along. They didn't see Trump coming or they denied the arrival of Donald Trump and then it was too late and he decided to step it up.

GUILFOYLE: All right, Dana Perino.

PERINO: I don't know what part to talk about. What do you want to talk about?

GUILFOYLE: Whatever you like. I mean, you want to talk about Florida. You want to talk about Ohio.

PERINO: On Florida, I think the one thing is on, if it is your home state then you've already have a base of operations there. So, I don't know. He actually -- maybe it's not as many campaign, but his headquarters is there, so whatever. That Carly Fiorina -- we didn't talk about yesterday on Ted Cruz also picked up the endorsement of former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. And her speech was great. I don't agree that some people said she -- there's more lies than last night. She said that Carly has found her calling, that she's a great surrogate. I actually think they can't -- Carly was a good candidate too.

GUILFOYLE: I do, too.

PERINO: It wasn't like her year, but she -- Mara is right that she was very effective yesterday. So I think that picked up for Cruz, heading in to, not only tonight's debate but the vote next Tuesday is important. If I can just mention on Ohio, I do think that John Kasich could surprise the Fox News polls yesterday that Kasich at 34, Trump 29, Cruz 19, Rubio down in single digits at 7 percent, so Florida is one thing, OK? You want to win your home state. But Ohio also an important state that to at least have some sort of a foot hold there.

GUILFOYLE: All right. We're good. And I like to just clear your statement. When Carly was giving that speech, trying to get the crowd going and giving, I thought was a very powerful endorsement for Cruz. She talked about when she went to go vote, you know, in Virginia and checked the box, you know, for him. That she saw her name there and she made the choice. So that was I thought an important --

PERINO: Interesting.

GUILFOYLE: ... messaging and kind of --

WILLIAMS: By the way.


WILLIAMS: So guess what if we're talking endorsements here? Jeb Bush in the game, everybody is needing what Jeb Bush except for -- I don't want to hurt your feelings. 4 BOLLING: No, it doesn't hurt my feelings, but --


BOLLING: What's the point of that, though?

WILLIAMS: Well, you think Jeb Bush is a nothing?

BOLLING: He hasn't --


BOLLING: Yeah, kind of.

WILLIAMS: Oh man, is it how you think --


WILLIAMS: The guy was a governor of the state.

BOLLING: And a bright guy. And he's going to make a lot of money once he's done with this. But what's the point?

GUILFOYLE: Highly capable of governor.

BOLLING: Yeah, highly capable. Yeah, but what's the point? Do you want Jeb Bush --


GUILFOYLE: I think he do has very loyal followers.



WILLIAMS: And Dana was just talking about political organization state. He has political organization in the state of Florida. I don't think there's any question.

BOLLING: Not again.

GUILFOYLE: OK, I'll tell you one guy who wants to get it, right? Marco Rubio would love to get that endorsement. That would be powerful, you know, right before Florida. But, let's talk about another fine program on this network. On "The Kelly File," Marco Rubio expressed regret over the tone of his attacks on front-runner Donald Trump.


MEGYN KELLY, "THE KELLY FILE" HOST: It got a little dirty on a camp -- you got a little naughty out of the campaign --

MARCO RUBIO, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Yeah, well look. First of all, that's not who I am. You know I'd do it differently. I really would. And the reason -- my kids were embarrassed by it. My wife didn't like it. I don't think it reflects good. That's not who I am. That's not what my campaign is going to be about or will ever be about again.

KELLY: Do you regret that?


RUBIO: Yeah, I'd do it differently. I would.


GUILFOYLE: I thought that was an important statement. All right, Rubio also dismiss the possibility that he would form a so-called unity republican ticket with fellow GOP contender, Ted Cruz. All right, Greg. Isn't?

GUTFELD: You know this is an interesting thing about the idea of tone. And why it didn't work for Rubio when he did that. It worked initially -- it might have worked for Kasich and other people by him doing like when Christie took out Rubio's (inaudible). But we see this on "The Five" like when I am crude and infantile, people at home will go, that's Gutfeld. But if Dana...


