Fallout from New Hampshire: Christie suspends campaign

New Jersey governor drops out of presidential race


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ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone, I'm Eric Bolling, along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock back here in New York City, and this is "The Five."

And this is a Fox News alert. New Hampshire has been decided and we're seeing the fallout already. Just moments ago, Chris Christie announced he has suspended his campaign and earlier today, Carly Fiorina also dropping out of the race. This comes after Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders dealt huge blows to their opponents last night, winning their respected primaries by a land slide. Before we get to that, we warm to talk about the recent dropouts. Greg, you have some thoughts on Chris Christie's dropout?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Yeah. He is like the guy who walks into a bar and cold cocks some dude. So that guy is out, but then he goes to jail. It didn't really work out for him. The good news for Christie is he lost big, but he also lost being bid. Because in his bid for the presidency, he decided to lose all that weight which is healthier for him, and his family should be happy because he will live a longer, healthier life. He may not be the president, but he'll be skinny.

BOLLING: Dana, your thoughts on Christie doing the attack. What was he going for? Was he going for -- do you think the New Hampshire people would respond more positively?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Maybe. I think that he have always thought that he would do better in New Hampshire than he ended up doing. Plus, he sensed a weakness in Marco Rubio, and he was able to exploit it to his advantage. Except it doesn't work out for him because he was not going to make it on the debate stage for this Saturday night's debate in South Carolina. So he is like, why would I go down there and sit in the hotel room while everybody else gets to debate. I think he's made good decision. He is relatively young man. He has about a year and a half left as governor of New Jersey. I think he will be a very important part of helping whoever the Republican nominee is. He'll be a great campaigner. Don't forget, when he was the Chairman of the Republican Governor's Association this last cycle, he helped elect an historic number of Republican governors. And I think if I were on the Republican ticket, I would say, Christie, your assignment is governors and senators. Because the Senate hangs in the balance and he would be really important there.

BOLLING: Juan, what about it? I don't know, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz start knocking on Christie's door saying, hey, how about an endorsement?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Absolutely. That's exactly where I was going to go with that. I think it is a question of not only who can get the endorsement, but who can get the money. This muddle of sort of second tier Republicans right now -- they need somehow to break out. And I think a Chris Christie is clearly an Establishment Republican. People are comfortable with him in terms of the donor class. And they can make a difference going into South Carolina and the SEC Primary.

The second thing to say though is you know Rubio was exposed as being inexperienced, green, however you want to put it. And I think you're going to see this come back again. And this is not over, folks.

PERINO: Right.

WILLIAMS: What's going to happen is you go into South Carolina, and all those other Republicans, not the one guy in the bar, turns out, guess what.


PERINO: They're in the parking lot.


BOLLING: Let's talk about what Juan points out.


BOLLING: Christie exposed will be his Achilles. Can he have the operation and have it fixed?

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Well, when you're a prosecutor like that, you would love to live and revel in the facts. And what he was saying was these are the facts. This is the candidate. This is who he is. Take a good look. Make a decision. Don't put it off. Right? That's what he was trying to do. Now, overall, you want all the candidates to be vetted, to be challenged, to be battle-tested going forward. So indeed you do in fact emerge with the best choice to be the nominee, to carry the party forward and take back the White House. That's what happens when you're playing with the big dogs. That's what goes down. Now, I do think he can be a very effective surrogate for anyone going forward.

BOLLING: Except Rubio.


GUILFOYLE: Well, you'll never know.


GUILFOYLE: They'll rise to the occasion. He is tremendously popular with all the governors and he was getting a lot of great calls and feedback last night. The bottom-line is he also could be potentially attorney general. I mean, this is guy that like you said, he is young. He could go forward again. Maybe this was not -- maybe that was not his time right now. But it could be again.

BOLLING: If you listen to the post-New Hampshire talking, the people who are leading New Hampshire, it sounds like Trump may tap Christie and say how about an endorsement? It wouldn't do well. Anyway, the polls were indeed right about Donald Trump. In fact, he easily won their first primary with the resounding double digit victory. John Kasich pulled off the second place slot. Iowa's winner Ted Cruz came in third. But first, let's hear from the winner.


DONALD TRUMP, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: What do we really want to thank, right? We want to thank the people of New Hampshire. Right? We love the people of New Hampshire.


TRUMP: You know, I have said it. And I said it even a year ago. I think I'm going to do really well there because I'm here a lot. We'll be back a lot. We're not going to forget you. You started it. Remember, you started it. We are going now to South Carolina. We're going to win in South Carolina.


BOLLING: Don't scream. The morning after the huge win, the Donald showed a little humility. Check it out.


TRUMP: I thank all of them. They're all accomplished people. They're governors and senators and they're all very good people. Maybe. But I think probably, I wouldn't want to pick one because they're close enough. And we'll see what happens.


BOLLING: That's nice. Donald Trump is going to a softer tone, right? No chance. Trump has eviscerated anyone hitting him, delivering wicked counter punches. So I wouldn't get too comfortable with his soft-tone Trump, talking up to a guy playing the game of skill as if you are politician for the last 40 years, instead of a businessman.

