Republican candidates clash in first debate of 2016

Contenders ratchet up the rhetoric in battle for GOP presidential nomination


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DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Dana Perino, along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Geraldo Rivera, Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld. It is 5 o'clock in New York City, Kimberly has a buffet, and this is "The Five."


Only 17 days until Iowa and the GOP presidential contenders ratcheted up their battle for the nomination last night in Charleston. There's a ton to react to, so let's begin with one of the most dramatic exchanges of the night, when Ted Cruz turns the tables on Donald Trump over the issue of his citizenship.


SEN. TED CRUZ, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The birther theories that Donald has been relying on, some of the more extreme ones insist that you must not only be born on U.S. soil, but have two parents born on U.S. soil. Under that theory, not only would I be disqualified, Marco Rubio would be disqualified. Bobby Jindal would be disqualified. And interestingly enough, Donald J. Trump would be disqualified.


CRUZ: Donald's mother was born in Scotland. She was naturalized. Now Donald, on the issue --


CRUZ: You're an American, as is everybody else on this stage. And I would suggest we focus on who is best prepared to be commander-in-chief, because that's the most important question facing the country.



PERINO: All right, so I was in the hall last night and I have to say, that was, the moment I thought that the debate really started to take off, it was like the starter pistol. It was the official, when they started talking, Maria Bartiromo and Neil Cavuto, who did a great job for Fox Business. The hall was packed. It was sold out. And, so Ted Cruz comes out, everybody was expecting that big fight. Did you like it?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: I loved this debate, it was like a saloon in the 1870s, with the fighters were pairing off and beating each other up. And who knew Donald Trump was an anchor baby. I thought it was great and I also -- I have to give, I have to give Trump credit for admitting he instigated the birther attack, because Cruz was gaining popularity. That's why you like Trump. Is because he's not unlike other politicians, he won't deny, what he's trying to achieve. But the interesting thing here is you have a man born in Canada, of Cuban descent, and a man who lived the American dream, Donald Trump, whose mom was born in Scotland, arguing over whom, who no longer is welcome in this lifeboat called America.


GERALDO RIVERA, CO-HOST: I think that's way overstating it, Greg.


GUTFELD: How so?

RIVERA: Because the issue is the difference between a citizen and a natural-born citizen. Why does the constitution, why do these documents, the Naturalization Act of 1790, and '95, why do, why do they have phrases like natural born in them to distinguish between a citizen, a mere citizen, us, and a natural born citizen that special category. Again, in this table, us, who could run for president of the United States, I think Trump has his Achilles heel. I think he, this is his belt buckle. Dr. Ben Carson, the beginning of the end of the Cruz campaign. I think that this is huge.


RIVERA: And I think that.


GUTFELD: Really?

RIVERA: It is unresolved issue.

GUTFELD: I didn't know where you were going with this.

PERINO: I thought --

RIVERA: Unresolved issue.


PERINO: I thought like Trump was --


PERINO: I thought like Trump was going to drop it after that. What do you think?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: I think he will drop it, I'm not sure -- look, it would seem --

GUILFOYLE: Other people aren't going through that.

BOLLING: I was trying to follow Cruz's logic, OK. So under the logic of Donald Trump, then he, himself, wouldn't even be eligible to run for president because --

RIVERA: That's not true.

BOLLING: No, no. I'm saying what Cruz said last night.

RIVERA: Oh, right.

BOLLING: I was couldn't figure out where he was going with it, because in a way, that would have to play out, is that Trump's logic is he used a lawyer, who that lawyer also thinks that both parents of the candidate have to be born on U.S. soil.

PERINO: Right.

BOLLING: But that's not what Trump was saying, Trump was saying, you personally need to be born on U.S. soil.

PERINO: I know, but if you're using Tribe as the guy.


BOLLING: Or your mother has to be a citizen, right?

PERINO: Lawrence Tribe is the lawyer.


PERINO: That they're referring to. I don't -- do you think that this is all, like something we should like, put to bed, move on, talk about the real issues?

GUILFOYLE: Hmm. I think that -- yeah, we should certainly talk about the substantive issues, but if there is a legal or constitutional question, that should be addressed as well. Cruz is obviously very smart constitutional lawyer, and I think he feels very certain and confident that he is well within his rights to be able to seek the office of the presidency of the United States, and receive the nomination and run, and potentially win. So, voters are going to have to decide what matters to them, substance or other issues like this that they feel uncertain about, that perhaps, doesn't make them as comfortable. If we're deciding between two people, if they're deciding between Trump and Cruz, they're deciding between Rubio -- who knows, maybe it's the view on foreign policy.


GUILFOYLE: Immigration.

RIVERA: Trump's point is not about voters. Trump's point is about the court. This issue has never been resolved by the federal courts of the United States.

GUILFOYLE: And you feel it should go on.

RIVERA: What does natural born mean has never been decided by U.S. court? It must be decided. This is not about the voters. This is about the eligibility.


RIVERA: Of a leading candidate to be president of the United States. The office he seeks.

PERINO: We've actually not spent more time on this than they did last night on debates. We're going to move on because this is considered one of Donald Trump's best moments from the night. Earlier this week, Ted Cruz took a dig at Trump, saying that he embodies, quote, "New York values." Maria Bartiromo asked him what he meant by that last night, and here's what happened.


CRUZ: I think most people know exactly what New York values are.



CRUZ: Well, you're from New York.


CRUZ: So you might not.


