Carly Fiorina's reaction after revisiting 'The View'; Ben Carson opens up about his faith, career and policy views

Candidate reacts to tense discussion, addresses controversial diner town hall response on 'The Kelly File'


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SANDRA SMITH, FOX NEWS HOST:  Breaking tonight, Dr. Ben Carson firing back after a new rounds of attacks on his life story.  The Republican presidential hopeful getting in that heated exchange just a short time ago with reporters after a new article suggests Carson and his team concedes to fabricating stories.  

Welcome to "The Kelly File," everyone.  I'm Sandra Smith in for Megyn Kelly tonight.  For years now, Carson has told the story of a tough childhood, rocked by an absent father and financial hardship.  But, yesterday, CNN took issue with his redemption story.  The idea that Carson's life drastically changed when he conquered his violent temper.  Then today his years with Detroit's Junior ROTC program are under scrutiny.  The inside-the-beltway website Politico posting an article this morning declaring Ben Carson admits fabricating West Point scholarship.  They've since changed that headline.  But the questions have not gone away.  Two hours ago in a fiery press conference, Dr. Carson addressed those very claims, taking the media to task for what he claims is an attempt to tarnish him.  


DR. BEN CARSON, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  I think what it shows, and these kinds of things show, is that there is a desperation on behalf of some to try to find a way to tarnish him.  Because they have been looking through everything.  They have been talking to everybody I've ever known.  Everybody is saying, there's got to be a scandal.  There's got to be some nurse he's having an affair with.  There's got to be something.  They are getting desperate.  So, next week, it will be my kindergarten teacher who said I peed in my pants.  I don't think it's -- complication.  And here's my prediction.  

My prediction is that all of you guys trying to pile on is actually going to help me.  Because when I go out to these book signings, I see these thousands of people, they say don't let the media get you down.  

Don't let them disturb you.  Please continue to fight for us.  They understand that this is a witch hunt.  I do not remember this level of scrutiny for one President Barack Obama when he was running.  In fact, I remember just the opposite.  I remember people, just, oh, well, we won't really talk about that.  We won't talk about that relationship.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER:  Dr. Carson, our job is to ask questions and try to vet you running for the highest office in the land.

CARSON:  Yes.  Well, my job is to call you out when you're unfair.  And I'm going to continue to do that.


SMITH:  We have Chris Stirewalt here with his take.  But first, we go to Trace Gallagher for more and what generated that response from Dr. Ben Carson.  Good evening, Trace.  

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT:  Sandra, Dr. Ben Carson has been telling virtually the same West Point story for at least the past 25 years writing in his 1990 autobiography, "Gifted Hands."  That is a member of ROTC, he met the U.S. commander in Vietnam General William Westmoreland who urged him to attend the army's military academy and was later offered a full scholarship.  The story had been such a key part of Carson's narrative, that he retold it just last month to Charlie Rose.  Listen.  


CARSON:  I was offered a full scholarship to West Point, got to meet General Westmoreland, go to Congressional Medal of Honor dinners, but decided really my pathway would be medicine.  


GALLAGHER:  Except West Point doesn't offer scholarships, only appointments.  Students are nominated by local Congress members and tuition is free.  So when Politico contacted West Point about Ben Carson, the military academy had no record of Carson's application.  Politico took the comment and ran this headline.  Quoting.  "Ben Carson admits to fabricating West Point's scholarship."  The website even said the Carson campaign admitted the story was false.  But the Carson campaign has now shot back saying, the only one misleading is Politico.  

The campaign says, Ben Carson was told that because of his ROTC performance and grades, he could get an appointment and that he simply chose not to pursue admission.  Quoting here.  "The Politico story was an outright lie.  He never said he was admitted or even applied."  Politico is standing by its story but did switch the original headline to quote, "Exclusive: Carson Claimed West Point Scholarship But Never Applied."  Carson admits he could have been clearer in explaining the West Point story, but it is the second time this week the media has attacked Ben Carson's life story with less-than-convincing evidence -- Sandra.  

SMITH:  Thank you, Trace.  Joining me now with more is Chris Stirewalt, our fox news digital politics editor.  Chris, thanks for joining us tonight.  


SMITH:  A few people fired up about this.  I mean, you heard Trace's report.  How can you stand by your story but change a word like fabricated.  


