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Texas Gov. Abbott: Ted Cruz has the prescription for what ails America

Texas Governor Greg Abbott goes 'On the Record' on why he endorsed Ted Cruz, whether he will avoid being defeated by Trump in his own state on Super Tuesday and whether he has enough to defeat 'The Donald'


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Now to Senator Ted Cruz in his home State of Texas, Cruz is leading big there brand new Monmouth University poll likely Republican Texas voters shows Senator Cruz with 38 percent, Donald Trump sits in second place 15 points behind Senator Cruz at 23 percent, Senator Marco Rubio and third place of 21 percent, Dr. Ben Carson fourth place with 6 percent and Governor John Kasich in fifth place with 5 percent. Texas Governor Greg Abbott who has endorsed Senator Cruz goes "on the record." good evening, sir.

GREG ABBOTT, TEXAS GOVERNOR: Good evening, Greta and congratulation on your 3,500th Show. I'm glad to be part of your next 3,500.

VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, thank you very much. I appreciate it. All right, governor, you want Senator Ted Cruz as the next president, why?

ABBOTT: Because Ted Cruz has the prescription for what ails America. He is a constitutionalist who will put the United States back on its constitutional pathway. He has an economic plan that will peal away all the heavy hand of government that will allow America to begin to create jobs and that having worked side by side with Ted Cruz behind the scenes for five years when he served as my solicitor general, I have the confidence in him as being a terrific commander and chief.

VAN SUSTEREN: Now you've been a governor, obviously, running a state down in Texas. Does it give you some sense of pause that Senator Cruz is in the U.S. senate and he is not, for instance, a governor running a state? He doesn't have any experience that way.

ABBOTT: Based in that it because I know Ted Cruz, because I know his decision-making process, because I know the thoughtful and methodical way. His approaches very tough issues, I have confidence that whatever issue may arise, he is the right person to lead the country.

And look at one of the most consequential issues that we're dealing with at this time and hat is the future pathway of the constitution itself. I trust Ted Cruz to appoint the right person to the United States Supreme Court.

VAN SUSTEREN: What do you make of sort of the double-barrell of pointed at him, the political double-barrell got Senator Marco Rubio on one side Donald Trump on the other. They've been pointing their political weapons right at Senator Cruz, lately.

ABBOTT: Well, listen, it's what happens in politics but, Greta, here is my take away and that is after Tuesday, there is only going to be two candidates who have ever won a state. And Ted Cruz is one of them. I think that after Tuesday, this race is going to boil down to a two person race. And think about this last fact and that is the states that know Ted Cruz the best. Texas and Iowa where Ted Cruz spent a lot of time, those are the states that are going for Ted Cruz. The more people learn about Ted Cruz and that he is the person who embodies conservative values, I think the more likely people are going to be supporting him as the campaign continues.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are you predicting senator Marco Rubio who hasn't won one state and is losing in Florida that he will be out after Tuesday?

ABBOTT: Well, Greta, look at it this way, more than or about 40 percent of all of the delegates will be assigned after this coming Tuesday. And Rubio will not have won any state whatsoever. Ted will have won at least two states. He is the only person who will have beaten Donald Trump in any state, and I think it will be a two-person race after this coming Tuesday.

VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, always nice to see you. Thank you, sir.

ABBOTT: Thank you, Greta.