GUTFELD: ... does something that is disgusting or something that would come out of my mouth, people would like they, you know, it's like what the h-e- double toothpicks just happened, right?



GUILFOYLE: Whoa! Racy!

GUTFELD: Yes. I mean, remember -- I remember the first show when you said that.

PERINO: When I stand up for myself?

GUTFELD: When you said H-E --

PERINO: What is he doing?

GUTFELD: Yeah, when you said H-E double tooth -- but it so, it's kind of like, you know, you're -- "The Five" is Rubio --

PERINO: And spell s-e-x.

GUTFELD: I mean, "The Five" is Trump.

PERINO: Remember that you said he spelled s-e-x.

GUTFELD: Yes, he spelled s-e-x.

PERINO: That's come a long way.


PERINO: Right.

GUILFOYLE: You've got to spell as Ronan does -- s-o-x.

GUTFELD: So that become a behavior is unusual if it's, if people aren't used to where it's coming from. I think. That's my theory.

PERINO: But the interesting thing is on that -- I realize it may have taken some votes away from him, but after he did those personal attacks on Donald Trump, he would won the late decider votes in Oklahoma, Georgia and Virginia. So, you can understand what the campaign, looking at those numbers, thinking well, maybe a week later, you realize it didn't work. But initially, you would have to say your national polling held up and you won late deciders, so maybe something happened. I think it could have been just there was more press attention and he came in second --

GUILFOYLE: I think it helps Ted Cruz --

BOLLING: Can we have --


BOLLING: Can we just throw this out that the campaign that Rubio's campaign manager said, he's going to stay in it, even through in Florida. Do you think that's a wise decision if he doesn't win Florida?

PERINO: Yeah. I think they've got to make their own decision. I don't know the information that they have. And they might feel like they can actually win Florida. I mean, there are -- the polls are now within single digits --


BOLLING: If he doesn't win, I would think --

PERINO: Right.

BOLLING: He was proving thing to get out.

GUILFOYLE: Well, there are some decisions that need to be made.

WILLIAMS: He's got, you know, he's got a lot of emotional investment. It's embarrassing.

BOLLING: So would you stay in as Rubio, if you don't win Florida?

WILLIAMS: You better fight until the end.

PERINO: Kasich said, if he doesn't win Ohio, he's (inaudible).

GUILFOYLE: He's been very clear about that.

PERINO: From the beginning.

GUILFOYLE: From the beginning, so I think you know where you are with him. All right, I'm emotionally invested in this field, so let's go. Directly ahead, a chilling new report shows ISIS widespread slaughtering Christians in the Middle East. Other countries are calling it genocide. Why hasn't the U.S. done so? -- Details ahead.


PERINO: Welcome back. First, President Obama dismissed ISIS as a JV team in 2014, remember that? Now the president has a new analogy for ISIS, comparing the terror group to the Joker, the villain from the "Dark Knight Rises" Batman movie, saying his advisers in the interview with the Atlantic. The president said, quote, "Then the joker comes in and lights the whole city on fire. ISIL is the Joker. It has the capacity to set the whole region on fire. That's why we have to fight it." Those remarks come with a disturbing new report out today, documents that are systematic, brutality against Christians at the hands of ISIS. The Knights of Columbus, one of two Christian groups behind the report, urges the Obama administration to recognize these atrocities as genocide which has not yet done.


CARL ANDERSON, KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS CEO: There is only word that adequately and legally describes what is happening to Christians and other minorities in the region, and that word is genocide. For the United States government, to stand alone in denying that this is genocide would be shameful, and an abdication of not just leadership, but of cooperation and common sense.


PERINO: The state department has a congressionally mandated deadline on March 17 to determine whether it will declare ISIS atrocities as genocide. Earlier this week, the White House distance itself from getting involved in the designation.


JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: This is something the president takes quite seriously. But as it relate to the genocide designation, that something that a state department attorney is will have to take a close look at. And I don't want to get ahead or interfere in their process.


