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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to "Hannity." This is a "Fox News Alert." And by the way, Megyn Kelly's 5-year-old son can stay awake for this hour.

Now, thousands of Hillary Clinton e-mails from her time as secretary of state were just released by the State Department. Now, the 7,000 pages of newly released e-mails were originally stored on Clinton's private server, 150 of those e-mails being censored by the State Department for containing information that it is now considering classified -- now considering.

Here now with more is our own Ed Henry. Ed, this is not -- it seems like a late night document dump to me on a week that's heading into a holiday weekend. Thoughts?

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, Sean, we've pressed the State Department today, what is going on here, and they just said it's taking a lot of time to get through it. But you're right. They started out saying it would come out in the middle of the day. Then it was 6:00 PM Eastern, now 9:00 PM Eastern.

It's obviously very late, but look, we're still going to go through it. The public is still going to have a chance between now and the beginning of the caucuses and primaries to evaluate whether there's anything here that they want to dig into.

Bottom line is there is about 150 e-mails in this new document dump that has -- that contains classified information. That's on top of the 63 e-mails that Hillary Clinton had already -- you know, that the State Department already said had classified information.

She has consistently stuck to the line that, Look, these e-mails were not marked classified at the time. But I want to show you real quick one of them, which is about Sudan. And it's back and forth among top U.S. officials about a trilateral meeting between top officials and Sudanese officials about the crisis there. And this is forwarded on to Hillary Clinton on the unsecure -- insecure server.

And it's interesting because one of these pieces of paper I have right here, and it says, "Page denied." It's now been redacted, the entire page!  It obviously had classified information.

Why the secretary did not realize that in real time with or without markings will be one question. I pressed the State Department today on a very simple question that they dodged. Watch this.


HENRY: Can you say from that podium categorically that Secretary Clinton followed the rules and the law?

MARK TONER, DEPUTY STATE DEPARTMENT SPOKESMAN: I'm just not going to answer that question. It's not our goal, it's not our function -- in this regard in releasing these e-mails.


HENRY: So they don't know whether rules and the law was followed.

Then there are revelations from e-mails the State Department has not yet made public, such as an e-mail obtained exclusively by Fox News tonight from conservative activist David Bossie. It shows an aide to former president Bill Clinton asked the State Department in August 2012 for permission for the Clinton Global Initiative to accept money from a company that had done business with Iran.

Here's the e-mail. "Petronas, the government-owned Malaysian oil company, would like to send its CEO to CGI as a paying member." Bill Clinton's director of foreign policy was writing that in August of 2012.

Quote, "For years, they were shipping oil to Iran. Would the CEO attending CGI as a paying member be concerned -- be of concern for the U.S. government," he said right there.

The e-mail was sent to Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton's chief of staff.  She did not say yes or no on the money coming in from a company aligned with Iran. Instead, she replied on August 10th, 2010 -- 2012, rather, "Can you check the facts? It seems odd they would ship oil to Iran. Either way, is it your point that they do business without a waiver?" That's obviously a reference to a waiver from the United Nations sanctions that had been ramped up over Iran's nuclear program.

Remember, Hillary Clinton as secretary of state at the time, she was leading the fight to increase sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program. And yet here we are at the same time, in 2012, and basically, a representative for Bill Clinton is saying, Can we accept money from a company that's been doing business with that rogue nation Iran?

Now, Clinton officials have stressed to me today that there's no evidence that the executive at this company ended up giving any money at all. And so they're saying that, basically, nothing came of this. But it's certainly odd that Bill Clinton's representatives thought that they might be able to accept this money.

Remember, late last week, David Bossie also released some e-mails that had he had gotten from one of his many lawsuits, petitioning for this information from the State Department, that pointed out that representatives from Bill Clinton wanted him to accept paid speeches from North Korea and to these -- tied to North Korea and also the Democratic Republic of Congo.

So there's all this information that's spilling out, what the State Department is releasing, Sean, and then what they're not releasing and we're digging up.

HANNITY: Ed, quick question. The RNC put out a memo tonight saying, number one, the State Department -- this goes back to the question that you were asking earlier today. And that is, they won't say for sure that she sent classified foreign government information over her e-mail. That's number one. They won't say if Clinton spent unmarked but still classified information over the e-mail.

They won't say if she was subject to the department's own foreign affairs manual, which, remember, she sent out a memo that said, with her name on it, Don't use private devices. And three, the State Department won't say if she followed federal laws and rules of handling classified information.

So all this is coming out, we -- and by my math, it's 213 classified e-mails so far!

