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Panel's picks in Friday's Lightning Round


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SEN. BOB CORKER, R-TENN.: It is infuriating, infuriating to have the lack of transparency that does exist at the U.N.

SEN. CORY GARDNER, R-COLO.: So as of today, has the United Nations Security Council or the Sanctions Committee taken any action in response to the Iranian missile test, and I believe the answer is no, they are meeting Tuesday. Is that correct?

SAMANTHA POWER, U.S. AMBASSADOR TO U.N.: Yes. Beyond having Security Council discussions of the matter, there has been no follow-on action. Discussions are a form of U.N. action. It's a little bit like a hearing is a form of congressional action.


BRET BAIER, ANCHOR: Well, we start the Friday lightning round with the second time in two months that Iran has tested a medium range ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear war head in violation of two specific United Nations resolutions. We're back with our panel. Charles?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: Did you hear what she said? Discussions are form of action? Here are the Iranians with a huge violation of an extremely important provision that's in the new agreement we have with Iran, the use of ballistic missiles, which they are not to do for eight years and we done absolutely nothing. The U.N. is doing nothing, having a discussion, and we consider that actions.

Remember, Iran did not sign the deal and the parliament in Iran did not approve the deal. And we respond, our State Department said no, no, no. Who cares about that? It's all about enforcement and sanctions. And we have just admitted that we are not going to enforce and we are not going to re-impose sanctions at the beginning, at the beginning of a process. This is truly unbelievable, but this is exactly the reason why it's not going to be enforced.

BAIER: Nina?

NINA EASTON, FORBES MAGAZINE: Well, it's a good thing for this White House that it's all gotten buried basically in the loudness over terrorism and everything else because this really is an embarrassment for the White House having cut this deal with Tehran that's based on, you know -- they say they don't trust them but based on enforcement that they say will work. And here you have Iran typically as it has typically done in the past cheating, flagrantly cheating and violating U.N. resolutions. So you want to say where is the outrage? Samantha Powers is usually really good at outrage. I would have liked to have seen some outrage from her.

BAIER: The White House said the U.S. government is looking into these reports. Juan?

JUAN WILLIAMS, THE HILL: Well, I don't know. From what I can read in the papers, it's twice now in two months. So they clearly are interested in demonstrating their capability not only in terms of interfering in events in Syria and bolstering that and threatening Israel, but these are missiles that could reach the United States. So you understand they are really putting on a show here. It's not something that is of the level of concern that surrounded the nuclear deal. Clearly we don't want them to have nukes and we are willing to bite -- the United States government bite tongues in order to say that's the red line.

BAIER: All right, I'm going to skip down to winners and losers. Winner first. Juan?

WILLIAMS: You know, come back to what you were talking about -- Donald Trump. His ability to dominate the media here this past week, it's startling, stunning, unbelievable. So everybody else can complain and bicker, but, man, he drowned out everybody.

BAIER: Loser?

WILLIAMS: Oh, I don't think there is much question, Rahm Emanuel the mayor of Chicago, bad political week. Calls for his resignation, and even his biggest supporters now are just walking the other way.

BAIER: Winner and loser, Nina?

EASTON: Winner Hillary Clinton. Not only is she getting to watch a nervous breakdown by our Grand Old Party. She is also -- the comments about Muslims that Trump issued have actually -- they were opposed by a majority of the public and I think redounds to her benefit.

My loser is Bowe Bergdahl who came out with supposedly his side of the story or his attempt to tell his side of the story in the face of a potential military trial. And he compared himself to an action figure and was not particularly compelling or believable.

BAIER: Charles, winner and loser?

KRAUTHAMMER: Ted Cruz is the winner. Trump goes global with that stunt he pulled on Muslim entry, is denounced in 20 languages, and at the same time Cruz very quietly, stealthily picks up the Carson supporters and is getting ready for the cage match, girding his loins for when he unsheathes the sword against Trump. It's still early, but he'll do it.

BAIER: And does he do that?

KRAUTHAMMER: He will. It's only a question of the timing and how much Rubio nips at his heels.

Loser -- it's not a loser a puzzler. This is the new Paul Ryan when my wife saw that, she said oh, my God, he has been radicalized.


BAIER: The House speaker.

KRAUTHAMMER: We love you Paul but you may want to reconsider that look.

BAIER: We don't know what the beard, where it came from.

KRAUTHAMMER: And it's also because I didn't have a good animal story this week.


BAIER: And there you go. That is it for the panel.

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