Best moments from the top tier candidates at 2015 Values Voter Summit

How conservative voters reacted to the candidates' remarks; Tony Perkins provides insight on 'The Kelly File'


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MEGYN KELLY, HOST, "THE KELLY FILE":  Breaking tonight.  Two big
stories.  One, on the control of Congress, the other on the race for the White House.

Welcome to "The Kelly File" everyone, I'm Megyn Kelly.  A major shake-up in U.S. politics tonight as Speaker of the House John Boehner calls it quits. Announcing his retirement effective the end of October.  The move raising serious questions about the ongoing budget battle and the future of the Republican Party.  On the very same day, the conservatives gather on Washington to hear from a number of presidential contenders.  Speaker Boehner shocked announcement comes as conservative voters attend the Values Voter Summit.  Some of them thrilled that Mr. Boehner is stepping aside. Others only had priests for the congressman from Ohio.  Over the next hour, you will hear from Donald Trump, Senator Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Rubio and Governor Huckabee in some highlights from what they said to those voters today.  

But first, to the fallout from the Boehner decision.  From what we understand, only a couple of people knew about his plans before the announcement.  It followed an emotional 24 hours during which the Ohio Republican welcomed Pope Francis to the capitol in what was arguably a highlight of his entire career.  Here is Speaker Boehner.  


REP. JOHN BOEHNER R-OHIO, SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE:  This morning, I woke up and I said my prayers as I always do.  And I decided, you know, today is the day I'm going to do this.  As simple as that.  That's the code I've always lived by.  If you do the right things for the right reasons, the right things will happen.  And I know good things lie ahead for this House and this country, and I'm proud of what we've accomplished, especially proud of my team.


KELLY:  Chris Stirewalt is our Fox News digital politics editor. Chris, good to see you.


KELLY:  Amazing that he managed to shock Washington.  Were you shocked?

STIREWALT:  I was shocked about the timing.  I knew that there had been a back pocket plan that team Boehner had been discussing for some time and it was in the nuclear options space.  Well, if everything goes south and we can't figure out a way to get over the fiscal cliff that's coming in five days, well, maybe he would just jump out of the plane.  And everybody
said, well, he wouldn't do that.  And yet, he and talking to some intimate -- some people very close to him was maybe leaning in that direction.  And, as he said today, he woke up today and he decided that, as we would say in West Virginia, he caught a case of the blankets.  We don't say blank in West Virginia.  But he caught a case of them.  And he jumped out and he said, I'm done.  And you all can enjoy having a good time, having a terrible civil war and cut each other's throat to the next --   

KELLY:  Right.  I'm out as speaker.  I'm out even as a representative. See you.  So, and we're going to show the audience the sound in a minute, but this was celebrated, in particular, by Ted Cruz, today down in Washington at this summit.  And you have many sort of, you know, core
conservatives who are aligned ideologically with Cruz saying, this is great.  You know, they feel like we won.  We got the head of an establishment republican.  

STIREWALT:  Yes, they do.

KELLY:  It's a dawn of a new day.  So that's the case?  You agree with that?

STIREWALT:  Oh, yes, yes, yes.  I'm sorry --  

KELLY:  The victory for the conservative wing of the party.

STIREWALT:  It was a huge victory for Ted Cruz in particular.  This was his day.  He did this thing.  He became the de facto leader of the 35 or 40 members of the House of Representatives who had been most after Boehner.  He from the Senate side, had come over, had led them, had tormented Boehner, had done all of these stuffs.  So, today was Ted Cruz's giant victory.  And do you know what he did and this is a guy who is ideally positioned, he is in a fantastic position to be the last guy standing on the right fighting for the republican presidential nomination. He's made so many good moves.  And today, you know what he did?  He rubbed it in.  He rubbed salt in the wound.  He was small about it.  He taunted Boehner and you contrast that with what Ben Carson did.  And what Ben Carson did was say, John Boehner is a good guy and he's a good American and we appreciate his service.  When you get a victory, when you win his
biggest Ted Cruz won today, the thing to do is, turn it off, say, thanks very much.  And look ahead and do the next thing.     

KELLY:  Why do, you know, this group of conservatives, why do they hate John Boehner so much?