HENRY: Right, 63 plus about 150 tonight. There was a reporter from Reuters that asked a whole series of questions before I got that question and others in and was going through the foreign service manual and saying, You're supposed to handle classified information in this certain way. Did the secretary handle it properly? And they just wouldn't say.

Look, in fairness to the officials there at the podium now, they're caught up in the middle of a big political fight that's going on. But this is beyond politics, obviously. There's an FBI investigation, a criminal (sic) investigation of what happened.


HENRY: We should be able to expect that government official are going to answer direct questions about whether the secretary of state followed the rules, followed the law.

One final point, Sean. The e-mails we're seeing tonight from the State Department -- we can never forget the most important point of al.  The e-mails we're seeing are the ones Hillary Clinton turned over. What we're not seeing are, by her own account, about 30,000 e-mails she deleted.  Those are not included in any of these document dumps.

HANNITY: 33,000, to be accurate. And on top of that, the e-mail about her new iPad was interesting, as well.

Ed Henry, thanks so much for being with us.

Here with reaction, author of "The Queen: The Epic Ambition of Hillary and the Coming of a Second Clinton Era," nationally syndicated talk show host Hugh Hewitt. Also with U.S. (sic) Citizens United president David Bossie. Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov is with us.

All right, let's go to the Congo, North Korea, and Bill Clinton asking the State Department for permission to accept money from a company doing business with Iran. These are -- doesn't that show how greedy they are that -- that -- how connected maybe this might be to the foundation?

DAVID BOSSIE, CITIZENS UNITED PRES.: I'll tell you, Sean, I've been investigating the Clintons since the '90s. And I really -- when I read these e-mails, I was shocked. And I've seen them do a lot of things. And when I saw the tangled Web that is really the Clinton machine, what they would be willing to do -- Bill Clinton was willing to take money from the Congo and from North Korea!

And he was going to hide it. And these e-mails state he will be able to put it in the foundation. And back then, several years ago, they were never going to tell people who donated...

HANNITY: Because is it that they believed from the beginning they'd never get to these e-mails on this private server, which is why it was set up in the first place?

BOSSIE: And -- that's exactly right. And let me just say, I believe -- I don't know this, but I believe that's one of the reasons why it was wiped. They didn't want these types of e-mails to come out. I don't know about the secure nature of it, and those elements we're going to find out with the FBI investigation. But these are the types of things that are incredibly embarrassing.

HANNITY: All right, let me go to you, Jessica. Doug Schoen, a good - - mutual friend, says the campaign of Hillary Clinton is in a death spiral.  Agree?

JESSICA TARLOV, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Yes, not as -- not (INAUDIBLE) on that as Doug, who I respect, obviously, greatly and enjoy spending time with, as you do. But I don't think it's a death spiral. You look at the general election polling right now...

HANNITY: 263 classified e-mails...


TARLOV: ... retroactively classified...

HANNITY: ... on a server that she said had no -- her original statement was, I have neither sent nor received anything classified.

TARLOV: I understand. And there is no doubt that there are mistakes on every level here. She should have never had a private server. She should have never said she had...

HANNITY: A mistake or a law broken? Because the law says...

TARLOV: Well, it's unclear...

HANNITY: ... you cannot...

TARLOV: Yes, I understand the law says that. But there are -- Michael Mukasey gave an interview...

HANNITY: We're going to play it in the next segment.

TARLOV: Oh. Well, where he said knowing what he knows today that he wouldn't bring charges. David Ignatius wrote a piece in The Washington Post saying that he spoke to...

HANNITY: Real quick, David.

TARLOV: ... a number of national security...

HANNITY: And then I'm going to go to Hugh.


BOSSIE: We're seeing -- what we're seeing here is the unraveling of the Clinton machine. Breitbart just broke a story this evening that is that there -- that they shared the same server, the foundation, Hillary...

HANNITY: I have it right here. They shared an e-mail network with the Clinton Foundation.

BOSSIE: That's a tremendous story, and we need to figure that out and drill down into that...

TARLOV: Absolutely. And I don't...


BOSSIE: This is death by a thousand cuts.

HANNITY: I agree with you. And I think it's going to keep coming because they keep releasing it in bits and dribs and drabs.

Hugh Hewitt, your thoughts. Do you get to the legal point? Now it's a criminal investigation. We're told it's the FBI A-team that's investigating this. How much legal jeopardy is she facing, beside the political fallout?

