Gov. John Kasich: It's either going to happen or it's not

On 'Your World,' presidential candidate talks ground game in South Carolina, possible brokered convention


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, we are just learning -- and, actually, Charlie Gasparino was the first to report this on Fox Business which, if you don't get, you should demand -- that Ken Langone, a big supporter of Chris Christie, is now throwing his weight and influence and money behind Ohio Governor John Kasich, the man who placed a very strong second in the New Hampshire primary just a couple of days ago.

To the governor, who joins us now on a bus somewhere in South Carolina, Ohio Governor John Kasich.


CAVUTO: Congratulations.


KASICH: ... somewhere. I don't know where. I know I'm heading somewhere, but I don't know where.

But I want you to know I'm enjoying it because I'm watching the AT&T Pebble Beach Golf Tournament on my bus. It's great.

CAVUTO: Well, wait a minute, Governor. You're watching a golf tournament and not Fox?

KASICH: Well, I taped everything with Fox. I will be watching it tonight.

CAVUTO: That's brilliant.

You can always tell you're getting the gravitas of a bigwig candidate now.  You're wiggling now.

But, in all seriousness, congratulations on the Ken Langone thing. That's a big get, because the conservative was, after your strong showing in New Hampshire, Governor, that you needed money, the campaign needed more money certainly to spread the wealth and take the message to the South.

Do you feel comfortable now you're on your way for that?

KASICH: Well, I don't know the numbers, Neil, but, look, I always say this, but you and I have been friends for a long time, really.

We're just going to let it all kind of happen. Either -- it's either going to happen or it's not. I'm not about to get uptight and start sitting in accounting -- an accounting room counting all my money.

And, yes, I think we're clearly doing better. We're raising a lot of money online. People really liked the election night speech. And if people haven't seen it, I wish they'd go on my Web site and take a look at it.

I heard it -- everybody said it was different, so maybe they can take a look at it. And, yes, Neil, look, the key now is, we had 60 RSVPs for an event yesterday, and we had like 400 people show up. So, if you get all rattled and worked up about all this, you can lose yourself.

And I'm not going to lose myself. I'm going to try hard not to, say my prayers, keep things in perspective, and life is going to go on one way or the other, right? That the way I think I want to be. And I'm going to be that way.

CAVUTO: Well, good for you. But what happened to the 340 others? Did you kick them out?

KASICH: Well, they had people standing outside.


KASICH: And they put speakers up so they could hear it.


KASICH: But, I mean, it just shows you how things change so quickly.

CAVUTO: It did.

KASICH: It was sort of like when I was running "Heartland" on Fox, and we went from eight viewers to 10. It was really amazing.

CAVUTO: Yes. I remember O'Reilly was so jealous of you. Remember that?  It just seems like yesterday.


CAVUTO: Governor, do you get a sense, though, that there was a sense, all right, he put all his marbles -- that was the argument with you -- you put all your marbles in New Hampshire. It turned out OK, but that now you emerge the next morning and look around, I don't really have a ground game in these states and that you're not ready...


KASICH: Neil, Neil, Neil, all you guys...

CAVUTO: Do you? Do you?

KASICH: ... say these things, and you don't know.

CAVUTO: Well, do you?

KASICH: I mean, look, no, I mean, of course we have people in South Carolina. I didn't have all my marbles in New Hampshire.

We had people on the ground down here. I got people in Nevada, got people working in Mississippi. I got people in...


CAVUTO: Do you have enough? Do you have enough? Because it looks like...

KASICH: Well...


CAVUTO: ... Ted Cruz is steep there. You got Jeb Bush steep there. You got Marco Rubio steep there. You're not as steep there. That's what I hear.

KASICH: Well, that is the people telling you what they want you to hear.  That doesn't mean it's true.


KASICH: Don't you understand, in these campaigns, people figure out many different ways to bash you to make themselves look good?

CAVUTO: Speaking of bashing you, how are you going to deal with that now that you're an emerging threat now in this system, the way it is?


CAVUTO: And you know how it goes. You remember what happened to Ted Cruz.  You saw what happened to Marco Rubio. But you're next.


Well, I mean, whatever comes, we will try to deal with. I'm still going to -- I'm not going to be a pin cushion. But I'm -- you know, I'm not going to be a pin cushion. But I'm going to try to stay positive, Neil.

That's what I did in New Hampshire. They spent millions and millions of dollars against me. Nobody thought I would get out of there. No one thought I would ever get there.

CAVUTO: True enough.

KASICH: Now I'm in South Carolina.

Now, look, the problem we have here, to be honest with you, is the level of enthusiasm is greater than our ability to absorb it. But the troops are coming. We don't -- we're scrappy. And I can't tell you what we're going to do here, but we're moving on.


KASICH: We're moving on.

CAVUTO: All right. You might have heard. Now, I know you were busy watching The Golf Channel, so you probably missed an interview I had earlier with a couple of folks who are saying they see this going all the way to Cleveland without a nominee, and a Marco Rubio person saying much the same thing. We could see getting to the convention and we don't have a nominee.

What do you make of that?

KASICH: I don't think -- I think we will have a nominee.

I don't think there will be a brokered convention. But if there is, wouldn't that be cool? I would be in Cleveland. I mean, Neil, it could get really interesting, right? But I think we will have a nominee.

I think this will get sorted out. And it's going to come fast, because you have got Super Tuesday. You have got to go to the Midwest. And the key is, for us, in all seriousness, because I'm really -- I'm being honest with you, Neil.

I think that when you suddenly have good fortune -- and I want to tell you how much I love the people, obviously, of New Hampshire, and the volunteers. Just stay focused. Stay centered. Don't get -- don't be having your head turned. You know?

I mean, you know that. It's just really good advice. And we're going to just keep raising the money and keep working, and hopefully take this thing all the way through Ohio. That's what we expect to do. We don't expect to, like, stop.

So, we will see. We will see what happens.

CAVUTO: If it were Donald Trump who keeps the momentum, would you be open if he asked to be his running mate?

KASICH: Neil, I'm going probably be the nominee.


CAVUTO: OK. So, would you ask Donald Trump -- would you ask Donald Trump to be yours?

KASICH: I would prefer Cavuto, because you could go down there to Washington. You could fix those regulations, like I want to get done.

You could get in there and make sure you would whip the Congress, because we would play replays of when we thought we were going to have a government shutdown, and...


CAVUTO: All right. Well, you got Ken Langone. So you're well on your way with the Italian representation.

KASICH: I agree.

CAVUTO: Well, Governor, thank you.

Oh, by the way, did you see, John Roberts does a dead-on imitation of you?  If you catch up with him and you want to kick him off your bus in the future, you got to see it. It's off the charts, Governor.

KASICH: Neil, I was just talking to one of your lovely producers, and she said that he didn't do as a good imitation of me as I do of me.


CAVUTO: All right. Well, argue with him.

KASICH: Hey, and I want to say one other thing.


CAVUTO: Governor, thank you very much.

We will have more after this.

We're out of time. But, Governor, thank you very much.

KASICH: OK. Thanks, Neil.  

CAVUTO: Sorry.

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