STIREWALT:  Look, part of it is the fact that Boehner didn't deliver on the promises he made, and he'll have to live with that.  Another part of it though is that people promised impossible things or they created impossible expectations.  As we learned with President Obama, when he was running for president, when he was still a senator.  He said, elect me, the seize will stop their rise, magic unicorns will fly over the earth.

KELLY:  Yes.  Right.

STIREWALT:  And people will eat M&Ms and it will be great.  People who are running against John Boehner has said that John Boehner is a problem said, well, if only we would have done this, we would have funded ObamaCare, we wouldn't have Planned Parenthood and all happiness would reign across the land.  And so, John Boehner many times had to run against impossible scenarios and he had to say, look, this is what we have got to do, we've got to tell you something it's not possible.     

KELLY:  Okay, but they don't believe he fought.  So what happens now?  If he replaced with somebody like Kevin McCarthy who is kind of like, just like John Boehner, or is there any chance that -- right, is there any chance that conservative wing will get somebody they like better as speaker?

STIREWALT:  Well, they might like McCarthy better.  And what it will depend on is, who does McCarthy populate his leadership team with.  Who are the people under McCarthy?  He is basically, this is sad to say for Kevin McCarthy, but he basically gets to choose who his hostage takers are.  He gets to say, hey look, if you make me speaker, I'll choose the flowing people who will stand there with a gun to my head for the next session of Congress --  

KELLY:  I see.

STIREWALT:  And do that.  

KELLY:  And if he chooses the right squad, he might get through this successfully.  But here's a prediction.  The conservatives who were sharing John Boehner's aster today, will probably be even less happy with what happens in the future.  

STIREWALT:  Well, doom and gloom at the end of that hit.  Thank you for that.  

KELLY:  But in a cheerful way.  Cheerfully rendered.  


As always, it's a pleasure.  

STIREWALT:  As always, you bet.  

KELLY:  Well, as we mentioned a moment ago, as this news about Speaker Boehner broke, most of the frontrunners from the GOP presidential field were speaking to the tenth annual Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. try to score points with one of the most influential voting groups in this country.  

Joining us now is Tony Perkins, he is president of the Family Research Center Council, their group that hosts this summit.  Tony, great to see you.  


KELLY:  So, what was your thought today on like the winners and the losers?  Who were the ones who win over the best did you think?  

PERKINS:  Well, I think, you know, Ted Cruz did well.  Marco Rubio did well.  And Mike Huckabee did well.  Really, everybody that came here did well.  In fact, Donald Trump came and got a very warm reception here.  

KELLY:  So there were no losers?  There was nobody who ticked off the

PERKINS:  I don't think you lose when you show -- no, not really. Because I think they're looking, there's so many candidates in the race. The social conservative voters are looking for a way to decide who they want to support and this is one way hearing them up close and talking to
them.  So, they're very receptive.  Now, Donald Trump did get a boo when he took a shot at Marco Rubio.  It was a very warm reception that he got.  And this is not necessarily his credit.  So, I give him credit for coming here and talking to him.  

KELLY:  Explain why if you're talking to a group of social conservatives, it's not all, you know, Cruz, Carson, Huckabee.  I mean, why would these voters listen to anybody other than those poor guys who stand up for what they believe?

PERKINS:  Well, because I think you look at the social conservative voters.  They're much more complex than people given credit for.  They care about the economy.  They care about national -- in fact, we began this morning with Senator John McCain.  He's clearly not a favorite from this
group.  But they respect his stand on National Security.  They respect his stand for what he's been doing for religious freedom and the military.  And so he received a very warm reception.  

KELLY:  How big is this?  How big is this?  

PERKINS:  It's big.

KELLY:  And how important is this in the GOP election?

PERKINS:  Well, the reason you saw most of them here today is because 50 percent of primary vote comes from social conservative voters.  

KELLY:  Is it that much?  Fifty percent?

PERKINS:  Yes.  When you look across the country, it's about 50 percent.  Some places I wish even higher.  But when you look at the general election, it's still about a third of the vote.  So, it's a significant voting block for republican candidates.  

KELLY:  Why then -- why then -- you know, we're going to talk to Rand Paul a little later.  I'll ask him why he didn't go.  Why didn't Carly Fiorina show up?  She's, you know, surging in the polls.  You think she'd want to speak to this group.  

