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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to "Hannity." And this is a Fox News Alert. We are awaiting a police press conference on the deadly campus shooting at a community college in Oregon. Now, authorities at this hour are still trying to determine why a gunman went on a shooting rampage earlier today that left 10 dead and injured 7.

Joining us now with much more on the shooter is our own Trace Gallagher -- Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, we can tell you, Sean, the name of the shooter is out there. We have not independently confirmed it with law enforcement, so we're going to hold off for the time being. The governor of Oregon had said the shooter is a 20-year-old male, but we're now hearing he's a 26-year-old male.

One of the students inside the class where the shooting happened says the shooter shot a bullet through a window that hit her teacher. Then he came in and told everyone to get on the ground, and then stood them up and asked their religion.

The Roseburg Beacon says if the answer was Christian, you were shot in the head. If the answer was not Christian, you were shot in the leg. Now, if this is a hate crime -- and there are reports the shooter had posted a racist manifesto -- then federal agents will be heavily involved in this.  We know the FBI and ATF are already on scene.

Authorities -- well, the name has been confirmed. So the name has been confirmed, Sean. We should note that the name is 26-year-old Chris Harper-Mercer -- 26-year-old Chris Harper-Mercer has now been officially confirmed by FOX News Channel.

And as we say, the FBI and ATF are already on scene. There is word that there is a heavy presence now outside of his apartment in Roseburg, Oregon. Some neighbors have been asked about him, saying that he got mad at them, angry at them for smoking. We know very little about him except for the fact that they are now going to be looking at his cell phone, his laptop, his social media footprint.

And of course, we are doing the same thing, and it appears that this Chris Harper-Mercer appears to be very heavily involved in weapons. There is a picture of him on a social media site with a weapon. There are also other pictures of weapons.

Now, there are reports that three or four weapons were found at the scene of today's shooting, including handguns and at least one long gun.  One law enforcement official told The New York Times the shooter appears to be an angry young man filled with hate.

Again, there is no word of his religion or a motive. And remember, before the shooting, someone posted a warning message on line saying, Don't go to school tomorrow if you are in the Northwest.

As we get more information about Chris Harper-Mercer, 26 years old, apparently, at one point, lived here in southern California with his mom before moving up to Oregon, Sean, we will break in and let you know.

HANNITY: All right, Trace, let's go back a little bit here because this is a really important aspect of the case. It has been now widely reported that the shooter lining people up, asking if they're Christian.  If they were Christian, they were shot in the head. If they said no or didn't answer, they were shot in the legs.

As we now examine social media for Chris Harper-Mercer, do we know if there is anything religious or religious-oriented or any type of affiliation on his part that gives us any idea of maybe some -- some faith he may be aligned with?

GALLAGHER: No. All it says -- I mean, Sean, I can tell you that I spent about 35 minutes looking at his social media profile, and he has a profile on there, but it's very thin. There's only two known associates on there. In other words, it's not Facebook. It's MySpace...

HANNITY: Yes, Trace, hang on one second. Trace, hang on.

GALLAGHER: Go ahead.

HANNITY: The images we're showing now is reportedly outside of Chris Harper-Mercer's apartment. And obviously, people are getting more information as it becomes available. We're trying to be as accurate as we possibly can.

OK, so you searched the social media page for some 35 minutes. Let's go back to that.

GALLAGHER: Yes, we were on the social media page for about 35 minutes. And apparently, it turns out that the social media page has very little on it. I mean, there's a couple of things, photos, and in the photos, you can see a man who is apparently this Chris Harper-Mercer, and he's got a gun on. And he's wearing a -- standing with a gun, I should say.

There's some other pictures of the Irish Republican Army and there's some other, you know, weapons pictures on there. But then you go to where it says the friends or connections, there's only two, only two other people. And there's no videos. There's no -- there are no statements on there. There's -- no nothing about him, no background. It just simply says that at one point, he lived in Torrance, California. And other than that, there's nothing else on this book to glean from, Sean.

So it's very thin, and which is why it's very important right now for authorities to get inside his apartment. I'm sure they'll get a warrant very quickly to do so, to get inside his apartment and to get his laptop and to get his social media footprint and to get his cell phone to find out who he's been in contact with in recent years.

I mean, we don't know if he's got any kind of religious -- religious, you know, problems. We don't know what religion he is. So right now...