PERINO: They don't want to get ahead and interfere. Greg, today the House had the vote in the Congress. It is quite bipartisan and even Hillary Clinton has said it should be declare as genocide. It's not just Christians that other religious minorities which would include Shia Muslims and --

GUTFELD: How do people get up in the morning? Like you know, what -- how do I get on work? Do I need on convene with a group of people to find out which subway to take? What shall I have for breakfast? Let's have a vote. This is so obvious. By the way, he compared ISIS to the Joker. That doesn't make Obama Batman. He is more like Robin or perhaps Orphan Annie. And he should have said the Human Torch, because if he said it is spreading fire, that would be the Human Torch. The better metaphor is a virus. Radical Islam is a virus. It's a purely dumb organism that invests the host and then rots your brain. There's no intelligence there. And its only goal is to spread and destroy. If you look at -- if you look at radical Islam and ISIS as a virus, a disease, then that tells you what to do. It tells you the solution, which is you can't just bomb. You know? You have to go in and dig that tumor out, and that's sadly what we're going to have to do.

PERINO: Eric, a lot of pressure being brought to bear on the administration, just -- the Knights of Columbus is just one of these two groups. But the petition has so many signatures. The pope and the European Union have said that it is a genocide. So is it time for the Americans to get on board?

BOLLING: Yes, I think so. But how many times -- are we sick of hearing Josh Earnest say, "The president takes this very seriously"? No, he doesn't. Because if he took it very seriously, he would do something about it, with or without Congress' help, like he did with -- like he does with climate change, the EPA...

GUILFOYLE: Things that matter.

BOLLING: ... closing Gitmo, taking refugees. All things that Congress has said, "No," or at least, we need to say it. He's said, "No, I don't care. I'm going to do it on my own."

GUTFELD: He would say climate change is genocide.

BOLLING: And golf. Those -- golf. And those are the things he takes seriously.Christian genocide? Not so much.

WILLIAMS: Are we through with the mockery?


WILLIAMS: No, no, no.

BOLLING: I'm not kidding. I'm really not kidding. These are all things he's said.

WILLIAMS: OK. So in answer to Dana's question, the real issue for people in government is, if you designate this as genocide, what are -- what does it mean for your military strategy?


WILLIAMS: What are your -- the requirements on your government...

PERINO: Right.

WILLIAMS: ... if you had a situation where genocide is taking place? And we are...

PERINO: There are political, legal, moral consequences. And John Kerry's going to make this decision.

WILLIAMS: And the saddest thing to say is, from my heart, I couldn't -- I don't think there's any question that it's an agenda. I'm with the pope. I'm with the European Union. I think that's -- it's obvious.

But the thing is, if you're fighting ISIS, and then you're going to say, "No, we're going to have to stop and shift over here." And then you say, "You know what? Guess what? These bad people have killed more Muslims than they have Christians. But now we're going to go after them, because they're killing. Now you have another complication.

PERINO: But they include the Shia Muslims, but that is included in terms...

GUILFOYLE: Did you listen to the wording and read the petition? Because it is. It's religious minorities. It's not just specific to Judeo- Christians.

WILLIAMS: Yes, because they killed these two, I believe.

PERINO: It would include -- it should include Shia Muslims.

WILLIAMS: Correct. So the point is...

GUILFOYLE: The religious minorities within the region.

WILLIAMS: Right, but the point is that when you get the pope and the Knights of Columbus, which is a Catholic, you know, group. I mean, that's who they are. The internal organization of Catholics. Believe me the message is, "Oh, you know that United States? They only care when their folks are getting hit."

PERINO: Well...

GUILFOYLE: Where are you getting this from?

PERINO: I think that they would welcome more American involvement. But Kimberly, let me see if I could defend the administration a little bit. They might say, "Well, look we are targeting ISIS. We just got the guy..."

GUILFOYLE: And the chemical weapon.

PERINO: And they are taking action regardless. And that this labeling of a genocide would trigger decisions that they don't want to have to do.