SMITH:  That headline hit at 11:00 a.m. this morning.  It turned heads, Chris.  And then they take the word away but say they're standing by it.  

STIREWALT:  Politico stands by the story starting now.  No, no, no, now.  No, no, now -- now, they standby the story.  Look, if these people are trying to get Ben Carson a republican nomination, they're doing a heck of a good job at it.  Because each of these attacks -- that business with the CNN say prove that you hit your mother with a hammer.  You prove.  And you think, am I taking crazy pills? What's going on here?  And then Politico follows on something that they tout as an exclusive that a thing that he never said happened never happened.  And I just think that there is a derangement here.  That I had not really seen since the reelection of George W. Bush where, maybe Sarah Palin's pick is running mate for McCain in 2008.  

There is just this unhingedness that has taken over in the press about Ben Carson.  And they want him to be exposed as incompetent, they want him to be exposed as a fraud.  Because if he is as good at aborting this stuff, if he is as good at making people like him and listen to him as he is, he's a very dangerous man.  

SMITH:  Well, you heard Dr. Carson in that fiery exchange that just happened moments ago, talking about the difference in the treatment that say, President Obama got by the media when he was running for president and things that were exposed about him and how differently the media is treating Dr. Carson here.  Do you believe that we are seeing the media reach a new law, Chris?

STIREWALT:  Well, there's so many laws.  I don't want to call any law the new law.  The valleys are deep.  But I will say this.  When it comes to the treatment of Obama versus the treatment of Carson, it's about context, right?  So, yes, there was reporting on unsavory associates that the President may have had.  Yes, there was reporting on a land deal that he was in that he ought not to have been.  Yes, there was coverage about his misspent youth, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  But the frame on it was different.  Everything on Carson is, this guy is a disaster.  Did you hear he thinks there's grain in King Tut's tomb?  What a cook?  So, it's the framing and the tone of the story more than whether there's coverage or not.  

SMITH:  By the way, some of Dr. Carson's political opponents on the right, Jeb Bush, actually was asked about this today and came out in support of Dr. Carson and said, I believe Dr. Carson over Politico.  

STIREWALT:  And so did Ted Cruz.  So has Rubio.  The only one who has given him grief and on the same team on Politico on this one is Donald Trump to whom Carson poses the most real threat right now for unhorsing him from the front of the PAC.  

SMITH:  All right.  Well, Chris, it's a story we're likely to hear a lot more about as this campaign continues.  Thank you.

STIREWALT:  You bet.

SMITH:  Well, as the political firestorms swirls, "The Kelly File" gets an exclusive and rare look at Ben Carson, the physician.  As he goes one- on-one with fellow doctor, Fox News Marc Siegel to discuss his career, faith and one moving moment with a patient you may never forget.  

Plus --  


MICHELLE COLLINS, ABC CO-HOST, "THE VIEW":  She picked off her thing saying, you know, people tell me that I didn't smile enough during the last debate.  She looked demented.  


SMITH:  And Carly Fiorina goes on "The View" today to respond face-to- face to those comments and many more.  The ladies have made about her in the past.  

The Republican presidential candidate is here live with reaction to that interview, next.  

Plus, a possible significant development in the investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal.  The report on that straight ahead.  


HILLARY CLINTON, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  I am confident that I never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received.  



SMITH:  Breaking tonight, new fall out, Carly Fiorina fights back against the ladies of "The View," after the co-hosts mocked the Republican candidate for her appearance and her face at the last Republican debate.  Watch.


COLLINS:  You know what Carly said which really made me laugh?  

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Three pages.  Three pages --  

COLLINS:  She kicked off her thing saying, you know, people tell me that I didn't smile enough during the last debate.  She looked demented!  I mean, her mouth did not downturn.  One time she was --  

JOY BEHAR, ABC CO-HOST, "THE VIEW': -- wing mask, I love that.  

COLLINS: -- smiling Fiorina, can you imagine --  

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I feel like demented is a strong word.  But it looks like she's been practicing that for a long time.  

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  As a comic she means demented.  I think --  


SMITH:  Today, Fiorina confronted the host in a somewhat tense exchange.  


