Donald Trump cements frontrunner status in Nevada

Won virtually every key demographic; Reaction on 'The Five'


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<p><i>This is a rush transcript from "The Five," February 24, 2016. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.</i></p>

<p>KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Kimberly Guilfoyle along with Juan Williams, Eric Bolling, Dana Perino and Brian Kilmeade. It is 5 o'clock in New York City and this is "The Five."</p>

<p>After sweeping New Hampshire, South Carolina and steamrolling his opponent last night in Nevada, Donald Trump has cemented his frontrunner status and vows he is going all the way.</p>


<p>DONALD TRUMP, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: If you listen to the pundits, we were not expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning, winning the country.</p>


<p>And soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning.</p>



<p>GUILFOYLE: Winning is never exhausting, is it? All right, Marco Rubio beat out Ted Cruz again for second place, but both have major ground to make up, as they want to stop Trump Super Tuesday. They say they're still in it to win it.</p>


<p>SEN. TED CRUZ, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The undeniable reality that the first four states has shown is that the only campaign that has beaten Donald Trump, and the only campaign that can beat Donald Trump, is this campaign.</p>


<p>SEN. MARCO RUBIO, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We feel really good about next Tuesday. We're six days away. We have an organization and a good team and a good plan for every state on the map.</p>


<p>GUILFOYLE: Trump won virtually every key demographic in Nevada. Hispanics, evangelicals, also those who say they're angry with the government and voters who want a political outsider in the White House. He addressed those victories on Fox and Friends this morning.</p>


<p>TRUMP: We won with evangelicals who I love, than we won with just about every group there is and we won with Hispanics, big leagues. We won at 46 with the Hispanics. And I've been saying that was going to happen because I'm going to bring jobs back.</p>


<p>GUILFOYLE: OK, so some surprises perhaps or not. But to definitely some analysis is to be had at this table today.</p>

<p>DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: We shall.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Thank you for joining us all today and at home. All right, can we talk about some of these entrance polls as well?</p>

<p>BRIAN KILMEADE, GUEST CO-HOST: Number one, in between my morning show, in the show, I actually got a haircut. So I says, it's the first time I tell them, if we tell the broadcasting, we all be famous when we get there, get there.</p>

<p>ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Do you think the certain tie-off or --</p>

<p>KILMEADE: No, I --</p>

<p>BOLLING: . when you left -- no?</p>


<p>GUILFOYLE: It's funny you said that because I'm gonna write into the (inaudible) it was getting rather bushy --</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Right. But this -- I just thought it was unbelievable. I've never seen him as happy. This is the second happy as I've seen him. The first one is New Hampshire. This last night, seen Eric and Donald there, I think it was a great moment. I think he is getting the sense, I think he's getting the sense that he's inevitable, right?</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: The other Eric, right?</p>

<p>BOLLING: Yeah.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Right.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Not -- you said the other Eric Trump.</p>


<p>GUILFOYLE: Eric Trump 2.0.</p>

<p>BOLLING: I was watching Dana and Juan.</p>



<p>GUILFOYLE: That's how we do it. OK, entrance poll, full screen are available -- feast on them. Prefer the next president to be a political outsider. Listen to this; Trump, 70 percent, Cruz, 15 percent, Rubio, 8 percent, Carson at six, Kasich at one -- Dana, reaction?</p>

<p>PERINO: Well, these entrance polls actually match the exit polls. By the time it was over that they almost really exact same.</p>


<p>PERINO: And they were almost exactly tracked with what happened in South Carolina. So if you look at -- you know, his second place win in Iowa wasn't really that far behind. Ted Cruz -- I'm not saying Ted Cruz didn't win. He did decisively. But the win in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, if you look at some of those similar questions, it's not always the same question asked which is a little bit unfortunate because it would be nice to compare all of them. But in general, yes, they were pretty much all the same. The outsider piece -- you start to look at how many governors and senators are already out of the race.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Yeah.</p>

<p>PERINO: I mean, have already decided to no longer continue. So it is the year of the outsider which is not just on the republican side. We're going to get to the democrats in a little bit, but this is mirrored across the country. People are wanting to wholesale change.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: All right. Well, this is really follows into Eric, (inaudible), angry with the federal government; Trump, 48 percent, Cruz, 25 percent, Rubio at 19, Carson, four, Kasich at two.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Yup.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Any surprises there?</p>

<p>BOLLING: On this poll? No. I mean we know -- I'm surprised it's that low. I mean, I thought it would be higher for the outsiders. But, here, look what happened last night. Going into the caucuses, Trump was polling at 45 percent. He got 45 percent.</p>

<p>PERINO: Yup.</p>

<p>BOLLING: I mean the polling going into that caucus was spot on. What didn't happen was people have said to Trump had a one-third or 35 percent ceiling.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Ceiling.</p>

<p>BOLLING: He broke through that with 45 percent of the poll on a night where 75,000 people showed up which are about 150 percent higher than the previous records. So there was a good section of people who showed up for the caucuses and Trump has to be happy -- I think he was happy because there was such a huge win with that many people showing up. Two important voting -- first of all, he won every voting bloc. But the two important ones were he won among Hispanics. He was running against two Hispanics and one.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Right.</p>

<p>BOLLING: . among Hispanics.</p>

<p>JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Oh, come on.</p>

<p>BOLLING: And he also won --</p>


<p>BOLLING: He also won in the white evangelical vote.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Yes.</p>

<p>BOLLING: And he was running against Ted Cruz, who said he wanted to represent the white evangelicals, so --</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Right. That's Trump, 40.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Yeah, on both those voting bloc --</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: . evangelical Christians, Cruz, 27, Rubio in 23.</p>

<p>BOLLING: What's wrong with the -- with Hispanics against who is Hispanics.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: I think -- I remember right from the polling, it was like 8 percent. So it's not even 10 percent yet.</p>