HANNITY: Well, if he's lining people up...

GALLAGHER: ... in the early going, we have his name...

HANNITY: If he's lining people up and asking if they're a Christian and shooting them in the head if they answer yes, there's some religious component to this.

GALLAGHER: You would think there was some religion component.  Clearly, if you're lining people up and asking if they're Christian, and if they are, you shoot them in the head, and if they're not, you shoot them in the leg. The question is what is the component? I mean, his name doesn't bring anything to mind, where he be -- he doesn't sound like he's Muslim.  It doesn't sound like he would have any problem with organized religion, though he may.

So that's a question that everybody's asking tonight. What's the connection? Why is there this hatred toward Christianity, if that, in fact, was the case? If this witness is accurate, and by all accounts, she is, from what she saw in the classroom today, then what is the problem.  And that's what law enforcement will spend the next several days trying to figure out.

As you know and I know, Sean, if there is a hate crime component to any crime like this, the feds will get heavily involved and they will, en masse, show up tomorrow or late tonight in Roseburg, Oregon...

HANNITY: Keeping up to date (INAUDIBLE)

GALLAGHER: ... trying to find out exactly what's going on -- Sean.

HANNITY: Let -- let me go back to your reporting earlier that this social media post, Don't go to school if you live in the northwest, that was posted yesterday. What do we know about where that was posted?

GALLAGHER: It was posted on a Web site called or a social media site called Fortune (ph). And to be honest, I know very little about it except that it was posted by "anonymous," and it was posted some time prior to the shooting. The exact timestamp we don't know, or at least we haven't gleaned yet. But it was posted saying, If you live in the Northwest, don't go to school. It was a warning.

Now, we knew about this before the shooting, or minutes after the shooting today, we knew about this. But again, we didn't know if it was legitimate or what time it happened. When we found out this morning was, in fact, posted prior to the shooting? Well, I mean, maybe it wasn't about this, but it's an awfully big coincidence if it wasn't.

Again, "Anonymous" -- there were some earlier reports that people on that same Web site had identified somebody as the shooter. Well, those reports turned out to be wrong, which is why at the top of the show, we were very careful to point out that we had not yet confirmed the name with our law enforcement sources, so we didn't want to go with it.

Now we have confirmed the name with our law enforcement sources, and it is this Chris Harper-Mercer, and he is the one who is the focus now of this swarm of law enforcement that is now gathering in Roseburg, Oregon, outside of his apartment.

They will I'm sure very soon be inside, taking everything and anything they can out of there, and of course, talking to family members, to friends, any known associates who might know about his background and what motivated this horrible crime today in southwestern Oregon -- Sean.

HANNITY: Trace, one last question. You referenced that there was an IRA reference on a social media page. Was it just a glancing reference?  Was there anything more to that?

GALLAGHER: There was nothing. There was no words. There was nothing. There were just pictures, I think three or four pictures on there that showed pictures of IRA, with men in guns, IRA.

But what does that tell you? I mean, you can go back and you look at the conflict that the IRA had, Sean, there was no -- you know, it was -- at some point, they came out in favor of the Catholics and it was the Protestants, and some -- some, you know, referred to that as the old Sunni and Shia rivalry in Ireland. But there was no anti-religion in there, per se. So that doesn't really fit into this whole thing...

HANNITY: It doesn't. You're right.

GALLAGHER: ... of being anti-Christian -- Sean.

HANNITY: All right, we're trying to glean everything we can. Trace, stand by. We'll get back to you throughout the hour.

Joining us now on the ground is our own Dan Springer with the very latest -- Dan. Dan, are you there?

DAN SPRINGER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Sean, I can tell you that there's a massive police presence in this small county of about 107,000 people, Douglas County, very rural. But I can tell you that we're also being kept about a mile-and-a-half away from the campus where the shooting took place this morning.

Umpqua Community College is right down the street. This is where the police have set up a line and not letting anybody go closer to it.

I just saw a fully armored vehicle from Douglas County Sheriff's Department come out of there, but mostly, it's been people have been staying inside that police line, well over 100 police officers, state, local and federal. We know that the ATF is here. We know the FBI is here.  They've been conducting interviews with witnesses. They are still going through and combing through that scene.

