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Make-or-break time in 2016 campaigns in 'Super Tuesday II'

Super Tuesday could seal the fates of several campaigns as all eyes will be on Florida and Ohio. The 'On the Record' political panel looks ahead


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Tonight's a big night in the 2016 race. But next Tuesday, well, that might be the make it or break it night. Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Ohio Governor John Kasich will both be tested in their very important home states. 

But right now, Donald Trump, who leads Republicans in a brand new ABC News "Washington Post" national poll of likely Republican voters gives Trump 34 percent, Senator Ted Cruz is nine points behind at 25 percent. Senator Marco Rubio in third place with 18 percent and Governor John Kasich in fourth place with 13 percent.

Guy, these numbers still have Donald Trump on top. In fact, I have another national poll where Donald Trump, this is the "Wall Street Journal"/NBC poll has Donald Trump up 30 percent, Cruz at 27, Kasich at 22, Rubio at 20 but Donald Trump all the way.

GUY BENSON, POLITICAL EDITOR, TOWNHALL.COM: Well, and the NBC poll that just came out a few hours ago shows that in the states that have yet to vote, there is a virtual four-way tie for the nomination which is fascinating. Greta, the big take away for me from "The Washington Post" ABC News poll today was this. Donald Trump, yes, is he is leading, but he doesn't seem to have very much momentum. He is not garnering a bandwagon effect as you would imagine someone might be if they were a strong front-runner. 

In the general electorate, his disapproval rating is 67 percent. He is viewed as almost twice as dishonest as Hillary Clinton, which may come as a shock to many Republicans given her dreadful numbers on that front. So, I think that there are lots of red flags in the data in both of these polls about Donald Trump's suitability to win a general election.

VAN SUSTEREN: But Nina, he may have a high disapproval but it appears from the numbers he wins almost everything, he has got a real high approval where it counts, and that's in the polling booth. I mean, he is getting these, you know, these big numbers, you know, so that's the approval rating to me.

NINA EASTON, SENIOR EDITOR-AT-LARGE, FORTUNE MAGAZINE: Oh, but you have to look at the trajectory and I think Guy hit the nail on the head. I mean, you have got these other candidates ticking up in the poll somewhat dramatically, Kasich up 11 percent. You know, Both Cruz and Rubio are up a few points and Trump has edged down. And the thing is, when you do head-to-head matchups that "Wall Street Journal" poll that just came out showed head-to-head matchups between Donald Trump and the other -- each of the others in the race, each of the others would win, whether it's Cruz or Rubio or Kasich. 

So, you know, we have sort of reached a situation where I think he has really topped out. I mean, he has topped out at a little over a third of the Republican Party and Republican leaning voters, and there is a big contingent that don't like him and the big problem for the big contingent that don't like Donald Trump is all the guys that are still in the race. And that's what's going to be, you know, that's the thing that really helps Donald Trump the most.

VAN SUSTEREN: You know, when you talk about the surge of John Kasich that he is moving up, which is why actually I want to do this town hall tomorrow night because, you know, he has been sort of shuffled aside by everybody. Tomorrow night at our town hall I'm hoping that we all get a good look at him and maybe, you know, see whether people like him or don't like him. But he needs more media attention.

Anyway, Guy and Nina, thank you both.

EASTON: Thank you, Greta.