<p>BOLLING: No, it's 10 percent --</p>


<p>WILLIAMS: Eight percent -- correct. OK, and let me --</p>

<p>BOLLING: He still won the bloc.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Wait. Hold on. Eight percent plus, if you look at the Hispanic population in Nevada, I think it is close to 90 percent democrat. So what we're talking about is a sub-group of a sub-group of a sub-group. I mean, it's meaningless.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Right.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: . but given his behavior.</p>

<p>BOLLING: You know why it matters --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: I don't see anyway.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Do you know why this matters, Juan? Look, you would think that Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio would hold the Hispanic vote? Yes -- I would. Maybe you would, but I would.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: That's fair.</p>

<p>BOLLING: And you would also think that Ted Cruz would hold the -- evangelical vote. I would. Maybe you would.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: No, no, no.</p>

<p>BOLLING: However --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: And wait, wait. That's a good point. Can I just interrupt you and say, that is telling for Ted Cruz going into Super Tuesday.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Of course it is. Of course, you know, what else is telling for Ted Cruz --</p>

<p>PERINO: Yeah.</p>

<p>BOLLING: . is that Donald Trump is on his tails in Texas, and Marco Rubio has a 25-point lead in the state of Florida. I mean, guys, I said this yesterday. Politics at this level right now are about momentum and time. Time is running out. Donald Trump has momentum. One of you two has to drop out if you plan --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Well, they're not dropping.</p>


<p>WILLIAMS: They're not dropping.</p>


<p>GUILFOYLE: Right. And but these guys -- a perfect segue.</p>

<p>BOLLING: And then expecting that if what's --</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Thank you very much.</p>

<p>BOLLING: What's next?</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Ted Cruz; they're setting his sights on the crown jewel of Super Tuesday to help boost his bid, his home state of Texas, where 155 delegates are in play. He just got a big endorsement there from Governor Greg Abbott, and his confident, he can secure the win.</p>


<p>CRUZ: The great state of Texas now has the opportunity to stand up and speak. You know, in past elections, Texas has primarily has been late in the process, long after the decision was made -- so in Texas (inaudible). But now, six days from now is Super Tuesday. I believe we are poised to have a very good night on Super Tuesday.</p>



<p>GUILFOYLE: Marco Rubio is also counting on his home state of Florida to pull through for him on March 15th. Could he win the backing of Florida's former Governor Jeb Bush before the race?</p>


<p>RUBIO: I've spoken to Governor Bush. We haven't discussed an endorsement. We're friends and I look forward to visiting with him soon.</p>


<p>GUILFOYLE: OK. So Brian, you had your mouth open.</p>


<p>KILMEADE: Yeah. Thank you very much for noticing.</p>

<p>PERINO: Insert your foot now.</p>


<p>KILMEADE: Hopefully I won't. A couple things; number one on Ted Cruz, it was pullout by the Houston Hobby Center which, it's good to know there was a Hobby Center in Houston because people do need a break from the grind. They say it's a double digit lead for Ted Cruz in Texas. So, I think that's pretty significant, a local thing he has to win or else he might as well pack it up and go home. Number two is, I think it's comical that these republicans are fighting with each other. Did you see what Kasich people were doing today? Fighting with Rubio, saying, well look at all the money you spent and you only got -- you came in second place this far off the lead with only 28 percent. Do they understand who is leading? I've never seen a race like this. Hey, I'm going to the third place guy because there's a fifth place guy who was really got on my nerves. Can you go after the first place guy? It doesn't have to be personal, it doesn't have to be petty, but I believe there are a few things that are left unsaid in the Trump campaign that you can press on. One of which Mitt Romney brought up today.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Yeah. Well, tell people what that was, Brian.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Mitt Romney just joined Neil Cavuto, short time ago, on the phone. We have not seen him in weeks. He got on the phone which is Trumpian (ph). And he called in and he said, "I have reason to believe, we have reason to believe there is something with -- to be there's something a bombshell in Donald Trump's taxes, and demands those taxes to be released."</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Well, that was Harry Reid like, wouldn't say? Remember when Harry Reid went after Romney.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Interesting.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Right. But I will say this, I think that coming out of this, there were two things in the polls. One hope -- ray of hope for Ted Cruz was shared values. He won those voters in Nevada. And the one ray of hope for Rubio was somebody who could win in November. And he won those votes.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: And late deciders.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: But the -- and late deciders. But clearly, that's not paramount in the minds of at least Nevada, republican caucus goers. What they care about is anger and someone who gives voice to their frustrations.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: If Dana doesn't talk soon, I'm just gonna storm out of here.</p>

<p>PERINO: It seem -</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: All right, but I --</p>

<p>KILMEADE: I do, absolutely.</p>

<p>PERINO: Why?</p>

<p>KILMEADE: You got to be kidding me.</p>

<p>PERINO: What do you want me to say? I was -- I just had an observation about last night, because if you didn't stay up as late as Juan and I, had a chance to with the election coverage team. We had -- we were there from 11:00 to 1:00. We were watching the results coming in. And when Donald Trump spoke, at around 12:45, it's got a knack for timing, right? He's like, he's gonna wait until that coverage is almost over, it's ending at 1 o'clock in the morning, you have to respect that. And we're sitting there watching, and everyone is engaged and they're laughing. And one of the things I thought -- it's amazing. He is ticking through all the groups that he won -- one of the evangelicals. I love evangelicals. And I do. I when -- and when he said I love the poorly educated.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: I love it.</p>

<p>PERINO: And they screamed. And I thought, how do you compete with that?</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Right.</p>

<p>PERINO: And you look at the other speakers. And there you have -- there is some dramatic respect that has to be given to somebody who can say the things that he said and make people laugh.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Right.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: I mean, earlier this week, Kasich got in trouble for his comments about --</p>

<p>PERINO: I know.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: . women in the kitchen.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: In the '70s.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Nobody, nobody blinks an eye when Trump said this stuff. I love the poorly educated -- oh, my god, is he kind of (inaudible) or what?</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Yes.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: I don't get it. Anyway --</p>

<p>KILMEADE: But they vote for him.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Right.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: They sure --</p>

<p>PERINO: No --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: And that's my point.</p>

