'Special Report' panel's 2015 winners and losers

All-Stars share their end-of-the-year picks


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ED HENRY, GUEST ANCHOR: We're back with our panel. I have to tell it you when we asked everybody on the panel earlier today to come up with winners and loser for the year, Charles, when I heard your winner I was stunned.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: You should be, but you should also remember that I'm a straight shooter. The obvious political winner in the United States this year is Donald Trump. The most astonishing, unexpected political rise in recent American political history, I would say with the exception of Jeremy Corbyn becoming the leader of the labor party, you know, a board certified communist, the most unlikely. And, you know, I never let feelings get in the way of my ironclad judgment. Although I would say that the thing that probably tipped me over is when Trump, after a lot of hesitation, came out against the killing of journalists. That's what sealed the deal for me.

HENRY: OK. I'm laughing, we should be clear, because I want to play this sound bite really quick.


DONALD TRUMP, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I mean, I got to tell you, Krauthammer is terrible. He is so unfair to me. He is the worst. He is the worst. And I'm not allowed to criticize him so I am going to be nice.
Krauthammer, he is terrible, he's terrible. You have a guy named Steven Hayes. I never heard of this guy. When my name is mentioned it's like he is a boil. He goes crazy.


KRAUTHAMMER: Let me just say, Mr. Trump, or Mr. Thrump, no diphthong in "Krauthammer." I suppose you want to know my loser.

HENRY: I would like to get to your loser. We'll let Steve respond if he wants later, but go ahead with your loser.

KRAUTHAMMER: This is a lot more serious. Unfortunately, again, I'm going against my feelings here. Bibi Netanyahu, he took a huge gamble in opposing the Iran deal. I think he had to do it. He did the right thing. It's the most threatening thing to the state of Israel in its entire history. He went up against Obama and he lost. And it damaged his relationship to the point where we saw just this week that the administration in an unprecedented way was eavesdropping on him and on his government.

HENRY: Anne, your winner?

ANNE GEARAN, THE WASHINGTON POST: Well, my winner is President Obama. He had a pretty good year legislatively and in deal-making. As Charles mentions, the Iran deal, something that was a huge priority for the administration, probably their top foreign policy priority, and after a long delay, he got that through.

HENRY: And last New Year's he said we are going in the fourth quarter. Big things happen and Republicans might not like to hear it, but Republicans on the Hill didn't stop him.

GEARAN: No, they didn't. And they didn't stop him in any number of other things, too. Immigration. He got the climate change deal. He notched a number of things this year with, I think, to considerable surprise.

HENRY: Your loser?


HENRY: Do we have to say anything else?


HENRY: Steve, your winner?

STEVE HAYES, THE WEEKLY STANDARD: So I did not sell out like Charles did to the Trump phenomenon.


Charles wants access in the Trump White House. He wants to go to the Trump tower.

KRAUTHAMMER: No, I just want cash.


HAYES: It's really sad. It's a sad day for the All-Star Panel.

But my winner might be even more depressing. My winner this year is America's enemies. You look at Ayatollah Khamenei who got the Iran deal, got sanctions -- now has a free hand in Syria. You look at Vladimir Putin. The U.S. said he would be isolated for Crimea. Now he has a greater hand in Ukraine. He is helping to run the show in Syria. You've got Bashar Assad who was supposed to be going but now can basically stay as long as Russia and Iran agree to it. You've got Raul Castro, a backwater dictator to somebody with full diplomatic relations with the United States. You've got Ayman al Zawahiri, the leader of Al Qaeda who while ISIS has sopped up all the attention has expanded his power, his resources, his numbers, his affiliates. And of course you've got Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, who went from being the captain of the jayvee to the NFL MVP.

HENRY: Who is your loser?

HAYES: My loser, if you were surprised by Charles Krauthammer, you're going to be even more surprised by my loser.

HENRY: I feel like a dirty trick is coming.

HAYES: My loser this year is Ed Henry, who lost the Fox News fantasy football contest -- 12 teams, season record of four and nine. A playoff record in the loser bracket --

HENRY: The loser bracket -- I lost.

HAYES: Of zero and two. He had the most losses in the league. And because there was so much loser on that screen, we couldn't even get in that he had the lowest overall point total in the league by a stunning of 75 points.

HENRY: There is a trophy that comes with this.

HAYES: This trophy for Ed, the fantasy football loser.

HENRY: There is a butt on there.


HENRY: One of our wonderful producers. I will say that our executive producer Doug who probably set this up, lost to me, the worst team in the league. And Phil Vogel in probably hiding in that control room, he lost to the loser as well.

HAYES: Don't take it out of them. How did you do in your head to head against me?

HENRY: I lost two games to you. One of them I lost by about 1.5 points. However, I was just a general manager. I fired the coach and I will be back next year.


HENRY: Trump style.

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