GUILFOYLE: Well, you know, I thought that he was very good in his speech last night in terms of saying there are a lot of really talented people in the Republican Party. And that I think was nice to do and the appropriate thing. You have got to also learn to try coalition, you know build, and build some kind of a consensus, and rapport with the candidates. The one that I think that he is still going to go against in South Carolina, and the debate would be Ted Cruz. I think that's somebody who will give them some trouble there in terms of getting out the vote. Messaging. Look, Cruz still did very well in New Hampshire. He bested Rubio. I would be very careful around him. And he is hitting Donald hard and I know we're going to talk about that later.

BOLLING: So, Juan, 35, 36 percent. Donald Trump got the polls, they were pretty accurate. They have Kasich in second. He came in second. Interesting in the exit polls, 35 percent of independents chose Donald Trump.

WILLIAMS: That's very interesting to me. You know, Trump did very well across the board. So, it's not only the case though. I think he did well with independents, which is to me, incredible. He did very well with strong conservatives. So people who are strong conservatives and independents, sort of across the spectrum of Republican ideological beliefs chose Donald Trump last night. I think that's great news for Trump. Now, does that carry when you get into a different set of -- you know, a different dynamic down south? I don't know. Remember, down south, you're going to have more evangelicals, you're going to have more people who are self-identified as conservatives. It's a little bit like Iowa, but not obviously the same. It's not a caucus state.

So the question is do those people stick with Donald Trump? The polls indicate that Donald Trump right now is positioned to run the table.

BOLLING: Right. So as Juan points out, the latest poll, which I think it was the end of January, Trump had a 16-point lead in South Carolina. Does New Hampshire help that?

PERINO: It could or it could spur activity amongst the others. So I think that Cruz's -- as Kimberly pointed out, Cruz's good showing last night after only spending about a million dollars in New Hampshire, he has a lot. If you think of the 43-1 Iowa in 2000, I thought they were going to win New Hampshire. They don't. They lose in New Hampshire, but they go on to win in South Carolina and move on. I agree. I think that Ted Cruz would be the one to watch. But New Hampshire was tailor-made for Donald Trump. He won so decisively, just lapping the field. It was unbelievable. Is this the beginning of uniting the party? I don't think so.


PERINO: I think South Carolina is where the battle would be joined.


GUILFOYLE: And don't count out Bush there.


BOLLING: Kasich spent his whole time in New Hampshire. He didn't even bother with Iowa.


BOLLING: What will he do now? Does Trump -- does he change the angle of his guns to take Ted Cruz or back at Ted Cruz?


GUTFELD: Can I focus on New Hampshire just for a second? So Kasich got -- Kasich and Trump together got about 145,000 votes. Bernie Sanders got 150,000, so he got more people in New Hampshire than the top two Republicans. So they can't be called live, free, or die anymore because they just chose to die. Seriously, they chose a Democratic socialist, live, free, or die. Non-leftists have to ask themselves, who is going to win in the general election? Bernie Sanders didn't just beat Hillary. He beat you.

BOLLING: Money, money. Does this matter -- will Donald Trump start to take money? Anyone think he would?

WILLIAMS: Starts to take money?


WILLIAMS: This is a big game you know game. Of course, Donald Trump takes money. He takes lots of money. People give him money. There was a paper about it. Exactly who is it that sends money to a billionaire? He does take money.


WILLIAMS: There was no news to it. But here's the thing that I wanted to challenge you and Dana. I don't think if you look at it as Cruz and Trump at the top right now, I don't think Cruz is a real threat to Donald Trump in all honesty. I think the threat would have to come in the Republican establishment lane. To me, this is the big news out of New Hampshire is occupied by Governor Kasich. And so, the question is.

PERINO: In South Carolina?

WILLIAMS: No, I think across the south. Can the Republican establishment have to get behind somebody, it was Rubio coming out of Iowa. After New Hampshire, I don't think it is Rubio.

GUILFOYLE: You have to see after South Carolina. But Kasich definitely crushed it and performed.

PERINO: And they're all competitors. They're all going to play to win in South Carolina.


BOLLING: This is Bush's own field though, right? He wants to win South Carolina.

GUILFOYLE: This is more of the rise of the governors.

GUTFELD: You know what Kasich is? It is like when you're at a restaurant with unfamiliar dishes, he is the chicken fingers. That's the thing you order. It is your safe bet.

PERINO: I love those chicken fingers.

GUTFELD: Yeah, but that's what you order if you don't understand anything else on the menu.


GUILFOYLE: Maybe you just really love the taste, the crispiness, the flavor.

PERINO: My taxi driver this morning, he was from Jamaica. He's been here 18 years and he said Kasich is his man.


BOLLING: There is a debate.

PERINO: Chicken fingers with fries?