<p>PERINO: And that his point.</p>


<p>WILLIAMS: My point is that Trump brought new people to the party. Remember you were talking about breaking through the ceiling, Eric. So -- in some ways he thought, well, maybe he took these votes from Cruz or from Rubio, but in fact, no.</p>

<p>BOLLING: He almost doubled it --</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Creating it.</p>

<p>BOLLING: They almost doubled that.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Exactly.</p>

<p>PERINO: I would --</p>


<p>BOLLING: . of turnout this year. And can I -- just can I make one more point?</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Yeah.</p>


<p>BOLLING: All day, I'm listening to these same pundits, just in total denial. Look, he is winning. You have to figure out a way to beat him if you want to be -- and don't keep saying it's only 1 percent of the population or 5 percent, or a million people. He is getting 65 percent of the delegates. You got to change something. Your time is running out. Otherwise, pack it in or we're going to talking about this for a long time. Why didn't they see it coming before?</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Right. Win Texas. That's one way to get back in the game.</p>

<p>BOLLING: But you don't win Texas. That's the problem. I tell you what. Cruz is hanging his head on Texas. It's proportional. He can win Texas and still get the -- completely out of the race.</p>

<p>PERINO: Wow, when you get excited --</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Dana.</p>

<p>PERINO: . your voice gets really hot.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Yeah.</p>

<p>BOLLING: No. I just -- no. Because get -- people are mad at me for seeing this coming for a long time.</p>

<p>PERINO: No, you say --</p>

<p>BOLLING: I'm not on Trump's bandwagon. I'm not paid by Trump. I'm not going to work for Trump. There's none of that. I just --</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: I didn't hear that.</p>

<p>BOLLING: I know numbers inside and out and I've been seeing this materializing and I'm seeing it again. If you don't do something prior to Super Tuesday, shut the door.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: So the establishment --</p>

<p>BOLLING: Shut the door.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: You're calling on the republican establishment.</p>

<p>BOLLING: If they want --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: . to consolidate.</p>

<p>BOLLING: If they want to continue --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Put up the money.</p>

<p>BOLLING: They have to.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Eric, just as I was saying --</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Only see dead people --</p>


<p>KILMEADE: . when Marco Rubio joins us this morning and he came out.</p>

<p>PERINO: Right.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: . and he had a moderate message. Wait a second. It's -- your hair should be on fire. You don't to have act out of your character, but you have to have a strategy from your end. He's got more people, able to do, will do anything for him that he wants. They all file in. All the senators, all the congressmen, all the people without jobs now, I'm just wondering when they're going to get a strategy.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Any quick comment about the taxes?</p>


<p>BOLLING: I don't think -- well, listen. I think everyone should -- if you open up your taxes, but if you're going to do it for one or two you'd better do it for everybody on every --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Wrong response.</p>

<p>BOLLING: . every level.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Wrong response.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Every level.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: You should say there's nothing there.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Well, I don't know if there's anything there --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Oh, that's a danger then. You think it maybe, you know, he does a lot of big business.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: No, and he's not really related to joke. He doesn't know about - -</p>

<p>KILMEADE: He does not know.</p>


<p>GUILFOYLE: They're really related. They have (inaudible) to the family (inaudible). Stay with us because we've got much more to come on the presidential race ahead. Before we go, reminders to watch Megyn Kelly's big show tonight. A special two hours with four of the GOP candidates, it starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern, don't miss it -- back in a moment.</p>


<p>PERINO: You've got to love it when the stage manager loves the music that you choose.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Right.</p>

<p>PERINO: . to bump in, all right. Thank you for that -- dancing.</p>

<p>All right, it was another rough election night for Ben Carson and John Kasich, but those two seem determined to stick it out, despite the odds.</p>


<p>BEN CARSON, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I know the pundits and the political class, they want to call everything. I mean, it say it's all done, it's all over. We may as well go home and do the coronation now. But you know what?</p>


<p>And I believe that they're wrong.</p>

<p>JOHN KASICH, OHIO GOVERNOR: I don't know if my purpose is to be president. My purpose is to be out here doing what I think I need to be doing and we'll see where it ends up.</p>


<p>PERINO: Eric, last night it was like -- the ones -- the candidates that were in the single digits were looking at Donald Trump and hoping -- wishing there was a mercy rule in Nevada politics.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Yeah, I --</p>

<p>PERINO: Because they -- especially for the Carson and Kasich. I mean they had to be a disappointing showing. Even though, I think Kasich actually set expectations for everyone saying he didn't expect to do well there.</p>

<p>BOLLING: But he didn't do well there and he hasn't really done well. I'm trying to figure out the Carson and Kasich then we go something --</p>

<p>PERINO: Why he came in second in New Hampshire?</p>

<p>BOLLING: No, no, I know, I know. But let's be realistic. There's literally almost a 0 percent, just statistically 0 percent chance of him.</p>

<p>PERINO: OK. There's too much math.</p>

<p>BOLLING: All right, let me do this thing.</p>


<p>BOLLING: let me do this thing. I've realize why I think Rubio and Cruz won't get out. Not because they absolutely are positive, they're gonna be the next president. I think they may be staying in because they may down the road be looking at another presidential run. And the longer you stay in here and perform well here, you look back and go, hey, you did great before, maybe this time it's your turn. Like Chris Christie, turn that deal down in 2012 when everyone thought --</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Right.</p>

<p>BOLLING: . he should do it. Even if he wasn't gonna win, at least run --</p>

<p>KILMEADE: But Eric --</p>

<p>BOLLING: And run your back.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: How did that work for Santorum and Huckabee? They both did well and the time has passed. One thing we found out, if you have a window --</p>

<p>BOLLING: I don't -- did they do well?</p>

<p>KILMEADE: . you jump through that window.</p>

<p>BOLLING: They won --</p>

<p>KILMEADE: So I said, Trump is very well, few 18 seats (ph) when it's all said and done. And then Huckabee was right behind McCain, he competed for quite a while. But Kasich makes no sense because he does not want -- he said, "I can't compete until the middle of March." He can't compete. He said, "I will not win anything on Super Tuesday." Have you -- can you have even have hope on Super Tuesday, why are you sticking around?</p>