So let me give you a little bit about the timeline and how quickly they responded to this. The first 911 call of shots being fired came in at 10:38. There is an state patrol office, an Oregon state patrol office that is right down the street from me. I could probably almost hit a 9 iron right there. It's very close.

Those responding officers got there probably, we are told, within three, possibly four minutes. We don't know exactly how long it took for them to engage this gunman and start firing at him, but we know that when they got to him, they started shooting. And then they radioed back to their office saying that the suspect has been "neutralized." Their words.  And by five to 11:00, it was all over.

So we don't know exactly, you know, what happened after that, but we know that, you know, the typical stuff, right? We've seen this over and over again, where you have people going door to door, cops going from building to building, searching for a possible second or third gunman.  We've seen, you know, students being bused over to a location.

And I want to take you to the president of the Umpqua Community College, who was over at the fairgrounds nearby here, where the students who were able to get out of this were taken, and the president saw the parents lined up there, waiting to see their kids.


DR. RITA CAVIN, INTERIM PRESIDENT, UMPQUA COMMUNITY COLLEGE: I feel awful -- I mean, to witness the families that were waiting for the students on the last bus and to see all of the hugs and weeping and trauma that's gone on. More people were hurt than just the ones that were shot.


SPRINGER: Just excruciating for another parent, who I just spoke with, Sean, a mom who works at the local hospital here, who was on duty when she got word that there was a shooting. She couldn't get ahold of her daughter, who, by the way, is a freshman in her fourth day at Umpqua Community College. For about an hour, she was having to work on these patients who were brought in from the college, not knowing if her daughter was going to be one of them.

She finally got word that her daughter was OK and was able to talk to her, but excruciatingly long time to wait to talk to their daughter and find out that she was safe.

But many, many stories like that here in this small community, where it's very tight-knit. I can tell you, I've been down here several times, Sean, and we're normally doing logging stories or stories about the logging industry that has been decimated by the spotted owl and others. These are hard-working, God-fearing people in this community. And again, Roseburg has just been devastated by this, Sean.

HANNITY: And our thoughts and prayers go out with them. Is it true that the university was a gun-free zone?

SPRINGER: The president in her brief news conference today said that it is a gun-free zone. However, I can tell you that Oregon law doesn't allow for that. It is an open-carry state. While this is a pretty blue state politically, this is a very pro-gun area, Roseburg for sure, and Douglas County, and the state as a whole.

HANNITY: Hey, hang on one second, Dan. I -- we'll get back to you in a second. Hang on one second. We got Trace Gallagher with some new information for us as we await this press conference from the police department coming up momentarily. Trace, what's the latest?


HANNITY: Yes, Trace, go ahead.

GALLAGHER: Sean? Yes, I just wanted to point out, Sean, because we just got this and I failed to mention this. This is from Catherine Herridge, of course, our chief national intelligence correspondent, Matthew Dean (ph), who's our Justice Department correspondent, or Justice Department producer.

And as they gave us the information, the fact that Chris Harper- Mercer, the 26-year-old, is, in fact, the person who was the shooter today at the college in Oregon, they -- - they -- I wanted to mention that Fox was told as a precaution that counterterrorism officials are running Mercer's name against watch lists, and they are combing through his e-mail history, his phone logs, any social media profiles.

So it's interesting that they're running his name against these watch lists, trying to rule out any links to terrorism, which is a standard procedure in mass casualty events such as this. So it's just kind of a fascinating dynamic when you have the feds that are converging on this town in Oregon.

And now they want to find out as quickly as they can, to rule anything out, did he have any kind of terrorism background? Was he on any type of watch list? What was his criminal background, any infractions? Who did he come in contact with? Who did he call? They can go back a long time in his phone logs.

Who did he e-mail? Was there any contact, nefarious contact that might have led to this? Was he an angry young man, as a law enforcement officer told The New York Times? Was he upset about something? Talking about his family life -- was there a death in the family? Were there any kind of relationship break-ups?

They'll be scanning through all that stuff in the coming days, trying to paint a better picture of who this guy was and what drove him to do such a heinous act today -- Sean.

HANNITY: Well, I think, Trace, as you reported earlier, one of the bigger clues that we have is this comment about Christianity and asking people if they're Christians, and if they said yes, they got shot in the head, and if they didn't answer or said no, they were shot in the leg.  That's a pretty good indication that we're onto something.