HUGH HEWITT, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Enormous legal jeopardy, Sean.  Not only are those 33,000 e-mails unaccounted for, that system was not secure. And Rudy Giuliani will tell you. I was at the Department of Justice at the same time that Rudy was the associate attorney general. I had SCI, sensitive compartmented information clearance.

The fact that they mishandled and negligently dealt with this information, which was obviously classified -- that Ed Henry report on the Sudanese exchange -- that is obviously classified. They obviously knew or ought to have known that what they were dealing with was not being dealt with in accordance with 18 USC 1924. They have an extraordinary liability here.

And it is a sinkhole that continues to expand because we know one other thing. It was confirmed to me by Mike Morell (ph), who's the former deputy director of the CIA, by another senior undercover intelligence official -- and I'll bet the vice president will confirm to you, as well -- it is beyond certainty that foreign intelligence agencies hostile to the United States knew she maintained that server and accessed everything on that server.

By definition, all of the e-mail traffic of the secretary of state of the United States is high-value intelligence. She put her own political interests...

HANNITY: All right...

HEWITT: ... and the financial interests of her family...


HEWITT: ... ahead of this country's.

HANNITY: All right, thank you all for being with us.

When we come back, Dick Cheney and his daughter, Liz -- they'll talk about the Clinton scandal and much, much more.

And also tonight, we'll get reaction from former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.

And still to come tonight, Black Lives Matters protesters -- they call for more violence against police officers. We'll check in with Sheriff David Clarke and much more straight ahead.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." So since leaving office, Vice President Cheney has not been silent about his concern regarding the disastrous foreign policy decisions that are made by the Obama administration. In his latest book -- it's in stores tomorrow -- the former vice president, along with his daughter, Liz, outline the reasons why the United States needs to lead on the world stage.

Joining us now to explain more, the authors of "Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America," former vice president Dick Cheney, his daughter, Liz Cheney, Liz, of course, a FOX News contributor.

Thank you, both. I have my autographed copy right here. And it's on Amazon, book stores tomorrow.

I like to say that America should lead and America should be exceptional. This president has a hard time acknowledging American exceptionalism.


HANNITY: I don't think he does, either.

D. CHENEY: I think his world view just doesn't reflect reality.

HANNITY: That's a -- when you say that, for -- think about what you just said.

D. CHENEY: I know.

HANNITY: We have a president of the United States that his world view does not reflect reality, and he has his finger on the nuclear buttons.  That's a little scary when you combine them, no?

D. CHENEY: Well, initially, I think, when you start out trying to evaluate him, as we all do (INAUDIBLE) president, think, Well, he made a mistake here. That's a bad judgment. But now you look back over six, going on seven years, and there's a pattern there that's very consistent and it seems to be based on a set of beliefs that is unique from recent presidents.

And one of the key things, reasons Liz and I wanted to write a book, was what he represents is a break with the history of the last 70 or 75 years, where on a bipartisan basis, we've had presidents who believed in American exceptionalism.

HANNITY: Yes. And he's said as much, Liz.

LIZ CHENEY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: No, he has. And I think one of the reasons that you're seeing sort of, you know, disaster after disaster around the world is this idea that he has, this ideology that he has is coming crashing up against reality.

And you know, you mentioned having his finger on the nuclear button.  He seems not to recognize the difference, frankly, between a situation in which the United States has a nuclear arsenal and Iran has access to, or a pathway to a nuclear arsenal. He's said as much. He said that...

HANNITY: Well, he said the breakout time will be 10 years.


HANNITY: It'll be zero in 10 years.

LIZ CHENEY: Yes. But he also has said, you know, that no nation has the right to tell other nations whether they can have nuclear nations. And what his agreement really does is ensure that Iran will, in fact, have not just one nuclear weapon but an entire nuclear arsenal.

And a 10-year period assumes they don't cheat. And clearly, the historical record is...

HANNITY: They cheat.

LIZ CHENEY: ... they cheated every single time.

HANNITY: Here's the deal to me, Mr. Vice President, $150 billion the Iranians get, the number one sponsor of terror. During the negotiations, the Iranians said that the destruction of Israel is non-negotiable.

D. CHENEY: Right.

HANNITY: They were burning American flags, threatening America, threatening Israel. Number one state sponsor of terror -- they continue conventional weapons building. They're doing a deal now for missile defense with Russia.

D. CHENEY: S-300s.

HANNITY: They build their ICBMS so they can launch the missiles and maybe reach the United States. And I'm thinking we didn't even get four American hostages out of this deal. Is there one thing America got out of this deal?