<p>PERINO: What about Dr. Carson, though, Juan. His event last night was a little bit odd because he was -- they were playing Fox News -- thank you, at his event, but it was on, the TV was on so loud and as he was talking because of the delay that you could hear the echo, and it just look like -- it's so unprofessional compared to other campaign.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Well, you have to cut loose a lot of stuff. They spend a lot of money. They raised a lot of money, but they burned through it pretty rapidly. And now it's really down to, you know, sort of a framework staff worn. I think that's why you see those kinds of screw-ups. But also, I think, in his heart, he still thinks he is doing it that he's on a mission, that he is the tortoise and the hare, as to quote him. And that you know.</p>

<p>PERINO: But that was Jeb Bush--</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: . slow but steady.</p>


<p>WILLIAMS: Slow but steady, somehow will carry the day. I just don't see it. And then he's back saying that President Obama is not really black, which was -- wow! He said because Obama's mom is white and he was raised in Hawaii, he's not --</p>


<p>PERINO: What was that he and Bill Clinton agree?</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: What?</p>

<p>PERINO: He and Bill Clinton agree?</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Well, I don't know.</p>


<p>WILLIAMS: I just thought -- wait a second. I thought he was fighting against Trump. You know, it's like -- we come back to your point. How come they never ever fighting against Trump? It's crazy.</p>

<p>PERINO: Kimberly, any advice for that --</p>


<p>GUILFOYLE: Because they don't want to get a knockout punch and get KO and be called low energy --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: But in fact, did you see that Trump said that the minute Rubio starts saying something about him he is going to knock him out?</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: OK. Well, this is.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Wow.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: . not breaking news, is it? Of course.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Because to me --</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: He is not gonna sit there and go, take a free shot, you know, left, right --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: He wasn't even take at Rubio's --</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Like for -- he's not going to do it.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Yeah.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: He's gonna wait and (inaudible) said he's, you know, young guy. I mean, he's a nice guy. Well, maybe an experienced so he's like --</p>

<p>PERINO: When he was asked yesterday, why aren't you attacking Rubio? He said well, maybe it's because he's smarter.</p>


<p>PERINO: Smarter of the two or something like that that he said. It was something funny.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: yeah.</p>

<p>PERINO: You know the debate tomorrow night, so any advice for Kasich or Carson to breakthrough?</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Well, I mean, you've got to have a memorable moment. You got to say something that sticks that everybody is playing the next day on the airwaves. Say, wow, this was really a powerful moment, so that everybody is loading up and in the spot machine. Sound on tape to say, take a listen to this.</p>


<p>PERINO: And it's hard. I mean, like if you -- say you're somebody like Kasich, and you are -- he's been -- he's long been in government, you're a dedicated public servant. You've done some amazing good work in the states that you're from Ohio, but you're not an entertainer. And at this point.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Right.</p>

<p>PERINO: . what Americans are looking for is that they want to feel a connection that he might not be able to give up.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Right.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Well, this audience tomorrow is going to be -- the debate, I think is in Texas?</p>

<p>PERINO: Yes. It is.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Going to be held at Univision. I think it's --</p>


<p>WILLIAMS: Heavily -- thank you madam. Heavily focus on immigration. There's a lot of opportunity to take a shot at Trump here.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Oh yeah, absolutely, especially if you're Marco Rubio. And what do you is -- you use to think it's going to be a brand new dynamic when it is one-on-one. And one thing that struck with me when I saw Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders together. Number one, they had to actually go deep into issues. And the moderators become less and less important. And when you are one-on-one and if you could turn around and say, OK, you want to make America great again, Donald Trump. I'm going to give you a foot. Tell me -- give me 10 things you're going to do to make America great again, because I'll give you 10 that I'm gonna do, specifically. If he wanted, you could do it with a smile, not with an attack. Jeb Bush seemed aggressive when he's doing it and he seemed overmatched, but you can do that in a technical way. Ted Cruz maybe as trouble in the likeability scan -- on a scale, but I think that Marco Rubio is capable of getting the best out of Trump and vice versa.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Can I throw one quick number -- one more?</p>

<p>PERINO: Yeah, I'll take one more number. Is it an easy math?</p>

<p>BOLLING: It's very easy. Establishment, John Kasich, with no question, right? So if Rubio is the non-Trump establishment candidate, he should drop out before March 15, because that's a 66 delegate winner take all state -- Ohio is. And if he takes Ohio, he still -- literally, he's not gonna take it from Trump. He's gonna take it from Rubio.</p>

<p>PERINO: All right. We got to go. This weekend, make sure you catch a special live edition of, yours truly, meaning, all five of us. The Five in a run up to Super Tuesday.</p>

<p>BOLLING: What?</p>

<p>PERINO: . on Sunday.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Sunday?</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: We got to work --</p>

<p>PERINO: Yeah, we got to work on Sunday.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Didn't you get the memo?</p>

<p>PERINO: Tell your wife.</p>


<p>PERINO: So that's 5:00 p.m. eastern. Next, Hillary Clinton brushed off her e-mail scandal, once again last night, but there is a serious new development in that scandal that could threaten her campaign, details next on "The Five."</p>


<p>BOLLING: Some new trouble for Hillary Clinton as her campaign gains some traction. Yesterday, federal judge open the door to subpoenas for Clinton and her top aides over her use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. She tried to assure voters last night, it won't affect her run for president.</p>


<p>HILLARY CLINTON, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I'm well aware of the drip, drip, drip. I've been in the public arena for 25 years and have been the subject of a lot of ongoing attacks and misinformation and all the rest of it. The facts are that every single time somebody has hurled these charges against me, which they have done; it's proofed to be nothing. And this is no different than that. It is just not something that, you know, is going to have any lasting effect. And I -- am not at all worried about it.</p>


<p>BOLLING: OK. Clinton also got an opportunity for a do-over on a question she botched last week about whether she's ever lied to Americans and, she dug (inaudible).</p>