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, ABC CO-HOST, "THE VIEW":  Let's clear the air, we know you took issue with something that was said last week.  What's happening, girl?

CARLY FIORINA, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  I've been called all kinds of things.  I mean, I've been called a bimbo from the time I was secretary to the time I was a CEO.  I think we need to be able to have civil conversations in this country about our differences.  


FIORINA:  As well as about the things that unite us.  And so, I think all too often, we demonize the messenger because we don't like the message.  

GOLDBERG:  You were a little upset with us about a comic comments that was made.  And so, how will you steel your skin?  Do you know what I mean?  How will you get a thicker skin to accept some of the humorous things that will be said about you?

FIORINA:  Well, hey, if you meant your comment about my face being demented in a Halloween mask as humorous so be it.  

COLLINS:  I want to add that the demented comment was a poor choice of words.  It sounds that you were being maybe told to smile more.  

FIORINA:  I don't have people coaching me to act a different way or be a different way.  I am who I am.  And I love to smile and laugh.  But there's a time to smile and there's a time to be serious.  When you're talking about bearing a child, it is not time to smile.  

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  You're using the feud with "The View" as well as part of your fundraising campaign, there's a video that's going out.  But you're clearly trying to make lemonade out of lemons here, aren't you?

FIORINA:  So you're telling me that you guys are lemons.  

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  No, I was just saying, no -- that is funny, actually.  Very good.  Very good.  


SMITH:  Joining me now, fresh off her appearance on "The View," Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.  Thank you for being here tonight.  

FIORINA:  It's good to be with you.  Thanks for having me.  

SMITH:  I have to say the lemons comment, you really -- it was a good one.  It was a good zinger.  Although she seems like she's qualified to tell you saying such a thing as funny, how did you think that this appearance -- it was so highly anticipated that you are going to sit down and talk to these ladies today.  What was your overall take?

FIORINA:  Well, I was happy to talk to the ladies of "The View."  I think as I said to the ladies of "The View," conservative women are held to a different standard than Liberal women.  I think that's demonstrably true.  I also said to them that the Liberal Left so often demonizes the messenger when they don't like the message.  And what was interesting you didn't play in that clip.  But they started out by doing what Liberals so often do.  They say, well, tell us how you can be for women if you don't support.  And then they went through the litany of the Left.  So, that's kind of always the way it is.  You're not a woman who supports other women.  Unless you believe in abortion on demand.  Unless you believe that the federal government ought to raise the minimum wage.  Unless you believe that the federal government ought to mandate mandatory child leave of a certain length and duration.  That's how they started the interview.  So, I think they made my point, is the point.

SMITH:  They actually started the interview and it appear they were going to be warm and welcoming.  Whoopi Goldberg opened with hey, girl, let's clear the air.  Within the mood of the interview soured Carly when they took on this conversation about Planned Parenthood.  And you said whether you're pro-choice or pro-life, the majority of Americans are horrified by the reality that we're harvesting baby parts through late term abortions.  Whoopi Goldberg then replied you by saying, I need to stop you because that's not true.  When in fact that is true --  

FIORINA:  That's right.

SMITH:  When in fact that is true because we now know that Planned Parenthood recently changed their payment policy for field issue.  Do you think you got anywhere with these women?

FIORINA:  Well, I hope I got somewhere with the audience which is the point.  In the end, I doubt I influenced Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.  But they are speaking to millions of women day after day after day.  And, so, it's important that women know that when Whoopi Goldberg says it's not true, that that's false.  You know, Reagan used to say you're entitled to your opinion, you're not entitled to your own facts.  And so what I go day after day after day in addition to talking about my candidacy and what's at stake in the nation, I educate people about what's really going on.  For example, I talked to a bunch of students today.  They actually don't know that the federal government has taken over the student loan business.  They don't know the reason their student loan is skyrocketing is because the
government controls it now.   

SMITH:  Carly, I also want to hit -- there was a moment in New Hampshire where a gentleman approached you in a diner, and made a reference to President Obama.  We have that clip and I want your response to it if you could, please.  


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  He doesn't want this country to get ahead.  He doesn't.  He's a Muslim.  He's a Black Muslim.  

FIORINA:  It's time to do something different in many ways.  



SMITH:  He made a reference to the President being a Muslim and you're being criticized because you didn't respond to that.  