D. CHENEY: Not that I can think of, as I look at it all the way down.  And what he set out as his objectives -- no nukes for Iran. Well, that's gone by the boards. No enrichment by the Iranians. That's gone by the boards. Every concession that got made was made by Barack Obama to the Iranians, and it shows in the final result.

We've talked about the situation with respect to the nuclear situation, but look over at the stuff they did at the last minute on the side on conventional weapons, on ballistic missiles.

HANNITY: Do we even know every side deal?

D. CHENEY: No, we don't know if there are some side deals we don't know about.

HANNITY: That's scar, too. You liken this deal to the Munich pact.  And that is, Neville Chamberlain, peace with honor and peace in our time.  No such thing was ever going to happen. I say there's a simple formula, A- squared, B-squared equals C-squared, 1 and 1 equals 2. I think radical Islamic mullahs with weapons of mass destruction equals a modern-day Holocaust. Am I wrong or am I right?

LIZ CHENEY: No, I mean, sadly, Sean, I think that that's -- that's a very real potential. You know, Charles Krauthammer has pointed out that an Iran armed with nuclear weapons could be able to kill six million Jews, the population of Israel, in a day, something that it took Nazi Germany six years to do.

So you know, you have a situation where this deal actually makes war more likely, not less likely. Everything the president said about it isn't true. And he's now out there saying those of us who oppose the deal want war. But I think it's important for people as they begin to think about how they're going to vote on this deal to recognize that a vote for the deal means a vote to give hundreds of billions of dollars to the world's worst sponsor of terror, a vote to give them access to ballistic missile technology, conventional weapons...

HANNITY: Crazy! They spin their centrifuges.

LIZ CHENEY: ... and an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

HANNITY: All right, let me move to a little politics. Hillary Clinton seems to get weaker and weaker every day. What do you make of her e-mail scandal?

D. CHENEY: I think it's significant. I don't know any more details than what I see in the press, but I know from my own experience that when you go into those kinds of jobs, you're briefed on the enormous importance of being very careful with how you handle classified information. In fact, it looks to me like she approached it in a sort of very amateurish, nonprofessional way (INAUDIBLE)

HANNITY: Maybe -- maybe law-breaking involved, when all is said and done.

D. CHENEY: We don't know. But obviously, it's a situation where I think it's very, very serious. I don't think it's something you're going to be able to just blow away.

If you look at what David Petraeus, General Petraeus, got nailed for, he passed a few documents on to somebody else who also had clearances, but not those particular set of clearances, and of course, he ended up probation for two years. But it was, in fact, a serious violation. We're talking here about maybe thousands of documents. Nobody knows.

HANNITY: Did you really urge Joe Biden to run?

D. CHENEY: I did. I said, Joe, I'd love to -- I didn't say...


D. CHENEY: We're not close. Obviously, we're in opposite parties.  But I think it'd be great if Joe got into the race. He's wanted to run.  He ran twice before. I think they're short of candidates on their side.  We've got 17...


HANNITY: ... think that's enough at this point? We have to have two separate debates and -- what do you make of -- I'll ask both of you, Liz first -- of the Trump tsunami? It came out of nowhere, dominating in the polls. What do you make of it?

LIZ CHENEY: Well, I think, you know, we've both said that we're not endorsing anybody at this point. We really want...

HANNITY: By the way, I'm not, either.

LIZ CHENEY: ... candidates who...

HANNITY: I got to play down the middle a little bit.

LIZ CHENEY: And also, we want to have a candidate who's very focused on these national security issues. I think when you look at the phenomenon of Mr. Trump, you're seeing, you know, he's tapping into a nerve. I think people do not like where we are after seven years of this president. They don't like the extent to which the president has walked away from America's traditional, powerful role in the world.

And so I think some of that really is touching a nerve. And I think we've got a number of candidates, frankly, on our side who are saying the same sorts of things.

HANNITY: Who are people that -- maybe five, that intrigue you the most? Is that a fair question?


HANNITY: Is that a way that I can get something out of you?

LIZ CHENEY: Good luck with that, Sean!

D. CHENEY: I agree with Liz!


HANNITY: What are you looking -- here's a better question. I -- for example, I am for looking for the most conservative candidate because I believe conservatism works, who can articulate a message, inspire people and win.

D. CHENEY: And I would add I want somebody who's going to make front and center...


D. CHENEY: ... national security. That's why we wrote the book.


D. CHENEY: We were concerned in the last election that it really didn't get the attention it deserved. And I think it's so crucial. I think we're in so much trouble now with the rising threats around the world, ISIS, China, Russia, and declining American capacity to deal with those threats because of what's happened to our military, that it's more important than ever that that be the number one issue.

