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Kasich: New Hampshire is the place where I can really break out

Ohio governor and GOP presidential candidate John Kasich goes 'On the Record' from the campaign trail in New Hampshire as the political world focuses on the Iowa caucuses


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Well then, next stop after Iowa, New Hampshire. Some candidates are already focusing their ground game in New Hampshire. Right now, GOP candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich joins us from Loudon, New Hampshire, good evening, sir.


VAN SUSTEREN: We miss you out in Iowa. Why are you here?

KASICH: Well, Greta, look, I was there for the debate and did some town halls before and then after and actually met with the Quad City newspaper, the third largest paper in Iowa, which I got the endorsement for that and, look, I would love to spend more time in Iowa but I got in the race in July and there is only so much of me to go around as my wife is thrilled to know. She doesn't want two of me. And, look, I had to invest where I think we have an ability to see as many people as possible.

Iowa is so big, and if I'm the nominee, of course, I will spend a lot of time in Iowa but I spent a lot of time in New Hampshire. I just finished my 89th town hall meeting and they were very happy to be here, but you know, we'll spend more time in Iowa if we can get the nomination.

VAN SUSTEREN: By the way, Senator Rubio, this is to the side of the viewers, has just arrived at his campaign celebration in Clive, Iowa. I don't know -- he is there early. Anyway, governor -- at the caucus site. Governor, you mentioned the Quad City endorsement. So, I think I ought to give you a shout out.

You also managed -- you've got the New York Times and the Boston Globe. You got those two as well. I should add that into the mix and a number of endorsements in papers.

KASICH: Well, it's seven, yeah, it's seven out of eight in New Hampshire, right Greta. So, we have got a great ground game here. We are in second place in New Hampshire and we've decided this was the place where we could really break out because there is only 1.3 million people and you can get all over the state.

I'm sitting on my bus right which we've driven all over the state and we're very optimistic about the ability to do well here and be a ble to head on to a big national campaign.

VAN SUSTEREN: I read earlier today that you told governors Bush and Christie to take the trash off the air, what's going on?

KASICH: Well, it's a lot of negative campaigning you know. I found out this morning that my own super PAC organization was going to run some negative nonsense and our whole campaign sort of basically blasted our sister organization and you know, to say don't do it. We can't tell them what to do but we expressed our opinion. And while we're taking our stuff off and put positive on, I'm calling on the Christie people and the Bush people to take their nonsense off the air.

I mean, look, at this point why don't we tell people what we're for instead of spending our time beating other people up to somehow slow them down so we can have some kind of a tactical advantage. So, my sense is let's go positive here in New Hampshire for the last week and let's tell people what we want to do, what we are for and then let it go from there.

VAN SUSTEREN: How about calling -- picking up the phone and calling them directly? Is that a possibility?

KASICH: Greta, they know how I feel. It will get to them. Believe me. They already know. These things travel like the speed of light.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, so what -- we will move on. So, tell me your plans between now and primary day in New Hampshire because it's only about -- it's less than a week -- it's a week away?

KASICH: Well, you know, we were running sort of the 800-meter race and now we're getting right down to the 100-meter dash. So like I said, I've done 89 town hall meetings. We expect over the coming days to be able to it do at least 100, which is a remarkable number. We've got a tremendous ground game here. We're trending in to second place and we're just going to do more of what we have been doing. No reason to change anything. No reason to look another way. Just work as hard as you can through the tape and the people of New Hampshire will decide the results soon.

VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, we'll be out there. We will see you soon in New Hampshire. We got to finish this up in Iowa but we will be there to see you. Thank you, sir.

KASICH: All right, Greta. Thank you.