Truth Serum: Minors illegally crossing the border

Melissa Francis and Shannon Bream break down number of children entering the country illegally and the TSA


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O'REILLY: "Truth Serum Segment tonight", while a controversy over so- called anchor babies rages, children continue to illegally cross into the U.S.A. over the southern border.

With us now here in New York City Melissa Francis in for Eric Shawn tonight; and from Washington Shannon Bream.

All right, I want to put up the "Newsday" cover today. "Newsday" is a newspaper on Long Island. "67 percent Drop in Kids Settling in U.S.". Now "Newsday" is you know, a liberal paper, it doesn't mind illegal immigrants pouring into the U.S.A. in general. I think I'm pretty accurate there. But what is the situation down on the southern border about children under 18 unattended, no adults crossing in July, Shannon?

SHANNON, FOX NEWS CHIEF JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: Well, Bill, it's still a pretty significant number. We're talking about 135 children that show up under the age of 18 unaccompanied every single day in July. That is a high so far. That's the highest peaking month of the fiscal year that started back in October.

So it's a number that disturbs a lot of people because these are children showing up without anybody with them. We're talking about young, young kids, maybe brought by a coyote, by someone else, or just other kids traveling with them.

O'REILLY: All right. So the number is 4,177 unaccompanied alien children in July coming into the United States. And what happens is, if they have family here, the authorities immediately release them to that family and pay for their transportation up to wherever they are in the United States.

So it's worth these kids -- and these kids don't try to hide. They just walk over the Rio Grande River and turn themselves in. And our policy under President Obama is to take the children in a humanitarian way, turn them over to ICE. ICE puts their name down and then sends them to whoever they want to go in the U.S.A. Is that about it.

BREAM: Well, you may remember last year, DHS secretary Jeh Johnson was asked specifically numerous times during a press conference when we had this huge surge last year if these children are there and the adults they're trying to seek to get reunited with is also here in the U.S. illegally, will you give those kids to somebody who's here illegally or won't you.

And he would not say answer that question. He wouldn't say no we won't reunite them with an adult who's already here illegally.

O'REILLY: That's what they're doing. They're not holding these children. I mean there are a few of them down in Texas being held in Arizona, but not many. I mean they turn them over to whoever they have. We reported yesterday on an alien from Belize fleeing the law down there who got caught in Texas, and they sent him to Florida because he had people in Florida -- and he kills three people allegedly. So this isn't just kids, I mean this is the policy of the Obama administration.

O'REILLY: All right. Let's turn to Iran nukes. A report today, Melissa, by the Associated Press saying there was a side deal that nobody mentioned, not John Kerry, not President Obama, not anybody, that the Iranians themselves will police a serious nuclear facility in conjunction with the U.N. Do I have that correct?

MELISSA FRANCIS, FBN HOST: Pretty much. The International Atomic Energy Agency operates out of Vienna and have set up a side deal with Iran. For years, they've been trying to get a baseline on what the heck has been going on with Iran. Where are they in this program. We don't even know what they really have there.

So as part of this deal is a side to it -- that agency is supposed to be able to figure out what has been going on, and that was a party of the deal that the U.S. signed. Within this now, someone has leaked an unsigned document that shows that the IAEA has agreed to let Iranian inspectors inspect their own sites.

O'REILLY: Has the Obama administration and John Kerry agreed to that as part of the new deal?

FRANCIS: So they're a party to the deal because they signed the main deal. They didn't sign this deal specifically. But it all goes together as one document, and the International Atomic Energy Agency insisted on this as part of the main deal because they want to know what the heck is going on.

O'REILLY: Ok. But they're relying on the Iranians to tell them.

FRANCIS: Yes. This is a new detail. We had heard before that they were going to let them collect samples.

O'REILLY: And this is a big, big nuclear facility -- right.

FRANCIS: It's their biggest facility where there have been reports of things going on and they wanted for years to get inside. Also, Japanese diplomats of the IAEA are complaining that Iran won't furnish scientists or military leaders to come in for interviews as they promised. They're supposed to finish a report by December.

O'REILLY: What a mess. This is a mess. This whole treat is a mess. There's all kinds of side deals the American people don't know about. It's going to get voted down by Congress, I really believe the Democrats are going to go against it. But I could be wrong on that. But even so President Obama vetoes it, he makes the deal. He can make the deal and there it is.

FRANCIS: Nothing in return.

O'REILLY: Ladies, thanks very much. We appreciate.

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