HANNITY: It's interesting you say that. The question that has been posed to the Republican candidates, Knowing what you know now, would you have gone into Iraq? And I think a better question is, Knowing what we know now, should we ever have pulled out without finishing the job?

D. CHENEY: That's the key question.

HANNITY: And I think it will turn out, Ramadi, Fallujah, Mosul, Tikrit -- I mean, we just handed it back to ISIS, a worse enemy.

D. CHENEY: Right.

LIZ CHENEY: Right, well, absolutely. I think this is where Secretary Clinton has got a lot of answering to do, in addition to the legal problems it looks like she will likely have. You know, she was secretary of state during the first term of this disastrous foreign policy.

So this isn't a book that just sort of goes through chapter and verse of what the president's done wrong. Secretary Clinton has to bear a huge...

D. CHENEY: Republican.

LIZ CHENEY: ... a mount of responsibility for that, as well.

HANNITY: All right, are you going on run for office?

LIZ CHENEY: We'll see. Not right now. I have no plans, but...


LIZ CHENEY: ... I'll be sure to let you know, Sean.

HANNITY: Do you want her to run for office?

D. CHENEY: I'm happy to support her, whatever she chooses to do. And as long as she lets me co-author her books, that's great.


LIZ CHENEY: Thank you, Dad.

D. CHENEY: Yes. It's all right.


HANNITY: All right, a friendly (INAUDIBLE) All right. Good to see you both. We'll have more with you later in the week, and we're looking forward to that. Thank you both.

LIZ CHENEY: Thank you, Sean.

D. CHENEY: Good to see you, Sean.

HANNITY: All right, coming up, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani in studio tonight to weigh in on Hillary Clinton's server scandal.

Then later tonight...


DAVID CLARKE, MILWAUKEE COUNTY SHERIFF: I'm tired of hearing people call these black activists. They're not activists. This is black slime.  And it needs to be eradicated from American society and American culture.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But how do you do it?


HANNITY: Sheriff David Clarke -- he erupts over the Black Lives Matters (sic) movement after a Texas deputy is gunned down, assassinated over the weekend. He'll have reaction.

Plus tonight...






HANNITY: Left-wing activists chanting, "Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon." We'll have reaction to that disturbing video and more tonight as "Hannity" continues.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." The former U.S. attorney who prosecuted General David Petraeus for mishandling classified government information is claiming that his case does not compare to Hillary Clinton's ongoing private server scandal, now, Anne Tompkins in an op-ed for USA Today writing in part, quote, "The key element that distinguishes secretary Clinton's e-mail retention practices from Petraeus sharing of classified information is that Petraeus knowingly engaged in an unlawful act, and that was the basis of his criminal liability."

Now, while Tompkins appears to make a passionate argument, her opinion comparing the two cases should come with a very big warning. She donated to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign!

Here with reaction, former New York City mayor, former prosecutor Rudy Giuliani, also a former U.S. attorney.

Let's go to Mike Mukasey, former U.S. attorney general. Here's what he said.


MICHAEL MUKASEY, FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL: There's a whole lot more classified information that was stored on that server without authorization, improperly. And that should not have been done. That's the kind of thing that -- at a minimum, that's the kind of thing that General Petraeus was prosecuted for.


HANNITY: I think I'll trust him over the Clinton donor.


HANNITY: Thoughts.

RUDY GIULIANI, R-FMR. NEW YORK CITY MAYOR: Well, he was my law partner and his son is my law partner and he's one of my best friends, and a great attorney general, by the way.

The reality is the former assistant U.S. attorney who wrote that was highly irresponsible. There's no possible way she could know whether Hillary Clinton knowingly destroyed (sic) this information...

HANNITY: Explain...

GIULIANI: ... because it hasn't been investigated! And second, there is a -- there's an indication that it was knowing, which is the destruction of evidence. In a criminal trial, the destruction of evidence entitles you to a charge to a jury that that is circumstantial evidence of guilty knowledge!

So for her to say that has to have been a campaign-written document.  Legally, it is a highly irresponsible statement. I don't know if she knowingly did it or not. I do know there's a piece of evidence, the destruction of evidence, that would give me an argument to the jury that there's circumstantial evidence that she knew.

Plus, we haven't seen the e-mails yet! How do we know if there isn't an e-mail that links the two things, a smoking gun?