CRUZ: But I promise you those in the state of South Carolina, they do.


CRUZ: Everyone understands that the values in New York City are socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro-gay marriage, focus around money and the media.

TRUMP: When the World Trade Center came down, I saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than New York. We saw more death and even the smell of death, nobody understood it. We rebuilt downtown Manhattan. And everybody in the world watched, and everybody in the world loved New York and loved New Yorkers. And I have to tell you, that was very insulting statement that Ted made.



PERINO: One of the most effective things I thought about what Donald Trump did there was that he didn't raise his voice, right, so he didn't get mad. But New York value is because.


PERINO: Like the shorthand for what you say when you're in Iowa, and when you're trying to talk about your opponent, who might be from New York. Maybe to me, this has all gotten a little bit out of hand. The people seem to like it?

GUTFELD: Well, you know what he did -- what Cruz did, he mirrored Obama. Obama, remember he said these people cling to guns.


GUTFELD: In religion -- in the bible. Cling to guns and religion. Cruz said you cling to your abortions and your gay rights. So it was exactly that kind of thing which was, condescending. But what you're seeing here is Batman and Robin, have finally split up. And what Cruz was trying to do was target Trump's impure credentials as a right-winger. But that's actually to Trump's benefit, because he's untethered to ideology and that is why he's refreshing.

PERINO: All right, what are you think KG?

GUILFOYLE: Untethered to ideology and that is why he is refreshing.

GUTFELD: Uh-huh.

GUILFOYLE: Well stated. You know, I found the debates in terms, very good last night. I thought that Trump, like you said the tone that he used in his delivery was quite effective. He's getting better even at, you know at doing this, in terms of matching sort of the rhetoric and the measure of what's being said there when you're -- especially, dealing with, you know, expert debater like Cruz. I don't know, I thought this was really good for the viewers and the voters to be able to see, to be able to make some choices. But I'll tell you what, the people that I thought did the best so far, you know, was Trump, Cruz, Rubio. I thought they were all very good.

PERINO: And we have some Rubio sound coming up. Do you want to comment on New York values?

BOLLING: Yeah, I think what we saw was Donald Trump becoming a good politician, too. He's always had the skill of getting people to pay attention to him, to listen to him, to see him. To join in if they're, or if they're fed up and they're tired of the establishment, but with -- and it mentioned yesterday, with the attack on -- what could have been a body blow, a harsh blow to Donald Trump, as you point out. Everywhere outside of New York, people kind of hate New York -- he turned it. He turned -- he was in true political pro form, turned it into a win for himself, at least temporarily. And now, the gentleman to my right is going to come up with some crazy, wacky conspiracy theory, which I just --

PERINO: Really?

BOLLING: Preempt with. I cannot ascribe to that. I'm shocked.

PERINO: This is a conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory even you will not touch.

BOLLING: Even when I can't even --

PERINO: All right. Hit it. Hit it Geraldo.

RIVERA: You remember Jesse Jackson, 1984, Hymietown. He says Hymietown about New York City. It is the end of Jesse Jackson as a serious candidate. You cannot generalize with the undertone of whether it's anti-Semitism or anti-immigrants.

BOLLING: How is saying New York values and anti-Semitic comments?

RIVERA: Does it remind you of John Rocker -- remember.

BOLLING: I mean, are you saying everyone in New York is Jewish?

RIVERA: Remember when John Rocker --

BOLLING: Are you suggesting everyone in New York is Jewish?

RIVERA: I am absolutely suggesting that when you say New York values that is a laden expression that has deep meaning that goes far beyond the geographic.

BOLLING: I would --

GUTFELD: I think he meant left-wing Geraldo.

RIVERA: And you must admit that.

GUTFELD: I think he meant left-wing.


BOLLING: And nobody is doing well because everyone.

RIVERA: What about -- remember John Rocker.


RIVERA: The relief pitcher. He goes on the subway he says, you know, "Where am I? What country am I in?".

GUILFOYLE: And you gonna think that was a nice thing to say? I don't

RIVERA: He never, he never --


RIVERA: You know he played in New York. He was finished from that day on. You can't insult the world's greatest city, the capital of the.

GUILFOYLE: And I don't that everybody --


GUILFOYLE: I think people like New Yorkers.

BOLLING: You can insult New York.


RIVERA: And, and --

BOLLING: Especially if you're a GOP-er, because there's no one.

PERINO: Right.

BOLLING: Whoever thinks, that they're going to win New York.

RIVERA: I am a Manhattan republican.

BOLLING: There's no republican will ever win in New York again.

RIVERA: I'm a Manhattan-registered republican.


RIVERA: And when I go some of those meetings.

BOLLING: You're a republican?

RIVERA: Those people.



RIVERA: Those people will hear this remark.

GUILFOYLE: So, wait.

BOLLING: Hold up.

GUILFOYLE: Whoa, wait.

BOLLING: Whoa, time out, time out.

GUILFOYLE: What is he doing in that chair?

BOLLING: You're a republican?

RIVERA: And your hair would stand on end.

BOLLING: You can just claim to be a republican and say, I'm a republican.

GUTFELD: He is a republican.


BOLLING: No. I know he's registered that way.

RIVERA: Ted Cruz will --

BOLLING: But it doesn't mean you're a republican.

RIVERA: He's like a chameleon.

PERINO: That is what Ted Cruz's point. That was the thing that he was trying to say. And listen, one more thing, Rubio/Cruz immigration war, heated up last night with Rubio pointing out some inconsistencies in Cruz's record.


