Christie endorsement trumps Rubio's debate performance

Donald Trump seizes the media narrative following bruising GOP presidential debate


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ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Eric Bolling along
with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eboni Williams, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. It's
5 o'clock in New York City and this is "The Five."

Oh, boy. On the cusp of Super Tuesday and on the heels of the most intense
debate of this election cycle so far, a dramatic new development in the GOP
race today. Donald Trump got another big endorsement.


GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE, R-N.J.: I am proud to be here to endorse
Donald Trump for president of the United States. There is no one who is
better prepared to provide America with the strong leadership that it needs
both at home and around the world than Donald Trump, the best person to
beat Hillary Clinton in November. On that stage last night is undoubtedly,
Donald Trump. And so I'm thrilled to be here this morning to lend my


BOLLING: Chris Christie surprising a lot of folks with his appearance at
Trump's news conference in Texas earlier, two weeks after suspending his
own campaign for the presidency. You may remember Christie dealt a crushing
blow to Marco Rubio on the debate stage right before the New Hampshire
primary. Rubio is now being hailed for his performance last night, but
Christie's still determined to take him out this time on behalf of Trump.


probably needs a lifeline after last night. So he called in Chris Christie.
I respect that. I have more than my fair share of endorsement.


BOLLING: Rubio reacted to Christie's endorsement earlier.


RUBIO: He's a conman. I think it's time to unmask him for what he is. He's
trying to take over the conservative movement even though he's not a
conservative. But more importantly he's a conman. I mean, he is, he's a
conman who is taking advantage to people's fears and anxiety about the
future, portraying himself as a sort of strong guy. He's not a strong guy.
He's never, you know, he's never faced real adversity before.


BOLLING: Trump is saying that politics at this stage of the game is all
about momentum and time. The momentum has been in the Trump camp and time
is running out for Rubio and Cruz. Some are saying Rubio's debate
performance last night was a momentum changer that is until a Christie
endorsement today. Trump has once again taken hold of the news cycle, the
Christie endorsement, that is. And that, with that wild campaign event may
have just shut the front door on some of his competitors. That, of course,
is my opinion. Now Marco Rubio will be on Special Report tonight to respond
to this. But KG, Rubio had a nice debate performance last night. And then
this afternoon, all of a sudden big endorsement, I mean big in the sense of

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Yeah. And Rubio was so smiling and
happy last night. He looked like he's like just won the Super Bowl and said
he's on the way to, you know, Disneyland or Disneyworld. He had a great
night. But again, if the people wanted to try and take on Donald Trump,
like why are you showing up in the ninth inning? You should have been
playing ball all along. You had of research against him. Why didn't you
bring out things before? It's all a little bit suspect. Nevertheless, he
was taking heavy hits, from the left, from the right, all over the place
and he was fending (ph) them off. He was fending (ph) them off. He was like
doing like Jedi moves try to, you know, deflect away from it, slamming this
one then slamming that one. It was a little bit crazy. Now Chris Wallace
described it as like a demolition derby, but not necessarily anybody up
there acting like, you know, becoming to the office of the presidency. But
Greg, you even said it went by so fast. You barely like, boom.


GUILFOYLE: Three hours have been quick.

GUTFELD: It is three hours. It was fast. I thought that, I thought Rubio
did a great job. However, like you said, it should have happened sooner,
but the problem is you had 17, you had 17 candidates. So you had slivers of
character rather than the full character. And then you have a brilliant
move by Trump, which is basically, he's like a quick thinking carjacker,
you know? He said -- you saw what happened last night. He, you know, lost
it a little on Twitter but then he came through with this thing. And by the
way, we are complicit. I mean, the lead is Christie, if the lead is -- and
also Christie is now trending on Twitter, not Rubio. So this all worked out
really well. You know Trump reminds me of? He's the political version of
"Deadpool." You know "Deadpool." "Deadpool" is the superhero that has these
regenerative powers. No matter what you do, it just heals immediately. He
really is "Deadpool." And he still, you know, he's a smart ass, but he --
nothing seems to hurt him.

EBONI WILLIAMS, GUEST CO-HOST: He's kind of like in trial, right?
Where it's like you know you have such a losing case, so as a defense you
just throw everything against the wall just to see if anything will stick.
I kind of like that's where these candidates are. KG is so right. It's so
little, so late in the game.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, weird.

WILLIAMS: You just have to question how much is going to have to even
stick. I mean, we're not talking about Marco Rubio.

BOLLING: But Dana, talk a little bit about the Christie endorsement. It
came as a surprise. Especially a lot of people would think that a Christie
type would back Marco Rubio, no?

GUILFOYLE: Dana, you called it this morning before it happened.

PERINO: Thank you very much, KG. I'm reading her e-mails this morning.

GUILFOYLE: You know it --

GUTFELD: At 6:00 a.m.

PERINO: OK, you know --


PERINO: You know my theory about endorsements, add not subtract where you
can. I think this is important especially from a news perspective. I don't
know how much votes it brings along with you. I mean, Christie came in dead
last in Iowa. He has a lot of fans and a lot of supporters, but it's a
narrow slice. I actually think that in some ways it felt a little awkward
to me watching it because just a couple a few weeks ago, Chris Christie in
that last debate said, "A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton."
And Donald Trump said about Bridgegate, he said, "Chris Christie knew about
it all along." So that -- this happens in politics where then you have an
unholy alliance and they come together. I think Biden and Obama, right?
They were competitors and then they come, come together. Christie always
said that he would support the eventual nominee. There are some people with
some very strong feelings that this is a negative for Chris Christie, and
you can read all about them on the Twitter.

GUTFELD: But also, I mean, this does explain why Christie took out Rubio's
legs in the previous debate. They're like, let's face it, Trump is known
for one thing -- making deals. And he clearly made a deal with Christie. I
think he made a deal with Kasich as well, because Kasich was very helpful
to Trump last night. So we're watching the kind of the cabinet take shape.