GIULIANI: Here's what I would argue to the jury. Why do you think she destroyed those e-mails, ladies and gentlemen of the jury? Because she didn't want us see her talking about dress sizes with Chelsea, or because it would incriminate her?

HANNITY: The bigger -- the bigger lie was she said her e-mails, that she destroyed 33,000...


HANNITY: ... had to do with yoga, her mom's funeral, the wedding, and e-mails to Bill, who doesn't have an e-mail account!

GIULIANI: OK. So that lie comes in evidence. It can be used against her. Second, there's another government statute that makes it a crime to mishandle government information. There you don't need knowingly. You just need gross negligence.

HANNITY: And this server you think reaches that standard.

GIULIANI: The minute -- minute you put a server in the hands of private people, what was it, in a bathroom or a garage, you don't think I can prove that was gross negligence?

HANNITY: That's gross negligence.

GIULIANI: If I -- if I couldn't do that, I shouldn't be hired by the U.S. attorney's office.

HANNITY: How many statutes have you found that you think are applicable here?

GIULIANI: I found 12 that I would investigate her under. Until I investigated her, I couldn't come to a conclusion. And this woman couldn't possibly have come to the conclusion that it wasn't done knowingly because there is a glaring piece of evidence that suggests circumstantial evidence of knowledge.

HANNITY: All right, the FBI A-team, the same people that went after Petraeus, are the people that are involved in this. The FBI is suggesting that they may be able to retrieve from the server some of the deleted e- mails. Possibility of a smoking gun?

GIULIANI: A possibility of a smoking gun with regard to what we're talking about, or a possibility of a smoking gun with regard to the Clinton Foundation.

HANNITY: Or Benghazi, too.

GIULIANI: Or Benghazi. Suppose there were communications regarding the vast amounts of money that Clinton was making from the countries and companies that she was helping as secretary of state. Now we go from conflict of interest, which Judge Mukasey was talking about, we go from there to bribery. So there were substantial reasons for her to destroy the 34,000 e-mails that have to do with incriminating evidence. And all of that is permissible evidence in a criminal trial.

HANNITY: Doug Schoen, former Clinton pollster, says she is in a death spiral. Do you agree with that?

GIULIANI: I do agree with that because she has given no good explanation for the grossly negligent, highly irresponsible way in which she handled government --

HANNITY: And when she tells Fox's Ed Henry, "Did you wipe the server clean?" "Do you mean with a cloth?" Come on. When she says that, doesn't that anger people? If you were a prosecutor, I would be angry.

GIULIANI: This is the secretary of state of the United States of America who is getting some of the most sensitive information on the planet. When I was associate attorney general, when I got a communication that had to be transmitted to the FISA court, it wasn't marked top secret.

HANNITY: But you knew it was.

GIULIANI: I was expected to know it was top secret. I won't open it up until I went into a sealed room, read it, then put night sealed file, and then I marked it top secret.

HANNITY: Last question. I think a lot of people have underestimated Donald Trump and thought he would just go away. Is he going away?

GIULIANI: No. He's going up. He's not going away.

HANNITY: Do you think he would make a good president?

GIULIANI: I think that movement part, that thing where he made the transition to, this is some movement, was a very smart political move. It seems to me he's --

HANNITY: Maturing as a candidate?

GIULIANI: He's learning on the job, which means maybe he can learn on the job as president. We'll see. I sure as heck, if I were one of his opponents, I would not count him out.

HANNITY: He is a fighter.

GIULIANI: He's a fighter. This is a guy who has a natural instinct for how to answer questions and turn things around. These are all tactically enormous.

HANNITY: He reminds me of when you were mayor. I see a little of you.


HANNITY: All right, Mr. Mayor, good to see you.

GIULIANI: Good to see you.

HANNITY: And coming up next tonight here on "Hannity" --


CROWD: Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon! Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon! Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon!


HANNITY: Black Lives Matter protesters, you know the ones the DNC praised on Friday night, caught on tape Saturday calling for more violence against police. We'll check in with Sheriff David Clarke. He's had enough with these groups and the violence rhetoric after the Texas deputy sheriff was gunned down execution style over the weekend. Sheriff Clarke is coming up next.


KELLY WRIGHT, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Live from America's News Headquarters, I'm Kelly Wright. Good evening. It's happened again. A police officer has been shot, this time near Atlanta. Preliminary reports from the scene tell us the DeKalb County officer was responding to a burglary call tonight with a fight broke out and gunfire was exchanged.  The officer has been transported to the hospital in serious idea.