GUILFOYLE: Right. They seem to be a little bit cocky right now. Say, OK, we are making some inroads. Wedid get the head of the chemical weapons. You know, back -- we got that guy. And there's been some, you know, success with Delta forces over there.

And also, don't forget, we've been getting help from, yes, the Syrians and the Iraqi militia and the Iranians. And don't forget Putin. So this is something that, because other people have jumped in to do that. Now the U.S. can say, "OK. We are doing something. We're actually making inroads." But not without a lot of complicated so-called friends in the region.

So, you know, keep that in mind, and much more can be done. And we wouldn't stand by and let Hitler do this. You know, ISIS is the Hitler of the Middle East, and do something now.

PERINO: Right. So that decision by the administration due next Thursday. We'll keep you updated.

"The Fastest Seven" is up next on "The Five." Please stay with us.


BOLLING: Welcome back. Time for...


GRAPHIC: Fastest 7


BOLLING: ... "The Fastest Seven Minutes on Television." Three lithesome stories, seven lively minutes, one laconic host.

First up, well, that was fast. ESPN pulled Mike Ditka from their flagship Sunday football show, "NFL Sunday Countdown," just a week after he said this.


MIKE DITKA, FORMER HOST, ESPN'S "NFL SUNDAY COUNTDOWN": Obama is the worst president we ever had.Barack Obama is a fine man. I mean, he's pleasant. He would be great to play golf with. He's not a leader. This country needs leadership; it needs direction. It needs somebody that steps up front. You know, it's not always going to be a perfect situation. But you know, to do what he does, there's no leadership there. And I think that becomes very disgusting to me.


BOLLING: So Iron Mike, the original Iron Mike, gets axed from his ESPN gig for saying Obama is the worst. Meanwhile, Tony Kornheiser -- remember this -- compared Republicans to ISIS, and nothing for him at all.

I'm all for free speech and opinion, but I'm guessing ESPN has a different opinion when it comes to liberal speech -- Juan.

WILLIAMS: Here you are now creating a conspiracy. The man, Iron Mike, says he wanted to go to Sports Center, which is no demotion in my mind. But he said he was tired of waking up Sundays and Mondays and having to travel.

BOLLING: Do you believe him?

WILLIAMS: Yes. Well, look...

BOLLING: The program. Think football.

WILLIAMS: No, no, no. It's the program beforehand and going after these things. I think Mike Ditka is a pretty honest guy. I think Mike would tell you if he thought he was being unfairly treated.

BOLLING: Well, we have good news for you. You're going to go on that other network over there for to a show that no one's watching.

GUILFOYLE: Wait. The one with Fareed Zakaria, the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) supporters like ISIS?

WILLIAMS: What Kenny means, that he wanted to crash into the back of a car.

BOLLING: With Sarah Palin.

WILLIAMS: I thought, "Hmm."

BOLLING: He didn't get anything either for that.

WILLIAMS: That's true.

BOLLING: Kurt Schilling got in trouble for making some comparisons.

GUTFELD: For every American who smears a conservative, there's an athlete or a coach who criticizes a liberal. The difference is, almost without fail, the musician is lauded. People -- it's something that helps your career. And a coach or an athlete will always be condemned.

So even though this may not be -- this may not happen, I understand the suspicion, because he suspicion is true. This happens a lot.

PERINO: Right, Juan?

GUTFELD: Yes. It happened to you.

WILLIAMS: Yes, I know. But I'm saying...

BOLLING: Just got that little...

WILLIAMS: Sometimes they win. Sometimes the table wins.

GUILFOYLE: Baby, the house always wins. Yes.

BOLLING: How about this one? More city government, liberal style. A proposed new law requiring New York City restaurants to post warning signs when serving food with too many carbs. Now, K.G.'s and my assistant, Kyle, hit the pavement for some reaction.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: People need to be more health conscience. We have an epidemic of diabetes, cardiovascular disease; and most people don't pay attention.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's a great idea. If Americans knew what they were eating, they wouldn't eat it. It's helping make sure that you're staying healthy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It might be a bad idea, to make people feel bad about going to certain restaurants. They feel like they shouldn't be there. Like, oh, you know, high sugar. Go get a salad.


