Off the Record

Greta: What Donald Trump and I had in common Monday

'Off the Record,' 8/17/15: Both 'The Donald' and I had jury duty today - a reminder that all of us should do our civic duty


By Greta Van Susteren

Ok, let's all go "Off the Record." Donald Trump and I have something in common. If you guessed out-of-control hair, wrong answer, and I'm angry with you if that was your first thought, (although I admit my hair can get pretty wild). 

But the correct answer is about how Donald trump and I spent our day. We both were on jury duty. He was on jury duty in New York. I was on jury duty here in Washington. 

His entrance to the New York Court sure was different from my entrance to the D.C. Superior Court. His was absolutely wild. The media went nuts. Now, I watched his grand entrance on the TVs in the D.C. jurors' lounge, with about 200 of my fellow D.C. prospective jurors. We were all glued to it. 

And now I had hoped to have been picked for a civil trial. But after hours and hours of waiting, I got called to a courtroom looking for a jury for a criminal case, oddly for me, personally, to the very courtroom where I had actually tried many felony cases as a lawyer. In the end, I didn't get chosen for the criminal jury trial, and I can understand why, with my deep background trying criminal cases in that very courthouse. 

I might not be the best juror for trial - civil yes, criminal, not so much. But I'm glad I did get called for service, and I urge all of you to answer your jury summons. It's part of being a good citizen. And that's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.