PERINO: Do you think.

GUTFELD: And remember --

PERINO: . Trump made a deal with Kasich?

GUTFELD: Oh, I think so, but -- I don't know.

BOLLING: But Chris Christie --

GUILFOYLE: That was after his third glass of Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir of the

BOLLING: You're not gonna --

GUILFOYLE: He's like, oh I see deals.

BOLLING: You're not gonna say Christie is the transportation secretary by



GUILFOYLE: Attorney general.

GUTFELD: I think Christie is the attorney general.

GUILFOYLE: Attorney general.

GUTFELD: Attorney general --

BOLLING: I'm kidding.



GUILFOYLE: We've a learned a lot about bridges.

GUTFELD: But by the way, they are both on the opposite side of entitlement
reform. So how does that, you know, does that matter?


PERINO: Well, also, can I mention one -- this one other thing on the --


PERINO: On the endorsement? So, throughout the campaign, people that
mistakenly thought that Donald Trump wouldn't stay -- go the distance, that
Chris Christie would pick up his supporters, because if you like someone
who tells it like it is then Chris Christie was that kind of person. So --
and to me, this isn't all that surprising. What would be really surprising,
which would be great for Donald Trump, if he could pull it off, is to get
somebody like a Governor Scott Walker, right, somebody who would be
different so that you're adding a whole different dimension and you're
growing your audience.


GUILFOYLE: Are you going to call that?


GUILFOYLE: OK. I'll check my e-mail in the morning -- yeah.

BOLLING: KG, you've known Chris Christie for a long time. You know Trump
for a long time. If Trump wants to be -- maybe wants to pivot to be a
little bit more statesman-like, he can use Chris Christie to be more Trump-
like who would give -- the guy clearly was the biggest --

GUILFOYLE: Here -- yeah.

BOLLING: . loudest voice in the room for a long time (inaudible).

GUILFOYLE: Trump likes his style, too. And he said, "I was a master for
prosecution," what he did to Rubio. These two fit together well in terms of
they are kind of simpatico and the way they go after. And if you are going
to come after them, they'll gonna hit you twice as hard, so similar type of
personality. He's was able to make the case for Trump to say, "Yeah, he's
the only guy that knows how to, you know, hire people, has executive level
experience like myself, et cetera." I thought Christie did a very good job
today doing what he needed and wanted to do, and I know a lot of his
supporters are also --

GUTFELD: Well, conservatives.

GUILFOYLE: Supporting Trump.

GUTFELD: . remember Christie hugging Obama now.

PERINO: Not anymore.

GUTFELD: Not anymore. He'll be one of those things that float away to the

GUILFOYLE: About last night.


BOLLING: Let me get to this one. This endorsement comes after a heated
debate last night where Trump and Rubio shared many harsh words. Rubio
especially tried hard to get under Trump's skin.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I've hired tens of thousands of
people over my lifetime. Tens and thousands --

RUBIO: Many from other countries instead of hiring Americans.

TRUMP: Just be quiet. Just be quiet. Let me talk. This is a world that's
going to work.


RUBIO: If he builds the wall, the way he builds Trump tower, he'll be using
illegal immigrant labor to do it.


TRUMP: Here's a guy that buys a house for a hundred and seventy-nine
thousands. He sells it to a lobbyist, who is probably here, for $380,000
and then legislation is passed. This is what we're going to have a


RUBIO: Here's a guy that inherited at $200 million. If he hadn't inherited
$200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be now?

TRUMP: No, no, no, no.

RUBIO: Selling watches in Manhattan.



TRUMP: He lied, 100 percent, a hundred percent.

RUBIO: You lied about the polish workers.

TRUMP: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah -- 38 years ago.

RUBIO: You lied to the students at Trump University.

TRUMP: Thirty -eight years ago.


RUBIO: He lied 38 years ago. All right, I guess there's a statute of
limitations on lies.



BOLLING: Ebony, that was.

WILLIAMS: That was--

BOLLING: . unbelievable last night.

WILLIAMS: That's like the real housewives of the District of Columbia.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, right.

WILLIAMS: I swear to you. It really is. It's amazing political. But at this
point in the game we kind of expect this, right? We're post South Carolina.
The gloves have officially come off. I can't even be mad at Marco Rubio for
throwing everything and seeing what's sticking some of that did. Most of it
I think slid off and certainly. You know, but look, we know that Trump
takes this stuff, I think a little personally. I don't think he was happy
at all with what happened last night. And that's why he came out swinging
big time today.

BOLLING: Can I throw out something here? The numbers, poll numbers out
today. Virginia, Trump plus 23; Florida, Trump plus 20; Michigan, plus 24
Trump; Massachusetts, plus 21. Yesterday, Texas, Trump even on one point --

GUILFOYLE: He brought that up there.

BOLLING: What they needed was a change of momentum last night. They started
to get it. And it feels like -- I don't know.

GUILFOYLE: They had it.

BOLLING: It's back in the Trump camp --

GUTFELD: Well that goes back to what I said about him being the political
version of Deadpool. You know, when you saw Trump last night talk about
Planned Parenthood, in the old days that would have hurt any republican
candidate to come out strongly on Planned Parenthood, but the primary charm
of Trump is exactly what a lot of his ardent supporters fail to see. He has
no track with ideology. He is not going up against the establishment. He's
going up against the duopoly of right versus left. He hasn't have any --

GUILFOYLE: Good word.

GUTFELD: Duopoly.


GUTFELD: He has no --



GUTFELD: No, he's apolitical, he's neither right nor left, he's not
ideological. And that's his charm, but it's also could be his criticism. I
think Rubio tried to go after that. But it doesn't matter to his fans
because his fans are new to this game.