FIORINA:  Well, I've responded to that over and over again.  And, you know, that diner town hall, I went through substantive question after substantive question.  So I said on many occasions that President Obama tells me he's a Christian, I take him at his word.  But the truth is President Obama isn't on the ballot.  The person who is on the ballot that is going to be on the ballot, on the Democrat side is Hillary Clinton.  And so, I talked about the issues that face our nation and I talked about, how is it that I can beat Hillary Clinton because, in the end, we have to win the White House.  But I also think it's time to do something different now.  We cannot simply replace a D with an R.  Because we've had RS in the White House over 40 years and yet the things we say we care about haven't gotten fixed.  We haven't ever slash spending, we haven't even limited the size and growth of government.    

SMITH:  Speaking of which, that is going to be the focus of our Fox Business debate coming up next week.  I know that you and I will be packing our bags to go to that Carly, any words heading into that debate?  Your expectations.

FIORINA:  Well, look, when I launched my candidacy on May 4th, I was16 out of 16.  Polling people didn't even asked my name.  That's how little people fought of me.  And next week, I will be standing on a debate stage with seven other candidates.  No other candidate has had the trajectory that I've had particularly because I was and actually still remain the least well-known candidate in the field.  

SMITH:  Right.

FIORINA:  So, I'm very honored to be standing on that stage and I look forward to answering questions from what I know would be great moderators.    

SMITH:  All right.  Well, a debate fully as solely focus on the economy.  Your money and everything that you care about the most.  Carly Fiorina, thank you for joining us tonight.  

FIORINA:  Thank you.

SMITH:  By the way, don't forget that next Republican debate is coming up this Tuesday November 10th on the FOX Business Network.  Trish Regan and I will start that debate coverage at 7 p.m.  Then Maria Bartiromo and Neil Cavuto will take over for the second debate that happens at 9:00 p.m. in prime time.  And then, tune into the special "Kelly File" live at midnight with complete debate analysis.  

All right.  Well, yet another Republican candidate in the middle of a fight this weekend with Donald Trump set to be hosting SNL in just over 24 hours amid a course of protesters and petitions pouring in to have him pulled from this show entirely.  Alan Colmes and Greg Gutfeld are here on Trump's many attackers.  And the theory he could be walking into what one writer describes as a booby trap.  

Plus, new drama involving the family of that Illinois cop who reportedly staged his own suicide to look like a murder as new troubling stories emerge about this guy's mistress and son.  


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Person I thought I'd knew for 30 years, he had another side that I wasn't aware of.  What revealed in the past few days, it's been shocking and appalling to me.  




CECILY STRONG, "SNL" CAST MEMBER:  Donald Trump is hosting "Saturday Night Live" this week with -- and because of equal time rules for television, Mr. Trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo.  

DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  So let me just say this, Ben Carson is a complete and total loser.  


SMITH:  Donald Trump's "Saturday Night Live" appearance this weekend is so packed with controversy.  Even the promotion is causing a stir with NBC pulling that clip you just saw saying someone leaked it with just over 24 hours until the show airs.  Here's a growing course of folks demanding that SNL drop that Trump invite, although some of Trump's critics plan on taking a different approach.  

Alan Colmes and Greg Gutfeld are here on Trump's attackers and a theory he could be walking into a booby trap.  But first, we go to Trace Gallagher live at our West Coast Newsroom.  Trace.   

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT:  I've got to tell you, Sandra.  The so called Dump Trump Rally has been in full swing this week.  So far, activists have protested in-front of NBC Headquarters in Midtown, Manhattan, turned over a petition with a half million signatures demanding that Donald Trump be replaced as this week's guest host at SNL and have also vowed to put pressure on NBC advertisers telling them, they don't want Trump's quote, "racism or anti-immigration message being satirized."  But with a little more than 24 hours to go until show time, it appears NBC is not backing down.  So activists have now worked up a plan B called, Disrupt Trump on Saturday Night Live, Win $5,000.  

The idea is for a group called, to work with protesters to disrupt the live broadcast of SNL saying anyone on the set of the show or in the studio audience who yells out or gets on camera saying Deport Racism or Trump is a Racist gets to win 5,000 bucks.  This is the same group by the way that release videos featuring Hispanic children yelling, Profanities at Donald Trump and swinging a stick at a Donald Trump piñata.  Trump says the reason NBC invited him on was to get big ratings. And earlier he told Bill O'Reilly that he does have a little bit of say over the show's content.  Listen.