BOLLING: Greg, warning signs.

GUTFELD: This is never going to go away. Just accept it. People want the government to tell them how to eat. And by the way, why is it that health nuts always are the least healthy looking people? Go to a health food store, these people look miserable.

I know. I worked at "Prevention" magazine. I see these people. But anyway, do you know what the greatest book in the world is?

PERINO: The Bible?

GUTFELD: No. Well, yes.

BOLLING: "The Art of the Deal"?

GUTFELD: "The Art of the Deal." No, the Cheesecake Factory menu. If you've ever seen that thing, this thing is...

GUILFOYLE: It's tremendous.

GUTFELD: ... this big. It's 50 pages. I'm telling you. It's a testament to how amazing America is, that all of these things come from us.

GUILFOYLE: And the portions are gigantic. And you're quite hungry after you go and see that menu. It's pretty exhausting. God, I love cheese cake.

BOLLING: Do you want to weigh in on...?

GUILFOYLE: Yes. Good job, Karl. Good job, good job.

Listen, I don't know. I don't like the, you know, banning soda thing. Mayor Bloomberg was a great mayor. God bless. I wish he was back instead of de Blasio.

PERINO: Absolutely against the nanny state. I don't need someone to tell me if I can put salt on my food.

WILLIAMS: OK, but isn't it healthy to know, gee, this...

PERINO: I know when a carb is a carb. It's obvious.

WILLIAMS: No, but like, when I go to Starbucks, you can get a croissant, and I think that's, like, 230 calories. But if you get a scone, then it's -- it's like 400 calories. And I'm thinking, "I'm not going to take these extra..."

PERINO: If a restaurant decides to provide that information to me, because they think it would be helpful and their customers want it, great. But when the government tells you you have to do it, it's a problem.

GUILFOYLE: Starbucks does it. This is directly against my K.G. food court.

BOLLING: One more. It's back, and it's better than ever. If you're a regular viewer, you know how much I like the "Sharknado" movies. "Sharknado 3" took New York by storm last year. Here's a clip.


IAN ZIERING, ACTOR: I can sense these storms now. These sharks can scent. It's not a pretty one.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sharknados have now been reported all up and down the East Coast.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is one we can't contain.

ZIERING: Billions of people are going to die.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You really are saving the world.

ZIERING: This isn't about being a hero. This is about us. This is about our family.


BOLLING: So I have some great news. "Sharknado 4" was announced. Forecast is for shark tornadoes to hit the Los Angeles and the Las Vegas area sometime in July.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my God. This is what you do. Then I'm like, "Hey, where's Kyle (ph)?" He's, like, upstairs watching "Sharknado" with you. Right?

BOLLING: I love "Sharknado."

GUILFOYLE: You love it. You're obsessed with it.

BOLLING: I'm a huge, huge fan of the brand.

WILLIAMS: Explain.

GUTFELD: It's a tornado with sharks, Juan!

GUILFOYLE: I don't know why he doesn't get it.

WILLIAMS: This is a grown man, Greg. This is a grown man. An intellectual. Why is he in love with sharks flying through the sky?

BOLLING: The beauty of the "Sharknado" series, you watch the film. You don't get too serious. But all these cameos come in.

GUILFOYLE: Bolling loves sharks flying through the sky.

BOLLING: Park Hughes -- Park Hughes (ph) was president. Ann Coulter was vice president.

PERINO: I have a suggestion -- I have a suggestion cameo for this one.


PERINO: Shark tornadoes. Janice Dean's latest book, "Freddie the Frog Caster" is coming out soon, and it is about tornadoes. She would be a good cameo.

BOLLING: Would she be willing to get bitten in half by a shark.

GUILFOYLE: She could give the weather report. She could do the weather machine.