   President Obama in Anchorage, Alaska, tonight kicking off a three- day history making tour. Mr. Obama will become the first sitting president to travel north of the Arctic Circle. His agenda also includes a conference on global warming, a glacier hike, and an appearance on a reality TV show with a famous survivalist. This trip comes one day after the president marked the official renaming of Alaska's Mount McKinley to Denali. That means "High One" in the language of Alaska's natives.       

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HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." Tragedy struck Harris County Texas on Friday night after a local sheriff's deputy Darren Goforth was shot at point blank range in the back of the head after filling up his patrol car at a local gas station outside of Houston.

   According to police, the shooter named Shannon Miles may have targeted deputy Goforth because he was wearing, quote, a police uniform.  This prompted the local Harris County sheriff to slam the rhetoric surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement at a press conference over the week. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Our system of justice absolutely requires law enforcement be present to protect our community. So at any point when the rhetoric ramps up to the point where calculated, cold-blooded assassination of police officers happen, this rhetoric has gotten out of control. We've heard Black Lives Matter. All lives matter. Well, cops' lives matter too.  So why don't we drop the qualifier and just say lives matter and take that to the bank.


   HANNITY: Here with reaction, Milwaukee County sheriff, our friend David Clarke is back with us. Sheriff, on behalf of all of us that thank all of you in law enforcement for what you do, this should never happen.  This man was assassinated clearly because he was wearing the uniform.

SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE, MILWAUKEE COUNTY: Sean, this was unthinkable.  But this isn't the first time it happened. If you go back to December when two of New York's finest officers were gunned down in their cruiser as they just sat on patrol in the streets of New York City, there is a correlation.  There is a cause and effect to what's going on. There is an anti-cop sentiment crossing the nation. Anybody that would say that there isn't is in denial. I'm not going to stick my head in the sand.

   As for what I said about this movement, the vile, the filth, the vulgarity, the garbage that's coming out of this rhetoric, this slime, and if the shoe fits, then they're going to have to wear it.

HANNITY: You know, it's worse than that, too, because the Democratic Party on Friday endorsed this movement. Then the next day on Saturday, this is the Black Lives Matter movement literally chanting "pigs in a bland, fry them like bacon" during a march. And the Democratic Party supported them the day before in this resolution in the DNC. Watch this.


   CROWD: Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon! Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon! Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon! Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon! Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon!  


   HANNITY: What is your reaction to that, especially in light of the fact that they were endorsed by the DNC just the night before.

CLARKE: Well, they spawned this movement and they know it. And now they're have to live with it. I'm going to make them own this movement and this group, this filth that has come out of this. This has become a political construct now in the Democrat party and their officials, they know that.

   Look, there is no place in American culture, in American society for this sort of garbage as part of our American discourse. We can agree. We can disagree. We can go back and forth with spirited debate. But nothing like this. You do not have First Amendment protection to threaten people's lives. When Louis Farrakhan calls for, looking for 10,000 people to indiscriminately kill whites and cops and other groups, you know who they are, the flag movement as well, that stuff is beyond the sort of thing that we should tolerate. And that's why I said it should be eradicated from American discourse. And I meant that.

HANNITY: Look, I'm a believer in free speech. I make my living using free speech. What happens when people cross a line? There was an internet radio show where a guy was saying, let's turn the tide. Let's start lynching white people. Let's have white people hanging from a tree, turn the tables on them and sacrifice them. And now is the time to do it.  Aren't those terroristic threats, isn't that against the law?

CLARKE: Well, yes. You have First Amendment protection from the government, OK. The government is limited as to what they can do in those instances. But this is not absolute. And you don't have First Amendment protection from a counter narrative and a counter message from people who don't agree with that.

   So that's why I'm calling on all law-abiding Americans to engage this movement, to confront this movement, to have a counter message, a counter narrative, gather where they gather, protest, counter protest, hold your signs up, we support the police, we support the constitution, we support America. And that their negative vulgarity, their bile, has no place in American society. And unless you confront this as you know, it's going to continue to go on.

HANNITY: Look at what happened to Governor O'Malley. He said, black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter. I would say Hispanic lives matter, Asian lives matter, and cops' lives matter. And he ended up apologizing. He was booed by fellow Democrats by saying all lives matter.  That to me is telling.

CLARKE: We have seen no leadership on this issue to get America out of this tail spin, this divisiveness that is sweeping the country. It has been bad for America.

HANNITY: All right, Sheriff, thank you, appreciate it.

   And when we come back, we'll have more on the Black Lives Matter activists and their disturbing chant.