TRUMP:  There were a couple that were too risqué.  

BILL O'REILLY, FOX NEWS HOST, "THE FACTOR":  Okay.  Too risqué, wow!

TRUMP:  Because you know, the polls just came down, I'm leading in Iowa, I want to stay leading in Iowa.  


GALLAGHER:  But along with NBC's in-house security, the Secret Service will also be on hand at tomorrow night's show and we're told "SNL" also has a fairly rigorous vetting process for the studio audience -- Sandra.  

SMITH:  Thanks, Trace.

All right.  Well, joining us now to react is Alan Colmes, host of "The Alan Colmes Show" on Fox News radio.  And Greg Gutfeld, co-host of "The Five" right here on Fox.  And author of the new book by the way, "How to be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct." Please be correct tonight, sir.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CO-HOST, "THE FIVE":  I will try my best, ma'am.

SMITH:  What will all of this controversy do for Donald Trump?

GUTFELD:  Well, first of all, I love that this people are upset about Trump appearing at "Saturday Night Live."  Now they know how the rest of America feels when you have some vacuous celebrity on award show spouting some stupid political tripe that they know nothing about.  Whenever the Oscars or the Grammies or the Tonys are on and somebody says something stupid, we don't go out and protest.  Because even though we might disagree with you, we realize that your silly opinions deserve to be heard.  These people who are apparently so liberal and so tolerant are extremely intolerant much like this hack Alan Colmes.  


ALAN COLMES, RADIO HOST, "THE ALAN COLMES SHOW":  You're going to regret you said that.  

SMITH:  You are a hack sir!  You're a hack!  

COLMES:  And you're going to regret about it.


SMITH:  Alan Colmes, Alan, I mean, unbelievable with people petitioning the thing., 230,000 supporters.  You've got Deport Racism, political action committee offering $5,000 to anyone who will shout out during the live --   

COLMES:  You know what they're doing?  They're helping Donald Trump.  They're helping NBC.  And they're going to give them great ratings and Trump will take credit for it.  But that's what they're doing, they're helping him.  Because all of these attentions will going to drive people to watch the show tomorrow night.

SMITH:  You know, he was on "O'Reilly" earlier and he said it's going to be great.  

GUTFELD:  Everything is great.

SMITH:  He said, it's going to be great.

GUTFELD:  Well, there's nothing but great in his life.  Here's an interesting strategy, it's not my idea.  I can't remember where I heard this.  But what if Trump shouts the actual slogan and then he gets the five grand.  


By the way, some idea, somebody -- maybe it was Geraldo's but no, couldn't be Geraldo.  

COLMES:  You know where they learned -- you know those kids in that video saying --  

SMITH:  Yes.

COLMES:  You know where they learned those words?  From Donald Trump.  

GUTFELD:  Oh, Donald!

COLMES:  That's the way he --  

GUTFELD:  By the way those parents should be investigated.  If you turn your kids into a political tool, you're a horrible parent.  I'm here to say they are terrible parents.  And child services should be looking into them.  

SMITH:  So really -- seriously though, you are a funny guy.  I know you're not a comedian, you're a writer.  You made that very clear on "The Five" today but --  

COLMES:  You're not a comedian?

GUTFELD:  No.  Comedians actually tell jokes on stage.  I don't have the guts.  

SMITH:  Wait.  How do you think that they're -- I mean, Donald Trump says he's got control of the situation of course.  But how do you think they're going to portray him on this show?

GUTFELD:  I think they're going to treat him with the most respect out of fear.  I think they're more intimidated by him than he's intimidated by the process.  He's been around.  He's been on TV.  And they're probably thinking this is going to be, they don't want to screw it up.  Lorne Michaels will kill them.

COLMES:  Also what he's going to do is, he'll make fun of himself.  


COLMES:  And he'll peel himself on all those stuff, the huge stuff and his self-congratulatory stuff and that making fun of himself will advance him a little.

SMITH:  So, lots of questions about the security that night.  Of course, he's got the protection of the Secret Service.  But you've got this kind of protest.  It's going to be interesting.  But the big question is, will he surpass "SNL" numbers like Sarah Palin.  