WILLIAMS: That's right. And also, I think this. I think this -- he's not a
real conservative that Rubio and Cruz. He's trying to (inaudible). I don't
think people care because people feel like this. They'd rather take a
chance with Trump, even though they maybe don't know for sure what they're
going to get. That feels better to a lot of people than going with what
they already know hasn't worked before. I think that's --

BOLLING: Dana, a lot of people has said, you know, whisper. I like Trump.
But they whisper. They won't say it out loud but they whisper --

PERINO: Really?


PERINO: It's not 40,000 people at his rally.

BOLLING: No, no, no. And if you asked a lot of people --

GUILFOYLE: That's like shouting.

BOLLING: But now, we had a couple of congressmen are out and endorse him.
Now you have -- wasn't Christie the chairman of the Republican Governors

GUILFOYLE: Governors Association.

PERINO: Right. Which is why I think also, I mean, I'm not, not to take away
from the endorsement, like adding is better than subtracting. But there are
-- believe me, there are conservatives all across the country, republicans,
not even of the establishment ilk who are looking at this going it doesn't
matter to them or they think that Chris Christie sold out. I do think that
Chris Christie deserves so much credit for -- look at across the country
the number of republican governors, it's just amazing. He worked his tail
off for that.


PERINO: And deserves a lot of credit for it. I also think that if you look
at someone today, like in Oklahoma, one of the states that will be -- have
a vote on Tuesday -- Super Tuesday. You have Senator Inhofe who is
introducing Marco Rubio. Senator Inhofe is certainly no shrinking violet
when it comes to conservative movement. So there are endorsements on the
other side on -- for other candidates. And we haven't even talked about
Senator Cruz yet. And I know we have another block and we'll hopefully get
to it. I thought he had a decent debate, too.

WILLIAMS: I don't think about he was talking about him -- even though today
Dana, because again, it's just, it kind of -- this is where Rubio, I think
was successful, right? He's kind of limiting the conversation to
Trump/Rubio which is at least helpful for him.

BOLLING: Which is a problem for Ted Cruz because.

WILLIAMS: I think so.

BOLLING: . Ted Cruz needs Texas.



BOLLING: . on Super Tuesday.


BOLLING: Remember, if he doesn't get 50 percent of the vote, that goes
straight proportional.


BOLLING: Which means, Ted Cruz, it could -- it maybe, that maybe the

WILLIAMS: And that weakens his argument too, Eric, that he -- be the guy
that can win.

BOLLING: All you Cruz-ettes (ph).


BOLLING: . please don't yell at me. I'm just doing math.


BOLLING: It's just by the math.

WILLIAMS: It's all good, Eric. No, no, but it's true. Because right now
Cruz gets to say, look I'm the one person still standing that has beaten
Donald Trump. And that's a stronger argument if he wins Texas. If he loses
Texas, that argument loses team --

GUTFELD: Could -- can I -- look, can we -- the thing about Rubio, he went
from C-3PO to the Karate Kid. That is what he needed to do.

GUILFOYLE: Ralph Macchio.

GUTFELD: But what about the two? There are people we haven't talked about,
Carson and Kasich. And I felt when I was watching the debate, those were
like the slow parts in action movies, you know. When you get up and you get
something to drink or go to the men's room, you know, because there was
just nothing happening. And I think --

PERINO: The romance scene.

GUTFELD: Yeah the romance -- it's been -- yeah. There were the romantic
scenes in action films when Mel Gibson talks to his kid.

GUILFOYLE: That's not romantic.

BOLLING: Ben Carson --

GUILFOYLE: . when you talk to the kid. Oh, wow.

BOLLING: Ben Carson had the best line of the night.

GUTFELD: Oh, he did. Yeah, why --

BOLLING: Can some please --

GUTFELD: Can someone attack me.


BOLLING: We'll gonna leave right there.


BOLLING: Catch Marco Rubio on Special Report tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern
for more on his reaction to the Christie endorsement of Trump, and a lots
more on last night's debate coming right up.

And later, it's Facebook Friday. Post your questions for us now at -- back in a couple of minutes.


PERINO: I wasn't just Trump versus Rubio last night. Senator Cruz also
tried to take down the front-runner. Here's Cruz hitting Trump for his
position on health care.


TED CRUZ, TEXAS SENATOR: Donald, true or false, you said the government
should pay for everyone's health care.

TRUMP: That's false.

CRUZ: You've never said that.

TRUMP: No, I've never -- I said it worked in a couple of countries, but I
never said --

CRUZ: But when you, you never stood on this debate stage and said it works
great in Canada and Scotland.

TRUMP: No, I did not.

CRUZ: . we should do it here. Did you say.

TRUMP: No, I did not.

CRUZ: . if you want people to die on the streets, if you don't support
socialized health care you have no heart.

TRUMP: Correct.

CRUZ: Did you say you're a liberal on health care?

TRUMP: I will not let people die on the streets if I'm president.

CRUZ: Have you said you're a liberal on health care?

TRUMP: Excuse me, Let me talk. If people --

CRUZ: Explain your plan, please.

TRUMP: My plan is very simple. I will not -- we're going to have private --
we are going to have private health care.


PERINO: That was really the first time that we had a chance to see -- to
really see a candidate drill down, Kimberly.


PERINO: . on health care. And I think that Obamacare is actually, still,
this like dark cloud that hangs over the country. And I thought that was
useful. I thought that Donald Trump's answer about -- "I'm not going to let
anybody die in the streets" was a very good one. I also that ted Cruz has
some good points, if you follow this closely in terms of like Scotland and
Canada, 20 weeks to see a specialist is not so great.

GUILFOYLE: No, absolutely. And this is an important issue. And like
Obamacare is like that rash that keeps coming back. Greg, you can relate.

GUTFELD: I know.


GUTFELD: Thank you for bringing that up.


