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Time to change the way the House is run?

Critics say battle for speaker underscores larger problem



New Questions as House Drama Unfolds Over Race for Speaker

John Layfield: Well the system of course because if you change the leader you just get more of the same. This is just not working. Our system is broke. We don't have a plan for anything. It's hard to believe that this is the Republican Party founded in 1854 by the wigs and free soil party. The party of Lincoln that was responsible for the 13 and 14th amendments that gave citizen all equal rights. Not like Thomas Jefferson saying that all men are equal while owning slaves. They wrote it in the law. They will not recognize what is going on now with the Republican Party. Is it a chases of the rabbits and doing the immigration or tax reform, they're going after the president's birth certificate or take the narrative to the emotional level of the bible belt and going after the sanctity of marriage, we should have a separation of church and state. Thankfully we do. This is right for an independent person to come in here and now take over. I think America is sick of this two party system.

Suzy Welch: Yeah, they did a job of it. It's like capitalism and it's better than all of the rest. I think what we don't have is a problem with is system and the people. We don't have the leader that's willing to be a leader and a fool. Going to be hero I can republicans together under a bigger tent. Divided they're going to fall. They have to be a fool because you're going to be mocked and yelled at and hated. It's like being a parent. The whole system is an over kill.

Gary B. Smith: The system of congress has always reacted to crisis. Since the revolutionary war, they have been in crisis mood. That's not going to change. If congress stepped up and did the responsibilities. Congress was put in to in act the laws and enforce the laws. In the past few decades congress has let the president get away with writing the laws as this has done a recess appointment and immigration, tax law and things like that and using the executive powers to exert what congress is doing. We get back to the separation of powers as written in the constitution, and we should be just fine.

Jonas Max Ferris: Well, it was a sound system before it was in vented and then the radio and then like today the Internet stars and TV stars are not the most sensible in the society. They're the biggest cranks or those that can garnish an audience. That's what each one is taking advantage of. They're getting attached to a group of voters and they get to get on TV and people vote for them in primaries and then all of a sudden the games change. They're not representing the smart people and agree with people. They're doing what the founders did not want us to do and that's what the laws would be like you have in California and propositions and in sanity. They're not doing their original function as was decided before we had radio. I think that it's getting worse for the Internet and unfortunately it's not the solution.

Chuck Rocha: That's right. Forefathers set up the house to be the voice of the people. The senate was supposed to represent the state. You have all of these state legislature that draws and you have politicians drawing districts for others and then they get all of the republicans in one and then democrats in the other. They're worried about people in the right or extreme left. When happened is that people could come together and find common souse to get something done. Back to what john said. We used to get things done and now we're worried of the primary of the right or the left and then you have the stalemate and then the system is broken.

Donald Trump: Eminent Domain Can Be a 'Wonderful Thing'

Susie Welch: Well, Donald Trump is the gift that just keeps on giving. He is a hot button issue and keeps on pushing them. What wigs people out more than the thought that the government could come and take away your home? I don't know what's left to debate. Maybe he is going to have to us talk about what is better, dogs or cats. I tremble and he does you have a point about the domain and that has a very bad wrap, but without that we would not have places like the AT&T stadium in Texas. There are places that eminent domain should have occurred, and I think that there are times that it's so blighted that it takes an effort and an eminent domain is that. The thing is that it has to be handled with the extreme care. It's a terrifying thing, and that's usually what happens. It's a perfect example of the government trying to do it and it being pushed back by the neighbors. Wonderful is not a word that I would use to describe it but useful.

Chuck Rocha: If I told the politicians walk away slowly but keep the eye on it. You don't want to talk about it with voters. The Supreme Court ruled on it and they did it broadly. It kicked it to the states and then the states put it on the bat ballot. It failed in every state. I run campaigns and have you ever seen a TV commercial ran by a politicians that anyone mention ask domain? Donald trump will be the only one talk about it. It's a good thing to build interstate highways and give it to private people like Donald trump to tear down a building.

Jonas Max Ferris: No, it's not. This is what is fresh about Donald Trump. The competitors in the race have not had a build a birdhouse yet a tower with smoke and glass. They do not understand the reality of the world and how they're conflicting with their own things that they're for like the keystone pipeline. You would not build it without eminent domain. Forget the highways and the stuff that the government does. It would not happen without -- so they cannot be for one and against the other only in a fantasy politician. With that said you can put condos in central part. It's good for the economy but not everybody. There's a limit. Just because a developer wants to do it and it's a job, does not mean that it's good. It's a touchy issue and trump is right. You have to deal with it for the benefit of everybody.

John Layfield: Chuck must be a good man. It must be the east Texas up bringing that made you so smart. It was kilo verses London. They did it based on two things. It's the Fifth Amendment and the private taking of the land for public use and how you define the public use and the due process and that validates that. The problem that you have is new London. Remember now that it's been taken for the racetrack parking lot and that's a lot different than taking it for hospital and railways were being built across the country and to the commerce. This is taken not for the public use. They claim that it was for public use and it was a benefit. It was from a private person in the home and taking it to a private person that was going to develop some economically. The funding fell throw and you took the home for no reason. That's the problem that you have when you take something from private and then that's the misuse of the government and the Supreme Court was 100 percent wrong on this. That's where you use this and politicians can be bought out to the racetrack or whatever ask and take someone's land. It's in the poor neighbors and it's used to get rid of the poor neighbors.

Bank ATM Fees Hit Record High

Chuck Rocha: Yeah, I think this is robbery. I have a brilliant team. What that means is time are changing and the bank ain't changing with them. When I asked me paw paw for five, he asked for a five. He said pigs get fat and hogs get slaughter. Those of us using it and paying more and more. I realize the capitalism, but you have to change with the system.

John Layfield: Right after I said that you were brilliant and I have to disagree with you. This is a first world problem if nothing else. Chuck is right if it's bad business, people are not going go to the ATM. One of the reasons is because I am one of the 37 percent of the people of American that has a checking account that does not have fees. These banks have to build them all over the country and world. They have a right to charge whatever they want. If that's what they want, people are not going to lose them and they're going to lose money on the ATMs all over the place. It's a simple of choice. If you do not like it, don't use them. Do like Chuck does and carry a wad of money.

Jonas Max Ferris: There are people getting duped by this because the remaining machines have to be paid for by everybody else. With that said I don't believe and this is a case that you need caps both with the interest rate on debts and would that mean fewer machines in unreserved areas? Sure. You have Atlanta paying higher fees than San Francisco. That's not right. This industry charges more to poor people than healthy people. There's less available credit with caps and some won't get hit by these. The average transition is $60 and to charge $4.52 is not right.

Susie Welch: I am trying to think of the verse in there about ATMs. I remember when you could not get cash on the weekend. ATM's is not a right; ATM's is a cost of doing business for the consumer and the bank. Likely we still live in a system and we may not for long if john is the king. For now we live in it and consumers largely will go someplace us and stores are charging for milk. I hear you Jonas after people being charged more. This is how the free market works. These will sort out. It's robbery and will not stand.


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