COLMES:  I think he will surpass Ben Carson's numbers based on what happened today.  I think that's what's going to happen.  


GUTFELD:  You know what though, I feared that we might be overdoing this.  It's kind of -- I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve and you wake up and you open the presents then you have this weird kind of malaise that laughing.

COLMES:  That's because there's always coal in your stocking.

GUTFELD:  You know, that hurts. Why did you so called, by the way, you're so anti-coal because it's black.

COLMES:  I brought that up on purpose so because we can have a debate about coal.

GUTFELD:  Well, I'm for fracking, so.

SMITH:  What the -- what the Friday night without Alan Colmes and Greg Gutfeld?

GUTFELD:  Probably a good one.

SMITH:  All right.

GUTFELD:  I think you're comedian cat.

COLMES:  I agree.

SMITH:  Thank you for making me laughs. We'll leave it there, guys.
Thank you.

Breaking tonight, new clues in that deadly passenger plane crash killing dozens of children and wiping out entire families. We've got the latest on that. The frightening revelation officials say may have been uncovered by the plane's black boxes.

Plus, the potentially significant development in Hillary Clinton e- mail scandal.

National Review Rich Lowry is here next with what the investigation has just found.


HILLARY CLINTON, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  I am confident that I never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received. I did not send nor receive anything that was classified at the time. I did not send nor receive anything that was classified.



SMITH:  Breaking tonight, multiple new reports all suggesting that a bomb took down that Russian passenger plane over Egypt. A U.S. government source telling Fox News there is evidence that a, quote, "high-end explosive device" was planted on board.

French Media reporting that a source close to the investigation says the black boxes captured the sound of an explosion during the flight.

And, tonight, the Homeland Security Department announcing it is tightening security measures for flights into the United States from the Middle East.

Also, breaking tonight, a potential new smoking gun document emerging in Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal. It shows Mrs. Clinton's pledge to take full responsibility for safeguarding the nation's top secrets. Even as she was storing hundreds of potentially classified on an unsecured private server set up at her home.

Here's the document and there's Hillary Clinton's signature. By signing this document, Hillary Clinton certified that she knew all of the rules and acknowledged that if she broke the rules, she could face criminal prosecution.

Rich Lowry is Fox News contributor and editor of National Journal -- Review, and he joins us tonight. Rich, does this change anything?

RICH LOWRY, NATIONAL REVIEW EDITOR:  Well, it's an embarrassment for her. It doesn't change anything on the merits. It really reinforces what we already knew, which is that it's the responsibility of the person in this position to protect all sensitive material and handle it responsibly.
Whether it's technically marked classified or not.

And, of course, Sandra, that gets to a key distinction, she's falling back on lately. Which is, look, I said there is no classified material in my e-mail initially, now we know there's lots of classified e-mail material but it wasn't marked classified.

SMITH:  So, the sensitive compartmented information nondisclosure agreement, they called this SCI, nondisclosure agreement. This is what's the big deal and that is what we just showed you a picture of and that is what she signed.

In it, it says, quote, "I have been advised that any breach of this agreement may result in the termination of -- and, of my access to SCI and removal from a position of special confidence and trust. Requiring such access, as well as the termination of my employment or other relationships with any department or agency that provides me with access to SCI."

She's running for president, Rich.

LOWRY:  Yes. And this is so -- anyone who has served in government in a sensitive position has been outraged by this e-mail story from the beginning. Because they know if they ever would have done something similar, they would -- their career would probably be over and they might face serious legal consequences.

But Hillary, you know, she feels as though, she's above the law in this case. And the operatives statute at least one of them it's a recklessness standard.

So, you don't even have to be intentionally going out and handling this material in an irresponsible way.

If you're just doing it innocently and handling it recklessly you can be in major hot water. And look at Bill Clinton's CIA director, John Deutch who had classified material at home on an unsecure computers and had to get pardon by Bill Clinton because he had some serious legal debris.

SMITH:  So, Rich, we haven't heard Hillary Clinton specifically react to this revelation yet. How do you think her camp will respond to this?

