Off the Record

Greta: President Obama, we are waiting ...

'Off the Record,' 9/2/15: Attorney General Loretta Lynch has finally come out and condemned the recent attacks on our law enforcement officers. President Obama, it's your turn


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record." Our top leaders must show strong support for our nation's law enforcement -  it's very important. It's not enough to simply issue a written statement. That's just an after thought. 

So last night, right here, I called out both President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch for not making on-camera strong public condemnations for what is happening to law enforcement in this country. I used the word "condemnation" because it requires condemnation.


VAN SUSTEREN: Their statements need to be on camera, a full-throated condemnation of this violence on police.


Now, I'm not going to take credit. But good for Attorney General Loretta Lynch, because this morning she did make a strong public statement of support on camera, even using the word I suggested last night, "condemn."


LORETTA LYNCH, UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL: I want to take just a few minutes and talk about some of the recent tragic events in some of our communities involving police shootings which affect us all. I strongly condemn these recent and brutal police shootings in Texas and in Illinois. We have had four more guardians slain and, frankly, our hearts are broken over this. I offered the families of these officers my condolences and I ask that all of us come together and keep them in our prayers.


So thank you to the attorney general. It means a great deal to law enforcement. Now we await the president. Mr. President, it's your turn.