SPRINGER: Yes, that is an indication, and that, of course, is going to be the first avenue they go down. But as you -- as you look at that, Sean, I mean, you -- other witnesses who say that it wasn't just a kind of a one and then you shoot someone and then you shoot somebody else in the leg. At some point in time, he just started opening fire because the other witnesses who ran out of this classroom were saying that he was just shooting.

And remember, there were reports that he had at least three or four guns, a couple of handguns, maybe a long gun. We don't know if it was a semi-automatic rifle. We have no idea because police have not confirmed that to us.

But at some point in time, it appeared to be methodical. It appeared to have a purpose and a motive, and then at some point in time, it appeared to just be some kind of random mass shooting, where he started shooting everybody who was in his way. So that's another one of the aspects of this whole thing they'll start looking at, Sean.

Remember, the first bullet came through a window and it hit a teacher in the head. That's what the eyewitness reported. So the teacher -- unless this -- unless he knew the teacher was, in fact, a Christian, you would think that's a random shooting right off the top.

And then the reports from the fire department were that the shooter was actually outside the classroom shooting in, and then we have reports that he walked in, he made everybody get on the ground, he stood them up, and then one by one was asking them their religion, if they were Christian, it was bad. If not, they get shot in the leg.

So it all doesn't fit together as a certain motive and certain parameters that authorities have to work in. It seems to be kind of a random, willy-nilly shooting to begin with. And then it goes to a more specific, reasoned shooting, and then it goes off to another, you know, recklessly mass shooting that kind of ends this whole thing until he gets involved with the shootout with police, which is not far from the classroom that he targeted and that -- where he is finally shot and killed, Sean. So (INAUDIBLE)

HANNITY: All right, Trace Gallagher, stay right there. We'll get back to you as we continue our coverage here tonight on this mass shooting in Oregon, 13 dead, 7 are injured. We'll have more on the shooting right after the break. We are a waiting a press conference from the police department.

Plus, how President Obama has already within minutes begun to politicize this tragedy, as we continue.


HANNITY: And this is a Fox News Alert. We are just moments away from a police press conference on the Oregon community college shooting that left 10 dead and 7 injured. Police have not yet determined a motive.

We go back to Trace Gallagher with the very latest. Trace, I said 13.  It's 10 dead. We know seven are injured severely -- well, hang on, Trace.  I see the police now are coming to the podium.

We've been awaiting this press conference to get the very latest on the shooting and maybe some more details on the shooter, 26-year-old Chris Harper-Mercer. And here's the police.

SHERIFF JOHN HANLIN, DOUGLAS COUNTY, OREGON: Good evening. Again, I want to remind everyone that our focus tonight is on the families and of the victims of today's horrific incident. We have paired up deputies and detectives with the family members of the deceased to help work through the process of grieving and answering questions to the families of these victims, also in an attempt to help identify the victims that we have mentioned earlier.

As we talked previously, this is considered a mass casualty, and with a mass casualty comes protocols, protocols that will likely result in us not being able to release the names of the victims until at least tomorrow.  Obviously, notifications of the families is our priority, and we would ask that the media respect that, respect the victims and respect the families as they manage these most difficult times.

We have information that leads us to believe that we know who the shooter is. The official ID will come from the medical examiner's office.  Let me be very clear. I will not name the shooter. I will not give him the credit he probably sought prior to this horrific and cowardly act.  Media will get the name confirmed in time, but you will never hear me mention his name.

We would encourage media and the community to avoid using it. We encourage you to not repeat it. We encourage you not to glorify and create sensationalism for him. He in no way deserves this. Focus your attention on the victims and the families and helping them get through this difficult time.

We do know that we have at least two heroic officers who responded into the building within minutes and exchanged gunfire with the suspect.  The Oregon State Police is handing the aspect of the officer-involved shooting and will release any information surrounding that portion of the investigation at some point in the future.

Tactical teams and bomb squads have cleared all of the buildings on the campus. They are currently going through the hundreds of vehicles that are parked in the parking lots to clear those, as well.

Evidence teams from the FBI and from the Oregon State Police are working to process the crime scene. Again, I want to thank the hundreds of law enforcement officers, mental health counselors, victim specialists and others from all over this state that have responded here today to help my agency and to help this community.

With that, I would like to interviews the president of the Umpqua Community College, Rita Cavin.

