Was Steve Harvey's Miss Universe blunder a publicity stunt?

 Host mistakenly crowns wrong pageant winner


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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Kimberly
Guilfoyle along with Juan Williams, Eric Bolling, Dana Perino and Greg
Gutfeld. It is 5 o'clock in New York City and this is "The Five."

This is a Fox News alert. Police have identified the driver responsible for
the bloody scene last night on the Las Vegas strip. One person was killed
and more than 30 hurt when a woman plowed her car into a crowd on the
sidewalk. An investigator said it appears she did it on purpose. William La
Jeunesse joins us with the very latest details. William?

for two reasons. One, video surveillance shows Lakeisha Holloway driving on
the sidewalk twice, plowing into this crowd of about 100 tourists. Victims
pounded on her windshield, jumped on the hood, yelled her to stop. Then the
24-year-old sped up and did it again, mowing down people for 200-feet and
dragging an 11-year-old boy under her car. Secondly, her demeanor, police
say Holloway expressed no remorse, no discontent for what she did. She
drove another mile, gave the keys to her car to a hotel valet and told them
to call the cops. So why did she do it? Police are still trying to figure
that out.


ruling out the possibility of terrorism. The intentional act that occurred
on the boulevard is going to be very hard for us to explain at face value.
So we are working through that, but I am comfortable saying now that I do
not believe it to be an act of terrorism.


LA JEUNESSE: But they're not ruling it out because police haven't completed
their background check, looked at her social media or interviewed all the
friends and family. Holloway arrived in Vegas from Oregon a few days ago.
Police say she was homeless, living out of her car when she snapped. TMZ
says she was in town with her daughter, from modeling gig. She claimed to
be sober but cops are waiting for the result of a blood test for drugs. Now
this happened around 6:30 last night between Planet Hollywood, scene of the
Miss Universe pageant, and the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. She faces murder,
attempted murder, child abuse and charges of living the scene of an
accident. Holloway got her medical marijuana card we know in 2013, she was
evicted from an apartment in Washington State the same year. And
apparently, the child's father lives in Dallas, and she may have been going
there, say police. But as to why, they are not prepared to say definitively
right now. The child who is in the car at the time is now in child
protective services custody, Kimberly, back to you.

GUILFOYLE: All right. Tragic story, William, thanks for those detail and
now, to another story that we're following.


STEVE HARVEY, TELEVISION HOST: Miss Universe 2015 is -- Columbia!



GUILFOYLE: Oh, boy. Well, it's a scandal everyone is talking about. Steve
Harvey announcing Miss Colombia as the winner of last night's Miss Universe
pageant. And then, this jaw-dropping moment happened.


HARVEY: I have to apologize.


HARVEY: The first runner-up is Colombia.


HARVEY: Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines!


HARVEY: This is exactly what's on the card. I will take responsibility for
this. It was my mistake. It was on the card.


GUILFOYLE: Just painful, right, every time I see it. Well, despite his
apologies on-air and on social media, some are now wondering whether the
whole thing was some sort of publicity stunt. I was watching this. I could
not believe it. Then they kind of clipped it short. After then, they took
the crown off of Miss Colombia after a little bit of time and put it on
Miss Philippines, who was still kind of wondering what was going on. And
then you see Steve Harvey, apologizing, he's totally flustered, and he
holds up the card, so everyone was cling-shutting, you know, to be able to
get the close up. And if you saw the card, I tweeted this out, it has very
small writing in the bottom, Philippines, under the thing, universe, the
first name that's on there that you see Miss Columbia. So some-like well,
you messed it up, but was it on purpose? Was it -- I mean, there's all
kinds of speculation. Greg, you were blogging about this?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: I was a -- yeah. It was a rough night
for both women. I had to buy a lot of champagne and Kleenex, but they're
fine. I want you to know that this guy hosts Family Feud. It's not like he
doesn't have experience reading from cards.

GUILFOYLE: And in his own.

GUTFELD: That's what he does every day, but --

GUILFOYLE: His own show.

GUTFELD: But you have to understand, everybody here is a winner. Miss
Colombia is the most famous first runner-up in history. This is bigger than
winning for her. Imagine the commercial deals and the types of commercials
she will be doing. She will go to budget rent-a- car. They will give her
the wrong car. She will do Burger King, they'll gonna put the Burger King
crown on her, but then they'll put it on somebody else. She will next --
she was -- she's now more famous than any Miss Universe. Everybody is fine
and Steve Harvey -- I thought he handled it quite well, even though he
misspelled the names of the countries. But he is -- he was -- I mean.


GUILFOYLE: The Philippians.


GUTFELD: He took responsibility for his actions quickly, and I thought that
was good.

GUILFOYLE: OK, we're good. Yeah, I mean it was unbelievable to watch it. It
was like, I don't -- I mean, Miss Philippines was actually very popular the
whole time during the show. She had a huge amount of like crowd response
and people flying the flags, and so, I kind of thought she was going to
win, but then she didn't. And then she did.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Believe into Greg Gutfeld, to find the
silver lining in all of these. I mean, I'm very impressed.

GUILFOYLE: He endorsed it.

GUTFELD: He was wearing the silver lining.

GUILFOYLE: It was looked like that.

PERINO: If this was -- I cannot imagine this was a publicity stunt, because
that would be the meanest and cruelest thing to do to Miss Colombia. I
don't think that that's true. I hope that's not.