BOLLING: A week later, we have the big primary, which I think we'll be doing a lot of show for that one on a Saturday. Much more to come on this wild and captivating presidential race that has now shifted in South Carolina. What lies ahead for the candidates there? Plus, the Sanders sweep and struggles ahead for Hillary Clinton. Stay tuned.


PERINO: Welcome back here to "The Five." There was breaking news. We had Chris Christie decided to suspend his campaign today, and Carly Fiorina did as well. Here's part of her statement. She said to young girls and women across the country, I say do not let others define you. Do not listen to anyone who says you have to vote a certain way or for a certain candidate because you're a woman. That is not feminism. Feminism doesn't shut down conversations or threaten women. It is not ideology, it is not a weapon to wield against your political opponent. A feminist is a woman who lives the life she chooses and uses all her God-given gifts. And always remember, a leader is not born, but made. So choose leadership. I thought that was a really great statement.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, I do. And you know, she was a powerful force out on the campaign trail and in the debate. You know, maybe proud to be a conservative woman and have somebody like that. She wasn't afraid to tell the truth about another woman. Don't be held prisoner by your gender. Get out there, tell the truth about the person. It means you're for the facts, and you're for honesty and integrity. I thought she did really a fine job with that and had some truly outstanding debate performances.

PERINO: And, Eric, as with Chris Christie, probably, she'll be a great surrogate for whoever the nominee is.

BOLLING: Yeah. And I love that statement. That was a shock towards anyone who is thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton, just because she's a woman and that whole gender politics thing going on.


BOLLING: Which I think Bernie Sanders is somehow refuting. He is breaking, he is fixing. But great job. She was a great candidate and a really good person, too, and very smart.

PERINO: Anybody else on Carly?

GUTFELD: A couple things. She was witty.


GUTFELD: She had a couple of really good lines.


GUTFELD: She had a keen insight into cyber-security which I think is still missing in all of the Democratic field, and most of the Republican field. She is what you call a smart feminist, meaning she is a conservative.

GUILFOYLE: There you go.


WILLIAMS: You know, Kimberly is proud to be a conservative woman. You don't have to pay attention to gender, Gregory.


WILLIAMS: You can be a conservative woman, too. The most memorable thing for Carly was that she had her moment when Donald Trump insulted her. And she handled with it tremendous grace.


WILLIAMS: In a way that put Trump back on his heels, right? And I can't say that many people have done that but Carly did.

PERINO: It is a good example for young women.

WILLIAMS: And I think there's something very important to be said about her as a woman. The only woman on the Republican side in this race, what she brought to the table in terms of representing Republicans in a female form, you know, a lot of people say she is just the anti-Hillary, but I think there's much more to Carly.


GUILFOYLE: She was very strong, remember, Dana, for the Planned Parenthood, for women and for children, and for babies' lives that matter.


PERINO: Right.

GUILFOYLE: Absolutely. And you never saw her get flustered around her, who was coming at her, she was able to take it, and have a great response back. You didn't see her dropping the ball at all.


PERINO: And we wish her well. Right after he pulled off the third place finish in Iowa, Marco Rubio looked for a strong showing in New Hampshire, second place looks like it was his to lose. But a rocky debate performance sent his popularity plunging and even he admits he dropped the ball.


SEN. MARCO RUBIO, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I know many people are disappointed. I'm disappointed with tonight. I want you to understand -- but I want you to understand something. I want you to understand something. Our disappointment tonight is not on you. It is on me. It is on me. I did not do well on Saturday night. Listen to this. That will never happen again.



PERINO: So, Greg, he's trying to shore up support from his supporter who felt a little deflated after last night and him coming in fifth, on to South Carolina.

GUTFELD: Yeah. When it happened, I think I said something like the primary would be the x-ray and the prognosis of that injury. And it turned out that injury was a bad break. It would take weeks to heal and a lot of physical therapy, and he might not be the same. And as Juan said, it did kind of expose the fact that he was eloquent, articulate, and as smart as he is, he is green. He needs to loosen up a bit, you know. The problem is you're supposed to be on message. But you're not supposed to act like you're on message, and that only happens when's you're older, when you can walk around like Bill Clinton or Donald Trump and just talk and say the same things over and over again. But it feels so natural.

PERINO: Or even Chris Christie.

GUTFELD: Yeah. Exactly. It feels natural. Because you've been there.

PERINO: One of the things, Kimberly.


PERINO: That he might have in his favor in South Carolina is he has the endorsement of two key people in South Carolina for him, Tim Scott -- Senator Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy who has that conservative part of the state up there. And then, George W. Bush -- I'm sorry, excuse me. Jeb Bush, of course, his brother will do a little campaigning. We'll talk about that in a minute. But he has Lindsey Graham. So there is a little bit more of a ground game utilizing senators here than we've seen in other states.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. Absolutely. And they're going to have to come out and really help him because I think Marco needs to do very well in South Carolina.


PERINO: I think expectations are low, right? So maybe you can exceed expectations if they're low?

GUTFELD: That's been my life.


BOLLING: The debate happened. And everyone said, the Rubio (ph). Instead of eating it then, he said no, no, I did fine. I'm very confident in my debate performance. And he did up until the return of the votes came in New Hampshire.