<p>SCOTT PELLEY, CBS EVENING NEWS ANCHOR: Jimmy Carter said, "I will never lie to you."</p>

<p>CLINTON: You know, you're asking me to say, "Have I ever?" I don't believe I ever have. I don't believe I ever have. I don't believe I ever will. I'm going to do the best I can to level with the American people.</p>

<p>STEPHEN COLBERT, "THE LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT" HOST: How can you be this bad at it? Will you lie in the home run of campaign questions? You just say no and then touch all the bases.</p>


<p>CHRIS CUOMO, CNN TV HOST: Is that a question that you'd like another shot at answering?</p>

<p>CLINTON: I'll just say no.</p>



<p>CUOMO: You make Mr. Colbert very happy.</p>

<p>CLINTON: Good, good. I want to make him happy.</p>


<p>BOLLING: All right, Dana, so, she said it's drip, drip, drip, but isn't the FBI investigation drip, drip, drip or waterfall?</p>

<p>PERINO: Well, I mean, that -- she should want this investigation to get over with quickly. She should not want the drip, drip, drip. But this is how our legal system works. There are several investigations going on. What happened yesterday, in terms of the -- judge saying that her aides, who would have to testify under oath -- that's not a right-wing conspiracy, that is a court of law, that is a judge that is looking at the facts, taking evidence from both sides and saying, you are wrong. So you are going to have to testify.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Yeah.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Who filed that suit, Dana?</p>

<p>PERINO: Judicial watchful --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Oh.</p>

<p>PERINO: Let me tell you something.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Thanks, Dana. Thanks, Dana.</p>

<p>PERINO: Juan --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Oh, a right-wing group.</p>

<p>PERINO: I will.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Can you tell Juan --</p>

<p>PERINO: Is Juan not on the morning e-mail?</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Yeah.</p>


<p>GUILFOYLE: That's had happening.</p>

<p>PERINO: Juan could save himself a lot of --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: I'll tell you.</p>

<p>PERINO: . heartburn.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: I was going to say that because Emmet Sullivan was appointed by a democrat --</p>

<p>BOLLING: That's not what I was going to say.</p>

<p>PERINO: No. No, no, no. That's not what I was going to say.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Oh!</p>

<p>KILMEADE: But wait --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Wait a second --</p>

<p>KILMEADE: They need democrat and Eric said --</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Dana and Eric said on the morning e-mails here.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Hold on everyone else here. Juan, Juan --</p>


<p>PERINO: Not what I said --</p>

<p>BOLLING: Not just any democrat. Which democrat?</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Clinton.</p>

<p>BOLLING: OK. Thank you.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: So what?</p>

<p>BOLLING: The judge was appointed by Bill Clinton.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Juan.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: But he's a good judge.</p>

<p>PERINO: I wasn't going to talk about the judge. I was going to talk about...</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Judicial Watch.</p>

<p>PERINO: ... the Judicial Watch, which is...</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Tell me about them.</p>

<p>PERINO: You want to -- they are an equal opportunity basher. They go after everybody. Because I was the spokesperson at the White House for several years, having to deal with Judicial Watch investigations over and over again. They do not just go after Democrats. Believe me.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Yes, but I'm saying, that's what's going on here.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: No, but you called it right-wing...</p>

<p>PERINO: ... conspiracy.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: They are right-wing. They are right-wing.</p>

<p>PERINO: They are not right-wing.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Judicial Watch -- oh, my God.</p>

<p>PERINO: Then why would they go after George W. Bush?</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Gee, you know how -- why? Because they didn't think you guys were conservative enough, serving their needs.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Oh, my God.</p>

<p>PERINO: That's insanity.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: But you know what's so interesting, is the trust thing is wearing on Democrats, too. The thing that they describe her best at is somebody who's untrustworthy. Are they really going to elect someone that's untrustworthy? Now she's being fitted to one thing she said she had accomplished. She said she had a role in welfare reform. OK. I think that's good. Welfare reform is good.</p>

<p>Bernie Sanders says, "Do you know how outrageous that is? You pulled the rug out of all these people who are desperately in need. Look how horrible she is."</p>

<p>What kind of universe is it where your victories are turned on their head by somebody who's never had any accomplishment in his career?</p>

<p>BOLLING: Get K.G. in here on this one?</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Yes, I mean, listen, it's so sad, because she has, really, the worst reputation in politics. Quite an achievement for being untrustworthy, for not being someone of good character and integrity. But yet, she is going to be just the chosen one, the nominee, and they're going to steamroll over Bernie Sanders. And Juan thinks it's fine, because maybe you're -- you've been the victim of some influence peddling. In the bag!</p>

<p>BOLLING: Can you stay right there, because I want to talk about this one. Clinton also got very defensive when she [SIC] asked if she would release transcripts to her big-money speeches to Wall Street. Listen.</p>


<p>CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Will you agree to release these transcripts? They have become an issue.</p>

<p>HILLARY CLINTON (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Sure. If everybody does it, and that includes the Republicans. Because we know they have made a lot of speeches.</p>

<p>Why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else? I mean...</p>

<p>You know what? If people are going to ask for things, everybody should be on a level playing field. And I'm happy if that were the case.</p>


<p>BOLLING: I'm for that. Anyway, Bernie Sanders also had this epic follow- up.</p>


<p>SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (D-VT), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: What Secretary Clinton said, I will do it if other people do it. Well, I am very happy to release all of my paid speeches to Wall Street. Here it is, Chris. There ain't none. I don't do that. I don't get -- I don't get speaker's fees from Goldman Sachs. It's not there. So I'm happy to do my best in releasing any of the speeches. It won't be very shocking to anybody.</p>


<p>BOLLING: More than anything in the world I would love to see those transcripts. I need to see what's on them.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Of course. Because you can see the master at work, talking out of both sides of her mouth. One's like, "Mm, Wall Street." The other's like, "Mm, disenfranchised." That's what she does. Right? So you play to the room. And there you have it in writing. Roll the transcript out. But it's not going to matter, actually, because...</p>