LOWRY:  Well, I think they'll just blow it off the way they've blown everything else off and rely on various technical distinctions and say, look, it wasn't marked and some parts of the Obama administration say this stuff wasn't as sensitive or highly classified as other parts the administration said and just throw up a big fog machine.

And what they're banking on, is at the end of the day, even if there's an FBI referral, which wouldn't shock me, ultimately, it's the Department of Justice that would have to indict her to get this into a court and they think that's never, never ever going to happen. An asteroid strike would be more likely.

SMITH:  So, I should clarify that we have gotten somewhat of a response to the Inspector General's determination. Clinton's camp saying that they've always seemed arbitrary and questionable and we're grateful that it appears the DNI may be confirming that.

But this is not going to go away. But as you mentioned, is this just going to be swept under the rag as she moves forward with her campaign?

LOWRY:  Well, legally, by the Department of Justice, it will probably be swept under the rug. But it has seriously harmed her and her image among the general public, where her honesty and trustworthy numbers as we've talked about from months and months now are really in the tank. So, she's paying a political price and that's what she cares about most.

SMITH:  All right. Rich Lowry, thank you for joining us tonight.

LOWRY:  Thanks a lot.

SMITH:  All right. Well, there are also dramatic new developments in the case of an Illinois cop who staged his own suicide to look like a murder. Why the investigation is now turning to his son and mistress.

Plus, a group of nuns had been dealt in major win in their fight against Obamacare. What's next now for Little Sisters of the Poor?

And The Kelly File exclusive Dr. Ben Carson goes one-on-one with Dr. Marc Siegel to talk medicine, faith, family, and the moment with a patient- patient that made the typically stoic doctor get emotional.


MARC SIEGEL, FOX NEWS MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT:  What's the most memorable moment you can think of talking to a child that you were treating?



SMITH:  In recent days, Dr. Ben Carson has taken serious heat on the campaign trail facing criticism and attacks over his personal and political views even his life story.

Tonight, in a "Kelly File" exclusive, Dr. Ben Carson addresses the 2016 race, as well as some of the great passions in his life, medicine, family, and faith. It's an eye opening look at the man who wants to be president, in his own words as he sits down with fellow Dr. Marc Siegel of Fox News. Take a look.


SIEGEL:  I'm going to ask you the most important question first. What role has faith played in healing for you?

BEN CARSON, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  Well, faith, for me, has been a critical and central part of my life. You know, from the time I was a child. I grow up in a church who has listened to the mission stories in church, Sabbath school that it inspired me to become a doctor.

From the time I was 8 years old, I never wanted to be anything other than be doctor. The kind of doctor changed, but it was always a doctor. And I was just so inspired by the way that the, you know, at great personal sacrifice tried to help other people.

And, you know, as a teenager, you know, faith played a huge role in my transition when I almost stabbed someone. And, you know, I just prayed to God at somehow he could take the temper away from me because I would have this outburst, so I was normally a nice person. I would just have these outbursts.

And it happened, I mean, God took my temper away that I have no episode of since that time.

SIEGEL:  When I read about your mother, I understand why you don't believe in blind entitlements in what you call the faceless money that the government gives out. Because I understood your mother worked really hard.

But flash over to Obamacare and tell me why, as a physician, what's your -- what's your critique of it?

CARSON:  Well, the main reason that I have been such a vociferous opponent of Obamacare is not so much because it's not affordable and that it doesn't work. But because it fundamentally changes the relationship between the people and the government.

When you look at the way that country was put together, it's supposed to be of, for and by the people. With the government there to facilitate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

With this act, the government comes along and says don't really care what you think. This is what we're doing, we're shoving it down your throat whether you like it or not. And if you don't like it, too bad.

SIEGEL:  Why is your favorability and likability and honesty is the American public seeing you clearly?

CARSON:  I think they are. I've been out there all over the country talking to people. And they're actually starting to listen to what I'm saying as oppose to what the left wing media has been saying.

I'm looking for a way that we can lift America. I don't care about republicans and democrats. I care about everybody. If were all Americans and I care about the values and the principles that made us into a great nation. And I'm not willing to give them away so we can be politically correct.

SIEGEL:  Talk to me about abortion. I specifically want you to talk about it because I think, and I read your views on it, I think because you're a physician, a neurosurgeon, a pediatric neurosurgeon, no less, you understand more what's going on for a fetus inside the womb.