PERKINS:  Yes, this would be a very good group for her.  I was told that she have a conflict and it was a confusion in the campaign.  It was a missed opportunity for her.  It's clearly based on the last debate, some of her comments.  I think she would have been very well-received here.  It's been a very interesting day in watching the interaction of the voters.  One of our largest gatherings to date.  But what you were talking about earlier, the biggest applause line today was when Marco Rubio actually announced that John Boehner was resigning.  That's been the biggest
applause line for the entire day.  

KELLY:  Why, what's your take on that?

PERKINS:  Well, I think it's not an issue.  I mean, John Boehner is a nice guy.  But why do you see Donald Trump and Carly and Dr. Carson outside is doing so well, it's not that people expect Republicans to win every battle they fight.  They're tired of them running to the battle waiting a life's line.  They want them to fight for something they believe in.  And we're seeing that unfold right now when it comes to the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and organization that's trafficking and baby body parts. But yet, they're not willing to fight and people are tired of that.  And John Boehner quite frankly his back is against the wall and this was his way out.

KELLY:  What would you say was the biggest issue that was discussed, the biggest issue that resonated with the voters there?  

PERKINS:  Well, Megyn, I think it wasn't a single issue.  But it was probably the predominant issue and that was religious freedom.  And that is a change from last year in the year before although it's been discussed under the policies of this administration and the Pope's recent visit.  The issue of being able to live your life -- to live out your beliefs is a major issue with social conservative voters.  And every one of the candidates including Donald Trump talked about that today.   

KELLY:  Uh-hm.  Is that why we didn't see for example Chris Christie there or John Kasich some others who have not been as forceful on these issues?

PERKINS:  It's like we invited all of those candidates and in fact, when we've opened the door, we would love to have them all here.  But I think, you know, they would have a hard time talking to some of these voters.  And so, again, I think those that were wanting to get to support of these voting bloc came, talked to them today.  And they were all treated very, very well.  

KELLY:  Great to see you, Tony.  Thank you for being with us tonight.  

PERKINS:  Thanks, Megyn.

KELLY:  Well, Dr. Ben Carson getting a big response when he went after both America's critics and his own critics.  We'll show you that in moments.  

Plus, Donald Trump brought his Bible to the big event.  And we'll show you how the crowd reacted to what he said about faith and one of his rivals.  Stay tuned.  


my Bible.  Okay?  


And, you know, it's First Presbyterian Church, Jamaica, and this was written by my mother with my name, this was a long time ago -- with my name, with my address, with everything in case I lost it, somebody would return it.  


KELLY:  Well, businessman Donald Trump is leading the national polls and doing very well with evangelicals.  And he was among those making a big pitch in DC today.  Two GOP evangelical voters.  Today at the Values Voter Summit, he brought his childhood Bible with him at the podium.  But as you heard Tony Perkins say, he ticked off some of the crowd when he took a shot at Senator Marco Rubio.  Here are some of Trump today.  


TRUMP:  Most importantly, I brought my Bible.  Okay?  


And, you know, it's First Presbyterian Church, Jamaica, and this was written by my mother with my name, this was a long time ago -- with my name, with my address, with everything in case I lost it, somebody would return it.  You know, in the old days, if you lost something, they returned it.  Today, a little bit less so.  We're going to have a very interesting period of time.  And maybe it starts today because Speaker Boehner, you know, some people like him on a personal basis.  Do people like him on a personal basis?  Anybody?  I don't understand.  They get elected, they're full of vim and vigor.  They're going to change things, they're going to get rid of ObamaCare.  They're going to do all of these things.  

They come down to these magnificent, vaulted ceilings that you see all over Washington.  And what happens?  They become different people.  What happened with this clown Marco Rubio?  I've been so nice to him.  


I've been so nice.  I've been so nice.  And then -- no, but he's in favor of immigration, and he has been.  He has been.  It was the gang of eight.  And you remember the gang of eight, it was terrible.  We have a president that is extremely bad for everything that the folks in this room
stand for.  I mean, extremely bad.  


Freedom of religion is so important.  We just don't see it.  You know, you take a look at a thing like the Iran deal.  We talk freedom of religion.  That contract, that agreement, has to be changed.  We have no choice.  Because if it isn't, you're going to have nuclear proliferation.  
It's already happening.  You're going to have potentially the destruction of Israel.  We're giving them $150 billion, billion.  Right.  