Plus, tonight --

   (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)       

BERNIE SANDERS, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It is not acceptable in this country when unarmed black people get dragged out of cars or get shot.  That is happening too often.


   HANNITY: Coming up next, Bo Dietl, Eric Guster, they go head to head over Bernie Sanders's comments and the comments of the Black Lives Matter movement and much more, straight ahead.          



SANDER: Obviously, it is an outrage that this police officer was basically assassinated. Other police officers have been killed. I worked with police officers when I was mayor of the city of Burlington. They have a very, very difficult job.

On the other hand, what we also have to understand, it is not acceptable in this country when unarmed black people get dragged out of cars or get shot. That is happening too often. So in my view, we need major reforms of our criminal justice system.


HANNITY: That was 2016 Democratic hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders responding to the tragic shooting death of Texas deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth. Joining us now with reaction, former NYPD detective, Bo Dietl, criminal defense attorney Eric Guster. We had a cop assassinated. We had the Black Lives Matter movement saying about the cops, let's see, oh, chanting "Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon."

ERIC GUSTER, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: The people who were chanting that, they were in ST. Louis, I believe. And they are not true representatives --

HANNITY: Excuse me. That is the Black Lives Matters movement. A cop was assassinated. He got a bullet in the back of his head and 15 bullets in the back. Seriously?

GUSTER: The person who did that should get the worst sentence possible. And I agree with you. The sheriff who said that this is on the Black Lives Matter movement, it was their fault, he was totally wrong, and that was totally inaccurate. And we have to be careful --

BO DIETL, FORMER NYPD DETECTIVE: Eric, Eric, Eric, Jamyla Bolden, I hope I'm pronouncing that right, does that mean anything to you, that name?  Does it mean anything. I'll tell you who. It's a little girl who is nine years old, little African-American girl, nine years old, doing her homework in her house, was shot by one of these punches that are out there killing between 5,000 and 6,000 minorities a year. What about them black lives?  Does that little girl count? I looked at a picture of this little beautiful young girl doing her homework. Where is the outrage?

GUSTER: People are outraged about that. I'm outraged about any death, especially at the hands of a violent death. Those things should happen. But we cannot cross --

HANNITY: Hang on. I want to go back to former governor O'Malley, who apologized. Listen to the crowd when he said "Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matters." Listen to the crowd.


   MARTIN O'MALLEY, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Every life matters.  And that is why this issue is so important. Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.


   (END VIDEO CLIP)        

HANNITY: They boo. When they say all lives matter. Booing, Democrats.

DIETL: The problem from our leader on down, Eric Holder, you've got Al Sharpton here, you have the guy with the movement out of Chicago, divide, divide, divide. And this group with this Black Lives Matters are a bunch of anarchists, the same faces that popped up in Ferguson. The same garbage cans. And no you've got another corpse. What about the young deputy who got shot in the head?


   DIETL: I love you, Eric.

GUSTER: I will debate you all day long.


   DIETL: Eric, I like you as a man.

GUSTER: You're talking about two different issues. People are talking about Black Lives Matter. We're talking about people who have been ostracized. And you can't --

HANNITY: Why when Governor O'Malley, who is running for president for your party, when he says "white lives matter, all lives matter," excuse me, that they booed him? Booed him? And then he apologized.

GUSTER: People are trying to concentrate on one issue. Just like when people are looking for women's rights in the workplace, you can't say what about men in the workplace.

HANNITY: Really?


   GUSTER: And yelling is not going to get anything accomplished.

DIETL: Eric, we all agree one thing. We have this psychopath that killed these two reporters. It was a black man who killed these two white reporters. Where was the riots? Where is the outrage? My problem is every life matters.


DIETL: Eric? Eric?


   GUSTER: What you're saying now is total false, totally false.  There are protestors out there.      (CROSSTALK)

   DIETL: Do you know what American needs? Do you know what American needs?

GUSTER: You're yelling at me.


   DIETL: We need some good, strong black leaders.

GUSTER: You're acting like I'm not here.

DIETL: We need strong, educated black leaders that are going to bring us together instead of dividing us like this president has done.

HANNITY: All right, we have got to leave it there. Thank you, both.

When we get back, we need your help. Our "Question of the Day" is straight ahead.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." Time for tonight's "Question of the Day." So do you think Bernie Sanders can beat Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire? I actually think it's possible. I think this campaign, as Doug Schoen said, well, it is in a death spiral. Just go to Facebook.com/SeanHannity, @SeanHannity on Twitter, let us know what you think.

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