GUILFOYLE: Or even to Miss Philippines, my goodness. But she's a winner

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Can I turn my main card right now
before I do the segment?


BOLLING: OK. So it's "60 Minutes" -- I'm watching the football game, it ends.

PERINO: Of course you are.

BOLLING: "60 Minutes" starts late, so I'm watching "60 Minutes" -- then it
ends, and my wife demands that we watch.

GUILFOYLE: Of course.

BOLLING: Miss U.S., Miss U.S.A. --

PERINO: Of course you do.

BOLLING: Miss, miss.

CROWD: Universe!

BOLLING: I'm sorry. Sorry. And so I'm watching.

GUILFOYLE: You and Steve Harvey -- sorry.

BOLLING: I literally watched two and a half hours of this thing all the way
down to, from eight, down to five, down to three, it was Philippines and
Colombia. U.S.A. does poorly on the questions, now it's on the Colombia and
Philippines. And Adrienne is like, "it's got to be Philippines" and I'm
like, it's got to be Columbia -- it's Columbia. We turn this thing off, and
then Kimberly e-mails.


BOLLING: "Did you see what happened?"


BOLLING: I said no, what happened? She's like, "Go check this out." We both
looked back on YouTube -- just couldn't believe it. Poor Steve Harvey, but
Greg is right. You don't mess that up. He messed up. He saw first runner-up
Colombia, all he saw is first, Columbia and said, 2016 --2015 Miss Universe
is Colombia. I don't think it was a publicity stunt because Colombia is
ticked off. The country that president already said, "No, we won that.
That's ours."

GUILFOYLE: But because they crowned her, right?


GUILFOYLE: I mean, it was like a done deal and then it's like oh, Milligan,
let me have a do over.

BOLLING: Can they crown them both? Can they just have two winners?

GUILFOYLE: I don't -- I think it was so.


PERINO: I'm surprised you would say that.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Yeah. There it is no co-winners.

PERINO: Yeah, You're not cartoon winners.

GUILFOYLE: You don't like participation trophy.



WILLIAMS: You always say, no. Yeah, no, that's exactly what K.G. said. You
say no participation or what.

PERINO: No participation.

WILLIAMS: Hey look, the fact that is.

GUILFOYLE: I would have liked her by the way. She's a winner. Watch out
Sofia Vegara because she's killing it.



WILLIAMS: So let's go to the politics. Let's cut off the nonsense. Donald
Trump says that if he was in charge, this would not have happened. He would
have set this straight. And I got to think that in fact, this contest,
which is, despite what happened with my man here and his wife being forced
to watch it, nobody else in America is watching this show. I don't know who
watches beauty pageants anymore, except Kimberly, who could win one.


WILLIAMS: But I don't think the rest of us are watching, so this is
something that does it by conspiracy theories. Why wouldn't you do
something stupid to bump up the ratings, for as nobody is looking at?

GUTFELD: According to Alex Jones, he claims this was all a destruction, so
Obama can take away our guns.

WILLIAMS: I thought he would come to that. That makes.

GUTFELD: But you know, there is something people missed, and
I may be wrong, we were talking about this. Miss France, OK, was asked
about how to fight terror in the wake of the Paris.


GUTFELD: Attacks. And she said, "Listen to the people committing these
attacks, find the problem at its heart." I took that as a really horrible
thing to say. That I interpreted her as saying you have to listen to the


GUTFELD: David says that she was saying, "You need to find them."

PERINO: I'm --

GUTFELD: I don't believe that.

PERINO: I'm saying, I think -- I didn't watch the pageant, but when you
first read that to me, I said, "Oh, does you mean like listen in on them
and find them and.

GUTFELD: I didn't see.

PERINO: Destroy them.

GUTFELD: I didn't say the word "in", I just said listen to them. So I
don't know. That's a terrible thing.

BOLLING: There were some horrible questions by the way, though.


BOLLING: There's terror.

GUTFELD: Drug use.

BOLLING: Two gun questions, two drug questions.


BOLLING: And terror.

GUILFOYLE: Legalizing marijuana.

BOLLING: They're kicking it up and it was politics.

GUILFOYLE: Second Amendment. Well, you know, and Miss U.S.A. -- boy, she
was always, you know, she's been here many times, interviewed on Fox &
Friends -- she's fantastic. And she did have a struggle with the questions
and especially, as it relates to gun control, Second Amendment. She started
to answer it great. She had the crowd and --

BOLLING: No, she went both.

GUILFOYLE: Thank you and then she goes but.

BOLLING: She went both ways with it. She said everyone has the right own a
gun and protect themselves.

GUILFOYLE: Sacrifice -- yeah, but.

BOLLING: And she said, but we need more gun control to make sure bad
shootings don't happen, like one or the other.

GUILFOYLE: Right, to sacrifice the rights of the individual for the group.

PERINO: Well, I think that -- her answer probably, when she was briefed,
I'm sure that they probably do a pre-brief for it, I think that there's
probably a lot of Americans who follow there, right? Because they're
thinking like, I'm kind of persuadable if you could convince me that there
was a reason.


PERINO: To have more gun control, maybe I would be. And I could see that
she could come up with that.

GUILFOYLE: She ran out of time too, that's the problem.

WILLIAMS: But you know, speaking of.

GUILFOYLE: The answer.

WILLIAMS: Speaking of pre-briefs, don't you think Steve Harvey would have
run through it?

