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Hillary Benghazi email smoking gun emerges?

An 'On the Record' timeline of the events in the deadly Benghazi attacks, what new info was learned in Clinton's testimony and why her email reference to 'al Qaeda-like group' matters


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: At today's hearing, did we learn anything new about the intelligence or what happened that night 2012. Fox News Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge joins me. Catherine, you have been following this since day one. What did you learn?

CATHERINE HERRIDGE, FOX NEWS CHIEF INTELLIGENCE CORRESPONDENT: What we learned today is that Mrs. Clinton herself in per personal correspondence did not believe the video explanation for the attack. She also believed that it was a planned, terrorist assault. That it was not connected to the video. And that's important because there was what I would describe as smoking gun evidence on the day of the attack. That was the strike on the CIA annex. The third phase of the assault, three mortars on target, and under 90 seconds, that takes a professional team and it takes planning. And it forced the evacuation on that night. And it was known immediately.

So this idea that we heard over days and weeks that it was somehow tied to the video, Mrs. Clinton herself did not accept that.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, she sent an email off to her daughter Chelsea saying Al Qaeda related group. This group had been bragging about it on Facebook and social media, now the group later changed its mind and said they didn't do it. Maybe they just feared they were going to drop some drones -- or drones were going to drop something on them.

HERRIDGE: Maybe, but she had a specific conversation with the Egyptians where she said it was not connected to the video. It was preplanned. I just want to point out our ongoing reporting at Fox News showed that on December 17th, just six days after the attack, there was no demonstration. And we took a lot of heat here for taking that position in our reporting but we were proven to be correct.

VAN SUSTEREN: Frankly, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but it was silly to say it was a video. It never made any sense at all at least to me -- protesters bring black cards, they don't bring RPG's.

HERRIDGE: This is a final -- one thing that is still not clear is why there was so much jeopardy for the administration to simply say we have Americans who take risks and sometimes the risks go against them. That was really the downside.

VAN SUSTEREN: President Obama on September 20th, 9 days later on Univision was still saying the business about the video. Anyway -- and even Secretary Clinton tonight is saying that the video had some big picture impact. Catherine, thank you.

HERRIDGE: You are welcome.