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Gutfeld: Why America has trust issues with the media

It's not the medium, it's the message


A new Gallup poll finds trust in the media lower than me doing the limbo. It's true. San Quentin gets better write ups on Yelp. Charles Manson has a higher e-harmony score. How odd, people reject the media, despite its growing pool of attractive mouthpieces and portable delivery systems.

So if you're a doctor checking the media's vitals, what's your diagnosis? It's not the medium, but the toxic message. They spent seven years overlooking an inept president contributing to his calamitous foreign policy. They've spent decades shaping climate change ideology, mocking competing data while linking scientists to Holocaust deniers. They happily accept an obscure video as causing Benghazi, which surprise, absolved their hero. They ran a media blackout on Planned Parenthood while anointing a boy who builds a phony clock, just to champion their own beliefs about a hateful America.

The prognosis, a malignancy of bias eating away from the inside for decades. Designating themselves as catchers in the rye, the media chose to stand between you and the common sense that would expose them as destructive phonies. What's finally hitting America's olfactory bulb is the rot within. Which is why, as it gets easier to digest media more people are getting sick from it.

If the media were a restaurant, America is getting food poisoning. Which makes "The Five" your handy stomach pump.

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