<p>BOLLING: Why?</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: ... she'll just get away with it.</p>

<p>What I do like is that "Weekend at Bernie's" showed up. Ladies and gentlemen, Bernie Sanders, here to play. Finally! Like, take some shots.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: No, Kimberly, you don't show up like this. (LEANING BACK) If you show up like this, "Hey, I have my" -- you are at the edge of your seat. "Let me tell you, I want to -- I want to...</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: I show up like this. (LEANING BACK)</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Yes, you do, and everyone's pleased (ph) on top of that standing ovation.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Winning!</p>

<p>KILMEADE: But what I'm trying to say is, that's not somebody who wants to win. He should be at the end of the seat, saying, "I heard what you just said, and I'm calling on you right now to release the transcripts."</p>

<p>This morning -- I'll name drop. Donald Trump was on "FOX &#38; Friends," wearing a different haircut. No, it was a different person. Same outfit. And I asked Donald Trump, "Would you release your transcripts from your speeches to Wall Street?"</p>

<p>He goes, "Yes, I'd like to. I don't think I ever wrote anything down. But I will..."</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Right.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: "... you can record them, let them go."</p>

<p>So I'm sure Rubio would. I'm sure everybody would. So there, you call -- you can call her bluff.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Let me just say, no, you can't.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: What do you mean? Why?</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Let me just tell you. These guys go to Wall Street to raise money, Brian. They will -- they say things that -- that the general public, the populist audience...</p>

<p>KILMEADE: You're spinning it.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: No. No, I'm not spinning. I'm just telling you, lots of people say things in that situation where you're asking for money, where you're trying to get something that, you know, just wouldn't play politically.</p>

<p>BOLLING: No, her speeches, Juan. She had speeches, $600,000 to speak.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Yes, she was there.</p>

<p>BOLLING: A speech.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Oh.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Not talking about a fundraising.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: I'm just saying, believe me, she's thinking about down the line, running for something...</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Somebody better get their money back.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: And she had money -- remember, when she was a senator...</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Juan, that's the answer that they'll release.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Right. Dana, then you can't run on on "I'm going to take apart Wall Street. I'm going to be tough on Wall Street."</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: That's a fair point.</p>

<p>PERINO: But the thing is that Wall Street...</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: That's the whole point.</p>

<p>PERINO: ... having heard her say all of that, they still support her.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Yes, they do.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: You can't make this up. So crazy.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: This is the problem. The Democrats -- Democrats don't care. Republicans around this table care intensely. The media cares like the Republicans, and I think there will be a frenzy. She's got some more e- mails coming out shortly, I think the end of the whole track is coming, right? And then plus when there's testimony about -- by the way, do you know what this case is about? It's about Huma Abedin and the fact that she was filling more than one job when she was Clinton's executive assistant.</p>

<p>PERINO: Which is so outrageous.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Yes, that's a legitimate issue.</p>

<p>PERINO: That's so outrageous.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: So let's be clear with the audience. This is not about the emails.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: ... she has the job at the Foundation.</p>


<p>PERINO: But the thing is, but usually -- correct me if I'm wrong. Investigations into somebody like Huma Abedin having an extra job end up turning out other things.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: That's what's going on.</p>

<p>PERINO: But turns out that they have secret e-mails. Today, in fact...</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: You just, like, hurl your way in.</p>

<p>PERINO: ... that -- that her top-secret e-mails that she said she never sent or didn't receive, they're almost word for word like the secret documents that were on the covert side.</p>

<p>BOLLING: All right. I've got to leave it.</p>

<p>PERINO: And they're on her server.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Susan is yelling at me. She said, "Tease" four times already.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: That's called guilty.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Coming up, a special toast to one of our favorite FOX family members. Greta is celebrating her 3,500th show tonight, and we're going to celebrate with her...</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Yes!</p>

<p>BOLLING: ... when "The Five" returns. Greta is going to be right here.</p>



<p>JACK HANNAH, COLUMBUS ZOO: The Spotted Leopard, Greta, is a -- I'll let you hold him. Now, if he starts biting you, I'll take him back.</p>


<p>HANNAH: Because he's got real sharp teeth. This animal here is only about -- you have a good way with animals.</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: He's sweet.</p>

<p>UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Here comes 300.</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: Here we go. This is it. This is it.</p>

<p>UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's it.</p>



<p>PERINO: She's tiny.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Amazing.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: She's a legal legend and a FOX News powerhouse. Greta Van Susteren began hosting "On the Record" in February 2002, and over 14 years she's done countless number of interviews with presidents, world leaders, celebrities. I can -- I can't name them all.</p>

<p>Tonight, though, she'll appear on her 3,500th show at 7 p.m. Eastern. Here with a preview is the host herself. Greta joins us now.</p>

<p>Greta Van Susteren, congratulations. What a wonderful -- you know, I read today that you are the longest continuing running cable TV host in America. That's awesome.</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: Well, you know -- well, you know, because I was over at CNN before FOX even existed.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Right.</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: I was there starting in October of '95 with "Burden of Proof." And FOX, of course, came around in October of '96. So anyone here, I've been doing it longer. And Wolf Blitzer didn't have a show before me. So that's why I guess -- and of course, Larry is gone.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Well, you know, the funny thing is, I met -- I remember meeting you when you were a lawyer. I remember you were the lawyer for a defendant, and the story I was writing -- and I thought, wow, what a great lawyer for this guy. Because you actually did a terrific job.</p>

<p>And then when O.J. Simpson, something that everybody's following right now, when that case broke, I think your star rose. And it's never, ever come back. You -- I mean, what do you think of this O.J. Case miniseries on TV?</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: You know, I've watched a couple of it, and I admit, it's a little interesting. But I will you, Juan, is that -- and I talked to Roger Cossack, who was my co-host at "Burden of Proof." We're both a little bit over it, having lived and breathed it.</p>