BOLLING: Exactly.



PERINO: Very sloppy.

GUILFOYLE: Well, but they said they just calculated the votes, but there
was these some massive pause before he even read the name.

WILLIAMS: So you're thinking he was confused.

GUILFOYLE: I don't -- I don't know. Like what was going on.

GUTFELD: But it was a sad story.

GUILFOYLE: Were they like to celebrate in between break.

GUTFELD: Had a sad story.

GUILFOYLE: Drinking like what was happening.


GUTFELD: It's kind of a sad story.

WILLIAMS: And Miss Columbia.

GUTFELD: It's not like Bill Buckner missing that grounder. Everybody here
wins. Somebody is Miss Universe, another one --


GUTFELD: I think he does -- I think he's got a good story now. This he'll
never live it down.

GUILFOYLE: His Twitter right away was like --

GUTFELD: And you need to apologize, you know.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, and I think a lot attention for Family Feud.


PERINO: I do love it.

WILLIAMS: This is a Family Feud.

PERINO: I love that Family Feud.

GUILFOYLE: And he has his own game show.

PERINO: Can I tell you.

GUILFOYLE: He's printing money, Steve Harvey, just so you know.

PERINO: Let me just tell you something.

GUILFOYLE: He can print his own Kleenex with dollar bills on it. It's sad.

PERINO: I've had this dream that The Five could be on Family Feud.


PERINO: We would just kill it.

GUILFOYLE: By the way, we will.


BOLLING: Would we play against each other?

PERINO: No, no, no.


GUTFELD: Who would be, who would be up against -- who do we up against, The

BOLLING: The View.

PERINO: Oh, that will be great, can you imagine?

GUTFELD: We will destroy them.

PERINO: Let me -- it's on.

GUTFELD: They have absolutely no political acumen.

PERINO: It's on.

GUTFELD: But we'll be terrible with gossip about Lindsay Lohan.

GUILFOYLE: No, we wouldn't.

PERINO: They cannot us defeat.


BOLLING: We just 11 minutes on a beauty pageant.

GUTFELD: That is true.


GUILFOYLE: Oh, it's just delightful, (inaudible) so exactly.

PERINO: Please, Steve Harvey, invite us.

GUILFOYLE: Steve Harvey.

GUTFELD: Yeah. I could (inaudible) Steve Harvey, if that's your real name.


GUILFOYLE: Oh my, God. It's for Columbia.

GUTFELD: It's not.


GUTFELD: He was named after Broderick Crawford, the police officer -- a guy
with the actor who played a cop.

GUILFOYLE: OK, I know, right. They're cutting you off.

GUTFELD: It's true. His first name is Broderick.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, I feel you Greg, yeah.

GUTFELD: Look it up, America.

GUILFOYLE: OK, coming up. We're back to our favorite subject, you know it -
- President Obama blames the media for feeling terror fears in America in a
new interview. But what about his weak response to recent ISIS terror
attacks? Greg, break it down, next.


GUTFELD: On NPR, which stands for No Pants Required, President Obama
addressed his weak response to recent terror attacks. Hmm, I wonder if he
thinks you've been watching television for the last month and all you have
been seeing and hearing about is these guys with masks coming to get you?


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: If you've been watching television for the last month, all you've been seeing, all you've been hearing about is these guys with masks or black flags who are potentially coming to get you. And, so I understand why people are concerned about it.

Look, the media is pursuing ratings. This is a legitimate news story. I think that, you know, it's up to the media to make a determination about how they want to cover things.


GUTFELD: Cover it his way.

I get it, ISIS are bogeymen aided by us to get ratings, which then helps ISIS recruit. Now this is the same logic that's wisely used to condemn the media saturation after mass shootings: Future attacks are fueled by all the infamy. But that media saturation, Obama doesn't mind because it serves his pet cause which is gun control. But when it comes to terror, he sings a different tune. Take a chill pill, he says. Guns kill more people than people with guns. And check out this headline from the New York Times digest, quote, "Nation's fears over shadow Obama's achievements." So that's terrors true evil: that Captain Precious doesn't get his due. But it's too late. Events have shrunk Obama and his cool words ring as hollow as a dry gourd. Did you hear him say, ISIS is not an organization that can destroy the United States, that it's not a huge industrial power that poses great risks to us?


OBAMA: This is not an organization that can destroy the United States. This is not a huge industrial power that can pose great risks to us institutionally or, you know in a systematic way.


GUTFELD: Duh. We know the difference between ISIS and Iran, Mr. President. Do you? Perhaps, if ISIS were a nation state, you'll strike a deal with them. But for now, how does Obama plan to fight a non-state threat, seeking to end our world by marrying technology to terror? By turning off cable
News? Funny how that got him into trouble in the first place.

I have a
feeling, K. G., that he would be singing a different tune if all the
coverage was about climate change.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, absolutely. And it just really shows how off the marquee is.
When he tried to before he you know, went to Hawaii for all the nice little
snacks and treats in pretty ways. Macadamia nuts says, OK, listen. I'm
going to be strong on ISIS. That's what we're doing. We're stepping up our
game. Then he comes back and says this, it's like, what are you doing?
You're blaming cable news? You're blaming the American people saying
they're being hysterical, worrying about black live and guys with masks and
hoods that want to kill? Yeah, we're worried about it. We're even more
worried about it because you don't seem to have a grip on it or a firm
solution or resolve about it, like the absolute excitement and fervor you
feel for climate change. That's a problem.

