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Gutfeld: School safety's no joke, President Obama

Try bringing a clock that looks like a bomb to the White House


Remember these guys?


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: They represent the very best of America, American character and, you know it's these kinds of young people who make me extraordinarily optimistic and hopeful about our future.


That's the president welcoming three heroes who stopped a major terror attack. But what if that Islamist on the train that they tackled was just transporting a toy gun to his child for his birthday? Those heroes would go to zeros before you could say Islamophobia.

Now we have a kid named Ahmed, bringing a clock to school that looked like a bomb. He was arrested for a hoax crime and became a star. So much so, the president invited him to the White House. Awesome, I love happy endings. But here are some thoughts from the Department of Common Sense:

As individuals, we can make our own decisions about our own safety. Teachers, they don't have that luxury. Obama dismissed such concerns through his intrusive baloney. Would he have felt differently if the thing had looked like a gun? If Ahmed brought that thing into Sidwell Friends -- where Obama's kids went to school -- forget jail, he'd be in the ER for months. And try bringing a clock that looks like a bomb to the White House. Actually, no, don't try it. You've seen what they do to people who jump fences.

So why is a school's safety a joke, but President Obama's isn't? Because for him and the media, the story fits the assumption of an America that hates Muslims. Yes, it's our fault for reacting when a kid brings a wired-up box to a place filled with kids in the state where terror has occurred.

So what should we do? Must we endure unguarded possibilities, hoping for luck or three heroes on a train? So if "see something, say something" is bigoted, I'll gladly risk the name calling.

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