DR. RITA CAVIN, INTERIM PRESIDENT, UMPQUA COMMUNITY COLLEGE: Thank you very much. I'd like to begin by offering my heartfelt condolences and the condolences of everyone connected with UCC to the families of anybody who was hurt today in any way, emotionally or physically.

This has been a long, sad, tragic day at UCC, and the thing that we should take away from it is the power that love can bring to this community. We saw people rush to our help, rush to assist us, rush to comfort us. People all over the community came in. I think that's one of the blessings of a small town is that we're so interconnected.

Even though I've only been here a short period of time, the friends that I knew that we had all came and did everything that they possibly could. They're still here helping us, and they will continue to help us as we go back to normalcy.

This is going to take us some time, and we need the patience of the community, but we plan to have the college functioning, safe and comforting as soon as possible for our students to return.

This is a crisis, and we are asking for help and receiving help. It's important, I think, if we can focus on what would cause somebody to do this horrendous act. And I absolutely agree with the previous statement that the focus should be on how many people opened their hearts to help us today. Thank you.

HANLIN: I will be headed over to the candlelight vigil now. And with that, I will ask my public information officer, Corporal Duce Hudson (ph) to come up and answer any questions and discuss any other administrative issues.

HANNITY: All right, we're watching the press conference about today's events. And you just heard the sheriff saying, Don't focus on shooter he won't name, although we have identified the shooter here on the FOX News Channel, 26-year-old Chris Harper-Mercer. He says you shouldn't create sensationalism or encourage the media not to talk (INAUDIBLE) we go back to the press conference now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We'll be posting to that Twitter account, as well as Flashalerteugene.net. It is not determined when the next briefing will be, but when that's decided, we will post that information, Flashalert.net, and our social media accounts.

And that's all I have. If -- I just have a couple of logistics items, if you could just bear with me for a few minutes here.

QUESTION: Do you suspect, though, we're going to have a briefing tonight, or is that still not clear?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not determined.


QUESTION: These two officers that he mentioned, what agency do they (INAUDIBLE)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're not taking any questions tonight.



QUESTION: When do you expect to get (INAUDIBLE)

HANNITY: All right, that wraps up the press conference, the media trying to get a few questions in here, but the sheriff pointed out he's asking the media to focus on the victims, to focus on the families today.  They know the name of the shooter. We have identified him here on the FOX News Channel, 26-year-old Chris Harper-Mercer. We'll get into the discussion of whether or not we should name him or not name him.

He suggested we not give out the name, not give credit, not encourage the media to not (sic) repeat it, saying that he didn't want to create sensationalism, which is something that the shooter probably wanted.

On the scene now at this very hour is our own Dan Springer, with the very latest reaction to that -- Dan.

SPRINGER: Well, yes, and I was listening to that, also, Sean, very strong words from the sheriff, John Hanlin. And as you heard, he does not want that shooter's name mentioned. He will not do it. He was waiting for the medical examiner to do that.

You know, the sheriff has some strong views on guns, as well. It's been reported that just yesterday, he sent Vice President Biden a letter, and he talked about this letter on his Web page, that, you know, he would not enforce any policies that went beyond Oregon law or laws here in Douglas County, Oregon, in terms of gun control.

And he said, you know, obviously, he is very upset with what happened today and upset with the coverage of the shooter's name already being out there. But Sheriff John Hanlin has a beef with gun control and Vice President Biden, who has been in charge of -- put in charge of a task force looking at ways to get different gun laws throughout the country

But yes, we're standing by here, lots of police coming and going. And you heard the sheriff say that they are going, you know, painstakingly through that campus, going through about 100 cars or so to clear all of them. They've cleared all the buildings, and it's just a long process with that much of a scene to cover -- Sean.

HANNITY: All right, thanks, Dan Springer on the scene.

Joining me now with reaction are former NYPD detective Bo Dietl, former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman, FOX News political analyst Juan Williams.

Let's go to the comments of the sheriff. Every media outlet, for the most part, has already identified who the shooter is. I don't really know if I agree or disagree. But you know what? I want to give the sheriff enough respect. We've given out the name enough tonight.

But his -- give respect to the families. We all agree with that. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of these families. He says they know the name. They're not going to give him credit. They're encouraging the media not to repeat it. Does that make a difference, Bo?