MARCO RUBIO, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Ted Cruz, you used to say you supported doubling the number of green cards, now you say that you're against it. You used to support a 500 percent increase in the number of guest workers, now you say that you're against it. You use support -- you used to support legalizing people that were here illegally, now you say you're against it. You used to say that you were in favor of birthright citizenship, now you say that you are against it. And by way, it's not just on immigration. You used to support TPA, now you say you're against it. I saw you on the Senate floor flip your vote on crop insurance, because they told you it would help you in Iowa. And last week, we all saw you flip your vote on ethanol in Iowa for the same reason.


CRUZ: I appreciate you're dumping your oppo research folder on the debate stage.

RUBIO: No, it's your record.


GUILFOYLE: Ha, ha, ha.

PERINO: I -- that was great. And it happened towards run off at the end of the debate. It's like when you don't want to leave a game too early. You don't want to leave a debate too early, because some of the best lines were there.

GUILFOYLE: That was fantastic.

GUTFELD: The best part of about that is Cruz's response when he said, wait, only half of that -- half of that is wrong. But it does speak to a larger criticism. That maybe, Cruz is more of an opportunist driven by ambition than many people might be aware of.



GUTFELD: Your smartest response.

GUILFOYLE: I thought Rubio was great.

RIVERA: I think that is -- you have witnessed the, the apogee. Is the apogee is the highest, the zenith of the Cruz arc. Now it's all downhill from here. You heard it here first.

PERINO: All right. Well, I do think that Cruz was able to separate himself out from some of the others, right? So we've only talked about Cruz, Trump and Rubio. We're going to have some more for you. So stay with us. There's a lot more to come and the candidates weren't going after one another, they went straight after someone else named Hillary Clinton. Were they successful? And it is Facebook Friday, so post your questions for us now. Go to, we'll be back in just a minute.


GUILFOYLE: Welcome back to The Five, we continue our peaceful reaction to last night's GOP debate. Tensions also escalated between Rubio and Chris Christie.


RUBIO: I like Chris Christie, but we cannot afford to have a president of United States that supports Common Core. We cannot afford to have a president of the United States that supports gun control.


RUBIO: Chris Christie wrote a check to Planned Parenthood. Governor Christie has endorsed many of the ideas that Barack Obama support.

CHRIS CHRISTIE, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I never wrote a check to Planned Parenthood. Common Core has been eliminated in New Jersey. So listen, this is the difference between being a governor and being a senator. See, when you're a senator, what you get to do is just talk and talk and talk, and you talk so much, that nobody care to keep up with what you're saying is accurate or not. When you're a governor, you're held accountable for everything you do.


GUILFOYLE: All right, so that was a good moment by Chris Christie. Last night he did a good job by -- do you take issue with something he said?

BOLLING: Yeah. And I've -- listen, I've lived in the state for, I don't know, 10, 12 years. And I will tell you, concealed carry is no easier to get right now, it's almost impossible --

RIVERA: In New Jersey?

BOLLING: In New Jersey, you need a federal judge to sign off on a concealed carry, still. There's a whole issue surrounding -- what he's done with assault rifle bans. Common core is still in New Jersey schools. It's not gone as he suggested --

RIVERA: Are you saying he was lying?

BOLLING: Well, in Planned Parenthood. He did, in fact, write a check. He wrote -- the Jersey -- the Star-Ledger has him writing a check in 1994 for Planned Parenthood. So, maybe he's evolved on some of these issues, but please not, don't take credit, don't take a victory lap for fixing the issues, if they're not done yet.


PERINO: Well I think, look, both sides have their opposition research and their own research. And Chris Christie has disputed that issue about the Star-Ledger, so people should go back and make up their own minds on that. My perspective on that exchange, however, is I don't think Chris Christie did as well as he has in the past. Because that line that he used, I've heard now four times. He's used it in every debate, making fun of senators versus governors. And if you look how governors have fared in this GOP primary, it actually, it doesn't really matter if you're a governor or a senator in terms of the voters' tastes right now. That is what probably something that he shouldn't try to hang his hat on. It might be will work in well for him in New Hampshire where he continues to have a pretty good, like handle on things, he could come in top three there.

RIVERA: But why would he take on Chris Christie?

GUILFOYLE: I think he needs to.

RIVERA: Why would he punch down in a sense?

PERINO: Who, Rubio?

RIVERA: Rubio in the --

PERINO: No, because they were all bunched up.

RIVERA: Christie is --

PERINO: They're -- Marco Rubio, what he needed to do was to separate himself out from those that were at -- from Christie, to six, seven --

RIVERA: To get in the top.

PERINO: Yes, of course.

RIVERA: I don't know. It just seemed to be wasting.

GUILFOYLE: So you felt that was not, it was unnecessary?

RIVERA: I don't know. You never, you never pick a fight you don't have to, it just seems to me.

PERINO: But, but Christie has been going out for Rubio.

GUTFELD: Unless you're on TV -- unless you're on cable TV.


GUTFELD: Then you pick one every 10 minutes.


GUILFOYLE: Unless you're on The Five.

GUTFELD: You know what's interesting to me.


GUTFELD: About Chris Christie is that he possesses all the qualities of his rivals. He is can be as blunt as Trump. He can be as persuasive and funny as, or persuasive as Rubio. He can be as commanding as any governor. However, you can't place him, he's like -- he's a round peg in a square hole.