BOLLING: Or gun control.


GUILFOYLE: Yeah, a gun control. It's like this is a problem.

GUTFELD: And he, I mean, but he blames it -- he did take some
responsibility, right? Didn't he say it was kind of, he was --



BOLLING: Well now.


BOLLING: After all the --

PERINO: Well, he said it of the record.


BOLLING: All the intentions of, you know, their contained and there's the
JV team.

GUILFOYLE: These things can happen.

BOLLING: Look -- there's a reason why we say, we report, you decide, and
that's what it is. We're reporting -- we're showing you the videos. It
doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that when they're beheading
people or they're training little five and six-year-old jihadist holding
guns and pointing the gun at America, pointing with the White House burning
in the background --they're after us. You see right about one thing is ISIS
and existential threat -- probably not. And if I -- we're not gonna be
extinct because of ISIS but, the ISIS recruiters, the ISIS homegrown
terrorists inside, that can kill Americans and that's justice troublesome
to me, as if thinking as it not having to worry about them taking the
country out.

GUTFELD: I think he's bitter that he had certain issues planned for his
last year and it's all getting pushed aside. His great achievement as New
York Times would put it. Well, I think that all presidents have that sort
of disappointment in the last year because the attention has turned to the
presidential election. The reporters have moved on, they're looking over a
shoulder to see who's going to be next. But remember, when he gets this so
wrong, this is the guy that was supposed to be the great communicator. To
me, that doesn't mean there's been able to read the great speech of a
teleprompter. It's been able to have a sense of the nation and be able to
get in-front it and understand it. This weekend, I heard this 11-year-old
just popped up during our conversation that we're having, and she said,
"Well, I like Donald Trump because he, well at least he will save us from
ISIS and Obama won't." Now this is a Middle East, a state where you
probably have a lot of republicans, but to me, I was like, she was only 11-
years-old and she looked like a terror baby. So the reality is you have to
be for what's going to happen and anticipate the moment. And the president
needs to understand that when he makes fun of us, for actually reporting
the news and he getting in the way of his agenda, he's missing an entire
generation of people who were saying, please, we are scared. And help us --
reassure us, rather than just insulting us.

WILLIAMS: Well, you know, he made a mistake. When he came out and he said
look, I have a strategy, strategy is working. We have to be persistent, we
have to have a strategy that's sustainable, we don't want to dump
additional troops on the ground and have Americans killed for no certain
purpose, but all has proved by the way, but he made a mistake because he
didn't pick up on the fear in the country. But I think that you guys are
wrong, just as wrong as he was when you say the cable networks don't do
this for ratings. Of course, they people do up for ratings. They do it for
ratings. And you and I, Greg, have had this conversation now for weeks.
Because I say it guns actually, in the hands of the thugs, on the street,
kill more people than terrorists by far. In fact, falling down kills more


WILLIAMS: Than terrorists by far.


WILLIAMS: In fact, heart attacks, car accidents.

GUTFELD: I know.


WILLIAMS: but you don't see that covered on the news.

GUTFELD: And the interesting thing is the bathtub isn't planning to blow up
a building.


GUTFELD: That's a difference. We were talking about intent versus the
actual accident.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, well, let's talk about.

PERINO: And not only that, but about --

WILLIAMS: These terrorists do not have, at the moment, that kind -- you
only talk about.

GUTFELD: At the moment. At the moment, that's the point.

WILLIAMS: Terrorism to technology. But that is your grand science fiction.

GUILFOYLE: Except for main.


GUTFELD: They've planned it. Apparently, you, you forgot about the sarin
gas in Japan, in the Japanese subway, if you forgot about that.

WILLIAMS: I'm saying, I think...

GUTFELD: That was 20 years ago.

WILLIAMS: Because what I see is things like what happened in San
Bernardino, where you get this nuts looking online and you know social

GUTFELD: Not, if you're a terrorist.

GUILFOYLE: What are you talking about?


GUILFOYLE: You're diminishing a completely --

BOLLING: They're nuts.

GUILFOYLE: Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the actual
organization and what they were doing and how they will gonna accomplish

WILLIAMS: But there was no organization, there were two people.


PERINO: And I think that when 130 people are killed in that way, by seven
terrorists, looking that would tell him.


PERINO: Turned out to be in France, and we had no detection, we weren't
able to disrupt that plot. And we know that there are more all around the
world because our FBI director tells us that. In fact, the CIA director
tells us that. I think that's where people think how they lie. They don't
like, when you're reporting that a hundred and thirty innocent people were
killed in Paris, that actually -- that's not ratings, that's news, And any
news organization have report.

WILLIAMS: Look, I tell you what, you can pump up there and I think it
deserving that ends of the Republican Party in terms of this election.
That's what they're trying to pump up, pump up the fear, and say, we will
protect you because the democrats and the Lone Wolf (ph). I think that at
this point.

GUTFELD: When one case.

WILLIAMS: Probably, over the top.

GUTFELD: If one case of police brutality or a controversial murder would
take hours and hours of media coverage on CNN and MSNBC and times Fox News,
and that's not for ratings?

Coming up, the battle between Trump versus Clinton kicks in the high gear,
after Hillary claims that Donald is becoming ISIS's best recruiter -- the
2016 war of words, next on The Five.


