Donald Trump ramping up attacks on Hillary Clinton

'The O'Reilly Factor' analyzes the escalating war of words on the 2016 campaign trail


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ERIC BOLLING, FOX NEWS HOST: Hi, I'm Eric Bolling in for Bill O'Reilly. Thanks for watching us.

We begin tonight with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump ramping up his attacks on Hillary Clinton. At a campaign event last night, he set his sights on Hillary yet again this time taking aim at her late return to the debate stage after a bathroom break during a commercial.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I'm watching the debate and she disappeared. Where did she go? Where did she go?

I thought she quit. I thought she gave up. Where did she go? Where did Hillary go. They had to start the debate without her, phase two.

I know where she went. It's disgusting. I don't want to talk about it. No, it's too disgusting.


BOLLING: Trump continued his attack using a vulgar sort of Yiddish word to blast Mrs. Clinton for losing the election in 2008.


TRUMP: Everything that's been involved in Hillary has been lost. You take a look. Even her race to Obama -- she was going to beat Obama. She was favored to win and she got (EXPLETIVE DELETED), she lost. I mean she lost.


BOLLING: Joining us now from West Palm Beach, Dan Bongino, contributing editor for "Conservative Review"; and from Los Angeles Democratic strategist Matthew Littman.

It wouldn't be a night -- I wouldn't be sitting in for O'Reilly on THE FACTOR if we didn't start with you Littman. Your thoughts on Mr. Trump going after Hillary Clinton.

MATTHEW LITTMAN, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: I know it's hard to believe but he may have gotten a little bit carried away. I think, you know, he started out ok. Hillary mentioned these videos that nobody had seen, right? Ok, fine. Trump has some grounds to criticize there.

But then he goes so far off the deep end, it's completely unnecessary. But the question really is, why did he do it, Eric?

BOLLING: He did it Matthew -- he did it because Hillary Clinton made up a lie. She said he was one of ISIS' --

Littman: -- no, no, no, no.

BOLLING: -- recruiting tools and no one to this day can find a Trump in an ISIS recruiting video.

Dan Bongino, jump in here very quickly.

LITTMAN: Wait -- hold on.

BOLLING: It seems like when you attack Donald Trump he hits back harder and he is willing to do that with Hillary, too.

DAN BONGINO, "CONSERVATIVE REVIEW": Yes, well, there is two things Matt is getting wrong here. The first one is there is no deep end for Trump. And I don't know, Matt, you have got to get out of the D.C. bubble a little bit.

The level of disgust in America right now at the cesspool in Washington, D.C. just because you don't see the pitch forks doesn't mean the disgust isn't out there. People feel like they are being ruled not governed. And they see Trump as just anti-what everything they hate about D.C. is.

And secondly the most biting attacks out there in politics are the ones that already fit a preexisting narrative. Here is the narrative about Mrs. Clinton. She is an elitist from inside the D.C. bubble. She couldn't even make it back on time from a bathroom break. This is a bigger deal than it seems on its face. And good for Trump for hitting her on it.

BOLLING: Matthew, I'm guessing, I don't know this, but I think he was trying to say shellacked which means took a beating in '08, but you know something else slipped out -- whatever. Things happen.

LITTMAN: First of all -- well, good for you to try to figure out what Trump means, good luck, number one. Number two, far from the D.C. bubble I live in Los Angeles. Number three, Hillary is ahead in all the polls, so I'm not sure why you are criticizing Hillary.

To say also that it's bad that she had a bathroom break. I mean are you kidding me? Is that what we are doing?

BOLLING: No, no, not that. But she came back late to a debate being televised live on ABC.

LITTMAN: So what. I don't think -- I truly seriously I don't think any voter is going to care.

BOLLING: By the way, Dan, I think she occupied that restroom other, I guess Bernie Sanders was trying to get in there.

BONGINO: Eric, listen I don't know if the L.A. bubble is much better, by the way. But the narrative about Mrs. Clinton is she is an elitist insider that's leveraging her connections because she craves power more than anything that she has no principles.

Listen do they care that she went to the bathroom. That's not the point. That's not what I said. You skewed my words. What I said was the fact that she came back late gave the appearance, at least on TV, she doesn't seem to care about anyone else. And biting narratives in politics, as you know, are the ones that fit the preexisting narrative.


