Gov. Greg Abbott lays out plans to ban sanctuary cities

North Carolina outlaws sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants; Texas governor explains on 'Your World' why his state is looking to follow


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST:  All right, a number of states have tried to ban sanctuary cities.  Easier said than done.  Usually, courts step in, judges step in.  

North Carolina the latest to ban these sanctuary cities that protect illegals and do little to serve them up to the law.  

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott not a fan of such sanctuaries, wants Texas to go the same route.  

Governor, very good to have you.  Thank you for coming.  

GOV. GREG ABBOTT, R-TEXAS:  Thank you, Neil.  

CAVUTO:  These are difficult, I guess, sir, to hold up in court, or at least they get stymied in legal challenges.  How do you think this is going to go?

ABBOTT:  Neil, I think, under the United States Supreme Court decision in Arizona case, they were perfectly clear that states have the authority to ensure the safety and security of our citizens.

And so I think that banning sanctuary cities should be upheld in court.  And Texas is going to be one of the states that passes a law that outlaws sanctuary cities, because it`s fundamental that law enforcement officers in this state must follow and apply the Constitution and the laws of the United States and of the state of Texas.  

CAVUTO:  You know, the one thing I have never understood about the whole concept of sanctuary cities is they flagrantly violate, to your point, Governor, the law, and they shield people who are here illegally without a law to support what they`re doing.  

So, it`s weird.  But how did it grow so out of control?  

ABBOTT:  Well, it`s been one of those things that has grown just a little bit at a time, kind of like what you would call a creep.  

And what has happened here is now the Dallas County sheriff has said that see is going to apply Immigration Custom Enforcement standards on a case- by-case basis.  Now, just this past week, we have heard from San Antonio that the San Antonio Police Department may formally enact sanctuary city policies.  

So the state of Texas is going to be able to trump these local decision- making processes with a state law that completely bans sanctuary cities.  

CAVUTO:  I would be remiss in the middle of this not to get into a little bit of politics, if you don`t mind, sir.  

You have heard this back and forth between two of your party luminaries, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, over missed votes in the Senate and who`s who.  Now we got word today that Jeb Bush`s COO, campaign COO, has opted out, that his campaign might be floundering.  

What do you think of all this stuff that is going on?  

ABBOTT:  You know, Neil, I compare it to what happened four years ago.  

If you recall, four years ago, at about this time, Herman Cain was at the top of the heap.

CAVUTO:  Yes, indeed.

ABBOTT:  And then it was Newt Gingrich.  And then Rick Santorum came out of nowhere to win Iowa.  

I think that we`re still early in the presidential process.  I think it is good and healthy to have so many candidates involved in the debate.  And I think what is going to happen is that by the time we reach our nominee in the Republican Party, we are going to have a candidate who is polished, who is honed, who is ready to take on and defeat Hillary Clinton.  

CAVUTO:  Now, of course, one of your predecessors is George Bush, and I`m wondering how that is all playing out in Texas right now.  

ABBOTT:  Well, and Texas has had so many people who are involved in this race.  

CAVUTO:  Right.  

ABBOTT:  Obviously, Ted Cruz, who worked with me in the attorney general`s office, is in there.  Jeb Bush is from Texas.  Rand Paul is from Texas.  Carly Fiorina is from Texas.  And so...

CAVUTO:  That`s right.  That`s right.  

ABBOTT:  ... the odds -- the odds favor that someone from Texas is going to be the Republican nominee.  

CAVUTO:  Very good point.  

I would also be remiss if I didn`t mention all the horrific weather and flooding you have been having.  What`s the latest?  This latest hurricane could have been a lot worse, but it left a lot of rain, didn`t it?  

ABBOTT:  Well, it is not just that.  

We did have a bout of rain that left our ground saturated because of that hurricane.  But now over the past 24 hours, we have had up to 10 inches of rain.  The same area where you had the Memorial Day floods is once again flooding.  There`s flooding across the state of Texas as we speak.  

The good news is, no lives have been lost, but I do want to cast this warning to everybody across the state of Texas.  And that is, listen to your local law enforcement agencies.  If they declare to you to stay out of harm`s way, remember, turn around, don`t drown.  

CAVUTO:  Very good point.  People tend to be cavalier when they just see, oh, it`s just rain.  I don`t have to worry.  

Thank you, Governor.  Appreciate it.  

ABBOTT:  Thank you, Neil.  

CAVUTO:  All right.  


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