GUTFELD: And then he -- there's no clear place where he belongs. Even though for some reason, he seems to possess all of the qualities that everybody else is known for -- very strange.

PERINO: Well, liked in the Hall, though, I mean he got some good applause, I have to say.

GUILFOYLE: How interesting, thank you.

RIVERA: Who got the hottest?

PERINO: I would say Rubio -- it was kind of mixed. So it depended. Even Jeb Bush had a lot of supporters in the Hall.

RIVERA: Was there really booing?

PERINO: Yup, that was true.

GUILFOYLE: All right. Trump has --


GUILFOYLE: About the most controversial proposal of his campaign so far, to keep Muslims from entering the U.S. He said he won't rethink his position, Jeb Bush said that he should.


TRUMP: I said temporarily. I didn't say permanently. I said temporarily. We can't be the stupid country any more. We're laughed at all over the world.


JEB BUSH, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: This policy is a policy that makes it impossible to build the coalition necessary to take out ISIS. You cannot make rash statements and expect the rest of the world to respond, as though, well it's just politics. Every time we send signals like this, we send a signal of weakness, not strength. And so, it was intended on his segment -- which is why I'm asking him to consider changing his views.

TRUMP: I want security for this country. I'm tired of seeing what's going on.


GUILFOYLE: What did you think of that exchange?

RIVERA: Well, I think that first of all, Jeb -- that was the strongest, most defective, I've seen Governor Bush, since the get-go. He had a much better suit on. He wasn't so schlumpy with the space behind the collar, and looking like it didn't fit him. He seems much more presidential.


RIVERA: I think that, though, when you compare him against this firebrand here, he pales and, or cools in comparison. I don't think that Jeb Bush is any match. Although, I did, as I saw him speak, say you know something is what I said last year, he could be a good president. I mean but I -- to get there from here is a long journey, and I think an impossible one for it.

GUILFOYLE: Well because, I think it is such a change dynamic in terms of this campaign and the way it's happened. And nobody has ever seen anything like this before, and just the level of like rhetoric and exchanges between, you know all the candidates. That's not politics as usual. Eric?

BOLLING: So I think Donald Trump is doing well with this Muslim ban issue. And again, temporary Muslim ban. It seems to be doing well. I'm not sure that was the right fight to pick with Trump on Jeb's point. Look, he's -- Jeb sounded -- I guess fine. I think he needed more, though. I think he needed to come out with a policy or something of his own rather than take a shot at one of Donald Trump's policies. For me, I think Trump, Cruz and Rubio crushed it last night. And from -- and the ones that didn't crush it, were Jeb and Ben Carson, unfortunately.

GUILFOYLE: And what about Kasich?

BOLLING: He was there. He showed up.

RIVERA: He was -- he was OK. She was OK.

GUILFOYLE: What did you think Dana?

PERINO: Of Kasich?


PERINO: I, you know, I was on O'Reilly, right before the debate, and O'Reilly asked me what I think of all the candidates have to do and he interrupted me, and said that John -- that if --

GUTFELD: Really, O'Reilly?

PERINO: Yup. I know you're all shocked. But at John Kasich, if he went on and on about what he did as governor in Ohio, it's going to drive him crazy, and I said, oh you know. Who knows? Well, he does have a good record in Ohio and he won all that two counties in Ohio, when he ran for re- election and republicans must win Ohio. But the first thing that John Kasich did when he went up to answer a question, was to talk about his governing experience in Ohio. And he did it again, on in the spin room and then following morning, this morning on the television shows. And again, this governor -- gubernatorial experience is very important. And it's great. It's just -- not wowing the crowds or --

GUILFOYLE: This time around.

PERINO: Right.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, Greg, go ahead.

GUTFELD: Well, I know. It's -- whether it's, whether it's Jeb, or whether it's Kasich, or it's Christie, they seem to be good men for the wrong time. It's the time that is dictating the choice of leaders. The leaders aren't choosing. They're not the ones being -- they aren't driving this. It's the time. We have a time of anger.


GUTFELD: And anxiety. And that is picking the leaders.

RIVERA: But can you elect someone who wants hideously exclude to exclude an entire religious group from.?

GUTFELD: Temporarily.

BOLLING: And a lot of them Geraldo.

RIVERA: How long is temporary?

BOLLING: A lot of them have proposals. Some of the senators --

RIVERA: How long is temporary?

BOLLING: There are a few senators who have --

GUTFELD: A couple of weeks?

BOLLING: Who has, temporary bans of all Muslims coming to the country.

RIVERA: A couple of years?

BOLLING: Its 34 different countries.


RIVERA: A couple of generations?


BOLLING: I don't know.


GUILFOYLE: A couple of minutes are up.


GUILFOYLE: A couple of minutes are up.

BOLLING: All right.

GUILFOYLE: Ben Carson vowed to put a little more pep in his step. He got the least amount of talk time last night, but got one of the biggest reactions during this moment.





CARSON: Yeah, he said everybody.





GUILFOYLE: Look at how cute he is when he laughs, so much personality. Did you like that?

RIVERA: You know, he's like a 38 record in a 72, you know, rpm -- it's 15.

GUTFELD: That is a reference only 10 percent of America will get.

RIVERA: He just seems at, like in a different time. He's much more genteel, slow paced, it's he's like.

GUTFELD: You know what he is? He seems like he's enjoying the ride. It's like he hopped on a freight train and he's just enjoying the sights across America. And where it goes, it doesn't really matter.


BOLLING: That is a very good point, though. If you notice when he first, when he was leading in the polls.