PERINO: So the gloves are off between the 2016 frontrunners, at Saturday's
democratic debate. Hillary Clinton, largely let past his fellow rivals and
instead, focus her attacks on Donald Trump, sending his rhetoric as eating
the enemy.


HILLARY CLINTON, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We also need to make sure that the
really discriminatory messages that Trump is sending around the world don't
fall on receptive ears. He is becoming ISIS's best recruiter. They are
going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims
in order to recruit more radical jihadists. So I want to explain why this
is not in America's interest to react with this kind of fear and respond to
this of bigotry.


PERINO: On Meet the Press yesterday, Trump fired back at her.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Nobody has been able to backfire that
up. It's nonsense. It's just another Hillary lie. She lies like crazy about
everything, whether it's trip where she was being gunned down in a
helicopter or an airplane. She's a liar and everybody knows that. I mean,
but she just made this up in thin air.


PERINO: Meanwhile, on Sunday, Clinton's communications director tried to
clarify Hillary's remarks about the alleged videos featuring Trump.


unfair. Using that is -- he is being used in social media by ISIS as
propaganda. She didn't have a particular video in mind, but he is being
used in social media.


PALMIERI: But I was referring to a specific video site, international group
which monitors, and this is what they do, they monitor social -- they
monitor ISIS on social media, they monitor other terrorist groups on social
media to see what they are using, and they have said they are using him in
social media as propaganda to raise support.


PERINO: A lot of facts raise Clinton's claimed about Trump and ISIS videos
as false. Now Greg, I was surprised, I was gonna ask the table earlier
before the -- in the commercial break who watch the debate -- you actually
watched it live?


PERINO: Saturday night?

GUTFELD: I don't know what I was thinking. But once again, Hillary Clinton
blames terror on a video. This is like her thing.

GUILFOYLE: Oh my, gosh.

GUTFELD: She cannot actually take a link between terror and radical Islam.
No, you see what? Terror is being caused by them watching a video. In this
case, Benghazi, it was about a video Muhammad. In this case it's a video
featuring Trump. The thing that bugged me most about this debate is how
fast it devolved into a screed on gun ownership.

It only was a month -- we experienced a month of terror, and they went
after gun owners instead of terrorists. They just shifted. It was so
strange and disturbing, and they should not be allowed in the White House,
none of them. I looked at them. They're like the line at the DMV, you
know? They're just three miserable people going to the same place.

WILLIAMS: You know, I had the same thought, but I must have been watching
the Republican debate, where all they did was fixate on terror, terror,
terror. Like the world was going to end.

GUTFELD: The debate was about national security, Juan. That was the

WILLIAMS: No, you know what their point was, that "we're not Obama."
That's what it was. They're not Obama.

PERINO: No but the topic of this debate...

GUTFELD: The debate was national security, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Well, I'm talking about the Democrat debate. I'm just playing
with Greg.

GUTFELD: I don't like it when you play with me.

PERINO: I thought it was shocking for any presidential candidate to
suggest that any other American, Republican or Democrat, is a recruiting
tool for ISIS.

BOLLING: Well, there's no...

PERINO: And she doesn't have the proof.

BOLLING: Based not in fact whatsoever, as the -- what is it, Politifact or
Tampa Bay. He is -- Donald Trump, he is recruiting -- ISIS's best
recruiting tool with nothing. There's no video. There's no video of
Trump's comments. There's nothing to base it.

Then Palmieri goes to the talk shows and tries to back and fill, saying --
how many times has she said "they." "They, they, they." But there's still
no proof.

Look, she has a history of lying. I mean, we don't know what went on with
Benghazi. We don't know what went on with her e-mails. We don't know
what's going on with the Clinton Foundation. This is just another one, but
no one seems to care. On the left, they don't care.

And by the way, that debate was buried on a Saturday night up against NFL
football and the weekend of "Star Wars" release. I mean, no one...

PERINO: And you might have missed this if you miss the debate. Watch what


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As we await Secretary Clinton backstage here. We're
going to begin on the economy. We believe Secretary Clinton will be coming
around the corner any minute. But in the meantime, we want to start with
this eye-opening number. And Senator Sanders, this question goes to you
first, anyway. In 1995, the median American household income was $52,600
in today's money. This year it's $53,600. That's 24 years on the job with
just a two percent raise.

In a similar time frame, raises for CEOs up more than 200 percent.



PERINO: Kimberly, so she needed to use the ladies' room. She was late
getting back, and I think that this actually worked in her favor.

GUILFOYLE: I think that was her most charming moment ever. She should
retire now and suspend her campaign. It's not going to get any better than
that. Kind of little (UNINTELLIGIBLE) charming.

PERINO: We've got to go.

WILLIAMS: You know, so I actually watched the debate, because guess what?
FOX News Channel had a special after the debate. I'm so disappointed in
you guys. You didn't watch this, but anyway, that was a charming moment,
because it turns out she didn't want to share the ladies' room with
somebody else who was in the ladies' room.

PERINO: Oh, how charming.

WILLIAMS: But the second thing, I say, she said at the very end of her
comments, "May the force be with you."

PERINO: So cute.

WILLIAMS: And the audience loved it. And she also said, "Everyone should
love Hillary."

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my God. Does anyone get in Juan's ear and tell him that
we're tight on time.

PERINO: Juan, at this table. Wrap it up.