<p>I do want to back up -- I do want to back up for a second for when you and I met. Is that -- that article that you wrote in the "Washington Post" in which I was the lawyer.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Yes.</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: That Oprah Winfrey then did her first documentary.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Yes.</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: And it was on that, no one dies alone, was the title of your article.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Yes.</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: And that's how the three of us -- so that really dates us.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: I'll tell you. But it was, you know what? Again, let me just emphasize. You're a real lawyer. She's the real deal.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Juan just figured that out. Greta is a legend. I remember when I first started watching you, and I was so excited when I was trying the dog mauling case in San Francisco. And I thought I was like, cloud nine when I got a call and I got a page from you to ask a question about the case. I was like, "Is this really happening? And it's Greta Van Susteren." It was amazing. So we've been friends now for a very long time.</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: And that trial, of course, you did win. You know, you won that case, as well.</p>

<p>But the other interesting thing is that I was on the hustle. I was trying to hustle you every chance I could get, Kimberly.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: You were very determined.</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: Any time I could get you on the phone, I was thrilled. I mean, I was like, you know -- I was trying to hustle you to come on the show and, you know, do everything I can. So I was in hot pursuit.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Let me -- let me jump in her and get Dana Perino to ask a question.</p>

<p>PERINO: Well, Greta, one of the things that you've done with your show is you've taken your viewers to international locations and brought stories to us from all around the world, including Afghanistan and other far-flung places.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Korea.</p>

<p>PERINO: North Korea being another one. Your two most memorable trips like that?</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: Probably in North Korea. Because I've been there three times, and -- and you don't get to get in there. Very -- very few get to go in there. It's like walking into a 1951 black and white movie. You know, you're not going to see a Starbucks or anything else. So I mean, it's a really strange -- strange.</p>

<p>But also, you know, and Dana, you know, when you were at the White House you traveled all over the world. You see things. I mean, I see photos of refugee camps that I've been to. I've been in a refugee camp in Iraq with Syrian refugees. I've been to a refugee camp in Sudan. I've been up in the Nouveau (ph) mountains, where I've seen people starving to death, hiding in a cave eating bugs because that very evil President Bashir in Sudan is dropping bombs on their heads, having their military rape their women. They're burning their fields.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Greta, I...</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: All those places. Incredible.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Greta, this is -- let me just quickly get Brian in here. He's dying to ask a question.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Yes, Greta, the biggest transition for you, No. 1 from CNN to FOX, and No. 2, from lawyer to journalist. Was it -- what was tougher?</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: Probably lawyer to journalist, because nobody at CNN liked us, because Roger and I were lawyers. We weren't journalists. So we were outcasts; we were social outcasts.</p>

<p>Coming to FOX was easy, because I'll tell you one thing, Brian: Everybody was so nice to me from the day I walked in the door of this place. It was unbelievable. The colleagues were fantastic. Everybody welcomed me. You know, I walked in as sort of the new kid. And although FOX had been around for six years, and I'll tell you, everyone was incredibly gracious. And, you know, people stick around.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Let me ask -- let me -- let me give you the nicest man at FOX, Eric Bolling.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Well, no, what I was going to say, literally -- I wrote this down. The thing that people, the viewers need to know about Greta. Greta is a total FOX team player.</p>

<p>When we first started here...</p>

<p>PERINO: That's true.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: So true.</p>

<p>BOLLING: ... she was e-mailing. I don't know if you remember this, Greta. We just started. No one knew what the heck the show was going to be. It was a table. They literally pulled five chairs out of Huckabee's studio over there and put five chairs around a table.</p>

<p>PERINO: We're still sitting on them.</p>

<p>BOLLING: And we're still sitting on them at the same table. But you would e-mail us a couple -- me, at least, probably everyone, a couple of times a week, saying, "Hey, that was great."</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: "Great job," yes.</p>

<p>BOLLING: So supportive, Greta. And I want to thank you for that.</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: I still love -- I still love that show you guys did in Iowa a couple Saturdays ago. That was fantastic.</p>

<p>But you know what I thought you were going to ask me about, though, Eric?</p>

<p>BOLLING: What?</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: My batting. You saw that.</p>

<p>BOLLING: That was a great swing.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: What a hitter!</p>

<p>BOLLING: An amazing top hand. You rolled the top hand. That was a wonderful swing.</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: I am...</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Greta, listen, we've got to...</p>

<p>VAN SUSTEREN: I'm pre-Title 9, too.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: You look like an athlete. Anyway, thanks, Greta. And congratulations!</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Congrats, Greta!</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: We want everybody to catch Greta's milestone show tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern. We'll be back in a moment.</p>


<p>KILMEADE: All right. I've got to tell you this story. A former Yelp employee's angry open letter to the CEO of their company, and it's gone viral. This woman's name is Talia Ben-Ora. She publicly complained about not making enough money to afford to live in San Francisco.</p>

<p>Quote, "Here I am, 25 years old, balancing all sorts of debt and trying to pave a life for myself that doesn't involve crying in the bathtub every week. I haven't bought groceries since I started this job. Will you pay my phone bill for me?"</p>

<p>This to the CEO. She was canned right after that. Who would have thought? And she was shocked by it, by the way.</p>

<p>Then she was publicly panned by a fellow millennial named Stephanie Williams. Now, this girl is incredible, this woman, who posted this open letter. "Work ethic is not something that develop from entitlement. It develop when you realize there are a million other people who can perform your job, and you are lucky to have one. It comes from sucking up the bad aspects and focusing on the good."</p>

<p>This is a true story of give and take of the next generation of workers. She's slightly older, Ms. Williams, than the other one, who's 22; so 30. And the Williams story is kind of interesting. She came in, Lehman collapse. She couldn't get a job after wonderful grades and a great degree. She had to be a waitress, and she had to do it for a while. And she had to wait on people she graduated high school and college with. And she had to live in her parents' house.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Yes.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: And it was humiliating and tough. Don't you think, Dana, this really defines a lot of stuff that you do? People not understanding, perhaps, what a work ethic is and what your rights are?</p>