But you have four prisoners.  One of them is over there because he's a Christian.  He's over in jail because he's a Christian.  I'll tell you why, I'll make this statement.  If I get elected president, before I ever get to office, I guarantee you, they will be back.  I guarantee you.  A hundred
percent.  A hundred.  

I always say, I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.  That I tell you.  That I tell you.  CNN did a poll.  And I come out so high on that, on the economy.  By the way, like much, much higher. Not even close.  But one thing I was a little weak on people, they're not
so sure I'm a nice person.  And I am.  I am.  I am.  I am.  I'm a giving person.  I believe in God.  I believe in the Bible.  I'm a Christian.  You know, I have a lot of reasons.  I love people.  In fact, with evangelicals, in Iowa just came out, I'm number one, at 29, substantially ahead of anyone else.  I'm happy about that.

You know why?  That's the reason.  That's the reason.  I love Christmas.  I love Christmas.  You go to stores now, you don't see the word Christmas.  It says happy holidays.  All over.  I say where's Christmas?  I tell my wife, don't go to those stores.  I want to see Christmas.  No, I want to see Christmas.  Remember the expression Merry Christmas?  You don't see it anymore.  You're going to see it if I get elected, I can tell you right now.  I can tell you right now.  I love you all and this is the key. Thank you, all.  Thank you very much.  Thank you.  Thank you very much, everybody.   


KELLY:  A little quiet riot there.  Well, for Dr. Ben Carson this conference was an opportunity to focus on fiscal matters, his love of country, and a chance to set the record straight about some of his more controversial comments.  Take a look.


DR. BEN CARSON R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  I love enthusiastic crowds, you know.  It makes up for my low energy.  


I really get irritated when people complain about America.  And they'd say that we are a terrible place and we are the source of all evil in the world.  If we were so bad, why is everybody trying to get in here and nobody is trying to escape.  You know?  That's craziness.  


Anybody is welcome to come to America, as far as I'm concerned.  As long as they meet all of our criteria.  But they don't get to change who we are.  You know, that is a very important concept.  


And I deeply believe in compassion and being, you know, kind to other people.  And I think, you know, we're in a very good position in America to be kind to other people.  I went back and forth with one commentator.  But you said that somebody who was of the Islamic faith and a Muslim could not be president of the United States.  Well, you know, I said, will you go back and read the whole transcript?  I said, before that, I said, anybody from any faith from any belief system who comes to America, becomes an American citizen, embraces our American values and principles and is willing to subjugate their beliefs to our constitution, it's somebody, I have no problem with.  

We have some serious problems in this country.  You know, our fiscal irresponsibility is ruing the future for those who come behind us.  And as a pediatric neurosurgeon who spent my entire career working on the welfare of children, I cannot quietly sit by and watch us ruining their future.  I would say, if your representatives, and I don't care if they were Democrats or Republicans, if they continue to vote to increase our debt and to raise our debt ceiling and raise the amount of money that we're going to spend at the expense of those coming behind us, you need to find out who they are and you need to throw them out of office.  That is absolutely imperative.  


One nation.  Unity.  Let's stop letting the purveyors of division divide us up.  It was Thomas Jefferson who said the American people, they will become less vigilant.  They would stop paying attention.  And, as a result, the government would grow and grow and infiltrate every aspect of
our lives and it will begin to control and dominate the people.  But he said just before we turn into something else, the people would wake up and they would once again take control.  I say now is the time to wake up and take control.  Thank you.



KELLY:  Twisted sister.  Not quite riot as my staff and about two million people have now told me on Twitter.  Got it.  Copy and rog.

Well, one of today's most rocket speeches came from Texas Senator Ted Cruz who fired up this crowd.  We'll show you what they like best.  Next.  


you this morning with a word of hope, and encouragement and exhortation. All across this country, the American people are waking up.  And I'll tell you today.  Help is on the way.                  




KELLY:  Well, as Tony Perkins mentioned just a short time ago, Senator Ted Cruz got the crowd sharing at the Values Voter Summit in Washington in a fiery speech the Tea Party republican taking on everything from John Boehner's surprise resignation to his to-do list when he says he will become president.  While hitting home, his key message of religious liberty.  Take a listen to Senator Cruz.  


CRUZ:  You want to know how much each of you terrify Washington. Yesterday, John Boehner was speaker of the House.  


You all come to town, and somehow, that changes.  


My only request is can you come more often.  