When we return, it's "Saturday Night Live" dueling Hillary Clintons and
more. Get ready for some laughs, because "The Fastest Seven" 2016 "SNL"
edition is up next.


BOLLING: Welcome back. Time for...


GRAPHIC: Fastest 7


BOLLING: ... "The Fastest Seven Minutes on Television." Three vivacious
stories, seven vigorous minutes, one vatic host.

GUILFOYLE: I don't know. That'd be cool (ph).

BOLLING: First up, the 2016 "Saturday Night Live" edition. Christmas
edition, a new Christmas episode of "SNL" is always full of surprises, and
this year's installment, hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler didn't
disappoint. Check out what happens when Hillary Clinton, played by Kate
McKinnon, gets a hilarious surprise from the past.


there? I hear strong, yet feminine laughter.

It's me, Hillary!

It's me, Hillary, from 2008.

MCKINNON: Oh, Hillary, how are you?

POEHLER: Even if you beat Bernie, aren't you worried about the
Republicans? Who's their frontrunner?

MCKINNON: I will tell you, but only if you grab onto something to brace
yourself, because you are going to hit the F-ing floor.

POEHLER: I'll be fine. Just tell me.

MCKINNON: No, no. You need to hold onto something.

POEHLER: Hillary!

MCKINNON: I'm warning you, Hillary.

POEHLER: Just tell me.

MCKINNON: Donald Trump.


MCKINNON: I told you.

POEHLER: Oh, my God, we're going to be president!


BOLLING: Oh, my God, Dana, they're going to be president!

PERINO: They love -- they love her so much, and I get it. And I think we
just have to accept it, factor it in. That the Hollywood "Saturday Night
Live," that whole pop culture world, they love Hillary, and they will help
her get to the finish line.

BOLLING: This does help her.

GUTFELD: Yes, no. But you know what they do, though. They claim they are
balanced. Like "We'll go after the right; we'll go after the left." But
they're not critical of the left when they do these parodies. They're more
like performances, talking about -- they're comparing performances.

So they make fun of conservatives, but they have fun with liberals, and
that's a very famous distinction. And we shouldn't let that go away.
Because this is obviously -- this is helpful to Hillary, not hurtful.

BOLLING: This is the heart and humor that they're trying to get into a
real campaign.

GUILFOYLE: It's really true. I think this helps her, because it's funny.
It's clever. It's enjoyable. People like it. It's a good laugh. It
actually is sort of just translates a little bit, injects some humor and
personality into her candidacy which makes her, to be honest, a lot hipper
than it really is.

WILLIAMS: It is funny -- funny to listen, because you guys think that this
helps her.


WILLIAMS: And I think, in fact, you know, Christmas -- ghost of Christmas
past, I think she looks stiff, and I think in a way, she looks like, you
know, what you guys describe as the not very likeable, very stiff, very
pretentious Hillary Clinton.

But I think it's somewhat funny. I thought it was funnier when they did
the takeoff on the Republican debate.

BOLLING: Well, we have that.


BOLLING: Stay there. After this one. Up next, the two Hillarys SNL
sketch takes an even funnier turn when the 2016 Democratic frontrunner gets
some unexpected campaign advice from another flash from the past.


PALIN): Here's my advice. You've got to do what you believe in your
spirit, but also America, but not teachers and their fat liberal books.
But also, and even why worry about fast-food wages with their status quo,
which is another Latin word, status quo. Meanwhile, Americans are being
taken for a ride.

MCKINNON: OK, well, thank you, Sarah.

POEHLER: She'll keep that in mind.

FEY: Also, if it gets too hard, just quit. Who cares?

POEHLER: Who cares? Who cares?

MCKINNON: Who cares? Who cares?

FEY: Hillary, we should let you get going and get back to sleep.

POEHLER: Yes, I need to get back to 2008 and send a bunch of e-mails.



BOLLING: There is tone there, Greg. I mean, it's a confident Hillary from
then, past and now. I asked Sarah Palin, who they're making fun of.

GUTFELD: Tina Fey, that is a great impression.


GUTFELD: It's spot on. It's -- you know, Tiny Fey is -- she's a great
performer. Can't complain.

BOLLING: K.G., though. But you see the difference. Guess what? Visit a
FOX News alert. "SNL" picks sides.

GUILFOYLE: You know, they -- they already know they've got their team.
They're sticking with it. They're going to make, you know, conservative
women seem irrational or not smart or stupid and just, you know, inject
their like buffoonery into it.

BOLLING: They laugh at the conservative women, the conservatives. And
they laugh with the...

PERINO: Remember, the last thing you're allowed to be in America is a
conservative woman and be taken seriously and appreciated.

I think what they've done with Sarah Palin, remember back in 2008, I was
asked if "Saturday Night Live" would actually have an impact. And I said,
"Look, if a network actually gets into the middle of your sweeps week to
stop their regular network programming to do a special that is solely
focused on making fun of you as a vice-presidential candidate, yes, it's a
huge problem." And they defined her, as they wanted to do. And I think
that -- I didn't even think that was very funny on Sarah Palin, but I agree
that the impression is very funny. But what they were saying wasn't funny.

BOLLING: That was annoying. All right. This is what you were looking
for. Finally, "SNL" spooks Trump and his fellow Republican rivals in this
must-see GOP debate sketch.


TRUMP): Debates are stupid. You should be paying me. And Wolf Blitzer
looks like Papa Smurf.