BOLLING: He felt nervous and uncomfortable and now --

GUTFELD: Now it's just fun.

BOLLING: Yeah, now it's fun.


BOLLING: That's a good point.

GUILFOYLE: Selling books, OK. What do you think, Dana?

GUTFELD: What is selling books?


PERINO: I felt like there was no "there" there. And if you look at the trend lines in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, he just continues to plummet.

GUILFOYLE: All right, let's see what happens. While the candidates were united against one opponent last night, Hillary Clinton, she spent debate night joking about her e-mails on the Tonight Show. We're going to show you that, straight ahead.


RIVERA: All kinds of punching going on last night, but the candidate who got hit the most was not even there, Hillary Clinton. Who had the best line of attack against the former secretary of state? Listen.


RUBIO: Someone who cannot handle intelligence information appropriately cannot be commander-in-chief, and someone who lies to the families of those four victims in Benghazi can never be president of the United States.


BUSH: If she gets elected, her first hundred days, instead of setting an agenda. She might be going back and forth between the White House and the courthouse.

CHRISTIE: Here's the best way that we're going to make America much more exceptional. It is to make sure we put someone on that stage in September who will fight Hillary Clinton and make sure she never, ever gets in the White House again.

CARLY FIORINA, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The truth is I've had and been blessed by a lot of opportunities to do a lot of things in my life. And unlike another woman in this race, I actually love spending time with my husband.


FIORINA: We need a president who understands technology in the Oval Office. Mrs. Clinton, actually, you cannot wipe a server with a towel.



RIVERA: Carly Fiorina -- I don't know Kimberly.


RIVERA: But hitting Hillary and her marriage that way, to me, seemed like a gutter blow.

GUILFOYLE: I think I know where she is coming from.

RIVERA: The other thing is politics, I get it, you know. But -- say, I, my marriage is good and your marriage, you know, stink. I mean --

GUILFOYLE: Well, you know, where this is coming from? It's a thread from the whole, you know, sexist attacks. And, OK, now you put your husband out there on the campaign trail. But you're somebody who bashed women and women who were saying they were victims of sexually aggressive behavior. So that's where I think it's coming from, is that whole type of thing at this world I guess...

RIVERA: But to suggest, she doesn't like spending time with her husband.

GUILFOYLE: Well, I'm not saying it's a great thing to do.

ERIC BOLLING, THE FIVE CO-HOST: Why are you laughing?


RIVERA: Are you not following along?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I mean, come on...

RIVERA: They don't spend a heck of a lot of time together, am I wrong? I mean, if I'm wrong.

BOLLING: She is a candidate for the presidency, or any other spouses...

GUILFOYLE: No, no, Geraldo, Geraldo...

BOLLING: I mean, is this fair game to you?

RIVERA: I thought it was a great moment, it was a republican debate. And I thought she really stunk.

GREG GUTFELD, THE FIVE CO-HOST: I'm dropping them mic, Eric, . I'm banning that phrase.


BOLLING: I dropped the pen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You drop the pen.

GUILFOYLE: You mean, you planning the move.

GUTFELD: I was going to say, it was a very funny line for a show like "The Five" and I swear, I probably said things as crass as this table. I'm not sure it's relevant to the debate.

RIVERA: Well, let me ask you more specific question, is there any other marriage of any of these people running for the highest office in the land that would be similarly appropriate to attack in this fashion?

GUTFELD: I don't know. That's a tough question.

RIVERA: Because we do we go after Jeb Bush and his wife for instance?

GUILFOYLE: For what?

GUTFELD: I don't know.

GUILFOYLE: But for what?

GUTFELD: I agreed with you, Geraldo. I leave it there.


GUTFELD: I agree with you, Geraldo. I live it there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Even as you say...

GUTFELD: I agree with you, Geraldo. That's why I'm confused. I said, yeah, wasn't an appropriate comment.


GUILFOYLE: Yeah. But when you look at the campaign trail like Mary Pat is always with Chris Christie, they're very strong. You know, united team. Well, every time I've been out, I've seen them together. They're campaigning.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Eric Bolling rolling his eyes again.

BOLLING: I did say anything like that. When George W. Bush was in office, how appropriate was it for him to talk about this matter or children for that matter.

DANA PERINO, THE FIVE CO-HOST: Wait. That is all it is all about. I mean...

RIVERA: Why isn't it about that?

PERINO: People talk about -- like the Star Magazine that said that they were getting divorced and he was going to marry Condi Rice. I mean that was stupid and dumb.

BOLLING: I believed that.

GUILFOYLE: Why need to bring that up? What do you talking about?

PERINO: Let me just say, I think that that's a lie, that goes down really well at your private fundraiser when there's nobody there. But doing it in front of the nation, 11 million people, it's not funny.


GUILFOYLE: She was consistently aggressive against Hillary.

RIVERA: What was that?

GUILFOYLE: She's been consistently aggressive against Hillary.

BOLLING: Well, she enjoys spending time with her husband, what's wrong with that?

PERINO: Well, here's the other thing, Donald Trump can say things like that and everybody will laugh. She says it and it was like, "Uh".

RIVERA: I don't think Donald Trump.

PERINO: I guarantee you would have laughed and you would have said, "It was a great moment".

RIVERA: I don't think he would have gone there. But where Hillary went last night, what she doing? She wasn't the debate, she was with Jimmy Fallon.