GUTFELD: By the way, where did I get it from, Kimberly?



BOLLING: All right.


BOLLING: The gloves off.

GUILFOYLE: Gloves are off.

GUTFELD: Well, that's how it happened.


BOLLING: Where were we?


PERINO: I don't think -- I'll go to you. Do you want to follow up on that?

WILLIAMS: I'll try my best to follow up, Dana. I --

GUILFOYLE: A bunch of counterpunchers.

WILLIAMS: . do not like --


WILLIAMS: I think, I think KG is right. I think the substance of this kind
of health care thing, kind of exposing a more liberal position on Trump's
part smart by Cruz. I don't think the style looks good that way. It's kind
of looks like badgering the witness to me. You know, he's kind of like
poking and poking. It's all like, hey, you know, literally - look at his

PERINO: But Trump can't win.

WILLIAMS: . you know.

PERINO: The other day you're like, go after him. Now, today it's like.

WILLIAMS: No, it's like --

PERINO: . you go after him.

WILLIAMS: It's just I think, you know, you just have to be careful with the
style. I think --

PERINO: I agree. No, I agree.

WILLIAMS: A little more reserved, kind of unsuspectingly. It would have
been more effective than it even was.

GUTFELD: But do you think the Democratic Party is going to treat the


GUTFELD: . front-runner any less? I think any time somebody goes after
somebody, they are doing them a huge favor.


GUTFELD: Because imagine Hillary. Like Hillary is going to look at all the
things from -- the stuff that you heard whether it is business practices or
being mean to, mean to Hispanics or mean to Muslims, there's underlying

WILLIAMS: Reaction to women.

GUTFELD: Yeah. They're going to go after this. The protectionism in
terrorist, you got -- he's got to get prepared for this sort of thing.

WILLIAMS: But then he gets his --



WILLIAMS: Yeah, right. They got to do it. So I'm certainly not criticizing
Cruz for going there. You got to go there. He should have went there like
KG said a long time ago. It's just --

PERINO: Let's get Eric in here.

BOLLING: So -- in yesterday, we talked about this, what it's going to be,
and he said, there's gonna be (inaudible) I think. No, Trump was smart.
He's got these leads. You want to pad the lead, coast in, and then you see
the clubhouse. I'll just gonna light it up and put it out and win this
tournament. Cruz and Rubio went at him. And he beat -- and he fought back.
And I'm like, what is he doing? At the end you go, you know that's Donald
Trump, though. That's him --

GUILFOYLE: You were saying that last night.

BOLLING: Yeah --

GUILFOYLE: I was like, what do you mean? He's got to respond back.


BOLLING: And to be honest with you, at the end, yup, they got shots in on
him, but he got shots back in, and it seemed to play into the narrative of
him being just saying stuff and putting it out there and people liking what
he's saying.

PERINO: Some people.

BOLLING: It worked from somehow.

PERINO: Yeah, sure.

BOLLING: Right, yeah.

PERINO: All right, Trump still had to release his tax return, as a subject
last night. He says he can't yet. It's a subject he was pressed on again
last night.


HUGH HEWITT, RADIO HOST: A year ago you told me on my radio show the audio
and the transcript are out there on YouTube -- that you would release your
tax returns.

TRUMP: True.

HEWITT: Are you going back on your --


TRUMP: First of all, very few people listen to your radio show. That's the
good news. Let's me just tell you.


TRUMP: Let me just -- which happens to be true. Check out the ratings. I
want to release my tax returns, but I can't release it while I'm under an
audit. We're under a routine audit. I've had it for years, I get audited.
And obviously, if I'm being audited, I'm not going to release a return. As
soon as the audit is done, I love it.


PERINO: I don't blame him for saying that he can't do that. But the IRS
apparently, Kimberly, says that he's allowed to.

GUILFOYLE: Well, he's allowed to, but then, nevertheless, under the advice
of counsel you would be told.

PERINO: Right.

GUILFOYLE: . and by your account and to not use that. Greta made that point
earlier, talking about that thing. Look, I don't blame him. I wouldn't tell
him -- if I was representing him, I would say don't, wait, stand down. Now,
once that's cleared up, who knows how long it's gonna take to do that.
Then, you can proceed, but it is not advisable.

PERINO: All right. What do you think, Ebony, on tax returns?

WILLIAMS: I actually think this is ones that should be little vulnerable.
Not just around the releasing of the tax return that will probably play OK,
but if there's, you know, as Romney saying, some big bombshell. I don't
think is. But if there were to be, I do think that, that his financial
success is a big part of his power play. And if there are any questions
around that that are valid, there's maybe an opportunity for vulnerability.

PERINO: All right, we're gonna have to go. Next, pressure is mounting on
Hillary Clinton to release the transcript of her big money speeches to Wall
Street, but she is pushing back again, her excuse now when "The Five"


GUILFOYLE: That's how we do it. Tomorrow is decision day. Once again in
South Carolina, democrats hold their primary this time. Hillary Clinton has
a commanding lead, but today she's facing more heat over her big money
speeches to Wall Street. "The New York Times" endorsed Clinton last month,
but now it's demanding she turn over those transcripts, saying voters have
a right to know what she said to financial groups. Bernie Sanders thinks
so, too.


BERNIE SANDERS, VERMONT SENATOR: It might be a good idea to release the
transcript of what you said to Wall Street, you know. Maybe what you said
behind closed doors is a little bit different than what you're saying to
the American people. I would hope that she will do that. Secretary Clinton
said, well, she will do it if other people do it. I am prepared to release
all of the transcripts I got for secret meetings in Wall Street. Here they



GUILFOYLE: That means zero. Hillary insists she's been transparent, has
nothing hide.