If I am elected president, let me tell you what I intend to do on the first day in office.  The first thing I intend to do is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action.


The President tells us he's got a phone and he's got a pen.  If you live by the pen, you die by the pen.  And my pen has got an eraser.  The second thing I intend to do on my first day in office is instruct the Department of Justice to open an investigation into Planned Parenthood and
these horrible videos.  The third thing I intend to do on the first day in office is instruct the Department of Justice and the IRS and every other federal agency that the persecution of religious liberty ends today.  


The fourth thing, I intend to do in office is rip to shreds this catastrophic Iran nuclear deal.  


We will rebuild our military, we will honor the commitments made to our soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines.  


And we will protect our servicemen and women's constitutional right to keep and bear arms to defend themselves.  

We have a simple task before us.  If conservatives unite, we win.  



So I'm here to ask each and every one of you, stand, stand in your faith.  Stand with your principles.  Come together.  How do we turn this country around?  Just like in 1980.  We rise up as we, the people.  And we say we will defend this last, best hope for mankind.  This shining city on a hill that is the United States of America.  


Thank you and God bless you.  


KELLY:  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what they call bringing down the House.  Rise up, they did, repeatedly with several standing Os for Senator Cruz.  

Up next, two more candidates that brought the crowds to their feet with messages of hope and American pride.  Governor Mike Huckabee and how the American dream has changed his life.  And Florida Senator Marco Rubio on why he says he owes so much to America.  


RUBIO:  Everything that I've accomplished, everything I will ever accomplish, I owe to God.  To my parents' sacrifices.  And to the United States of America.    




KELLY:  He says he owes so much to America.


MARCO RUBIO, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  Everything that I've accomplished, everything I will ever accomplish, I owe to God, to my parents' sacrifices, and to the United States of America.  



KELLY:  Well, Florida Senator Marco Rubio was a big favorite with conservative voters today at the voter's summit, encouraging voters to elect new leaders with fresh ideas, defending religious liberty, and sharing the story of why he feels he owes America so much.


RUBIO:  Look at the deal with Iran which is basically just a series of concessions to an enemy of the United States.  The American people realize how bad the deal is.  They're opposing by an overwhelming 2-to-1 margin. And yet Washington still can't and won't stop it, and the issues like this are numerous, they are so big, they are so consequential, these issues are so generational that people cannot help but ask how can it be?  How can it be that we sent a Republican majority to Congress?  And, yet, they're still not able to stop our country from sliding in the wrong direction.  And we'll see how things progress.  Just a few minutes ago, Speaker Boehner announced that he will be resigning.

I'm not here today to bash anyone.  But the time has come to turn the page.  The time has come to turn the page and allow a new generation of leadership in this country.  And that extends to the White House and the Presidency, as well.  And that's why after just 4 1/2 years in the Senate,
I decided that I would run for President.  Because I realize that none of the problems I got elected to solve are going to be solved if we keep promoting the same people to higher and higher ranks within our government. Here's the simple truth.  To set a new precedent in Washington, we need a new President in Washington.  Most of all, what we need is a President who on the first day in office will put the left hand on the bible and the right hand in the air and promise to uphold the entire constitution, including the right of religious liberties, including the right to bare arms, and including the right to the God given and inalienable right to life.  

For many of us, for me, for most of you that were born and raised in this country, it's sometimes easy, sometimes easy to forget how special America is, because this is all we've ever known.  But I have one more blessing.  I was raised by people who knew how special America was. Because they knew what it was like to lose a country.  Because they understood how different America was from the rest of the world.  You see I'm just a generation removed from a very different life.  Everything that I've accomplished, everything I will ever accomplish, I owe to God, to my parents' sacrifices, and to the United States of America.


KELLY:  Wow.  This is interesting.  Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee remains a hero out of many voters portraying himself as a D.C. outsider and a champion of the working class, fighting to preserve the American dream for the next generation.  Take a listen.  


MIKE HUCKABEE, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  I've been blessed to live in this country. I'm grateful to God that I was born by his grace in the United States of America.  And this country has been awfully good to me. And I've been able to do things that my parents and grandparents never could conceive.  The fact is I grew up dirt poor and my dad never finished
high school, his dad didn't and his dad before him didn't.  I'm the first male in my family ever to do that, much less going to college.  I lived the American dream.  I didn't just read about it.