JIMMY FALLON, THE TONIGHT SHOW HOST: I was wondering if you'd like to do a job interview now.


FALLON: Like you're applying for a job.

CLINTON: Sure. Yeah, absolutely.

FALLON: How did you hear about the position?

CLINTON: 4th Grade Social Studies.

FALLON: Why do you want this job?

CLINTON: because I really care about what happens to our country.

FALLON: Are you willing to relocate?

CLINTON: For the right job, I am.

FALLON: Lastly, is there an e-mail address we can reach you?

CLINTON: You can follow me on Snapchat.


PERINO: Well, honestly...

GUTFELD: It's so funny. She's putting our country in danger.

She took classified material, told an employee to remove the heading and put that person in danger. She is -- she compromises the safety of the country and it's a big joke. She's on Fallon because she's fallen in the polls.

PERINO: Yeah. The thing is, Greg, think about that's an e-mail that they didn't delete. If they didn't delete the e-mail, that it has her instructing the staffer to remove the heading so that you can get classified information without the heading, then what -- then imagine what they deleted.

GUILFOYLE: That mean, does not show a consciousness of guilt right there, in there. You're a lawyer, I mean, come on. She knew what she was doing was wrong. That's why she removed it. So that she wouldn't have the liability.

RIVERA: I bet a year salary with the man sitting alongside me that there is no way on God's green earth that this woman is going to be indicted. Jeb Bush talking about her going from the courthouse to the White House...

BOLLING: The White House to the courthouse.

RIVERA: White House to the courthouse. I mean it's just noise.

GUTFELD: You're actually going to bet a whole year salary, Geraldo?

RIVERA: I would. Well, I would.


BOLLING: Ever or in this cycle?


BOLLING: Ever or in this cycle, because you're probably right that -- there's...


RIVERA: It is a scandal.

GUILFOYLE: Well, the next Republican president can pardon the drama.

PERINO: This is what they did with Benghazi. The comedians tried to make the story go away by sweeping it under the rug with a little joke to make it look like we are obsessed with...

GUTFELD: The car on fire. Remember Colbert would always show the Benghazi the car on fire as a punch line.


BOLLING: But, you know, he did this with Trump too, though. I mean...

GUILFOYLE: No. I mean specific on the humor piece.

RIVERA: Still to come, (inaudible) Friday.

BOLLING: Do you think I'm done?


RIVERA: And up next, the movie everyone is talking about, "13 Hours" came out on theaters. I'll give you a plenty of to talk about "13 Hours". Will it impact Hillary Clinton's run for the White House?

And later, the actor Sean Penn giving his first television interview on his secret meeting with re-recaptured drug lord El Chapo, his terrible regrets, but not about what you think. Wait until you her about when he's regretful about.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We need assistance. We are overrun.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have the U.S. Ambassador at risk.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They got to sent us.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're not even supposed to be here.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: None of you have to go but we are the only helping us.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you do not get here soon...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're all going to die.


BOLLING: Stand down, you heard it. It's one of the most important movies ever made. Please go out and see "13 Hours" this weekend. It was just released in theaters today. It reenacts what really happened the night four Americans were murdered in Benghazi in 2012.

The mother of Sean Smith who was killed in Benghazi said, she left the movie when the actor who portrayed her son came on the screen. In a heart- wrenching interview with Megyn Kelly, Patricia Smith recounted the lie that Hillary Clinton told her after the attack that a video was to blame.


PATRICIA SMITH, MOTHER OF BENGHAZI VICTIM: Hillary is a liar. I know what she told me. Not only did she say it but Obama said the same thing to me, and Panetta, and Biden, and Susan Rice. I went up to all of them, begging them to tell me what happened.

And they all said, that it was the video, every one of them. I want to see Hillary in jail. It was her department and she's been lying and she turned the whole country into a bunch of liars.


BOLLING: And Donald Trump is hoping voters go see it too. He rented out a whole movie theater tonight in Iowa so people can watch there for free.

Dana, you said that's a good idea, did you?

PERINO: When I first saw the headline this morning, I thought that that is so smart.

GUILFOYLE: And you wrote an e-mail to all of us.

PERINO: It's on the record, an e-mail that I did not believe and it is in the record.

GUILFOYLE: Did you remove the header?

PERINO: No, but it was great. I mean, it's very heartbreaking to watch Sean Smith's mother have to go through that. I saw the movie with you, guys, on Tuesday night.

It's so suspenseful and nerve-wracking. In there, I was sitting next to Eric's wife, Adrienne. And she and I were almost holding hands because we don't usually watch suspenseful movies like that. And my stomach was in knots.

Bit I thought that that was probably the most effective part of it is that, you don't get a break for a moment to even catch your breath because they didn't, either.

BOLLING: Right. And, Greg, it was 2 hours and, whatever, 20 minutes, the movie, but it portrayed was waves and waves of attacks, terrorist atacks, RPGs, gunfire and the constant call home.

PERINO: Right.


BOLLING: Where is the help? Where is help? Not yet. No one has answered yet. Why not?

GUTFLED: I don't know. Maybe Hillary can blame the next terror attack on this movie. But, you know, I haven't seen the film yet. But I've been looking at the response. The left is hammering this film as a valentine. They're calling it a valentine to conservative media.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, please.

GUTFELD: And, you know, conveniently ignoring that 99.9 percent of the film industry are liberal fantasies with right-wing villains. And they're angry they couldn't get their paws on this story and change it for their own devices.

BOLLING: And K.G., the other part of...