CARSON:  Well, you know, I've spent many, many a day, and many a night, you know, operating on premature babies. And, you know, and then seeing them as adults, as productive adults. There is no way anybody is going to convince me that that's a meaningless mass of cells. That's just not going to happen.

SIEGEL:  What's the most memorable moment you can think of talking to a child that you were treating?

CARSON:  I remember a little girl, what a sweet little girl she was. She had disseminated glioblastoma, a very malignant tumor. And, you know, we had removed the primary tumor, but it had already spread. And they tried, you know, bone marrow transplant and all kinds of things, it had come back again. And there was really nothing more to do. And she just smiled. She said -- she said you all did the best you could co. Thank you.


SMITH:  Our thanks to Ben Carson and Dr. Siegel for that.

New drama tonight involving the family of that Illinois cop, who reportedly staged his own suicide to look like a murder.

Up next, the troubling story about this guy's alleged mistress and his own son.


SMITH:  Developing tonight, dramatic new information in the case of an Illinois cop who reportedly went to great lengths to make his suicide look like a murder.

There are multiple reports tonight that Lieutenant Joseph Gliniewicz may have had his alleged mistress marry his son, who's in the army, so that they could both enjoy military financial benefits.

This comes a day after investigators say he also tried to put a hit on a local leader.

Joining me to discuss this is criminal defense attorney and Fox News contributor, Eboni Williams. Eboni, thanks for being here.


SMITH:  This is a crazy story! And it seems to just keep getting worse the more we learn.

WILLIAMS:  It's the worst kind of soap opera. You know, from time to time, unfortunately, you see law enforcement officials that don't hold up to the badge. But in my experience as a criminal defense lawyer, I've seen nothing quite like this.

A law enforcement -- they're on a spectrum, they're like everybody else. They're not all good they're not all bad, but this is just very egregious allegations.

SMITH:  So, he was, allegedly, having an affair with this woman...


SMITH:  ... who had recently gotten divorce. She had two children. She needed more money for health care and to feed the children. So, he arranged for his son, the cop's son, who is in the military, the army, to marry his mistress, so that they could bring in about, they estimate, $1750 a month.

WILLIAMS:  Yes. Yes, I mean, a complete sham marriage, it certainly what the accusation is. And unfortunately, I've seen this. I've represented clients before where they've been prosecuted for this type of -- I mean, it's essentially, it's embezzlement of, guess what? Our money, it's taxpayer dollars that they're trying to up their access to.

And it's really the most egregious thing. This is certainly a designed for very important purposes and you hate to see it being taken advantage of like this, if these allegations are true.

SMITH:  And it's not like he had a squeaky clean past where people were shocked that they found out that that he was engaging this type of behavior. He didn't show at work on time or on occasion, he just wouldn't show up at all.

He's -- there was an incident where he passed up in his truck with the engine running after a night of drinking. I mean, there's a lengthy list here of questionable behavior. Why was he still in his position?

WILLIAMS:  Well, with law enforcement, from my experience, there's always the benefit of the doubt. We really like -- and many times they're given opportunities, Sandra, to rehabilitate themselves.

Now we know he was under investigation by this local administrator for a very long time and she was asking him questions, guess what, giving him an opportunity to redeem himself. And all she got in return for that, some reports are saying, was this man was trying to plant narcotics on her and even possibly trying to take her life.

SMITH:  Will he be penalized by the court of law?

WILLIAMS:  Well, certainly, you know, he, you know, he couldn't face these consequences, he took his life. His son, if there's any involvement there, absolutely would be looking at being discharged from the army, as well as several felonies against him.

And based off the knowledge, his wife, you know, the woman he was actually married to, she could also face charges coming from this. Very messy and very sad.

SMITH:  I think it's safe to say, this falls under the category of, you can't make this stuff up.

WILLIAMS:  No. The worst kind of stuff.

SMITH:  All right. Eboni Williams, thank you for joining us tonight.

WILLIAMS:  Thank you.

SMITH:  We'll be right back.


SMITH:  All right. Don't change that channel. Up next, there's a special Fox News reporting, destiny empower the private diaries of George Herbert Walker Bush. Go to and tell us what you think about the show. That's it for tonight.

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