PERINO: And she's hilarious.

GUILFOYLE: But Ann Coulter as V.P. That sounds good to me right now.

BOLLING: We've got to move on. You guys. We've got to move on.

GUTFELD: Gary Busey is in this. And I'm worried that he might not know it's a movie.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, bless his heart.

BOLLING: We've got to go.

Up next, the media is in a frenzy over the Canadian prime minister's state visit to the U.S. More on the Justin Trudeau fever when we return.


WILLIAMS: It seems like the media can't get enough of Canada's prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Here's some headlines. Justin Trudeau, Canada's dreamy prime minister, and discussions of his star power.

The prime minister's in D.C. for an official three-day visit, including a swanky state dinner at the White House two nights. Among the items on the menu: Alaska halibut casserole...

BOLLING: The first course.

WILLIAMS: And maple pecan cake for dessert. This is the first time Canada's top official has visited the U.S. capital in nearly 20 years. Greg, do you know what's on the menu?


WILLIAMS: Climate change. That's right.

GUTFELD: That will make me throw up.


BOLLING: Baked Alaska?

WILLIAMS: Oh, yes, there you go.

GUTFELD: A lot of people in Alaska are baked. I'll tell you that. Every president says that not enough has been said about our great friend, Canada. Really. That's the first thing they say.

No, but also young arugula, and they have variegated spinach. And people don't realize that vegetables feel pain. I find -- how can you eat...

GUILFOYLE: What are you talking about?

GUTFELD: How can you eat young arugula? It's just disgusting to me. Variegated spinach. Mutilating spinach. These are creatures that feel pain. Shame on you, President Obama, and shame on Canada.

PERINO: It's like veal.

WILLIAMS: By the way...

GUTFELD: It's like veal.

WILLIAMS: By the way, 44 years old, Dana, and his dad, obviously, was Pierre Trudeau. So he's kind of royalty. And I think he's also a liberal.

PERINO: Do you think?

WILLIAMS: and so you have a liberal American president and a liberal Canadian talking about climate change and a swanky dinner.

GUILFOYLE: You know what? That's your fantasy island, isn't it?

PERINO: Thank goodness there's only nine more months left of the administration. Imagine what they could get up to. I'm kidding.

Look, did you see his wife's first of all? That's fantastic.


PERINO: Absolutely beautiful. I love the state dinners, pomp and circumstance. I remember when the queen of England came for her state dinner. I had to sit at the kiddie table downstairs in the map room. But it ended up being really fun. But you know, you don't always get to sit up at the big kids' table.

GUTFELD: Was the tablecloth a Twister mat?

WILLIAMS: What do you think -- what do you think about the analogies? They are big in the liberal crowd. I'm just going to be straight with you, Trudeau and JFK.

BOLLING: Maybe. I mean, he's very likable. He's 44? Forty-four?

GUILFOYLE: He's a natural politician.

BOLLING: But did you see -- did you watch to see his demeanor around President Obama? He really likes Obama. I mean, this guy...

WILLIAMS: They like each other.

BOLLING: Yes, I know. But you can see, he's just kind of hanging around. I mean, he probably models his political career watching President Obama over the last seven years.

PERINO: You can model off of worse. I mean...

GUILFOYLE: Hang out.

WILLIAMS: All right. Kimberly, here's what...

GUILFOYLE: They could form, like, a boy band together. Super cute.


GUTFELD: It could be called No Direction.

WILLIAMS: Oh! Good one, good one.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, that pleased me so much.

GUTFELD: It's like...

WILLIAMS: All right. Stop it, you two.

Half of his cabinet is made up of women, Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: I like this! Yes.

WILLIAMS: You think so?

GUILFOYLE: Fantastic. Remember the -- poor Mitt, a binder full of women? He's got a cabinet full of women.

GUTFELD: You know why? But the cops don't like that.

BOLLING: You're on fire. That's why he's got multiple warrants out.

PERINO: you know who else (UNINTELLIGIBLE)? Janice Dean.