BOLLING: Then he said it is on me in the post-mortem. It should have been on you immediately. It should have been like listen, we're going to fix this and go forward. He didn't until the votes were in. And I don't know, maybe it was because he was still hoping.


PERINO: I think it was because that everybody has said-- and the rest his debate performance for the rest of that hour and a half was very good. And that was what the reviews. Then there was a report that he saw, the Twitter feed afterwards. That's when he realized oh, my gosh, it was worse than I thought.


PERINO: I'm not trying to advise him. I'm just trying to explain. My job here is not to advise anybody.

BOLLING: No, no. I'm just pointing out something, too. That he was on the post-debate stance was I did OK, until he came in fourth. Now, he said, it wasn't OK.


BOLLING: He's going to have a tough time in South Carolina. And what happens in Florida when you get to Super Tuesday in Florida. This is rough for him right now. He needs South Carolina bad.

WILLIAMS: Right. So I think part of the problem is authenticity. Because Marco Rubio is so talented in my opinion.


PERINO: He is.

WILLIAMS: He is a very attractive young man. He got a nice story. The thing is, is he saying what just needs to be said if you're in Iowa? And, Gregory, you'll remember while talking about Jesus. And suddenly, everything is about Jesus. And he keeps repeating it.


PERINO: I'm sorry, they all did that including Donald Trump who went to church with his wife.


WILLIAMS: I agree. I'm just saying, Rubio went wow! Now, you see this in New Hampshire, where again, he is repeating the same lines. And he did it more recently. I forgot exactly. But he repeated it again and again.

GUTFELD: The bartender story.


GUTFELD: After he was -- yeah. Everybody does it. When you're young, it seems more robotic.

WILLIAMS: Well, the thing is 40 percent after New Hampshire, we got 40 percent of Republicans, I think, Eric. I'm interested in what you say, who are anti-Trump. They're looking for somebody.

BOLLING: No, no, no. I keep hearing this over and over. It is so ridiculous.


GUILFOYLE: You're looking for me to help him.


BOLLING: Donald Trump only got 36 percent of New Hampshire. That means 64 percent didn't like Donald Trump.


BOLLING: No, no. It's not math. It's not math.

WILLIAMS: I think it's math.


BOLLING: Everyone who got 11 percent or 12 percent, what about that? And 88 percent of people didn't want that?


WILLIAMS: I would say Trump plus Cruz is 47 percent? So 47 percent. That still leaves the majority of Republicans are looking for somebody else not one of those guys.

PERINO: All right. We got to go. Hillary Clinton didn't get the youth vote in New Hampshire. She didn't win the female vote either. So now, it appears she's turning to the minority vote to help revive her candidacy. Will it work? That's next.


GUTFELD: If Madeleine Albright -- or Mad Al as I like to call her -- is correct, then a lot of women went to hell last night, for Hillary got shellacked like a paper mache balloon. The only people she won were the old and rich, meaning people like her. Everyone else who used to like her went to Bernie or perhaps to that other Granite State of the tombstone kind. And so like a desperate Dem, she turned to her favorite kind of math: division. She is delightfully balkanizes the country's population into warring factions. And then says she'll unite them again ignoring the fact that one need not unite if you don't divide in the first place. But it's too late for logic. Division is the chosen calculus as seen in her speech recasting Americans as a collection of victim classes:


HILLARY CLINTON, DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Immigrant families should not have to lie awake at night listening for a knock on the door. LGBT Americans should not be fired from their jobs because of who they are or who they love.

When people anywhere in America are held back by injustice, that demands action. That is why I believe so strongly that we have to keep up with every fiber of our being, the argument for the campaign for human rights. Human rights as women rights, human rights as gay rights, human rights as worker rights, human rights as voting rights, human rights across the board for every single American.



GUTFELD: Now, I dig the outfit. Obviously, a tribute to Mother Superior from "The Flying Nun." But inevitably, Hill offers more division than conviction. Watch her cluelessly enlist blacks scared of being shot by evil law enforcement and then evil law enforcement themselves:


CLINTON: African-American parents shouldn't have to worry that their children will be harassed, humiliated, even shot because of the color of their skin.

That's what called me to a life of service, just like millions of teachers and nurses, and police officers, and firefighters and members of our Armed Services who get up every day and do the quiet work, the heroic work for all the rest of us.


GUTFELD: Now police officers are heroes. This is the hypocrisy of victim harvesting. Hillary collects them like action figures for her shelf while a country scratches its collective head. Perhaps that's her plan all along: To unite a country under a shared dislike for Hillary.

Kimberly, is Sanders turning her into a radical leftist?

GUILFOYLE: Yes, and turning her into Howard Dean. She's, like, screamed for a second.

GUTFELD: That's sexist, K.G.

GUILFOYLE: Why is it? It's a fact.

GUTFELD: Because remember, if you talk about her shouting, that's sexist, apparently.