HILLARY CLINTON, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: People can go back. They can look
at what I said and what I did when I was a senator. I'm the one who called
out Wall Street. I actually went to Wall Street in '07. I said you guys are
going to wreck the economy. And I went after hedge funds loopholes.

people that you didn't say anything in those speeches that would undermine
your promise.

CLINTON: Absolutely.

BRZEZINSKI: . to be tough on Wall Street.

CLINTON: Absolutely.

BRZEZINSKI: And the big banks.

CLINTON: Absolutely. And besides, I'm on the public record. I've told them
what I'm going to do. I've said I'm gonna go after big banks that pose a
systemic risk. I want you to hold me accountable for that because I will do
that exactly.


GUILFOYLE: But I want you to show me the money in the meantime, mm-mm.
Donations, right, Dana? I mean, come on.

PERINO: I -- I would be -- I don't know who has transcripts of their
speeches. I mean, I thought Donald Trump had a good point. It's like, I'll
give you transcripts. It's like, I don't -- he just speaks off the cuff.
And I don't know if anybody -- you guys give speeches like I never get a
transcript. I mean maybe it's recorded at some point.

BOLLING: It's not our private server.

PERINO: Or maybe she does, I guess. I mean, I don't understand. I do think
that calls -- Bernie Sanders, finally it's like feeling like, oh. Maybe
this is something I can attack her on. It's a little -- talk about being a
little late to the party. That is one. I don't know if the transcripts will
be forthcoming. I do know this. Wall Street doesn't care what Hillary
Clinton said behind closed doors or what she says now, because they know if
she's going to -- if she became president, she would do exactly what they

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. Like, it's in the bag.

WILLIAMS: Yes. She's definitely for them.

This is puzzling to me for Hillary Clinton, because to me, this is actually
an opportunity. Right? She knows she has, like, these really low poll
numbers around trustworthiness. So how about just this one time -- I don't
say always do what the public asks. But maybe once say, "You know what?
Don't take my word for it. I'm going to prove it to you that I'm being
consistent both in front of Wall Street and behind closed doors." I think
it's actually a missed opportunity.

BOLLING: She can't. She can't do it.

WILLIAMS: What are you saying?

BOLLING: Here's what I'm saying. First of all, I think she's going to be
the nominee. I agree with Dana. I don't think what's on those transcripts
is going to change the election whatsoever. It's important that The New
York Times is calling for the transcripts, as well.

But I will tell you, the reason why she can't do it is because I will
almost guarantee -- in fact, I'll bet $10,000 to a charity, I'll give it to
-- if there is anywhere in any of her transcripts to -- in a speech to
anyone on Wall Street saying, "You guys are going to undermine the
economy." I will -- $10,000 to a charity if she produces a transcript that
says that to a Wall Street bank.

You know why? Because when you go do a speech in front of someone, you
tell them what they want to hear. And they're going to pay you 2, 3,
$400,000 to do your speech, you're not going to tell them they're going to
undermine the economy. It's just not going to happen.

GUILFOYLE: And at this point, then she plays the gender card, throwing
down an "X" on the spot. Listen to this.


It's hurtful to have people say, "Oh, we don't trust her. Don't know why
she's doing it." And it totally struck me, you know, maybe there is this
underlying question like, "Is she doing it for herself or is she really in
it for us?"

And I've always thought of myself as being service-oriented.

Still today, when you are a high-achieving woman, particularly one in the
public eye, you really are just expected to perform at a higher level all
the time.

Men, my goodness, you know, there's a million different ways you can be
successful, you can communicate, and all the rest of it.

I am not a natural politician like...


CLINTON: ... Mr. Clinton or Barack Obama, and so for me it really came
through the route of service.


GUILFOYLE: All right, "X" chromosome. Did it help her, hurt her?

GUTFELD: She was service-oriented. Her husband was serviced-oriented.
And whether it's e-mails or transcripts...

GUILFOYLE: Look away. Don't look at him. Don't make eye contact.

GUTFELD: Whether it's e-mails or transcripts, nothing good ever comes from
releasing something. Just ask Bill.

Remember his whole problem with the tax return? The tax returns that had
the charitable clothes? That's what I'm talking about. Get your minds out
of the gutter.

You know what's funny is her gender could have actually -- you could argue
the opposite, that her gender helps her; that if she were a male, they
would trust her less. So there's no evidence here.

GUILFOYLE: How can you be less trustworthy in the polls than she is right
now? I mean, that's like Benghazi...

GUTFELD: I was saying if she were a man, perhaps.

GUILFOYLE: I don't know.

GUTFELD: It's a hypothetical. It's not true.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, sorry. I was looking for fact-based.

All right. Dana Perino.

PERINO: I just wish that I knew her better so I could understand how best
maybe I could, if I were a communications person advising her, I could say
that she could answer this. Because I know how I would probably answer it.

But I feel like she's constantly searching for a way to convince people
that she's trustworthy, and each time it's like going backwards.

However, on her point about women having to perform better at higher levels
of an organization, if you look at her target market of the people who are
likely to come out and vote for her, there's a strong possibility that that
is persuasive to them. And especially for single women. When Bernie
Sanders is no longer in the running, they might not be as enthusiastic for
her. But that's going to speak to them.

So I think she's laying the groundwork for a very important demographic
that will be important to her in the general election.

GUILFOYLE: All right. Time for tease. Anybody? Good. Don't move,
because "Facebook Friday's" up next, with Rash Boy.


GUTFELD: For all you ranch hands out there. No, "Big Valley." I believe
that was "Big Valley," my nickname in high school.

All right. This is from Eileen. We're doing "Facebook Friday." Start
with you, Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, great.

GUTFELD: "If you could challenge any of the candidates to a game of truth
or dare, which one would it be, why, and what would your dare to them be?"
Keep it clean. I've already...

GUILFOYLE: They're in my ear so much going "P.G., P.G." I'm like, who?
Who is that? Like, "P.G."