I'm president, I can promise you, ISIS will hate me. And how do I know?
Because everyone who knows me hates me.  

CHRISTIE): Today, in our great country, one out of every three babies born
are already in ISIS. They are here, folks. And I am the only one up here
with the stones to take them on. I am a cowboy. On a steel horse I ride.
Bon Jovi forever!

HAMMOND: Shut your piehole!

you know what? You're never going to be president, Donald!

HAMMOND: Yes, no kidding. None of us are, genius.


BOLLING: There it is again. The one (ph) side of comedy.

WILLIAMS: You tell me that's not funny. That's all right.

PERINO: The impressions aren't that good.


WILLIAMS: They were conservative. Exactly. So it's like -- it wasn't so
harsh. In fact, I mean, I think Trump opens himself up to this, and that
Chris Christie thing, that was pretty good, right?

BOLLING: They were all pretty good.

WILLIAMS: Cowboy on a steel horse?

PERINO: I just think -- I don't think their -- none of their impressions
of Republicans are ever as good as what Tina Fey did with Sarah Palin. But
I do think, actually, the Jeb Bush, I don't know who that was playing Jeb
Bush, I thought, like, he had the voice down, exactly right. But Donald

WILLIAMS: Sarah Palin is a Republican. You said nobody -- none of the...

PERINO: I just -- I don't think any of their impressions were as good as
what Tina Fey was able to do with Sarah Palin.

WILLIAMS: Sarah Palin, right.

PERINO: That's what I was saying.

BOLLING: Play along here.

GUTFELD: The parody, though, isn't as entertaining as the real thing.

PERINO: I agree.

GUTFELD: At the real thing, everybody -- I mean, there's so much stuff at
that debate to play with. I mean, when you compare that to the Democratic
debate, which is dry and arid as a palm desert carcass.

BOLLING: Final thought to K.G.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, I mean, look, it's entertaining. The best thing that ever
happened to "SNL" has been the Republican primary and all the GOP people
going after one another.

But yes. I mean, nobody does a better Trump than Trump. Let's be very
honest. He's, like, hilarious.

BOLLING: That was Darrell Hammond, right? That's pretty darn good.

Up next, 'tis the season to be jolly or not, if you suffer from a
contagious condition known as rudeness. The details ahead.


WILLIAMS: Just in time for the holidays, nobody likes dealing with rude
people, right? Well, it turns out rudeness might actually be contagious,
you know, like a disease.

Researchers found that when someone is exposed to this kind of nasty
behavior, they're more likely to act that way, as well.

So K.G., let me ask you, have you ever been exposed to somebody really rude
to you, and does that make you respond in kind?

GUILFOYLE: I really don't know what you're talking about, Juan.


Greg with his "I hate these people" segments. No, I think that, yes, if
you're around people like that, maybe you sort of get to feel like that's
accepted -- acceptable behavior or what kind of the norm is. When you're
around people that are very courteous or polite, it kind of reminds you.
It's like a little refresher, to say, "Oh, you know what, they're very
polite. They're nice, maybe I should go the same way."

WILLIAMS: Well, do you think you get provoked, like if there are people
using profanity around, are you more likely to use profanity?

BOLLING: No. No, not at all. No, but I think there -- I think rudeness
is -- I don't know if it's contagious or not, but everyone is rude now. I
don't know if it's just New York, but man, people are just always rude now.
Like I grew up trying not to be rude.


BOLLING: And to be polite. And I think there are fewer and fewer people
like that.

WILLIAMS: Really. You think it's New York?

BOLLING: Maybe not New York. Maybe not. Maybe it's national.

GUILFOYLE: The "I'll crush you in the revolving door" thing. That

WILLIAMS: Yes, yes. But what they did, Dana, was they had experiments,
and they would use videos, and they'd show rude behavior. And then it was
evidenced that people, once they saw those videos, would themselves behave
more rudely towards others.

PERINO: I don't think -- well, at least for me, I don't think I don't feel
like it makes me feel like I should be more rude. But in the airport the
other night I was watching -- I think that rudeness can be contagious,
almost like a mob mentality against people who are in customer service.
These gate agents were having to take a lot of grief for things that were
not their fault at all, and they handled it really well.

WILLIAMS: Well, in fact, in the experiment, they're talking about people
who were dealing with customer service or even customers who were
complaining over e-mail. And if a person, the company representative had
seen language that was rude and offensive and profane, they were more
likely to treat the customer badly. So, you know, act like a lout, Greg.

GUTFELD: Well, it is kind of obvious that it's contagious. If someone is
rude to you, and you are rude back, that's a 100 percent increase in
rudeness. Just doubles it.

And the less -- the more detached you are from someone, the more likely you
are going to be rude. It's almost the same as in the battlefield. It is
harder to kill somebody up close than it is to drop a bomb on them.

And that is what you're seeing in the anonymity of online discourse.
People are angrier. They're meaner. The increase is due to a combination
of team sport ideology. Who are the rudest people on the planet? Guys in
football jerseys at games. And when they get -- and when they're -- and
why is it? Because they attach themselves to a sport, to a team that then
becomes their kind of, like, big brother that supports their rude behavior.
And now we're seeing that in politics.

WILLIAMS: Well, I don't know, I see Dana kind of sneering at you.

PERINO: I'm not sneering. I'm actually -- I'm listening. I think it's an
interesting analysis.