GUILFOYLE: Listen, man or woman, shout like that, scream at people, demonize, then you're the new Freddy Kruger.

GUTFELD: Yes. Dana...

GUILFOYLE: She's trying to scare people into voting for her.

GUTFELD: She's in dire straits, and I'm not talking about the band.

Dana, she actually mentioned the governor of Michigan, saying, like, he's willfully poisoning kids to save money. I don't remember that being true.

PERINO: The first thing she did was come out and go to Flint, Michigan. OK, so this is where she's going to try to hang her hat. It's her new cause that she has said.

And she slams the Republican governor of Michigan, forgetting that it was a failure at all levels of government. State, country -- city, state, and federal.


PERINO: At the EPA that caused this problem and the governor is the one who's trying to fix it. And has said, "I take responsibility. Let's get it done."

So again, victim shopping. That's exactly what she was doing.

GUTFELD: Yes. Eric, could this be a consequence of the fact that she insulted the entire female gender?

BOLLING: I'm not sure why she did that. She lost. She lost.

And Greg, we're driving back from New Hampshire. We're listening to the speech. It was going on and on and on.

PERINO: Forever.

BOLLING: She hit every topic three times. Not once. She went around the airport three separate times.

Look, she has a real problem right now. She has Bernie Sanders, who she kind of tied with in Iowa. He beat her in New Hampshire. Now she's got to turn it South and hope the black vote comes out for her. She's hanging her hat on that.

But if Bernie Sanders were smart, he'd continue to push her in that direction. Don't forget: Bill Clinton, her husband while she was in the White House, was the guy who brought three strikes you're out and also brought welfare reform. Variably (ph) hurting the African-American community greatly. Am I a wrong? Am I right? Is this a bad assessment of Bill Clinton's presidency? Why does Hillary Clinton own the black vote?

WILLIAMS: Oh, I think, because, you know, the joke about Clinton is the first black president.

BOLLING: But what about the initiatives? Those are really bad for the black community.

WILLIAMS: Well, no, in fact, initially those were backed by the black community for reasons I think you would sympathize with, which was it was an anti-crime measure to make people feel safe in their own communities.

BOLLING: Yes, but who got...

WILLIAMS: Now it's turned around and people are talking about in terms of high rates of incarceration. So that's the argument, and it's being used against her, if that's your point.

BOLLING: That is my point. And my -- the grander point is, Hillary Clinton is hanging her hat on the South because of the African-American vote.

WILLIAMS: Well, I don't think there's any question. What you are talking about in terms of that speech last night was her catering to a constituency she needs badly in order to succeed going forward.

GUILFOYLE: Right. And she's hiring a firm that Barack Obama used to help, you know, marshal the African-American vote and minority vote. Because she knows she's got to -- she's failing with young women, young people.

WILLIAMS: Well, no, no, no. Do you know what was striking to me about New Hampshire, Kimberly? Was she also failed with older women. She lost older women...


WILLIAMS: ... last night. I think she did.

BOLLING: She won older -- she won older, 65 and over she won. And over 200,000 and over she won.

GUTFELD: How ironic that her husband keeps getting younger women.

WILLIAMS: But anyway...


WILLIAMS: ... I would say this. Just a reminder, you know, just a fair and balanced reminder from the FOX News Channel. Hillary Clinton is up big in South Carolina. And Hillary Clinton still leads by, I think it's plus 13 nationally. Right? And she's up, I think, 20 points in Nevada.

GUTFELD: Do you think -- do you think if she wins, that she has to pick Bernie as her VP?

WILLIAMS: No. Do you know what's interesting to me, is suddenly everybody is coming in touch, and I think especially at this table, in touch with the idea there is a left wing in this country.


WILLIAMS: A strong left wing. Seventy percent, I believe, of the Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire describe themselves as liberals, if not socialists.

GUTFELD: Yes, I know. Talking about ignorance.

PERINO: Which can help...

WILLIAMS: Well, OK, but I'm saying they exist.

PERINO: It can help in the swing states. Can we just mention one other number?


PERINO: On the issue of, if the -- on trustworthiness...


PERINO: ... she lost to Bernie Sanders 92-6.


PERINO: Ninety-two to six.

GUILFOYLE: That's the tale right there. And guess what? When they bring forward and say recommend that she be indicted as they conclude this investigation...

WILLIAMS: What about electability? What about electability? Who can win?

GUILFOYLE: I'm telling you right now. OK?


GUILFOYLE: You're trying to put roller skates on her and push her to the finish line. Either way.

WILLIAMS: When the Supreme Court says Obama can't regulate, you know, environmental stuff, guess what Democrats think? You know what? Maybe we should get somebody who can play the game.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, yes. Keep Biden on speed dial.

GUTFELD: You know it. Ahead, Ted Cruz enlists the help of children -- yes, America's children -- to take down Donald Trump in a new ad that's gotten the attention he was hoping for. Up next.


