Jan Brewer urges Republican Party to 'get behind the winner'

Former Arizona governor explains why she is backing Donald Trump


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MITT ROMNEY, R-FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  I just can`t sit by.  What am I going to do when my grandkids say, what did you do to stop Donald Trump?  And I say, well, I didn`t do anything.  I`m not going to be there.

CAVUTO:  But you could also turn around, right, Governor, and say, well, who are you to stop Donald Trump if he is winning all these votes?  That`s the will of the people.  And you might wince at what the will of the people is, but -- what do you think?

ROMNEY:  I don`t think a lot of people understand who the real Donald Trump is.  

And you have seen the other two candidates on either side of him last night begin to say, look, folks, have you noticed what he has done?


CAVUTO:  All right.  Now, you have heard from Mitt Romney, not a fan of Donald Trump.  We did reach out, I want to stress, to Donald Trump, his office declining, saying that we do not treat Mr. Trump properly, that he`s not interested in being on the show.

That will not stop us, of course, from getting someone on the Trump side to explain their position and their side.  

With us now, Arizona former Republican Governor Jan Brewer.  She`s a big Donald Trump supporter.  

Governor, do you think that Governor Romney`s criticisms are fair?  


The bottom line is that I think they were very harsh and they were over the top.  You know, we have heard for years that Republicans eat their own, and the public is outraged.  We want somebody that is going to listen to us and our vote counts.

And his comment about that we don`t know the real Donald Trump, well, I know the real Donald Trump.  I find him to be kind, honest, a good listener, and a successful businessman, as did Mitt a few years back.

So, I don`t what made him change his mind.  

CAVUTO:  Do you worry for your party, though, if there at loggerheads on this issue?  

BREWER:  I do.  I think that we should let the vote go and whoever wins the primary, we need to come together.  

You know what?  The party is a big camp.  We`re not always going to agree on everything.  The bottom line is that we need to get behind the winner and we need to beat Clinton.  We don`t need more -- four more years of ridiculous policy coming out of the White House.  

CAVUTO:  I think it was Lindsey Graham who had said, Governor -- and he is no fan of Donald Trump -- but that the idea of a brokered convention wouldn`t do anyone any good and it would be very harmful, in this case, he`s saying to Donald Trump, and Donald Trump would be well within his rights -- paraphrasing here -- to leave.

BREWER:  I have been an active Republican for years, since I was 21 years old.  That`s like 45 years or something.  I`m not doing the math right.  

But we`re the party of the big tent.  If this takes place and the people`s vote doesn`t count, well, dang it, our party is fractured, fractured, and it`s wrong.  We need to come together.  There`s strength in numbers.  The people will speak and whoever that candidate is, we need to get behind.  

And I happen to be behind Donald Trump.  I think he has got a record that he stands on, he is listening, and he is a fighter.  He is going to support our law enforcement and our police officers and our immigration officers on the borders.  He`s going to reduce taxes.  He`s going to look out for the working people.  

He is just going to get the job done and he will probably surround himself with great people.  He doesn`t do it all himself in this.  He has got smart people around him, and he is smart and he is bold and he is fresh, and he is leading in the polls.  

CAVUTO:  All right.  

Now, you`re at CPAC, the big conservative gathering.  Earlier today, Donald Trump canceled the planned appearance before the folks there for tomorrow.  

Any rough edges there?  Anything that we don`t know about you could share, or is it just a scheduling issue, as it appeared to be?  

BREWER:  I just found out about five minutes ago that that had taken place, and it certainly was disappointing.

I was looking forward to seeing him and talking to him and the people working with him, of course.  But I think the Trump supporters that are here, in my opinion, are going to be Trump supporters.  They believe in Donald Trump.  Just because he doesn`t show up at CPAC because he had a conflict is not going to change their vote.  

CAVUTO:  All right, so, when they said at the end of the debate last night that they could all hold hands and support whoever is the ultimate nominee, even after the nasty exchanges and little Marco and Cruz is a liar, and these guys calling him a phony and a con man, you really think they can get
along after this?    

BREWER:  I don`t know if they will all get along, but certainly they need to get behind him.  They pledged again, once again, that they will get behind the winner, as I will.  

Whether -- if it`s Donald Trump, I will be excited.  And if it`s not, I will be excited for the guy that gets the nod.  

CAVUTO:  Now, a lot of the conservatives in that audience are big Cruz supporters.  We`re told they don`t know in the end where that endorsement will go.

But is it your sense that some of the more extreme conservatives are just not going to go for Donald Trump and maybe that works into his calculation not to speak to them?  

BREWER:  Well, you know, there are people in life that cut off their nose to spite their face, and they would rather stay home or are they going to go vote for the Clinton campaign?  

This just doesn`t make any sense.  It doesn`t make any sense.  It`s not the right thing to do.  It`s the wrong thing to do.  And, hopefully, they will come to their senses.  

CAVUTO:  All right, Governor, thank you very, very much, the former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.  


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