<p>PERINO: I do feel like millennials take a little bit of a bad rap. Because I know a lot of them, and they work very hard. But there is a reputation amongst them that they have a little bit of this attitude. So it's interesting to see peer pressure. Right? This is not, like, Generation X or a Baby Boomer going after her. It's one of her peers. I think that's probably a positive thing.</p>

<p>One of the things I advise to people is that, if you're going to get ahead, always take the job that nobody else wants initially. Because if you do that and you do it well, you will always be able to get a promotion or succeed, or you'll find out what you don't want to do and you can move on to other things.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Right. And the -- that's the entry level job. And the CEO is giving you an opportunity. So great, get a job at night; go work seven days a week...</p>

<p>PERINO: Right.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Until you start.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Work extra hours, take every shift you can, work weekends if you need to. You show the commitment. And I agree with Dana: sometimes there are millennials who don't think they should need to be doing that.</p>

<p>We happen to have an assistant millennial child who works...</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Yes, she's killer.</p>

<p>BOLLING: She's running around all the time. That's the model to do it after.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: And you could change your work environment. You could get a roommate. You could live for a while in your house. You don't have to live in the third most expensive city, Juan Williams.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: You know what? You know what? So you guys...</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: San Francisco is pricey.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: I want you guys to engage in active imagination. I am Bernie Sanders. I speak for millennials, and you, Brian Kilmeade, have no idea how hard it is...</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Right. Exactly.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: ... for a young person in this country...</p>

<p>KILMEADE: You're right.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: ... to rise up. And this young woman was doing the job. She was working very hard. But they wouldn't pay her fairly. And that CEO was making zillions. And that's why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are doing so well.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: But guess what? Ask for food, for, like, grocery money. Not the phone. Right? That's -- that's part of the problem.</p>

<p>But it is important to know your worth and not to be able -- not to be afraid to ask for what you want and make a persuasive case. But with that comes working hard and earning it and showing people that you're worth it.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: I would give Dana's book and your book to this woman at Yelp and just say...</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: "And the Good News Is" and "Making the Case."</p>

<p>KILMEADE: ... overcoming, doing whatever it takes to reach your goal.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Yes.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Sometimes you have to do things that don't make you comfortable. Don't make excuses. To quote the great philosopher, "Larry the Cable Guy," get it done.</p>

<p>BOLLING: No, no, no, no, no.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Even Bernie would agree with that.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Get 'er done.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Get 'er done.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: I'm not from that region.</p>

<p>All right. Seven minutes before the top of the hour. "One More Thing" is next.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Time for you to go to bed.</p>


<p>GUILFOYLE: It's time now for "One More Thing." And...</p>


<p>GUILFOYLE: Kimberly's Dating Tips.</p>


<p>GUILFOYLE: You've missed me, haven't you? Yes.</p>

<p>All right. Now, this is something very interesting and helpful to women that might want to have a lot of children and find a mate. Apparently, women are attracted to bad boys. Shocking. Brooding looks like think Heathcliff, and like James Bond, bring me a dirty martini, James. They love it. They love the masculine dominant traits. It's kind of like a natural selection.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Stop. I'm right here.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Yes, Bolling's features, besides him, like dark hair, brooding look, deep set eyes. All of that.</p>

<p>Then you will end up, apparently, with more children, because you want to mate with these people. I don't know. I think it's helpful if this is what you're looking for. Just put it out there, right, people?</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Helping America.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Bar school (ph), defined jaw.</p>

<p>PERINO: I love it.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: I love these studies.</p>

<p>Bolling, speaking of which.</p>

<p>BOLLING: OK. I am so proud of this. You know I'm writing a book. Now, it's going to print very soon. But the publisher sent this to me. It's the actual cover of the book, "Wake Up America." Obviously, it's a brand I've been talking about it for a long time. Extremely proud. So it's on its way.</p>

<p>PERINO: Looks great.</p>

<p>BOLLING: It's going to come out Fourth of July.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: "Wake Up America."</p>

<p>BOLLING: The nine virtues that made our nation great and why we need them more than ever. And I can't tell you the nine virtues. We'll have to tell you that later. By the way, there at the bottom, visit You can preorder.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: I think you hit just the right pan (ph) in that cover.</p>

<p>BOLLING: Just the right time, going into the election.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Time in pan (ph). Dana.</p>

<p>PERINO: All right. So last night Juan and I were on special election coverage. And I took this funny picture. Can I see it? OK. Don't look at me. Look at Juan. His face is like, "I can't take it." So I asked him people to caption for this picture, and I got some great suggestions.</p>

<p>One of them said, "One corny joke, and I'm out of here."</p>

<p>Another one was, "No, not the look again, please."</p>

<p>The last one was, "When will I finally admit I don't really believe this Democratic bull?"</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Except it was an all Republican night, by the way, my caption writer.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Winning! Juan.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: So, listen. You know I'm the granddad of two lovely twin girls, 3 years old, Pepper and Wesley. So what are the odds of this? Identical twin sisters from Utah gave birth to twins for the second time. That's ten twins in all.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Wow.</p>

<p>KILMEADE: Goodness.</p>

<p>WILLIAMS: Kerri Bunker, Kelli Wall, 36, both gave birth to their second set of twins just three weeks apart. The bunkers are currently building a new home next door to the Walls so that all nine of the children can grow up together.</p>

<p>PERINO: They're going to need a bunker.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: Very, very sweet.</p>

<p>What time is it?</p>

<p>KILMEADE: I have great hope that Ben McAdoo is going to bring the New York Giants back to prominence. This was his first combine. He got behind the microphone, and he said this.</p>


<p>BEN MCADOO, GIANTS COACH: We've had a lot of leads in games in the fourth quarter when you're looking at the scoreboard in between plays, and you know, we have to end the game with the lead. And that's going to be important to us.</p>


<p>BOLLING: Good luck.</p>

<p>MCADOO: That's why you got rid of Tom Coughlin? End the game with a lead?</p>


<p>MCADOO: It's called winning.</p>

<p>GUILFOYLE: We'll be on soon. Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of "The Five." That's it for us. "Special Report" is next. And Greta special.</p>

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