But I also know this, unless we make some significant serious changes in the way we govern this nation, I'll be walking my grandkids through the charred remains of a once great republic called the United States of America.  Most American workers in this country have been punched in the gut by the economic policies that have happened whether it's Democrat or Republican because it's all about making sure that those in the Washington to Wall Street axis of power get their cut whether you get one or not.  I say it's time to quit taking a punch in the gut and give this government a kick in the butt.  That's what we need to with America now.

I've never had a Washington, D.C. address ever in my life, never lived here.  I've never had a paycheck from this town.  People say we want an outsider.  Well, you can have one.  Because I've never lived here, I've never worked here.  I've never had a paycheck here.  But I do understand that simply making a speech is not leadership.  Simply proposing a piece of
legislation is not leadership, well let me tell you something, unless you bring it to the point where it gets signed and implemented, it's nothing but talk.  Leadership means you get the job done.  We must begin to get the job done.  I've heard enough speeches in America.  I want real some leadership to change in America.


KELLY:  Fiery day down in Washington.  You just heard five of the GOP front runners, which of these messages worked best.  And which may have fallen short.  Pollster Frank Luntz is here on that and what he says was one of the most significant moments of the entire event, next.



RUBIO:  I don't come from privilege.  And the truth is by privilege they mean wealth and power, that's true.  I didn't inherit any money from my parents.  But I, nonetheless, believe that I actually do come from extraordinary privilege because I'm a citizen of the single greatest nation
in all of human history.


KELLY:  That was Senator Marco Rubio today.  The Senator getting a lot of praise for his performance, so what did he and the other candidates do right and wrong?  Frank Luntz is a Pollster and CEO of Luntz Global, so who is the winner if there was a winner today?

FRANK LUNTZ, POLLSTER:  You just saw it right there, Marco Rubio. Because I put out a tweet as this was going on because I saw the transcript where I said that Marco Rubio was booed when Donald Trump took an attack on him, and having now seen the video, they were not booing Marco Rubio.  They were booing Donald Trump.  And I think one of the most important findings from this is that you can go too far.  That you can attack too much.

KELLY:  He just joined us.  We showed this earlier, but there was one moment today where Mr. Trump got booed briefly, here it is.


DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  You have this clown, Marco Rubio.  I've been so nice to him.  I've been so nice.


KELLY:  Go ahead.

LUNTZ:  You don't call someone who's a United States Senator, a successful Speaker of the House of Florida and someone who's a living, breathing embodiment of the American dream, you don't call him a clown. Call me a clown.  The audience there resented it.  This is Christian Values Summit, and that is not part of Christian values to go and insult someone for how they look, how they speak, for anything in that personal nature.

KELLY:  That works for Trump in other circles.  That wasn't the right audience for it.

LUNTZ:  I'm not convinced that that will continue to work for him. When he talks about the frustration with Washington, he's scoring points. In his speech, he talked about the failures of the Republican leadership, that scores points, but when you insult someone personally, that's not part of the Christian ethic.

KELLY:  Quickly, what about -- talk about polls, do people like that?

LUNTZ:  No, and the politicians -- what I'm advising, I tell them never talk about polls.  Let somebody else do it.  That's what pundits do it.  They're expecting you to have answers about substance, not about politics.  

KELLY:  What about Senator Ted Cruz, I've seen him many times -- I've interviewed him scores of times, I've never seen him like that before.

LUNTZ:  He's getting more preacher-like with every appearance.  

KELLY:  He was feeding off the energy in the crowd.

LUNTZ:  And -- speaker of the house, all that changes, my only request is that you come here more often.  It's the idea of engaging them in the change in leadership in Washington.  


KELLY:  Some thought that was ungracious.  Just walk away.  You know, don't gloat.

LUNTZ:  A Republican primary voter is frustrated with Washington and the leadership there.  Ted Cruz hits it perfectly.  It's the reason why he's a first-term Senator and has done so well nationwide.

KELLY:  Totally different manner in Ben Carson.  

LUNTZ:  And Ben Carson's opening line and I apologize for quoting from them, I love enthusiastic crowds, it makes up for my low energy.  That's self-deprecating.  That's what Donald Trump needs to figure out.  


KELLY:  He went to the Wharton Business School.  He's smart.   Humble is not really his thing which he understands, and he does make jokes about himself, that's one of his strengths -- is sometimes he mocks himself. What about Mike Huckabee?   I don't understand why he wouldn't be the rockstar of this whole things -- who he was speaking to.