GUILFOYLE: That's a powerful film.

BOLLING: You know, the left is saying, "No, it's not a Hollywood film, it's a documentary. However, three guys that were portrayed in that movie to holding down the Benghazi fort and the C.I. -- the Benghazi Consulate and the CIA Annex next door, or a distance apart, survived and are telling the story that movie is an accurate portrayal.

PERINO: And based on the book that they wrote.

GUILFOYLE: Well, based on the book they wrote and the fact that they were on set for almost every day that the film was being shot. So this was something they wanted to make sure that had integrity, that was accurate, exactly the way it went down. And they went through a lot of sacrifice to be able to do that to make sure to tell the story, and to honor the memory of their fallen brothers as well.

This is a powerful film, its well worth if your time. Two hours and 20 minutes, believe me. And it's eye-opening, it just shows how great this country is and how strong and powerful our military, and the desire to fight, you know, for others and to help.

BOLLING: Let's get our Republican friend to weigh in.

RIVERA: It was a gut-wrenching film. I just left the theater on 42nd street here in Times Square. It is from the point of view of those fellows who is risked everything and lost so much, a vivid, vivid recreation of what happened.

My only beef, the stand down that the critics of the administration were talking about was the United States military standing down, not sending available assets to rescue them. That has been gone over by numerous hearings, everybody from the chairman to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, every commander including (inaudible), everybody says we had no assets.

The two beefs I have with the film very specific. The two beefs I have of the film specifically...

BOLLING: For 13 hours, you can fly a jet from her to Benghazi in 13 hours.

RIVERA: The only jets that were available, the F-16s that are portrayed in the film armed with missiles in Sicily. They were not in Sicily, they were in northern Italy, unarmed and the gun ship they say was without range to make it, was actually in Afghanistan.

BOLLING: Facebook Friday is up next.


GUILFOYLE: OK. Oh my gosh.

GUTFELD: My favorite part of the week. Facebook Friday, you post your questions and we answer them. I'll start with you, Kimberly because you have the eat

GUILFOYLE: This is from James V. What's your favorite unusual pizza topping? It has to be unusual.

GUILFOYLE: OK. Broccoli.

GUTFELD: Broccoli, that's disgusting.

GUILFOYLE: It's actually quite tasty.

GUTFELD: Oh, that's horrifying.

GUILFOYLE: I mean, I had it by accident and then -- no, because like (inaudible) like broccoli but I do want to, you know, discourage him.

RIVERA: Accidentally feel on the broccoli.

GUILFOYLE: ... but that kind of amazing and I like to ate it.

GUTFELD: What's unusual -- what should be a ground meat or pepperoni or -- that is not unusual.

RIVERA: I know. But what else would you put on?

PERINO: Banana peppers, those are the yellow peppers. Those are yellow peppers.

GUILFOYLE: I love them.

PERINO: You can't find banana peppers anyway, by the way.

GUTFELD: You know what? Maybe they don't need to.

PERINO: For a reason.


PERINO: The buffalo chicken, amazing.

GUILFOYLE: I love buffalo chicken.


GUILFOYLE: That's not unusual. That's delicious.

BOLLING: What? It's like a buffalo chicken on pizza is not unusual?


BOLLING: You have such a New York values can't really...

GUTFELD: Yes, New York values.

GUILFOYLE: No. California Pizza Kitchen has been doing a buffalo chicken pizza that killed it is for the past 15 years.

GUTFELD: My favorite unusual topping is more pizza.


GUTFELD: Just take a pizza...

PERINO: Also honey.

GUTFELD: Mine is hot sauce.

PERINO: You know what, Beau Jo's Pizza in Colorado, for those of you who have gone skiing in Colorado. Beau Jo's Pizza, they have really thick crust. At the end, they have honey on the table and then you pour honey on that and that's your dessert.


GUTFELD: Is that their nick name?

GUILFOYLE: You pour it.

PERINO: Yeah, at the end.

GUTFELD: All right. Let's go to the next question this is boring.

Dan Z. writes, did you ever meet a famous person that made you become star- struck? Let's go this way, Dana?

PERINO: Yes. And I'm usually not very star-struck and I had an opportunity to meet a lot of political powerful people around the world when I was working for President Bush.

But when I met Dierks Bentley for the first time, I was so excited. And but I went through the line and all I give is, I got my picture taking and then I moved on. And so, I post the picture and then somebody said, "Oh my gosh, he must have been so excited to meet you". And I said, "Oh no, he has no idea who I am."

I was just -- couldn't even say a word. But it turns out that they watch our show on the bus when they're on tour.

GUTFELD: Yeah, that they do. Eric?

BOLLING: I'm star-struck sitting next to Geraldo Rivera. I mean, I can barely make it through the show.

GUTFELD: That's real.

BOLLING: He's a T.V. legend. As long as he keeps his shirt on. If he takes it off, it's over.

RIVERA: John Lennon when I first met him. The Beatles had just split, he come with Yoko to New York and just to be with him. And then, ultimately, become friendly with him and cover his death. It was the arc, the whole arc. But it was...

GUILFOYLE: OK. That's impressive.

PERINO: K.G. liven it up.

GUTFELD: Yeah. You know, well -- don't control Facebook Friday.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. Well, I've met all the you know male celebrities.

BOLLING: Of course you have.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. Yeah. You know...

BOLLING: I see that you're star-struck.


GUTFELD: To meet Bill Clinton.

GUILFOYLE: I was -- how many times have I...