GUILFOYLE: All eyes are now on South Carolina, where the next GOP contest takes place on February 20. The candidates are spread out across the state today. Ted Cruz is determined not to let Trump win another race. He's put out a provocative new ad with kids taking aim at his rival.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have bailouts for the banks.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Too big to fail!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I gave money to Pelosi, Reid and Anthony Weiner.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, Hilary, I'll give you money to be my friend.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Here, take my house, Mr. Trump.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's a lousy house. I'm going to take your house with eminent domain and park my limos there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Eminent domain! Take that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We wouldn't tolerate these values in our children. Why would they want them in a president?

(END VIDEO CLIP) GUILFOYLE: The innocence of children, right? How they can be used as pawns. Anyway, obviously, everyone's laughing. That's pretty funny. But, albeit an inaccurate definition of eminent domain.

But Dana, what did you think of the ad?

PERINO: Well, any ad you're likely to laugh, you're more likely to remember. So I think it was memorable. And Ted Cruz is going to be a big player in South Carolina. I think that he's got a really good ground game and a solid base of support. It might be -- I think that anyone who underestimates him is making a mistake.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. And did he very well coming off the heels of Iowa in New Hampshire where he wasn't necessarily expected to do, you know, as well as he did. So yes. I mean, he's a player, for sure. And he didn't get hit. You didn't see him get hit badly at all when Christie, you know, leg swept Rubio.

GUTFELD: Yes, he was -- he sat back and drank at the bar.

This ad represents kind of a transition for Republicans. Generally, ads like this were of a liberal kind. Hiring kids, being kind of edgy and funny and sometimes rude. Republicans never did this, because they weren't equipped to do it. So there's obviously some kind of new blood going into these -- these companies, where they're understanding how to do something that liberals have been doing for so long.

However, I have to be consistent. I don't like seeing kids in political ads, because I know for a fact that they do not understand what they're saying. And it's on the parents of those kids who let -- let children be manipulated into these political ads. I think I said that when they were doing with it Obama, and I have to do it now.

But I would make the exception, if they were my kids, and they were being paid really well.

GUILFOYLE: You would be all in.

GUTFELD: If they were, like, bringing home the bacon, I'd go, "Finally! Finally. I clothe and feed you."

GUILFOYLE: "You're worth something."


GUILFOYLE: Yes, yes.

Bolling, you like the ads?

BOLLING: I thought it was hilarious when they laughed about Anthony Weiner.

GUILFOYLE: That was cute. That's our maturity at the table.

BOLLING: Here's the problem.

Ted Cruz has to be a little bit careful here, because he -- this ad was clearly about eminent domain, talking about Donald Trump's situation in Atlantic city. But Ted Cruz is also -- look, he's a constitutional scholar. Right? Fifth Amendment of the Constitution provides for eminent domain. They don't call it that. Let me -- read the last line of the Fifth Amendment. You'll see what I'm talking about.

But Ted Cruz has also been in favor of eminent domain when it entailed the border. He wanted the state of Texas to build a fence along the border. And they would have to take farmers' land to build the fence via eminent domain. So...

PERINO: Like a wall?

BOLLING: Like a wall. A wall.

PERINO: Is it going to be built?

BOLLING: And paid for by the Mexicans, I get it. I knew where you were going with that. But Ted Cruz is the one who's in favor of eminent domain under that. So he's got to be a little...

PERINO: It's murky.

BOLLING: Yes, it's murky.

PERINO: But I think the point of that also was the names Pelosi, Reid and Anthony Weiner. Those -- nobody knows what eminent domain -- I should not say nobody knows. A lot of people know. But both names, Pelosi and Reid, and I give that money to Pelosi and Reid. That's what Ted Cruz was really going for.

GUTFELD: He's the master of eminent domain.

GUILFOYLE: I know. What did you think of the ad, Juan? Fire it up.

WILLIAMS: I liked the ad. But you know what? I just think we're going to see so many ads in South Carolina. I think already, you know, Rubio is spending money there. And he's -- the only person who's outspent Rubio is Jeb Bush. He's already spent $10 million in the state.

So you have a lot of media markets in South Carolina. I think that ad stands out. I don't know if it's for your reason, which is you don't see that from Republicans, but I just think it's a really good ad.

GUTFELD: It's been -- Republicans are notoriously humorless. And it's changing. There finally is a funny ad.

BOLLING: There's a good Bernie Sanders -- I'm sorry, this is a good Bernie Sanders ad that I think is going to air in South Carolina, where he was actually arrested for protesting segregation in the '60s.

PERINO: That will be good.

BOLLING: It's one of the other networks.

PERINO: We'll have to show it.

GUILFOYLE: All right, Dana. Did you have a comment? You were making...

PERINO: No, I was going to ask Greg if the ad was persuasively correct. Maybe not correct but persuasive?

GUTFELD: I thought it was memorable. Memorable, yes.

WILLIAMS: I liked the Anthony Weiner, but I wasn't locked into eminent domain. It was the boastful stuff at the top.

BOLLING: No, that was the most effective, when they're in there crashing the doll house.