GUTFELD: What does P.G. stand for?

GUILFOYLE: They're saying, "P.G., keep it P.G."

No, I was like, I'd rather do Twister.

BOLLING: Dude. That could have been your funniest joke ever.

GUILFOYLE: Of all time.

PERINO: I missed it?



So who would I want to do truth or -- wait, Truth or Dare with?


GUILFOYLE: No, no, no, no, no. That's not an appropriate game to play
with someone you're covering in an election.

PERINO: I have never played that game.

GUTFELD: Neither have I.

GUILFOYLE: Isn't it truth or dare, then you have to kiss them? Who came
up with that?

GUTFELD: No, no, no. You -- you ask them to tell you something, and if
they don't tell you something, then you dare them. See, I think I'd solve
the problem by going to Hillary and dare her to tell the truth.

We'll be right back.

GUILFOYLE: Maybe it's a different game that I knew of.

GUTFELD: All right, Eboni, save this terrible question.

WILLIAMS: You took my -- I was going to dare her to tell the truth. But
here's the other thing. I would pick Hillary Clinton, and I would dare her
to let me style her for the rest of the campaign.

GUILFOYLE: You would dare her to tell the truth, too.

WILLIAMS: Yes. But I would actually really like to get my hands on her,
and you know, she could do much, much better than she does.


PERINO: I think she looks pretty good.

BOLLING: Interesting.

I would dare Hillary as well, but I'd dare her to come on FOX News and do a
sit-down, fair and balanced interview.

GUTFELD: Oooh! That's good. That's a good one. Never happen. But you

GUILFOYLE: Dream on.

BOLLING: It's good to dream.

PERINO: I don't know.

GUTFELD: How about this? Dare Donald Trump not to be on Twitter for three

PERINO: I'd like to dare myself that.

GUTFELD: That was the -- yes.

PERINO: I would love to not get on Twitter.

GUILFOYLE: He'd definitely be the most fun to play with.

GUTFELD: Yes, but, yes, my goodness, where that would end up.

All right. Chris, this question is, "If you could be on the next POTUS
cabinet, which role would you want?" Let's go this way.

PERINO: Oh, wow. That's a great question. I -- you know what?

GUTFELD: You already had one.

PERINO: I've got one. Department of Interior.

GUTFELD: That's not fair!


GUTFELD: Because that was my choice.

PERINO: Department of Interior. You get all the national parks.


PERINO: And you also could help restore balance to federal land use and
for coal country.

GUTFELD: See, I would just like to tell everybody that I'm a park ranger.

PERINO: You want an outfit?

GUTFELD: Yes, I want an outfit, I'd wear it every day.

PERINO: Could the park police please send him one of those green outfits?

GUTFELD: Yes, I will wear it to work every day -- Eric.

BOLLING: So Nate Fredman (ph) tells me the best job to have in a cabinet
would be the treasury secretary, because you're so close to the president.
Is that accurate?

PERINO: You're right next door.

BOLLING: Right next door. That's what I hear. So maybe that would be the

GUTFELD: Hm. Eboni.

WILLIAMS: I like it. Secretary of education.

GUTFELD: Why, because you're not doing it (ph)?

PERINO: Why am I getting the sad face?

WILLIAMS: No. Because it's near and dear to my heart. You're a hot -- a
hot mess, Greg. No, no, no, I think it's the great equalizer. And, you
know, I want to take my -- I think I could save America's kids.

BOLLING: That is liberal.


GUILFOYLE: National security adviser. I want to be in charge of ISIS.

GUTFELD: Yes. There you go.

GUILFOYLE: And I wouldn't even sleep. And I would just...

BOLLING: They might give up. If you were appointed, they might say, "You
know what? We're done here."

GUTFELD: You would do, like, the recruitment videos. And they'd go, "Why
are we over here? Let's go over there."

PERINO: Come to the bright side.

GUTFELD: Seventy-two virgins has nothing on Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: Greater than.

GUTFELD: So you took mine, so I'm going to go with secretary of
agriculture, because I'd love to grow.


GUILFOYLE: This is not a good...

GUTFELD: This is fun. I love this segment. All right, starting with you,
Eric, from Laraine M., "How will this election be depicted in the history

BOLLING: I think it will be momentous sea change. I think American
politics is changed forever, thanks to what's going on. Donald Trump
brought it. Everyone's playing. As you can see last night, Rubio, Cruz,
they were all brawling it out. You remember...

GUTFELD: Is that a positive?

BOLLING: I think -- I like it. I personally like it. I also like in
Parliament, you know how they yell at each other? They yell and they

GUTFELD: The band?

BOLLING: No, no, no, in the British Parliament.

PERINO: But they don't, like, speak over each other.

BOLLING: Sometimes they do.

GUTFELD: They're pretty -- they do -- they insult each other, which is

PERINO (IN BRITISH ACCENT): Prime minister's question hour. Sounds like
the one you're talking about.

GUTFELD: And then they, "Oh, oh. Oh!" That's what they do.


GUTFELD: They do that.

GUILFOYLE: Skip to the next question, please. The about how many


GUILFOYLE: ... so I can answer yours.

GUTFELD: No, you can't skip it.

GUILFOYLE: But this is taking too long.

PERINO: You don't get through all the questions.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. He's just like, "Fire it up."

GUTFELD: you know what? We are done.

PERINO: No, we have one more question.

GUTFELD: No, we have one more, one more. This is from Kevin. I'll start
with you, Eboni. "How many drinks did you have..."

GUILFOYLE: I told you, I just did that one.

GUTFELD: How many drinks did you have while watching the debate? Now
what's wrong now, Kimberly?

GUILFOYLE: No, it's good. This is the one I said we should get to.

WILLIAMS: I had two. I had a beer and a margarita.

PERINO: Wow, mixing.