WILLIAMS: I thought it was interesting, too. And let me just say, I went
to a...

PERINO: Those are my crow's feet, by the way.

WILLIAMS: ... football game yesterday.

BOLLING: Redskins?

WILLIAMS: I went to a -- the burgundy and gold, the Washington football

BOLLING: Where'd the team go?

WILLIAMS: And at the Washington football team yesterday...


WILLIAMS: ... a woman turns around as the Buffalo Bills are getting
whipped. She has on a Bills shirt, and she throws her beer.

BOLLING: That's rude.

WILLIAMS: I thought it was very rude. I couldn't believe it.

BOLLING: You know, I heard the Washington Redskins were...

WILLIAMS: Will you stop?

BOLLING: I heard they're going to change the name.

WILLIAMS: Oh, yes? To what?

BOLLING: D.C. Redskins.

WILLIAMS: Get out of town. "One More Thing" up next.


GUILFOYLE: It's time now for "One More Thing" -- Dana.

PERINO: OK. Our good friend Lindsey Graham, U.S. senator from South
Carolina, was in the presidential race until today. He decided to suspend
his campaign, so he will no longer be on the ticket or pursuing that.
Here's a look at some of his greatest hits from the debate.


academic standards, the only way I could have gotten into this university
is to be invited to this debate.

Look who we're running against. The No. 1 candidate on the other side
thought she was flat broke after her and her husband were in the White
House for eight years. The No. 2 guy went to the Soviet Union on his
honeymoon, and I don't think he ever came back.

Sequestration is Latin for doing really dumb things.

I'm not afraid of a guy riding around on a horse without his shirt.

We're at war, folks. They're not trying to steal your car. They're trying
to kill us all.

I miss George W. Bush. I wish he were president right now. We wouldn't be
in this mess.


PERINO: I loved having Lindsey Graham in the race, and I wish him the

GUILFOYLE: And by the way, so did everybody else. A lot of nice tweets
and everything from the other people, running and saying they're going to
miss his humor on the campaign. Certainly a great American. And a close
friend of John McCain, who joined him on the trail.

All right, Eric, you've got some news.

BOLLING: So yes, we have a couple things. Detective Curt Glenn (ph), a
good friend of mine, was part of 47 police departments that got together to
put together the 26th annual PBA toy drive. They delivered toys to 400
military families and hospitals in the area. These are some great cops
doing some great work. Thank you to them.

And also, a huge announcement. K.G. and I are hosting the FOX's big new
year's show. We knew about that. But it's going to be a ton of fun. A
lot of people are going to join us. And since it's 2016, we thought it
would be great to hear from -- from some candidates. Donald Trump is going
to ring in the new year with us, and you're going to hear from a bunch more
of the 2016 contenders. You definitely don't want to miss this New Year's
Eve party with us. Right, K.G.?

GUILFOYLE: That's right. It's going to be fantastic. I'm really looking
forward to it. So it's going to be fun to be with you. Ring in the new
year and make it an amazing 2016, hopefully with a nice, new president.

All right. I'm going to call on myself next, because I've got a great
story of survival.

So a Boy Scout leader, 50 years of age, Christopher Petronino (ph), was
showing a cave in New Jersey to three young scouts when a bear grabbed him
and pulled him inside. He suffered bites on his leg and both shoulders but
fought off the bear, hitting the bear twice in the head with a rock hammer.
And then pulled a sweatshirt over his head and curled into a fetal position
to avoid getting killed.

He yelled to the Boy Scouts that were outside to leave, go get help and to
put food outside to -- any food that they had to draw the bear outside. He
spent 80 minutes inside the cave, and a dog that had been accompanying him
was able to get the bear to chase it back up the hill. So anyways, we're
glad that he is doing OK. It's pretty incredible and smart thinking on the
fly like that. Wouldn't you say?

Greg, can you top that?

GUTFELD: No, I can't. Bears are scary.


GUTFELD: Greg's Health Tips.


GUTFELD: You know, we've got a lot of holiday dinners and lunches and
stuff coming up, and there's one way you can keep your mealtime down.
Don't eat alone, like this poor chap did. If you eat alone, then you
aren't involved in any conversation.




GUTFELD: And it's often quite depressing, and you ended up just sitting in
your kitchen, chewing and eating and eating. I think that might be...

GUILFOYLE: Is that a hammock?

GUTFELD: I have no idea what it is.

PERINO: A hamster hammock.

GUTFELD: That's a really lazy rodent. I mean, at least sit up when you're

GUILFOYLE: He's on his back.

PERINO: It's good for digestion.

GUTFELD: That's true.

WILLIAMS: I loved his cheeks, though. His cheeks were so cute.


WILLIAMS: It's Christmas time from my pal Mary Katherine Ham, here at FOX
News. And the first Christmas for her 1-month-old baby, Garnet, and older
sister, Georgia. So I met Garnet for the first time, as you saw in that
photo, on Friday.

And Mom, I must tell you, Mom is in great shape. If you talk about the
power of the Christmas spirit and God's providence for people, you've got
to say, Mary Katherine, I don't know how you do it, girl, but you are a
wonder to all of us here at Fox News, and we just wish you and your two
little girls a merry, merry Christmas.

GUILFOYLE: Indeed. God bless her and her family.

Set your DVRs so you never miss an episode of "The Five." That's it for
us. "Special Report" is next.

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