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Gutfeld: No awards for Center for Medical Progress?

Organization exposes a 'service' that most people never knew existed


So another day, another video from the Center for Medical Progress exposing the selling of intact dead babies.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What would keep your lab happy? What would make your lap happy?


CATE DYER, CEO, STEMEXPRESS, LLC: Another 50 livers a week.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What would keep your lab happy?

DYER: Another 50 livers a week.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: All right. So you can handle that?

DYER: Yeah.


DYER: Yeah. I mean, it's you know, volume for us --


"Volume for us."

So should the center win a Pulitzer for this work? After all, Ralph Nader was lionized for exposing the dangers of certain cars. Rachel Carson was sainted for demonizing DDT -- which actually saved lives. Documentaries on dolphin cruelty win worldwide acclaim. President Barack Obama snagged a Nobel Prize for winning an election. Al Gore won one, too, and an Oscar for fomenting the apocalypse. "60 minutes" won Emmys for its ambush journalism and movies get made about the first rap renegades. But really, in terms of guts, NWA holds no candle to the CMP. They did what the mainstream media would never do, piercing an iconic organization that media hacks spent careers covering for. The CMP dedicated years to this project, exposing a service that most people never knew existed because most journalists chose to ignore it. That's real reporting. Yet after exposing the unspeakable, no accolades. If only Republicans were sending the dead babies by mail instead, it would matter. Instead, you have Funny or Die defending or those who butcher for the greater good.

Now whether you like Planned Parenthood or not, you cannot deny that these videos are true bombshells, the kind that would stir the envy of today's Woodward and Bernstein's, if they actually exist. Perhaps, their absence is just one of many in this pro-choice world.