GUTFELD: You get a little -- I bet you get buzzed. You're light. You get

WILLIAMS: I know. I have a two -- I have learned over time I have a two-
drink max.


WILLIAMS: Unless I'm like really...

GUTFELD: I was like 4 when I had a two-drink max.



GUTFELD: One? You just had one. Why did it take so long?

GUILFOYLE: Well, because I was thinking about the potato chips and all the
other stuff that I ate and sushi and the -- yes.

GUTFELD: Somebody hanging out at Walgreen's.


BOLLING: I had zero, because I did the "Hannity" midnight thing, and so
there was a lot of tempting ideas to run across the street to Del Frisco's
and have a drink or two. I heard you were there.


BOLLING: I got reports back. But I stayed in my office, and I watched the
whole debate.

GUTFELD: Yes, you can't do -- you cannot do "Hannity" drunk.

PERINO: I have drank less since these elections started than in a long
time. Because I got the honor to be on the special election coverage focus
team. I guess we can call it a team.


PERINO: So you don't drink before you go on television, right?

GUTFELD: Yes, well, it depends what show it is.

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: "FOX & Friends" -- "FOX & Friends," I'm hammered. I'm just
coming in.

PERINO: Before you go to sleep?

GUTFELD: I'm just coming in.

GUILFOYLE: That's why he's -- nothing.

GUTFELD: No, I'm joking. I've never done that.

I had three glasses of delightful pinot.

GUILFOYLE: And you were screaming at the TV.

GUTFELD: Yes, screaming at the TV.

WILLIAMS: Pinot Noir or Grigio?

GUILFOYLE: Peanut of the night.

GUILFOYLE: No Grigio for me. I'm a man.

WILLIAMS: The night, you just said it.


GUTFELD: A plate of ribs.

PERINO: I can't see the Pinot. That's not manly.

GUTFELD: I'm sorry, you know what? Maybe I'm man enough to have a pinot,
all right?


GUILFOYLE: Oh, my God.

BOLLING: That finger was...

GUTFELD: I said pinot.

BOLLING: The finger is hovering over the bleep button.

GUILFOYLE: Please, please.

GUTFELD: You always say that. And I always do, Kimberly.


GUTFELD: All right. Al Sharpton, remember him? He doesn't want Trump to
be president, but he just gave Americans the best incentive there is to
elect him when "The Five" returns.


WILLIAMS: Did Al Sharpton just seal the deal for the Donald? Some of my
colleagues here at "The Five" thinks that he did. He said that he's given
the GOP an amazing get-out-the-vote strategy with his new threat to leave
America if Trump wins.


AL SHARPTON, CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST: If Donald Trump is the nominee, I'm
open to support anyone while I'm also reserving my -- my ticket to get out
of here if he wins. Only because he'd probably have me deported anyway.


WILLIAMS: Wow. OK. "The View" co-host Raven-Symone says she will leave
the country, as well, but she'll leave if any of the five Republicans are
even nominated.

OK, so I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt here. Right?


RAVEN-SYMONE, CO-HOST, ABC'S "THE VIEW": I'm going to move to Canada with
my entire family.

JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, ABC'S "THE VIEW": Are you really?

SYMONE: I already have my ticket.

BEHAR: Really?

SYMONE: No, I literally bought my ticket.

BEHAR: You're not a citizen, you know, of Canada.

SYMONE: That's OK. I'll make it. I'll make it. I'll figure that out.


WILLIAMS: OK, I want to give her the benefit of the doubt here. She said
even if they're nominated. We think that she means elected, because
obviously one of them will be nominated.

GUTFELD: She's stupid.


GUTFELD: Can we just get this right out now? She didn't -- she's getting
political analysis from "The View" is like getting recipes from "The
Walking Dead."

And by the way, if Al Sharpton is leaving, maybe he'd go where Tawana
Brawley went.

GUILFOYLE: Ew. Body slam.

GUTFELD: What do you mean, ew?

WILLIAMS: Ew, bringing up old stuff, Greg.

GUTFELD: It's real stuff.

WILLIAMS: I hear you.

GUTFELD: There's no statute of limitations for hoaxes.

WILLIAMS: No limitations on shade, clearly.

That's funny.


WILLIAMS: Mobilizing, like as if, like, GOP turnout needed more
motivation, certainly.

PERINO: This is -- this is the kind of thing that both parties say in the
lead-up to an election, like "If Obama win, I'm leaving." "If President
Bush wins, I'm moving to Paris." Johnny Depp, I think, actually did.

But when she says, "No, I literally bought my ticket." I think if I were
Donald Trump and is they were giving him a hard time, the next time they
ask for his tax returns, he's like, "Show me that ticket."


PERINO: "Show me that ticket that you literally bought." Because

GUTFELD: You think she knows what literally means, like it would be

PERINO: Not figuratively? Or ironic?

GUTFELD: Sometimes, people get it -- yes.

WILLIAMS: Well, that's also weird, right? Like, why is Sharpton talking
about being deported? Like...

PERINO: Well, what...


BOLLING: He's trying to be funny. Funny, but...

GUILFOYLE: Maybe because he didn't pay the taxes.

BOLLING: But I would definitely cut that sound bite and use that as a
campaign. I would use that as a super PAC, use it to raise some votes.

I thought it was -- Raven-Symone, is that her name?


BOLLING: Isn't she conservative? She was on the side of some conservative
cause recently, no? Am I wrong?

PERINO: Don't know.

GUTFELD: She made fun of someone about their name, remember that?

WILLIAMS: That's true. And Ann Coulter came for her on "The View," which
was a weird thing where, like, all these liberals were actually cheering
for Ann Coulter for once.

It's -- I think Raven is very new to politics, Eric.

BOLLING: Oh, yes. Clearly.

WILLIAMS: Clearly.

BOLLING: Any Republican nominated.