BONGINO: What's that?

LITTMAN: All right, Dan, to who did it give that impression number one? Number two --

BONGINO: One you said she's --

LITTMAN: -- you live in West Palm Beach, to talk about a bubble?

BONGINO: I don't live in West Palm Beach, I live in Palm City. But secondly, you are talking about Mrs. Clinton, the woman who doesn't stand for anything. You know, she doesn't want to pay taxes and so she sets up these real estate --

LITTMAN: No, Dan. No, Dan.

BONGINO: What's the question?

LITTMAN: The question is you said that -- you are saying that people are upset that she came out of the bathroom late as if it is some sense of privilege.

BOLLING: Right. Can we progress this bathroom story a little bit?

LITTMAN: Can you care about that?

BOLLING: Hang in here. You have two frontrunners. You have Donald Trump on one side. You have Hillary Clinton on the other side. Is this good politics, good strategy -- start with you Littman -- for either one of them to be taking shots at the other one who is leading their side?

LITTMAN: Generally, I think it's good for both of them. So I think on the Republican side for Trump to go after Hillary is a winner for Trump. On the Democratic side, and probably for most Independents, for Hillary to go after Trump, just increases her support also. So I think actually for both of them it's a win.

BOLLING: Ok. So, Dan, on Hillary's side she has got a clear lead. So let's forget her.

Is this smart for Donald Trump to get sucked into that debate against Hillary especially when it's things like this whole videotape thing, this ISIS recruiting and going back and forth with her. He's good. He has got to win his side first, right?

BONGINO: Yes. Matt is desperate right here to pull out some benefit for Hillary. Hillary is getting smoked on this. And Matt, to answer your prior question, she was up in the polls against just about every Republican candidate a year ago. She is now getting shellacked by just about every one of them. So what do you mean to who? To just about everybody they are polling.

LITTMAN: What's the polling? What poll came out today? Where is Hillary versus Trump on the polls?

BONGINO: Matt, she is down everywhere against all these candidates.

LITTMAN: Where is the poll? Answer the question. Dan, don't be afraid.

BONGINO: I'm not afraid.

BOLLING: But the polls change.


BOLLING: Ok, hold on. Hold on. But the polls change. And there are times where every single GOP candidate goes up against Hillary and beats her or at least the top four or five or so. So the polls are going to change.

I'm trying to figure out if Trump really should be aiming his sights on Hillary. I know a lot of, let's call it non-Trump supporters would like to see the focus put on Hillary Clinton instead of the other candidates -- maybe not a bad strategy. Let's start with you Littman.

LITTMAN: So I think that for Trump to go after Hillary is very good strategy for Trump. His big problem right now is that Ted Cruz is catching him, right? But for Donald Trump to be perceived as the frontrunner, which he still is, and have Hillary go after him is absolutely a win for Trump. The question for Trump is, are there enough angry white men to really win an election?


BOLLING: I'm going to go to Dan very quickly. But I'm looking at this - what really sparked this whole back and forth that we have got Trump going was Hillary claiming that Trump was part of some ISIS recruiting tool.

Meanwhile, I have seen Barack Obama --

-- that's correct.

BOLLING: -- in ISIS recruiting tool. I've seen Obama ISIS recruiting tool -- I didn't hear her mention that.

LITTMAN: That's correct, too.

BOLLING: I have even seen, I've even seen -- I can't confirm this but I have even seen her husband Bill Clinton on some of these ISIS videos or what appear to be ISIS videos or what we understand to be ISIS videos.

Dan, quick thought before we go?

BONGINO: Yes, yes. Leave it to Matt to then throw the race card out. Matt doesn't want to acknowledge Hillary's trajectory has been down for a year now. You know it. You want specific polls, just look at the trajectory. It's completely down hill. She is going up against a saber tooth right now with Trump.

LITTMAN: She is winning.

BONGINO: She is in way out of her game. She has lost.

BOLLING: All right. Got to leave it right there.

LITTMAN: She is ahead by seven points in today's poll.

BOLLING: I knew this would be a heated debate guys. Shellacked. Gentlemen -- thank you very much.

LITTMAN: Thank you -- Eric.

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