BO DIETL, FOX CONTRIBUTOR: I get what he's saying. And I've always said it all along in my whole career. Why put the guy's name out there?  Why give him the sensationalism?

But in reality, its leaked out, and the name is out there.

HANNITY: It's more than leaked out. Every media outlet (INAUDIBLE)

DIETL: I mean, this is his feelings. I understand it and all that.  As far as the acting president of the university, I've been doing this story all day, following with her, and her statement today almost -- I really got sick to my stomach when she mentioned, We have no guns on our college.

And (INAUDIBLE) In light of what just happened, when you have a security officer with no gun, he has mace, and this kind of action's going on around our country, would you reconsider? She goes, No, we will not reconsider guns coming on the campus. I mean, at what point, if this can happen in a small town in Oregon, it can happen --

HANNITY: I have said with all of these shootings I was really disgusted with the president's comments tonight, his race to politicize this. We will be discussing that in the days to come. I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time on it.

DIETL: Where was he when the 15 kids that were killed in Chicago over the weekend?

HANNITY: Nothing, not a word. Not a word.

DIETL: And all the cities with the best gun control laws, New York, Washington, Baltimore, Chicago, and those guns are not NRA guns. These are illegal guns killing our kids.

JUAN WILLIAMS, SENIOR EDITOR, THE HILL: And who makes those guns possible, Bo? NRA. Where do the guns come from? Places that have loose gun control. And you guys say --

HANNITY: Juan --

WILLIAMS: How many mass murders --

HANNITY: We have too many issues and there's too much information to get out. But I have got to tell you, when the president said today this is a political choice we've got to make that we make to allow this to happen, that is a gross lie by this president. You know, you want to keep kids in school safe? Have former detectives like Bo Dietl and Mark Fuhrman on every campus and every school and your schools are going to be safer instead of these gun-free zones.

WILLIAMS: Send children to armories for school now.

HANNITY: No, not armories.

WILLIAMS: And this unbelievable. You just want guns everywhere.

DIETL: What about the kids being killed in our inner cities?  Chicago, 15 dead.

WILLIAMS: Maybe so should stop --

DIETL: Why didn't your president go on television.

HANNITY: All right, before we get to this debate I've got to stay with the facts of the case because there's too much happening here. I want to go to Mark Fuhrman here. Mark, this whole issue of if you are a Christian you get shot in the head. If you are not a Christian or you don't answer you get shot leg. That to me is at least the biggest piece of the puzzle we'll try and piece together in the days and weeks ahead. How do you interpret that?

MARK FUHRMAN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I would agree with you, but, once again, motive in a homicide is never understood. That's why it's not proven in court. It is usually muddled because of the suspect's interpretation of his right to kill somebody.

   But I think in this instance it gives you a window into at least a small portion of this suspect's anger was certainly for Christians, whether his religion is Muslim or Buddhist or whatever his religion is. It could be atheist for that matter. It is an important part of the puzzle, and I think that's what they're searching for.

HANNITY: Two other things that I want to look into, Mark. Number one is, who posted the message if you live in the northwest, don't go to school tomorrow the day before the shooting occurs. And the second thing is I want to know why he posted something with the IRA up there. Two other little pieces that we need to examine, correct?

FUHRMAN: Well, of course. The picture of the IRA, that was a struggle, Catholics versus Protestants. They were --

HANNITY: But they're both Christian.

FUHRMAN: It was a guerilla war within a small country. Yes, but they're all Christian, so it has nothing to do with their belief in God -- or their God, the Christian God. So when you see that coupled with somebody actually putting out that they are going to do this or threatening to do this. And I think we should know who that person was that received that and actually put out a message if you're in the northwest don't go to school tomorrow there should be some level of guilt or culpability for that person for not calling law enforcement to actually look at it right then especially in the environment we're in this world today.

HANNITY: Let me bring Bo into this whole question. The shooter, there was random shooting through the window. That was where the first shot was fired. So that's random. I don't know what you glean from that unless you did know the particular faith of the teacher that got shot first. But if he's lining people up as reported, asking if they're Christian, if they say yes they get shot in the head, if they don't answer or say no, they get shot in the leg, that to me is -- it's inexplicable, but it gives us some insight -- he obviously hated Christians.