GUTFELD: Justin Bieber.


WILLIAMS: Wait a minute. So guess who's at the dinner? Michael J. Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Lorne Michaels of "Saturday Night Live," Blake Lively. What are you talking about?

BOLLING: Nothing. Mike Myers?

WILLIAMS: Oh, he's the one. (AUDIO GAP)

GUILFOYLE: Blake Lively is married to Ryan Reynolds.

WILLIAMS: That's why she is there.

PERINO: Maybe she got invited, and maybe Ryan Reynolds is there because she got invited. Ever think of that?

WILLIAMS: Wait a minute. That makes sense.

GUILFOYLE: No, no, no. Ryan Reynolds is Canadian.

GUTFELD: Justine Bieber is Canadian.

Great artists.

WILLIAMS: All right. "One More Thing" up next.


GUTFELD: I'm going to kick off "One More Thing" with my thing.


GUTFELD: Greg's Lottery News!


GUTFELD: A lot of people didn't realize that on Tuesday there was a major lottery. And this fellow, a reporter, Alex Savage, won.




GUTFELD: Wow! Life is a lottery, America. And you never want to play with risk. This guy won the lottery that day.

PERINO: Wow. Thank goodness he's all right.

BOLLING: The camera man told him to get out of the way.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

GUILFOYLE: Saved his life.


BOLLING: Buy him a lottery ticket.

GUTFELD: A cynical camera man would have just...

All right, Dana.

PERINO: OK. This "One More Thing" is dedicated to a colleague over at FOX Business, Melissa Francis. OK.

BOLLING: Look at her.

PERINO: I know, that's me. That was a picture of Laura Ingalls Wilder. And there's a new book. It's called "The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder." It's fascinating, because she kept all these letters. You know she didn't start writing the "Little House on the Prairie" series until she was 65.

One of the things that's interesting, I read all the books. A lot of you did, too. She developed conservative political leanings after being a lifelong Democrat. She was anti-taxes, pro-small-government and critical of FDR.

GUTFELD: She had a little house and she wanted little government.

GUILFOYLE: She was on the prairie.

PERINO: So she was, like, maybe sprinkling that into our brains as we were reading it. Good job, Laura.

GUILFOYLE: I read all those books and watched the series.

GUTFELD: I have no idea what it is -- Eric.

BOLLING: All right. Cops are heroes, part 4.5 million.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Give me it now!

I can do this the easy way or the hard way, man.



BOLLING: Deputy Terry Eli of Reagan (ph), Pennsylvania, stopped that robbery in progress, that cab driver. Again, cops are heroes.

GUILFOYLE: Wow. God bless him.

WILLIAMS: All right. So last night, Golden State Warrior guard Stephan Curry proved he was on fire against the Utah Jazz. He unleashed a 55-foot shot just as the halftime buzzer went off. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Two seconds to work with. Curry from mid court. It's in!


GUILFOYLE: I love it.

WILLIAMS: I was reading a writer the other day saying if you like a Picasso, if you like fine wine, go watch Golden State play a basketball game this season. They're thinking changing the three-point shot line because of this one player.

GUTFELD: Is that basket 10 points?

GUILFOYLE: He's like the new -- he's like the new Michael Jordan. Right?


GUILFOYLE: Thank you. Who likes kangaroos? Me. OK.

So a baby kangaroo, this poor little thing, was orphaned by his mom. He found a new home, because it's very sweet. Another officer story, Bolling. Officer Scott Mason, a former paramedic, found this little baby kangaroo in the pouch of its dead mother and decided to adopt it, even though his wife had just given birth to the couple's baby. Now he said he's got a little baby and his wife has a little baby. So they're going to have to be fed every three hours so it can be weaned by the age of 18 months. And that's in Australia.

PERINO: I wonder if he's going to carry it around in a little bag.

GUTFELD: That would be nice.

GUILFOYLE: Isn't that very sweet?

GUTFELD: It's a beautiful story.

Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of "The Five." That's it for us. "Special report" up next.

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