Grapevine: Maryland pulls ballistic fingerprinting program

After 15 years and millions of dollars spent absolutely zero crimes were solved


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After 15 years-- millions of dollars -- and absolutely zero crimes solved --  the state of Maryland is pulling the plug on an idea to chronicle ballistic fingerprints for gun buyers.

The Baltimore Sun reports -- since 2000 -- the state has forced manufacturers to fire every handgun sold in Maryland.

The state collected more than 300,000 bullet casings -- which were photographed in the hopes of ultimately uploading the images to a computerized system.

That system cost an estimated $5 million dollars to set up.

Maryland Democratic state senator Bobby Zirkin said of the situation--

quote --  "If there was any evidence whatsoever -- any evidence -- that this was helpful in solving crimes -- we wouldn't have touched it."

Climate Change Controversy

A top French TV weatherman is out -- fired -- after writing a book critical of climate change theory.

The news channel France 24 reports -- Philippe Verdier-- writes that the U.N.’s global warming panel has politicized the issue -- and intentionally published false data.

The Frenchman announced his dismissal in an online video.

A petition on calling for Verdier's-- reinstatement -- has received about 18,000 signatures.

Picture This

The Washington Nationals' lackluster season is over --and yet it seems -- they can't stop losing.

The team's 2016 calendar was released -- with a gorgeous picture of a baseball stadium on the cover.

The only problem. It's not their stadium.

The editors mistakenly used a picture of Boston's famous Fenway Park on the cover -- instead of Nationals Park. 

The league has tried to take the team off the hook.

Quote -- "Our licensee used an incorrect photo in its 2016 Nationals calendar -- a product that the Nationals were not involved in producing. We are working quickly to rectify the situation -- including recalling the calendars from retail."