DIETL: Mark being a former homicide detective, myself also, this case is just beginning. There is going to be witnesses that he spoke to on his cell phone, his computers. There's going to be a development of what was in this guy's head. And I say you will have a motive, whether the guy's completely insane --

HANNITY: Or an atheist or had a religious --

DIETL: And the reality, the puzzle all gets put together as the investigation. This is so brand-new now. In the next weeks to come this will develop and we will have an answer to this, I guarantee. He could be totally crazy.

WILLIAMS: That's what I was going to say to you, Bo. Do you have any doubt that he was mentally crazed?

HANNITY: Isn't everybody that could kill an innocent person is not well.

WILLIAMS: Some people are pursuing some agenda.

HANNITY: But they're still evil. They're still crazy.

WILLIAMS: We're sitting here and we're wondering was he connected to some kind of jihad? Was this guy inspired by it?

DIETL: We're going to find out from the investigation.

WILLIAMS: We want to know exactly why he did it and why he was singling out Christians.

HANNITY: This indicates an agenda, an anti-Christian agenda. That's an indication. It's not the whole thing.

WILLIAMS: He's shooting people in the leg. It's not like he if you're not Christian you're free to go.

HANNITY: OK, but if you're a Christian you got a bullet in the head.

WILLIAMS: What it suggests to me, and I think Bo was saying this earlier, this guy is a nut job at some level.

HANNITY: All right, we got to take a break. We'll come back. We're going to have more on this breaking news out of Oregon right after the break. Now, the shooter was identified. We'll tell you more about that as we continue. Thanks for being with us.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." This is a Fox News alert. Joining us now, John Parker. He's an Air Force vet who was on the Oregon campus at the time of the shooting. And he did have a concealed weapon on him. He was not allowed to go to the scene. John, thank you for being with us.  How many years did you serve in the Air Force, sir?


HANNITY: All right, so you go to school. You're there. You're a student now, right?

PARKER: Yes, sir.

HANNITY: How far away were you from where the shooting occurred?

PARKER: At first I was probably about 200 yards away in another building across a large field.

HANNITY: So you know a shooting's going on. You know that you're armed with a weapon, and based on your training in the Air Force I would assume you probably wanted to assist, is that right?

PARKER: Well, it was more than just me. There was a few people in the vet center. And when we heard the shooting happened, we got up and we were going to go out and see what we could do. Immediately the staff -- school staff stopped us and told us to get inside of the building. Some of us went to other buildings, but essentially a staff wouldn't let us go to assist.

HANNITY: So John, you were in the vet center with other vets. Were they also armed, do you know?

PARKER: I have no idea. It's none of my business. I just know that I carry and I was willing to help.

HANNITY: So you have a licensed concealed carry permit. From everything I've read the campus is a gun-free zone.

PARKER: The campus -- they might have made a policy overnight all of a sudden, but that's public property and I'm licensed to carry and I'll continue to carry.

HANNITY: And you're a vet. Believe me, I would like to have armed guards at schools, especially where there are schools with a lot of violence and inner cities. I think it is a big mistake, former police officers, retired officers. When you were locked down, did you see, did you hear anything that you can share with our audience?

PARKER: I really didn't. Some of the people had smartphones and they have the police scanner apps where you can listen to active radio communication. One of the instructors ended up turning on the projector on the internet and put on one of our local radio stations -- or television stations that was broadcasting so we could be updated a little bit. But there really wasn't anything that I'd seen or witnessed other than willing to go out there and try to do what I can.

HANNITY: I know you would have if you had the opportunity, John.  Thanks for being with us. We appreciate your insight. Thank you so much for serving the country.

PARKER: Thanks for having me.

HANNITY: Joining us now with more from the FOX News Medical A-Team is Dr. Keith Ablow. By definition, Dr. Ablow, is it fair to say that anybody that would go into a shooting like this is, by definition, mentally ill?  Whether they have an agenda or not have an agenda, normal people, healthy people have empathy and don't go shooting innocent people, especially if they have to answer a question like if they're a Christian. Is that a fair statement?

ABLOW: Absolutely, Sean. That's why I keep saying that mental health care and case finding of people who are psychologically disturbed is the way to combat this, not gun laws. And so you're absolutely right. It is the failure of empathy. Empathy defines human beings in a certain way.  When that's broken, it doesn't operate, you are free in a horrible way to do some things that other people would not.