PERINO: Well, there's a lot of interest, and a lot -- People feel
passionate. So you would say, "I'm going to leave your country." But you
know what? America is going to be great, no matter what.

GUILFOYLE: Well, because he'll have to pay taxes if he stays here.

BOLLING: Now, very well. Good job.

GUILFOYLE: New president in the White House. Show us the money, Al.

GUTFELD: Candidates should build a wall so Americans can't move after
Trump's elected.

BOLLING: And we'll pay for it.

GUTFELD: And we'll pay for it.

WILLIAMS: A lot of people say it's so stupid.

"One More Thing" is up next.


BOLLING: Wow. Wow. All right. Time for "One More Thing." I'm going to
go first.

Don't forget, Sunday we're all going to come back. We're going to be here
for a special edition of "The Five" live at 5. We're going to preview the
big Super Tuesday, coming up in just a couple of days from there.

All right. K.G., you're up.

GUILFOYLE: I have been looking forward to this. And welcome to Kimberly's
Food Court. That's how we do it, yes. Yes. You need your hand, you can
use a fork.

GUTFELD: Show the food!

GUILFOYLE: Here today, I-HOP. Lower it. There we go. I-HOP is the
originator of the all-day breakfast. Nothing frustrates me more when you
miss it by five minutes. And you're like, "No, I know you have the
ingredients, just let me back there." But they're the ones who started it.
Everybody else has been trying to copy it.

A year ago, they introduced these fabulous dishes. And take a look on
here. It's Blackberry and Vanilla Double-Dipped Brioche French Toast, and
-- Elvis would love this -- Banana, Peanut Butter and Chocolate French
Toast. And this is so...

GUTFELD: Look how that turned out for him.

GUTFELD: In corn flakes. This could have saved him, if he ate it.

I highly encourage you to stop by.

PERINO: The dipped in corn flakes is what sells that.

GUTFELD: That's amazing.

GUILFOYLE: You can see them on here. I mean, Eboni, does this not look

WILLIAMS: The texture.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my God. And you just -- you know, you just. This is...

GUTFELD: Stuff it in. There you go.

WILLIAMS: I know, it's like we really don't get to eat.

PERINO: There's another fork. Go for it, Eboni.

GUTFELD: All right.

GUILFOYLE: This is fantastic. I-HOP, thank you. We love you.

BOLLING: While you guys dig in, Dana is up.

PERINO: OK. I want to thank -- we have guests that came today, John and
Marianna, and they brought the Tulip Sweet Shop from Goral (ph) Park, New
York, chocolate box, which is great.

And I also want to just remind everybody next Friday -- that's March 4, I'm
going to be in Washington, D.C., for CPAC. I'm going to do a panel on
millennials and millennial issues and conservative values, meeting
millennials' goals. That's going to be on Friday, early afternoon. So I
hope that, if you're going to be there, you make it. And we might even
have a little surprise shout-out from "The Five" for everybody.

BOLLING: That would be great.

PERINO: Now, that's not a surprise.

BOLLING: Gregory.

GUTFELD: Millennials, those are Pepperidge Farm, right? They're

GUILFOYLE: Can you eat them?

PERINO: They are quite good.

BOLLING: They come in mint?

GUTFELD: Yes, they do.

GUILFOYLE: They'll be part of my Food Court next.

GUTFELD: It's time for something.


GUTFELD: Greg's Crime Corner.


GUILFOYLE: Look at your hat.

GUTFELD: Spread them. All right. So...

WILLIAMS: You're at quota already, Greg.

GUTFELD: A unicorn got loose -- got loose and led the police on a four-
hour chase through the streets of Madeira County, California. This was
Wednesday night. Take a look at this. It was in a photo shoot.

GUILFOYLE: Is that yours?

GUTFELD: The owner is photographer Sandra Booze, odd name. But anyway, it
was with a group of kids. It got loose. It ran all over town.

Now, why is this "Crime Corner"? Because if you take a close look, that is
not a unicorn. That is a horse wearing a horn.

You know what?


GUTFELD: You might think it's fun to trick children into thinking that
that's a real unicorn, but where I come from, that is disgusting. That is
disgusting. This woman should be ashamed of herself. You never try to
pretend you're a unicorn, unless of course, you know, it's a honeymoon

BOLLING: Or Halloween.

GUTFELD: On Halloween.

WILLIAMS: OK. Speaking of holidays, guys, I know it's only February but
I'm starting my Christmas list early today. Mom, lean into the television.
This is for you.

This is the newest American Girl from the American Girl doll collection.
Her name is Melody Ellison. She's celebrating the civil rights era.


WILLIAMS: And I've actually been holding a grudge against my mother for
the better part of almost 30 years.



PERINO: You've got to let that go.

WILLIAMS: Not really -- because she never gave me a doll.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my God.

WILLIAMS: I wanted one of these so bad.

PERINO: Never once a doll? You never once got a doll?

WILLIAMS: I got a doll, but I wanted an American Girl doll, Dana. I
wanted this fancy, like, 100-plus-dollar doll.

PERINO: My sister wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid, and my mom was like, "Those
dolls are too expensive." So she knew somebody who was hand making them,
and she got one for my sister, and she -- my sister was mortified.

WILLIAMS: Oh, my God.

PERINO: Then she ended up getting -- my sister got a real Cabbage Patch

GUTFELD: I used to take pantyhose and fill it with sand, and then take
buttons for eyes, and then I would name them and take them everywhere I go.

PERINO: Oh, my God. That's where mine went?

BOLLING: I have to do this. On the heels of that, I have to promo this.
Chris Christie will now sit down with Greta Van Susteren tonight, "On the

GUILFOYLE: All right.

BOLLING:... 7 p.m. So make sure you don't miss that. And again, don't
forget, "Special Report" on deck, coming up.

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