WILLIAMS: And the doll. That was cool. But the doll in the red tie. I mean, it looked like Trump, didn't it?

GUILFOYLE: He's going to say, look at how handsome I am. This doll resembles me. Look at my tie. I'm going to make America great again. And I paid for them.

PERINO: That's my house anyway.

GUILFOYLE: I mean, clearly it needed to be taken down.

Stay tuned, because we've got some highlights of our trip to Iowa and New Hampshire coming up next.


WILLIAMS: Home, sweet home. We're still getting the snow out from our sledding yesterday. But anyway, as you know...

GUILFOYLE: And our pants.

WILLIAMS: We're back from two busy weeks on the road. We just got back from New Hampshire. Before that we were in Iowa. So, you know, being with all of us together, well, in fact, we had a great time. But there are stories to tell, and we begin with Dana Perino.

PERINO: Well, I loved it. I thought -- I mean, we have really been on the road for two weeks.


PERINO: It's been a lot. It's good to be back in the studio.

I had a great time in Iowa. I got to go to the Jasper Winery and do yoga with Tucker Carlson. There he is in his shirt and tie and khakis. I'm right behind him. That was a lot of fun.

Then Greg and I took this whirlwind 28-hour trip down to Florida for The Villages for this book event, book off contest. And that's flat Jasper, who went with us. That was a lot of fun.

Then my -- I have to say I think maybe my favorite time in all of television was when we went sledding yesterday. And I asked them to just put the video up again and to just show you in slow motion how...

GUILFOYLE: I didn't even go. Dana is down the hill, and I haven't left the top.

GUTFELD: Did you guys fall off?

PERINO: We kind of did need a steeper hill and a little less wet snow. But still, it was a blast.

WILLIAMS: It was fun.

PERINO: And I had a lot of fun.

GUILFOYLE: You were, like, in professional YouTube champion form with the legs crossed. I'm like, what is happening?

GUTFELD: ... four pounds.

WILLIAMS: It's your turn to tell us about your week.

GUILFOYLE: OK, fine. So we were in Iowa which was fantastic. And this is a great shot. Because we should just always do all our photo shoots in this particular van.


GUILFOYLE: I mean, my God. You can't even tell what we were doing the night before. We looked so good. So that was super fun on the way to do Hannity radio.

And then those are my two girls, D.P. and M.K. on the Delta flight.

PERINO: And Eric right behind.

GUILFOYLE: And Bolling is right behind, yes, with Megyn. I was doing reverse shots from behind my head, and boy, did I get some pictures that I wasn't allowed to show. So that was that. So that was really fun.

This is me. My pants are falling off. I ate snow. And I was like, "Hey, Bolling, help me. Help me. Pull me across the finish line." That's resembling Juan pulling a Hillary Clinton over the finish line. That's what he's going to be.

And then here, this is us victorious because we have survived this. Breakfast of champions style, right?

And then let's see -- oh, that's when I became completely in love with Greg's jacket. But in love with Greg's jacket, for who wore it best. But not in love with him as a travel companion, because somehow someone sabotaged me, because I knew Dana doesn't like traveling with Greg, because he's, like, a total hypochondriac and a little bit of a psychopath.

And so he says to me, "See this blue pill? I'm going to take it and be so considerate for you."

And I'm thinking, "What is this? What does he think is going to happen on this plane?" But apparently, it's Xanax. He's a bad traveler. He was, like, anxious about turbulence, and he started doing like John Nash, "Beautiful Mind," writing all these notes.

BOLLING: It was blue?

GUILFOYLE: It was a blue pill. Yes.

WILLIAMS: All right, all right, all right.

GUILFOYLE: And then I had to climb on him to get my bag.

WILLIAMS: Listen -- listen, this is a family show.

Eric, Eric, tell us about your trip.

BOLLING: Do we have time?


BOLLING: So the first one. Iowa was first. Look at this set. We fell in love with this set. We had so much fun.

GUILFOYLE: Best lighting.

BOLLING: We were staying in a hotel, great picture of all of us right there. We had so much fun.

PERINO: Scenic views (ph).

BOLLING: Next one, I spent a ton of time running in Iowa. That was basically what I did.

GUILFOYLE: Man time.

BOLLING: If I wasn't running, we were kind of drinking. A lot of that, as well. But I thought we would also show this one more time. Just one more time. There it is.

Let's focus on the very end.

WILLIAMS: There you are.

BOLLING: Yes. Dana was actually winning...

GUILFOYLE: Dana's ahead of you.

BOLLING: ... but she went off to -- her left.

GUILFOYLE: The rule was touch the camera.

WILLIAMS: Eric knew the rules.

PERINO: That's why Trump won.

WILLIAMS: All right.

PERINO: Any little bit helps.

WILLIAMS: There we go. Gregory.

GUTFELD: I originally had something else, but I'm now going to change it.


GUTFELD: The most memorable part of my trip was when I was sitting in my seat, and Kimberly needed to put her bags up and straddled me, and put her body against my face while she put her bags up and just said, "I hope I'm not bothering you."