HANNITY: What are the terms we use, a sociopath, a psychopath, what would be the medical terms you use for people that don't have a conscience, don't have a soul, can shoot somebody and go have a McDonald's hamburger and not think twice about it? In other words, they don't have the same guilt and conscience that the rest of us have?

ABLOW: Well, sure. Sean, it could be that somebody like that has antisocial personality disorder, no respect for law, no respect for the truth, no conscience. However, it also could be, listen, somebody laboring under a delusion can behave this way. Somebody that believes that evil versus good and that somehow --

HANNITY: What do you glean from the remarks that have been reported that the shooter was ling people us, are you a Christian, if you say yes, you're shot in the head, if you don't answer or say another religion you only get shot in the leg. What do you glean from that?

ABLOW: Listen, it could certainly be an element of hate inflaming this abnormal behavior, this crazy behavior or it could be literally that this person is laboring under a psychosis where he thinks that Christians are involved with Martians, for all we know. What I can tell you is that people close to this person, they knew something was brewing. We're going to find that out.

HANNITY: That's the sad thing.

ABLOW: We're going to find out that we have to respond quickly.        

HANNITY: Don't we always find out there were signs and evidence and symptoms, and then we find out about it afterwards that so many people thought that this person to do something like that. All right, Dr. Ablow, thank you, appreciate it.         

ABLOW: Thanks, Sean.        

HANNITY: We're take a quick break. We'll come back. More on the tragic shooting in Oregon right after this quick break.        



PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Someone will comment and say Obama politicized this issue. Well, this is something we should politicize. It is relevant to our common life together, to the body politic.


   HANNITY: Wow. Ten people dead, seven injured, and this is the president? Really? Why doesn't he talk about the 49 people shot in Chicago last weekend? His comments, he went on to say further in his comments, which I thought was grotesque pretty despicable, "This is a political choice we make to allow this to happen every few months in America here." That is a demagogic, grotesque lie, if you disagree with the president. And for him to do that and, literally, we barely know the names of the victims in this hour is just beyond.

DIETL: I watched this afternoon, live, and I got sick to my stomach.  Again, he is talking about these poor people who lost their loved ones.  Their names are not even out there yet, and he's trying to make an issue against the NRA. If all of the guns that are killing our black lives in America, and I'm not talking about cops killing black lives. I'm talking black on black crime, they're illegal guns. They are not NRA guns.

HANNITY: Juan, this is a rhetorical low point for him. We're not responsible because we believe in the Second Amendment for what happened here. What about the call for Bo and myself and Mark Fuhrman that we say maybe retired police officers should be in schools in Chicago and New York and not maybe even Oregon, that might keep kids safe. But most liberals and the president, they won't even hear it.

WILLIAMS: Oh, yes. You know there is an armed guard at Columbine?  Do you think it stopped anything? No. And let me ask you. You say this was a low point? Where was the president wrong? Is it the case we haven't had a series of mass murders in this country?

HANNITY: That was despicable to politicize that. That was grotesque.

WILLIAMS: What is despicable is that we don't protect ourselves and our children against mass murders in this country. People who are mentally ill have access to guns. In fact the president made a point of saying to gun owners in this country that we should do something as responsible gun owners to stop this.

HANNITY: I notice he has a lot of armed guards around him. That is the way it should be. We should protect our president, and we should protect our kids, too. Mark Fuhrman, weigh in.

FUHRMAN: Well, the president has the Secret Service, and most agencies in this country, police departments, courtrooms, they all have armed guards to protect judges and politicians. Politicians have that option, so I guess our children aren't quite as important as the president or politicians or judges. It's ridiculous.

   The president doesn't even have the facts, and yet he was making accusations that we are somehow the cause, like because we allow people to drink alcohol we are the cause for 16,000 deaths a year on the highways because of alcohol. That's absurd. And it's no different from a gunman that we don't know, that picks up a gun whether legal or illegal, and decides at that one moment to become a mass murderer.

HANNITY: The president uses the killing before the victims are even known, before the bodies are even called, within hours to advance his gun agenda. That's disgraceful.

All right, that is all the time we have left this evening. Stay with the Fox News Channel for continuing coverage of this sad, tragic Oregon shooting. And we'll see you back here with Donald Trump. That's all coming up tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern, right here on the Fox News channel. And don't forget, you can reach me on Twitter @SeanHannity, and we want to hear your comments as we do every night. Thanks for being with us.

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