LUNTZ:  And again his line, I would say it's time to quit taking a punch in the gut and give this government a kick in the butt.  That's what we need to do in America right now.  I've never seen Mike Huckabee so angry, so compassionate.  Mike Huckabee's always been the gentle, happy conservative, social conservative. Tonight he demonstrated that he's mad -- do well with voters.

KELLY:  He's living up to the nickname I gave him that one time on air.  Thank you (Inaudible).

LUNTZ:  If it's after 9:30, you're -- if it's in the second half of the show, you're ok.

KELLY:  No, I don't -- great to see you, Frank.

LUNTZ:  Pleasure, thank you.

KELLY:  Breaking tonight, Fox News confirmed reports that could damage even further the Hillary Clinton campaign that's already under fire for its email controversy.  

Senator Rand Paul is here on the breaking news over Hillary Clinton, the Values Voter Summit and his future in this race.


KELLY:  Breaking tonight, new developments in the email controversy plaguing Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.  First, the Associated Press reporting today that the Obama administration found a chain of work-related emails between Hillary Clinton and the now-retired General Petraeus, the new find raises questions about the claim Clinton made back in March that she has surrendered all emails that could possible be work-related.  Plus, Fox News has found that the State Department now says it has another 900 Libya-related emails.  Thought they had already been turned over?  And the committee said they believe these should have been turned over long ago, joining me now, Kentucky Senator and Republican presidential candidate, Rand Paul.


KELLY:  Senator Paul, good to see you tonight.  So, as it turned out, amazingly, all the emails have not been handed over, apparently.

RAND PAUL, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  Well, you know I think one of the
qualities you want in a Commander in Chief is honesty.  And you've seen the polls, over half of America now thinks that she's dishonest.  A year ago, everybody thought the nomination was hers for the taking, I think you may find that the Democrat primary maybe as equally competitive as the Republican primary.  

KELLY:  Wow, here's my question for you.  Do people care?  When you have Clinton supporters on, they say no one but the Republicans cares about this.

PAUL:  I think ultimately it goes to wisdom, it goes to judgment, and it goes to national security.  And you want a Commander In Chief who, at the very least, will protect our secrets and not put them out there on display.  I think this combined with Benghazi.  It wasn't the spin
afterwards.  To me, it was the nine months where they pleaded for security in advance.  It shows somebody who really, for the 3:00 a.m. moment, wasn't there.  The phone was ringing and she didn't pick it up.  I think all of this adds together and it is going to give her serious problems.  I think you're going to see a real race on the Democrat side.  And I think that's going to be the big surprise of 2016.  Not only will it be a competitive Republican primary, there's going to be a competitive Democratic primary, as well.

KELLY:  We've been talking about this Values Voter Organization down in Washington, D.C., you didn't go, and you went last year, why didn't you go?

PAUL:  I think I've been three or four times.  I needed to be campaigning in the early primary states, so we were in a college – New England College today, we had 700 kids, and we've now organized 350 college campuses.  So we're out there working, trying to campaign, campaigns not
all in Washington.  In fact, a lot of the campaign is getting out into the country side.  In New Hampshire, they expect you to come here and they expect you to meet people.  That's what I'm trying to do.

KELLY:  People are already talking about whether you're going to get out of this race because your poll numbers are not great.  


KELLY:  Governor Walker said this week he bailed because others need to seriously consider getting out so that the sort of establishment can mount a real challenge to the front runner.  Your thoughts on whether you're getting out?

PAUL:  I'm for all the others getting out.  We have a thousand students alone agreeing to caucus for us.  I'm the only one saying I'm shoot going to let the government all of your phone records.  We're in it to win it.

KELLY:  Senator Rand Paul, it's great to see you, we're glad you're here tonight.

PAUL:  Thanks, Megyn.

KELLY:  Up next, `80s metal bands.  We'll be right back.


KELLY:  All right, here we go, on the right, Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister, on the left, Kevin Devreaux of Quiet Riot.  Yeah, brings you back. I, personally, was a Bon Jovi fan.  However, Living on a Prayer is not a very good campaign slogan, so I feel for Mr. Trump on that.  Have a great weekend.  I'll see you on Monday at 9:00.

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