BOLLING: Remember, we're at a dinner, right?

GUTFELD: Yeah. I think he was star struck.

GUILFOYLE: I know George for a long time. I've meet him multiple times.

BOLLING: George.

GUTFELD: I've known George for ages.

GUILFOYLE: When the one -- no. The one that I would like to meet that I have not is Angelina Jolie. I love her.

BOLLING: Oh, I met her.

BUTFELD: She's a barrel of laughs.

BOLLING: Madonna is RPD (ph).

GUILFOYLE: I love what she does. She's very powerful for women and getting checks for their health and whatever.

GUTFELD: My speechless, Ronald Reagan, meet him 1988. And When I shake his hand, I went, (inaudible)...


GUILFOYLE: And then, you left his left over chicken on...

GUTFELD: I ate his left over chicken -- and Mike Patton of Faith No More. That freaked me out. I was like a school girl.

What was your favorite pet growing up, Geraldo?

RIVERA: I had a great dog in the University of Arizona called Ringo. I brought it home, as soon as I got it home, I drove from Arizona to New York, I gave it to my parents.


GUTFELD: Snoopy was my little beagle growing up and now freedom is my most amazing dog on the planet.

PERINO: And what street did you grow up on?

BOLLING: Hiawatha.

PERINO: (Inaudible) I learn on the plane one time?


PERINO: No. I'll say, you know, great, my dog was Jocko (ph) and he was an apricot poodle.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my god. He was cute.

GUTFELD: Apricot poodle.

RIVERA: You are cheating on that dog?

GUTFELD: That's my code phrase at the club.

PERINO: Jocko (ph), that was the name of an Italian immigrant who was trying to make his way in coal country in Cambria, Wyoming in Newcastle.

GUILFOYLE: So one time I had a boyfriend that brought me, not the one who gave me the cactus but, he brought be two Russian dwarf hamsters.

PERINO: That's a little hamster.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. And they were so adorable.

GUTFELT: They can say dwarf.

GUILFOYLE: No, that's their technical name is, no disrespect. And I named them Lucy and Ethel and then I lost them in my house.

GUTFELD: I'm glad you said house. I am -- my favorite pet was...

GUILFOYLE: You're disgusting.

GUTFELD: What do you -- I say it could have been in your car. Chipper, which was a miniature schnauzer, they're very temperamental and they look like little old men.

GUILFOYLE: Just like you.


GUILFOYLE: People look like their pets.

GUTFELD: There you go.

GUILFOYLE: Small emotional brain, angry.

GUTFELD: I'm glad you said brain.

One more thing is up next.


PERINO: It's time now for one more thing. Greg?

GUTFELD: All right, Saturday, that's tomorrow, right? They're going to repeat the debate, which you got to watch. Because it was awesome the first time, it will be better. And after the debate, my show, stick around and watch that, too. If you haven't seen it before, it has some chuckles and high points. That's it.

GUILFOYLE: All right, all right.

PERINO: And some low points. Eric?

BOLLING: OK. So check out Geraldo and I are going to go out on the O'Reilly Factor tonight. But that was -- well, it's a little funny but what really is funny, at least two pranksters, twins T.V., their internet pranksters, Youtube pranksters.

Here's the prank, though, they set a bike up to be stolen, right? They leave it unlocked and it's ready to get stolen. But they've wired it so the handle bars and the seat can zap the perp with electricity when they steal the bike. Watch what happens.



GUILFOYLE: Oh my God. Did they get sued for that?

BOLLING: I think no. One went to jail, they did something much...


GUILFOYLE: Well, I mean, you know, don't be a thief. I like it.

BOLLING: Right, absolutely.

GUTFELD: Daring advice, Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: Well, you know, how I feel about bad guys and criminals. OK. Watch -- another lighter moment, watch this tiny adorable French bulldog wakes up its owner like a little alarm clock. Look at how cute, 23 million views in just three days. I mean, how adorable with that cute little wet tongue.

GUTFELD: I don't confuse this New York values all over again.


GUTFELD: Dogs, men, it's disgusting.

GUILFOYLE: You're just jealous because it's not a ferret.

PERINO: Geraldo.

RIVERA: If you remember in King Kong when the Ape is killed, he falls to the ground and then someone says the airplanes got him. He said, "No, no, it was beauty killed the beast". The beauty was Kate del Castillo, she got El Chapo with the relationship there.

Sean Penn gave an interview to Charlie Rose. He was asked if he had any regrets about the El Chapo flap. Here's Sean.


SEAN PENN, ACTOR: I have terrible regrets.

CHARLIE ROSE, CBS THIS MORNING: What are the regrets?

PENN: I have regrets that the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose, which was to try to contribute to this discussion about the policy in the war on drugs.

ROSE: My article failed. Let me be clear. My article has failed.


RIVERA: It failed because he spent a lot of time talking about getting to the subject and getting out.

BOLLING: Breaking wind. Dana.

PERINO: All right. Look at this turkey. No seriously, it's turkey. It's a turkey on a plane. On Delta, somebody came on the plane and said this is my comfort turkey. Under the Air Carrier Access Act, if you have a piece of paper that says this is your comfort turkey. The plane has to give you a seat with a turkey. So...

GUILFOYLE: I mean, this was killing me.

PERINO: And actually just like any animal.

GUILFOYLE: No, but this is really ridiculous. I bet they cooked it and ate it after.


GUILFOYLE: Have a great weekend, everyone.

PERINO: "Special Report" is next.

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