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Gutfeld: We're facing a new age of terror

Today's technology married to today's hate


In a CNN interview, Donald Trump was asked what he would say to the pope if he were to meet him next month. Roll it, Sven.


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN'S NEW DAY SHOW CO-HOST: The pope believes that capitalism can be a real avenue to greed, it can be really toxic and corrupt and he's shaking his finger at you when he said it. What do you say in response to the Pope?

DONALD TRUMP, 2016 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I'd say ISIS wants to get you. You know that ISIS wants to go in and take over the Vatican? You have heard that. You know that's a dream of theirs to go into Italy. And you look at what's going on, they better hope that capitalism works because it's the only thing we have right now. And it's a great thing when it works properly.


Well done.

Now, I think it's great for Donald to meet the pope. Here you have together an outspoken leader of a major religion and the pope. But Donald is right, especially since the pope has bashed capitalism which has lifted millions out of misery, and he's also said that Charlie Hebdo victims should have known better. That's not good. As for ISIS, they do want to kill the pope, but they want to kill everyone, including themselves. Heaven awaits such tools.

But Trump should take his own advice too and put all focus on those who wish to destroy us. Just for fun, let's ponder these headlines from the past: "Clinton sees crisis from global warming"; "It's time to fix America's broken immigration system." Both of those headlines were from September 10th, 2001 -- the day before 9/11. There were no headlines on Islamic terror, but lots on immigration and global warming. So while those concerns matter, it's the stuff we never see coming that gets us.

We're facing a new age of terror. Today's technology, married to today's hate. When ghouls master new methods of mayhem, today's barbarism will seem like the good old days.

So if you're ever going to be a single-issue voter, that's your issue. Our next president must put aside platitudes and come to grips with a new threat that's almost too horrid to contemplate. A store-bought drone with aerosol spores offers 10 9/11s at a fraction of the cost. If that doesn't get the pope's or Donald's and America's attention, then nothing will.