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Gutfeld: Check out the cool kids flocking to Bernie Sanders

Look at all the cool kids flocking to Bernie Sanders. He's got Will Ferrell, Mark what's his face, Jeremy Piven, Sarah Silverman and this lady. It's a gala for the gullible. But really, all this burning love is a status marker. In an attempt to appear authentic among your peers, they perform the least authentic act ever, embracing a stupid ideology simply to appear real.

In the 1970s, Hollywood types embraced albums with singing whales. It was stupid but at least that didn't kill anyone like other causes. But Bernie is just another kind of singing whale. A novelty used by guilt-ridden faux intellects to shame their personal trainers. You can credit historical amnesia when you forget the horrors of previous deadly strains of socialism. This one is different, you say. But it never changes. The primary engine of socialism is a force of leveling of outcomes from above through the power of punitive revenge, fueled as always by envy.

Anyway, it doesn't matter to celebs. Hell, it didn't matter when they once glorified deadly communism. So after all the prosperity that America's free market system brought them, they flock to an ideology that would have prevented such outcomes. Fact is without capitalism, there would be no Bernie Sanders. If this country had been under socialist rule, Sanders would have been chased out of town long ago. Yet, here he gets love from the intellectually empty in the land of the plenty for only the rich and naive would embrace what would crush them if they were poor.

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