GUTFELD: And I was suffocating under Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: And by the way, and not complaining. And you sat there: "Are you sure? Did you get everything?"

GUTFELD: I had no choice. It was like I was being...

GUILFOYLE: I used him as a human step ladder. I literally kneeled on his thigh.

GUTFELD: ... Kimberly boarded. I was Kimberly boarded. They would do that at Gitmo.

By the way, I think I do have a picture -- I do have a picture of it. There it is. That was my camera. That's the camera accidentally going off in my pocket.


GUTFELD: That's what happens.


WILLIAMS: All right, all right.

GUILFOYLE: I'm never climbing on you again.

WILLIAMS: All right. So let's get back to something different. So when I go to places, I like to look around all the tourist spots. Here I am at the Iowa state capital in Des Moines.

But you know, in between Iowa and New Hampshire, I got back home to see the girls in the hood.


WILLIAMS: That's Tony with Pepper, and there's Wesley and Eli in the middle. But you know, the girls, they didn't even notice that Pop-pop was gone. You know?

GUILFOYLE: Oh, don't be sad.

WILLIAMS: And then, so I was in New Hampshire and talking to Bill O'Reilly, and look, the snow was all over me. It's just snowing out here.

PERINO: O'Reilly was trying to kill you. "Killing Williams."

WILLIAMS: All right. "One More Thing" up next.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my gosh.


BOLLING: All right. "One More Thing" is up now. Juan's first.

WILLIAMS: Well, as you've been hearing, lots of love on the set during that two-week trip. And for Valentine's Day, I'm going to the Heart to Heart Ball out in Virginia. Heart to Heart is a charity for Youth for Tomorrow, a group that was founded by the Washington football coaches, legendary Joe Gibbs. Team's legendary coach, Joe Gibbs. And Joe Gibbs started this during an NFL strike, went into the city. Saw there were kids in need. And so far, Youth for Tomorrow has helped 4,450. It's unbelievable. Just a great charity. If you're in the area, buy a ticket and go.

GUTFELD: Is there a dinner?

WILLIAMS: Yes. There's a dinner...

GUTFELD: Will they be serving red-skinned potatoes?

WILLIAMS: Oh, get out of here. And the entertainment will be Martina McBride. Country music? Hey, I'm not a fan, but what do you know? It's great. Great cause.

PERINO: You liked it last night in the car.

WILLIAMS: Yes, because you were helping me.

BOLLING: By the way, Joe Gibbs, one of the best coaches ever. I'm sure he still calls himself the coach, former coach of the Redskins.

PERINO: I bet he does.

BOLLING: Dana's up.

PERINO: It seemed like no one in Denver went to work yesterday. Here's why. Because two days after the Broncos beat the Panthers in Super Bowl 50, 1 million fans showed up in Denver. And that was a picture that my brother-in-law took.


PERINO: Ben Mashock (ph) took that picture. And that's some video. So congratulations to the Broncos, Peyton Manning, Von Miller, the rest of them. Everything was great. They had a lot of fun. There's Mrs. Bolling. So a nice day in Denver. Sunshine.

BOLLING: Very nice. Very nice. All right, K.G., you're up.

GUILFOYLE: Very nice. Yes, I have an amazing update for you. If you recall that I did a "One More Thing" for an incredible organization. Operation Deploy Your Gowns. And they had a distribution yesterday and today.

I am so pleased to say, give a special shout out to Mari (ph) from Touilles (ph) at Fort Bliss, Texas, who selected my donated dress.


GUILFOYLE: And she looks absolutely gorgeous in it. Way better than I looked in it. So that was very nice. So you still can make a donation. You can go to my Facebook page or "The Five" Facebook page. And it's linked on there, Operation Deploy Your Dress.

PERINO: I'm doing that.

GUILFOYLE: Two thousand dresses they got to choose from. We'd love to have one from you, Dana Perino.

PERINO: OK. Yes, I'll do that. Greg...

GUILFOYLE: If you have a dress you'd like to give.

GUTFELD: You don't want the dress after I've worn it.

You know, after we went sledding, a lot of us went back and rested but not Dana. She continued to sled, because that's what she likes to do.




GUTFELD: There she is. She's hopping up on that thing. There she goes. Look at that. She's got a unique style.

GUILFOYLE: How cute is that?

PERINO: Did the cat do that over and over?

GUTFELD: We have no idea. We never talked to the cat.

PERINO: Way to do your research.

BOLLING: Hey, Dana, is Peyton Manning going to retire, do you think?

PERINO: I think so. I think he's going to go out on a high note.

BOLLING: Go out in style.

GUTFELD: Especially in Colorado.

BOLLING: That's right.

GUILFOYLE: It never gets old, does it?

PERINO: A lot of business opportunity there, I hear.

BOLLING: All right. We ran out of time. And to be honest with you, I didn't get my "One More Thing." Anyway, set your DVR so you never miss an episode of "The Five." That's it for us. "Special Report," Bret we did it to you again.

PERINO: We love you.


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